Setting Details (Timeline, age and other details)

Lore and character creation for DiE 2: Friendship Boogaloo.
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Setting Details (Timeline, age and other details)

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:17 am

Time line

The below functions as a general timeline of the known events within the Dragons in Equestria RP.

x.x SR - Refers to year than month of the year using a standard 12 month calendar. Generally matches the North American seasons as well.

-5 SR – Events of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode happen.
0 SR – Year the "Sonic Rainboom" ep takes place in.
3.3 SR – Draconic Alliance begins its surprise assault on Equestria.

-2000 SR - Events of the Heartswarming Eve pageant take place.

-1130-1120 SR - Celestia and Luna born.

-1100 SR - Celestia and Luna rise up against Discord rules, turning him to stone.

-1000 SR - Luna becomes Nightmare Moon and battles Celestia before being banished to the moon.

-700 SR - Celestia loses the power to wield the Elements of Harmony.

-600 SR - Janus Starweave seals Darkfang the Ultimate and his twelve Lieutenants ending the dragon threat.

-5 SR - Prisons for Darkfang and his Lieutenants begin to fail, releasing them once more into the world.

3.3 SR - Draconic Alliance begins it's assault on Equestria. The opening salvo destroys the towns of Mare Haven, Los Haygas and Hoofstone with no survivors and a number of others sending refugee's towards the interior of Equestria over only two days.

3.6 SR – Peacekeepers formed.

3.10 SR - Palomino attacked in a feint by the Alliance airship armada, that fails. Real target of Appleoosa succeeds leading to the Alliance driving a wedge of troops into Equestrian territory.

4.7 SR - Equestria manages to hold off and defend Cloudsdale from a full aerial assault from the Alliance, managing to kill one of the Elders in the process.

5.3 SR - Darkfang assassinated in the remnants of Appleoosa, worst fighting of the war takes place between now and the wars end.

6.5 SR - Necerion's lab vanishes in a brilliant explosion, no trace of the elder or his lab can be found.

7.1 SR - Jagged Gear and his brood break from the Alliance, no longer interested in the goals set forth by the Alliance. Founds J Works, but attacks any who approach.

7.2 SR - Armistice called by both sides as diplomats try to reconcile differences between both sides.

7.8 SR - Great Dragon War ends officially with the Appleoosa accords.

7.10 SR - Draconic Alliance officially dissolved, only elders Krosis, Driskel & Arla, and Ophidian stay, renaming the remains of their capital to Talons Fall and creating the lone city-state in a bid to keep the advances their race had created during Darkfang's rule. Elder Commeata leaves Talon Fall taking claim of an area the elder dissolves their brood and returns to the old ways.

8.1 SR - City-state of Torlopolis begins construction with the aid of Equestria north of the Everfree forest.

10.4 SR - J Works begins sending out small number of airships offering various wares for order and delivery to any who will receive the ships.

15.6 SR - Talons Fall begins normalized trade with J Works.

34.8 SR - DiE 2 starts.

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Re: Setting Details (Timeline, age and other details)

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:17 am

Aging & Lifespan of DiE quadrupeds

Ages for (Ponies/ Zebras), (Gryphons), (Buffalo)
Foal, Hatchling, Calf – Under 2
(Filly /Colt), Cubs, Yearling – Under 10
(Mare/Stallion), gryphon, (Cow/Bull) – 10 or older
Old age – 70+
Avg lifespan 80-100, alicorn’s avg life span 100-120

Dragon Lifecycle

Ages for Dragons
Egg, Under 6 months
Hatchling, Under 1 year and 4 months
Baby, Under 14 years *
Teen, Under 30 years
Adult, 30+ ¤
Elder, 1000+ ±
Avg Lifespawn ??

* On reaching the age of 14 the hatchling's body undergoes a sudden spurt of growth. Over the next two weeks the dragon's size and girth changes till they more closely resemble their adult form. Still the slightly larger than a pony they are far from full size. It's also during this two week period that they deal with a ravenous hunger forcing them to eat dozens of times their own body mass in food to fuel this growth. Afterward they continue to grow at an albeit reduced rate till they reach their adult size at 30 years of age.

¤ After reaching 100 years of age an adult dragon will begin to take long sleeps ranging from 10-100 years in length. Unable to control the length of this sleep the dragon will feel compelled to rest every 50-100 years. For this reason they often take precautions on where they'll sleep, forcing themselves to fight the fatigue at first. Yet if the dragon continues to fight this effect they will eventually pass out where ever they maybe. It's also during these times of sleep that the dragon will continue to grow.

± Elder Dragons no longer grow or enter the long sleep periods they did as adults.

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