Canterlot, Chapter 1

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Canterlot, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:17 pm

Korkoa wrote:Canterlot, the crown jewel of Equestria. She is a city carved high into a mountainside, many waterfalls flowing through and falling out of the city. The oldest and grandest city in the land, Canterlot is home to the Royal Palace, and Celestia and Luna, twin princesses of Equestria.

In this shining, bustling city lie many wonders and attractions, notably the Peacekeepers Headquarters, and the Equestrian Armory. Also having homes in the city streets are many general stores, spell shops, and potion huts, essentially anything you need to start a long journey!

Knight Tyrfang wrote:The sun was high in the sky in Canterlot when Tyrfang woke up on his little cloud-bed.
"Ah, that was a good nap..." He said, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Now...what was I supposed to do again...?"
A sudden realization hit him, and he almost yelped in panic.
"Ah crap! I just remembered, today's my first day on the job!"
He quickly jumped to the ground, and dashed as fast he could to the castle, flustered to the point he forgot
that he even had wings.
"Come on Tyrfang! This is what you've been wanting all your life! How could you even mess this up!" He muttered angrily.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:He got to the palace at twice the amount of time he could've took, seeing as he galloped instead of fly. Panting, he climbed the steps to the palace, where he was stopped by the guards.
"Halt! What buisness do you have at the Castle?"
"Eh? It's supposed to be my shift..." Tyrfang said
One of the guards look him up and down.
"You're the new recruit?"
Tyrfang nodded his head. "Yeah, today's my first day. I just finished training, and-"
"Well then, you're 3 hours late for your shift. I'm your replacement."
"O-oh...Sorry about that..." Tyrfang said apologetically.
"Well, you don't even seem fit for this job. You missed your shift beginning, and you forgot your armor."
"Eh? Oh, I never was issued armor..."
"Oh?" the guard said, eyeing him closely. "You mean you didn't go to the armory, and get it? They're made there, after all. Take the day off, get all of your stuff so you can be better prepared tomorrow."
"Y-yessir..." Tyrfang said, dejectedly, ears drooping.
The guard sighed. "Look, don't be so hard on yourself kid. All of has messed up on our first day. Jim here actually let a spy by the first time."
The other guard nodded. "Yep, thankfully, he was only a prankster. Drew a mustache on all of the portraits. I still can't stop laughing at
Luna with a mustache."
"Sh-shhh! Careful what you say! You might get a court martial!
"Thanks..."Tyfang said, feeling slightly better. He kinda wished he could've seen that portrait, but he decided not to say anything a bout it. He then took off into the sky, and headed towards the Equestrian Armory.

odarien wrote:Spirit is enjoying her time in Canterlot after a long journey she was slightly eager to be at a place where she could observe other ponies. Her form shimmers slightly in the hot sun though the illusion of a the unicorn still holds over her. She sighs and looks into the sky as she spots a pegasus making a mad flight to a different part of the city. Hey tail swishes through the air {Such a hurry...} she shakes her head and begins to follow the frantic pony weaving through the streets trying not to lose sight of him. {I wonder where he is going?}

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Tyrfang got a bit lost. Though, Canterlot was easy to travel around, he couldn't remember how the roofs of the different buildings looked. He ended up landing on a cloud to get a better bearing on his position, hoping he might be able to spot the sign for the armory. As he was looking around, the hair on his began to prickle, and he had the strangest feeling he was being watched. He looked around, looking for any pegasi, but he didn't see any.

"Must've been my imagination..." He muttered. He then noticed a sign, that distinctly said 'Equestrian Armory'. Tyrfang's ears perked up, and he flew quickly over, eager to get his shiny new armor.

odarien wrote:Follow's the pony as best she can she stops and ducks behind a building nearly knocking another pony over when lands on a cloud. She pokes her head out as he sweeps his gaze around. {Did he see me?} she muses to herself but she shakes her head. She watches as the pony sets off again heading in a different direction this time. She once again starts to follow not really having much better to do after all this pony seemed like he could lead her to more interesting things. Not really paying attention as she keeps her eyes locked on the pegasus she doesn't notice she is walking trough the middle of a busy street.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Standing in front of the Armory, Tyrfang felt extremely giddy. He couldn't help but imagine himself in the shiny guard armor. Though, guard's didn't use weapons, they trained their wings to do a bit of damage when colliding with would-be intruders, and the armor protected them against any weapons. However, Tyrfang was only thinking about how cool he would look, the armor shining in the afternoon sun, as he stood, guarding the home of the most important pony in Equestria. He quickly entered the store.

odarien wrote:Stops outside of the armory when the pegasus heads inside. {Should I follow?} she stands there for a few minutes considering what to do before she shakes her head setting off to enter the building. Upon entering her gazes sweeps over the many different pieces of armor inside the store gleaming in different colors. She is drawn to them for a few seconds before she shakes her head and remembers why she entered. Hey bow swishes around and she keeps an eye out for that pony.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Inside the armory, Tyrfang immediately heads towards the counter.

"Um, I'm here to pick up my armor." He said.

"What's your name, son?" The blacksmith pony said.

"It's Tyrfang."

"Hmm...Guard Armor, eh? You certainly look like a guard. Albeit, a little small." The blacksmith said, looking him down.

"I'm not that small..." Tyrfang muttered. He had barely passed the size evaluation, but otherwise, he was an average sized pony.

"Whatever you say...Anyways, the armor should be in the back room. Go get it yourself." The blacksmith said, pointing to a little doorway.

Tyrfang cantered over quickly. He had the prickling in his neck again, but he decided to ignore it. If anyone was watching him, he was hoping they still would, after he put on his armor.

Inside, he quickly spotted his armor. It gleamed brightly from the sunlight streaming through one of the windows. Tyrfang let out an uncharacteristic squee, and rushed to put it on.

odarien wrote:Watches the pony head off into a different room. She sighs and starts to browse around the store wondering if she would ever need armor. {I hope not.} She looks at her reflection on a particularly reflective breastplate noting that it seems more distorted then it should be. She sighs and moves away from the armor and looks back at the rooms where the that pony disappeared to. She blinks a few times and walks over to some helmets and examines them closely looking at the hairs used to decorate them. {I could use one of these...}

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Tyrfang quickly put the armor on. He then went over to the closest shiny piece of armor he could find. The armor was on a bit lopsided, since he put it on in a rush. But nevertheless, he couldn't help but let out a squee of delight.

"I...look...awesome!" Tyrfang said, bouncing around the room in excitement. He accidentally collided into a mannequine dressed in a full suit of plate armor. With a crash, it fell to the ground.

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE!" The blacksmith roared, rushing in after the crash.

"Um...oops, sorry." Tyrfang said, red with embarrassment. "I'll clean it up..."

The blacksmith sighed. "Fine, fine." He then looked him up and down again. "Ack! But first, let me straighten your armor! You look like a fool!"


odarien wrote:Jumps into the air hearing the sound of crashing metal and watches the blacksmith take off to the back rooms. She looks back to the rooms where that pony disappeared into and she sighs thinking for a second. {what happened?} Shaking her head she trots slowly over to the room with glace at the counter before sticking her head in peering inside curiously. She brushes her mane out of her eyes and notices the fallen armor stand and the blacksmith yelling at that pony. {Oh...dear...that can't be good.} she slipped further into the room entranced by the sight

Knight Tyrfang wrote:After the blacksmith helped Tyrfang get his armor on, he gave him a quick instruction on how to put it on properly, and care and maintenance. Tyrfang hung on to every word, so he could keep his shiny new armor looking that way every day. He then stood up the mannequine again, and set the armor on. He still wasn't used to putting on armor, so he ended up putting the plate armor back on crookedly.

", whatever." Tyrfang said, hoping the blacksmith wouldn't notice.

While he was leaving the back room, he spotted a unicorn out the corner of his eye.

"Huh, You don't see that many unicorns interested in armor anymore." He muttered. "Most of them usually just rely on their magic, and whatnot..."

He then paid the blacksmith the bits he owed, and a little extra for any damages that he might've inflicted on the armor, then left the Armory.

odarien wrote:Jumps back {He saw me!} she shakes her head and watches the pegasus leave. She debates with herself for a moment and decides to chase after him curious about his clumsy armor. pushing her way out the door with a strange look gained from the blacksmith in charge she nearly runs into the pony not realizing he had yet to take off.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Streets - Just browsing the Market:

A Gryphon in the Ponies' capital... unheard of. But this case was special, for Skarloth was not with the Dragons that sought to destroy all of Ponykind. No, he was more in the gray area of things, just neutral to the war, and both factions; of course, that didn't mean he was a pure soul.

One could call him a mercenary, and in many ways, he was; he did that which made him richer, that which improved his survival rating, and he didn't care who he had betray or rob to do it.

It was stunning that the Guards weren't arresting him right now, but his crimes usually went unnoticed, so he was seen as nothing more than a grumpy Gryphon. Guards were in the city, as well as defending the Palace, they did have to maintain peace and order, even in this 'utopia'. And with a Guard or two every other block, Skar wasn't able to shoplift so easily.

And boy, did he want to shoplift right now. He stared at a nearby stand selling common fruits and vegetables, nearly drooling over the selections that were available. They sat out, waiting to be taken, teasing his hunger, and his patience; though, he could do nothing to take it, a Guard sat (or rather, stood stoically) a few yards away, watching him as he stared down the inanimate food.

He sighed, even though he had coin to spend, he never liked paying for things that he could just take without anyone noticing. He walked on, watching the Guard as he stared him down the street, until the crowd of Ponies blocked his view. With nothing to do, and nothing to eat, Skarloth continued to search the Market, just trying to find one chance to lift something off a stand.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah! Sorry about that." Tyrfang said, apologizing to the unicorn that almost ran into him. He noticed it was the same one that was looking at armor, so he guessed that she didn't want to buy anything. He quickly got out of her way, and then took off into the sky again.

"You know, she did look kind of cute..." Tyrfang couldn't help but think. But he shook his head. "No, no, As a guard, I can't let thought's like that wander around. It'll make me too distracted."

Flying through the air, he was about to head back to his cloud, and take another nap so he could be ready for the next day. He then noticed a gryphon wandering around the market-place.

"A gryphon? What's a gryphon doing in Canterlot?" Tyrfang thought. "I should keep an eye on him, he looks like he might cause trouble...It is my responsibility as a guard, after all."

He then began to circle the skies, tracking the gryphon, prepared to dive down if anything happened.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Just browsing the Market:

Seems his opportunity had arrived; not a Guard in sight, and for once, no Ponies were paying him any attention. Whether that was out of fear, or just prejudice, he didn't know; and nor did he care, as long as they didn't see him reach for that shiny red apple...

He grabbed it swiftly with his tail, while standing there, just looking at the crowd and the sky. He tossed the apple to his right talon, grabbing it and lifting the apple up to his mouth to take a bite.


odarien wrote:Blinks a couple of times as the pony takes off she tried to say something to him before he left. However he was already gone she coughs. {Should I fly after him? no...don't want a scene...} she shakes her head and starts to trot after the interesting pegasus eager to see what will happen next. As she weaves her way through the streets her horn glows slightly and she lets a gentle wind help push her along so she can keep up. Reaching the marketplace she notices he seems to be circling around it. She moves to the side of a stall and simply watches him wondering what he will do. She doesn't notice the griffon nearby as he steals an apple simply watching the sky

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah! Dangit, I was right! He's a lowly thief!" Tyrfang said, angrily. He then dived to the ground right in front of the Gryphon, causing everypony within the area to stare in his general direction.

"Halt Criminal Scum! That apple's not yours, so return it back to the stand! If you take a bite, I will have to take you down!" He said, as powerfully as he could.

"Hehehe, that sounded so cool! Along with my armor, he has to put it back now." Tyrfang thought.

odarien wrote:Jumps as the pegasus dives and lands nearby she takes a few steps out to get a better view of what is about to happen. {Oh...dear I wonder what happened.} She remains silent and watches with curious eyes as the pegasus approaches the griffon and proceeds to yell at him. {This won't end well...should I broke the law right...what are the laws here I wonder} she ponders to herself with a hoof on her chin. {I should ask...}

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Talking with Tyrfang:

Bah, he should've known, the moment he actually scores a snack, here comes some blithering Guard to put him down. He smirked at the Guard, nodding to him, "You caught me," he said, tossing the apple back to the stand. As if him being a Gryphon didn't make the public hate him enough, bah, he didn't care who hated him.

"Good eyes, I thought I had that apple. Oh well," he said, staring the Guard in the eyes for a moment, a slight grin plastered on his face, he then turned, and walked into the crowd, unless that Guard had more to say to him, he had other places to be.


Skarloth wrote:"E-eh?" Tyrfang said, confused. Now that he put back the apple, he had no idea what he was supposed to do. He didn't really think that far ahead.

He had a sudden realization. If he was able to arrest a criminal, that might make up for the huge mess up from earlier in the day. Plus, he still did have to be disciplined.

"S-stop! Though, you did release the apple...I still need you to come with me to the dungeon! You need to be taught a lesson, so don't try to resist!" Tyrfang said.

Suddenly, he had a realization. He had no ropes, hand-cuffs, or anything! "Ah crap, If he does come willingly, how am I gonna restrain him...?"

odarien wrote:Watches as the griffon walks away with curious eyes {Perhaps I should follow him?} she shakes her head and turns her attention back to the bumbling guard pony {Oh dear he doesn't look like he's meant for this sort of thing. She sighs and takes a step back trying not to get in his way as he continues to call after the griffon. {This won't end well at all...}

She feels the urge to simply leave and find somepony else to observe but for now this scene was interesting enough even if it might end up as a fight.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Talking to Tyrfang:

Skar stopped, and turned to look at the Guard who had ordered him to do so. He raised an eyebrow, staring at the Guard for a few moments before he spoke, "The dungeon? To teach me a lesson? What for?" he asked, keeping his visage still, with an air of confusion to it, though he wasn't confused at all. He knew this Guard had nothing on him, except for taking a single apple from a stand, ooh, what a horrible crime! Skar laughed in his own mind, watching the Guard as he tried to figure out a way to get him into the dungeon.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"B-because... stealing is bad!" Tyrfang stuttered, starting to lose confidence. His face turned red with embarrassment, realizing how childish he sounded sounded. This was not what he thought it'd be like when he tried to arrest somepony. "Er, I mean...If I don't take you in, you'll end up stealing again! Besides, even if you did return the apple, you did still break the law! Breaking the law, still deserves punishment, so you'll have to come with me!"

Tyrfang hoped that the desperation creeping into his voice wouldn't be heard. He could tell he would have to deal with resist of arrest. That either meant he would run, or he would fight. Seeing how many scars the griphon had, he assumed he had experience with combat, so a fight was more probable of initiating. That made him nervous, since he had almost no combat experience. If he ran, however, he might be able to deal with. He was the best in his class at taking down runners, thanks to his smaller size.

odarien wrote:Blinks a few times looking from the griffon to the pegasus. The guard pony didn't seem to be very good at his job. {Should I help...I don't want to get in the way...} she sighs and fiddles with the bow on her tail before looking over at the griffon. {What would happen if I do...} she sighs and he horn gives a soft blue glow and she lets a gentle breeze blow around her calming her thoughts.

She takes a breath and approaches the Griffon slowly opening her mouth to speak. "Did, you take an this clumsy guard says?" she pauses "You least apologize..." {Now I'm getting involved...I don't like where this is headed...}

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Talking to Tyrfang:

Skarloth was nearly ready to speak again, but his stomach growled angrily and impatiently at him, causing him to hold it tight with one talon, while he grumbled about food to himself. The he sighed, he was always one to evaluate the options, and right now, going to the dungeons for a night or two didn't seem like quite the worst idea in the world. At least he would have him own private quarters, he would get at least two square meals a day, and he didn't need to worry about the law.

Not to mention, this Guard was obviously a complete newbie, any other Guard would have told him to drop the apple, and move on, not to mention toss in a 'friendly warning'. So, to boost this guy's self esteem, he gave in, and looked at the Guard, "... you're right. What I did was completely and utterly wrong, and I deserve to be put away for as long as I need to be," he said, walking up to the Guard, and holding up his talons (and somehow kneeling on his hind legs) to be cuffed. Now all he had to do was get cuffed, and go spend some time in the dungeon.

At the last second, some Pony walked over to them, and spoke to him, "Well, yes, I took an apple without paying for it. And I just surrendered, I swear," he said, keeping up the innocent act.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"E-eh?" Tyrfang said, surprised. Again, the gryphon did something he wasn't expecting. He didn't expect any criminal to give themselves up willingly.

"Well, crap. I don't have anything to arrest them. They haven't even given me the tools for that yet, I haven't gone to the barracks to collect that yet." Tyrfang thought, panicked.

All he could do at this point, was look at him, and stare. "Uhhh...."

odarien wrote:Blinks confused by the griffons actions. "okay..." she merely state before regarding the guard with a raised eyebrow. "You are not...very good at this are you?" she wouldn't know however having never really met a guardpony like this before.

She sighs and shakes her head. {Very strange these ponies are...are most inhabitants of canterlot like this?} she looks around the market but stays near the griffon.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"E-eh? Um... no...I'm kind of new to this..." Tyrfang said, feeling the heat return to his face again. He then recognized the bow tied on her tail. "Hey, wait...aren't you that pony that was in the armory earlier?"
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Re: Canterlot, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Dec 27, 2013 12:58 pm

odarien wrote:Takes a step back {Uh oh...} She opens her mouth and closes it. Looking at the guard then at the griffon. "y-yes? I am..." she looks around {OH not got shouldn't have gotten involved.} She takes a deep breath and tries to calm herself. "So...what are you going to do with...the apple thief..."

She Shifts awkwardly now really uncomfortable with the spotlight on her {But you did take it.} her tail swishes around flashing the blue ribbon.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Oh, well...Um..." Tyrfang said, thinking hard. He had to think hard.

"How does one escort a criminal without handcuffs?" He thought, while looking around. "I might as well find a substitute..."

Sadly, he couldn't seem to see anything that would be sturdy enough to hold the griphon, and the longer he looked, the more embarrassed he felt.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Talking to Tyrfang:

Skarloth sighed in his head, this kid really didn't know what the heck he was doing. With a real sigh, he looked at the Guard, and spoke to him, "Look, kid, I'm only coming to the dungeon because it benefits my health, and to be honest, your argument is completely invalid," he said, glancing at the apple that he had tried to steal.

"I'll come without binds, but the next time I actually do something worthy of some real time, you better have your cuffs with you," he said, gesturing for the Guard to lead the way to the dungeon.


odarien wrote:Shakes her head and looks at the guard. "I guess you let him go..." She has no idea about proper procedure but the griffon seemed apologetic enough. She blinks and looks at the griffon curiously "You...want to go to the dungeon?" she was utterly confused by the thought. {So very strange...} she sighs "Well...this, is something..."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Huh?" Tyrfang said, surprised. "Oh, um, okay."

"What the heck?" He thought. Willing to go to the dungeon's, without binds? Now this was probably something that never happened. For some reason, he felt as though that bringing a willing prisoner, will actually make him more of a laughing stock to all the guards, rather then bring him any respect. He could just imagine what they would say...

"What? Somepony actually wanted to go to the dungeons? Man, if that's the case, it either meant you scared the hay out of him, or you just made him laugh to death!"

"Well, he's a newbie, so there's no way it was the former! Especially at his size!"

As he trotted towards the Castle, leading the Griphon, he could feel the stares from the bystanders. The longer it took, the more shamed he felt. It was the longest walk that he had ever taken. He tried to shrink down, to avoid the stares, but it was an impossibility.

odarien wrote:Watches the pony lead the griffon away. She turns and starts to follow she had nothing better to do and the events seemed to be moving rather quickly and rather strangely. Trailing behind as much as she can without loosing the two she watches them head to Castle {I wonder what will happen to that griffon...he's going where he want's to right?} she sighs and weaves her way through the streets. {Perhaps I should see if I can catch a glimpse of the princesses...after all they are alicorns too right?} Trotting slowly she continues to think not letting her gaze leave the two.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Marketplace - Heading to the Dungeon:

Skarloth growled to himself as he walked behind the Guard, staring the public around him down with his harsh purple eyes. Any Pony that dared look at him only got a snort and a glare before he walked passed them, and unfortunately, a lot of people were staring. They were staring mostly at Skarloth, who was a Gryphon, and not Tyrfang, who was the less-than-stereotypical Guard.

Some Guards that were nearby could be seen holding in what seemed to be... chuckles, a rare sight from professional Guardsmen. And of course, Skarloth was the villain, who was simply looked at as the rag that was being dragged to the dungeon. Skar didn't care what people thought of him, he did what needed doing to stay alive, and if that meant going to the dungeon willingly, then he didn't care.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:After enduring the stares of ponies, Tyrfang arrived at the guard, with the prisoner in tow. Actually, more like the prisoner following him. Entering the castle, he could hear the guards chuckling at him. If he didn't feel so ashamed, he would've turned around, and given them a good wing-smack. Thankfully, he knew where the dungeons where. If he had forgotten where the dungeons where, he would've quit his job as a guard right there and then, and just sleep on a cloud for the rest of his life.

"Being a guard's cool and all, but I've messed up so badly already...And on my first day, no less." Tyrfaang mumbled. "Hopefully, whatever Cutie Mark I get will help me with my guarding abilities..."

So he descended into the dungeon, checking behind him once in a while to check if the prisoner was still following him. The sight that met him surprised him. The dungeons were surprisingly clean, with carpeting on the ground, and the walls clean. There was no mildew, nor any mold at all. There were even a few cushioned stools in the cells. The bars were even gleaming, like they've been polished quite alot. It was even lit brightly, by fairy lights.

"Well...This wasn't what I was expecting..." thought Tyrfang. He expected it to be dark, and and gloomy, and dank, and everything else about a dungeon that made it horrible. Un-surprising to him though, there were very few ponies behind the cells. It was pretty peaceful around Canterlot, and people were [i]usually[i] very law-abiding.

"I swear to Celestia, if they serve gourmet foods here..." Thought Tyrfang. "How the heck is any pony supposed to be disciplined in somewhere as comfortable as this! Heck, it's better than my house!"

odarien wrote:Sighs to herself as they enter the palace she knows she can't gain entrance so she mills about outside thinking to herself. She had lost track of that clumsy guard. Sighing again she starts to pace consumed by boredom. Glancing around she heads over to an allyway and begins to wander around the nearby area making sure to keep on eye on the gates to see if anything interesting happens.

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Dungeon - Talking to Tyrfang:

Skarloth stared at Tyrfang oddly, and then nearly burst out laughing, but held in his laugh with a firm talon to the mouth. Once he calmed himself down, he spoke to the Pony, "You don't even have your Cutie Mark yet!?" he shouted, trying to contain his laughter hopelessly as he realized how much of a goof up this guy really was.

Now wait a second, back it up, most Ponies got their marks in their fillyhood, and here this guy was, fully grown, and his was nowhere to be seen. "Did you even try to get your mark?" he asked, glad that he had never been cursed with such a mark on himself.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Oh great...even the prisoner's laughing at me now..." thought Tyrfang, getting angry. It was enough that everyone else was laughing at him, but now even the prisoner too?

"Sh-shut up. It doesn't mean anything, if I have a cutie mark, or not." He said, irritated. "As long as I'm a good guard, It means nothing..."

He then went pensive. "Come to think of it, did I even try to get my cutie mark?" he mumbled. "I was always obsessed about being a guard, I never even gave it some thought..."

He shook his head. "Gah, never mind. As I said, it doesn't matter. Now get in your dang cell already, And I'll go get the jail-keeper. That is, if we even have a jail-keeper. It'd probably be the maid, or something..."

So Tyrfang went to go find the Jail-keeper. Thankfully, there actually was a jail keeper, and not a maid. He came down, and after seeing the guard wasn't handcuffed, gave him a weird look.

"So, how'd you catch this one?" He asked.

"Well...he seemed to want to go to jail..." Tyrfang mumbled, his face turning red again.

Like the other guards, a smirk played on the guard's face. "Alrighty then, into the cell you go."

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Dungeons - Talking to Tyrfang:

Skar nodded, he knew the drill, so he walked into the cell, looking up and down the walls with a grin on his face. "It's beautiful, I'll take it," he said, as if he were buying a house. Which wasn't that far of a stretch, actually...

"And about your lack of a Cutie Mark," he said, embarrassing right in front of the jail keeper, "You'll get it some day, I'm sure. Maybe it'll be a helmet like you're wearing, or something. Anyhow, it's been fun, but," he said, yawning and stretching his arms as he laid down on the rather comfortable bed, "I think I'm going to take a nap now," the Gryphon said, laying his head down, and closing his eyes, a huge grin on his face.

OOC: Hehehehe.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:Again, Tyrfang's face flushed red. Both from a combination of embarrassment, and rage. He would've wing-smacked the gryphon, but he was now safe behind bars.

"So...what was he arrested for?" The jail-keeper asked, looking at him.

"...stealing an apple." grumbled Tyrfang.

The Jail-keeper ended up bursting out in laughter. "Just for THAT! Fine, fine, you seemed so proud of you catch, I might as well leave him in there for a few hours. Lucky for him, he get's a free meal. Let me go get dinner."

Tyrfang ignored him, and stormed up stairs, grumbling indistinguishably about cutie marks, and gryphons, and beating the next criminal into submission. He then stopped by the guard's office to pick up the rest of his stuff, and ignore the officer on duty's snickering.

"Argh, this day can't be any worse..." Tyrfang mumbled, as he was leaving the castle. He was about to fly off to a comfy looking cloud, to sleep it all off. Then, he noticed a familiar unicorn pacing back and forth in front of the door.

"Hey! It's that unicorn again!" He said, surprised. "What're you doing at the castle? You got buisness here?"

odarien wrote:Jumps a little bit and turns her bow swinging around. "Oh...Ah...I...well...not really no..." she looks at the guard pony curiously for a few seconds. "Is the griffon in the dungeon now?" she asks curiously trotting over. Her ice blue eyes appraising the guardpony in front of her. "I, have nothing to do really...I have been following you around..." she tips her head slightly to the side. "I find you...interesting that's all..."

She looks away and back up to the castle "So...what is it like...being in the castle...with the princesses..."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Eh? Following me around?" Tyrfang thought, surprised. "Now that I think of it, I do remember seeing her around quite often. That's...pretty weird. But not as weird as that gryphon...sheesh."

"O-okay..." Tyrfang said, looking at the unicorn like she was strange. "The gryphon's in the dungeon now, but he's gonna be enjoying it in there , instead of learning a lesson..."

He then pawed at the ground sheepishly with his front hoof. "And about the castle...I haven't actually been around it that often... I'm just a rookie, and I've only been in there once for orientation, for the important areas of the castle, it's usually up to the unicorn guards."

Suddenly, he swore that in the glint of the sun, he saw wings on her. Tyrfang blinked a few times, and rubbed his eyes. "Must've been a trick of my eyes...Boy, I must be really tired..." muttered Tyrfang. "Anyways, what was the real reason for following me? There's no way that I'm that interesting to be followed."

odarien wrote:Nods slowly "I see, I did not mean to disturb you, I was mearly curious..." she looks back up at the castle for a little bit. "Just a rookie?...I see that explains some things..." she looks back down with her ice blue eyes. "I always wanted to see them...they are a...role model of sorts to me."

She blinks a few times at his last question and the strage look he was giving her. "Trick of your eyes..." she shakes her head not knowing what he was talking about. "You seemed to be in a hurry somewhere when I spotted you...I thought it would be interesting to see what you were up too." She coughs and looks away. "I, was not really disappointed..."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Huh, Role models, eh? Well, I could see that, seeing as they move the bucking moon and sun every day." Tyrfang said, looking skyward. "They are the most magical beings, after all."

Tyrfang then brings his eyes back down to earth. And stares her down. "Hmm...I wonder, by interest, does she mean...that kind of interest? Nah, no way. I'm just a goof-ball." He thought. "Though, that would be nice..."

"Since you've been following me around all day, you might as well tell me your name." Tyrfang said.

odarien wrote:Nods "yeah, they are..." she looks at the guard curiously "My name...It's Spirit Wind...It is nice to meet you." she gives a small bow and looks at the castle again as if entranced. "May I ask yours? Unprepared Guard doesn't really suit you." she laughs though it seems a little forced. "I trust next wish to capture a apple thief you will bring something to chain the prisoner with."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Erm...yeah, I hope so..." Tyrfang said, embarrassed. It felt as though everypony was laughing at him today. "...The name's Tyrfang. It's nice to meet you Spirit, that is...May I call you Spirit?"

odarien wrote:Nods "sure you may call me spirit Tyrfang." she looks at the guard pony curiously again "At least you will know tomorrow, I hope you will catch more ...criminals..." she sighs and shuffles a little " are to return to your duties as a guard? inside the castle?" she asks in a slightly hopeful tone. "I would...very much like to see the castles interior"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Tyrfang bit his lip. "Well...I was planning on napping for the rest of the day..."

He thought a bit. "Well, I think I will sleep, I'm too tired after all that dung today... but I'll try to get special permission from one of the guards to let you in for the day."

He then went up to one of the guards.

"A guest? Well, I guess It wouldn't hurt...At least let them wear a badge, or something that'll show us that they're trustworthy..."

"A-a badge?" Tyrfang said. He had nothing on him that he really could show that was good. He then realized he was wearing something on his head that could work. "Does my helmet work?"

The guard shrugged. "Yeah, why not. I'll go send a message to the rest of the guards. But if she causes any trouble, it'll be your hide that get's flayed."

Walking back to Spirit, he took his helmet on, and plopped it upon her head. It didn't really look that comfortable, since there was no hole for the horn to stick out. "Here, wear this. The guard's will let you wander about most of the castle with it on. Who knows, you might even see the the princess."

He yawned, and rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Well, I'll leave you to it. Just...make sure you return it to me, okay?"

Tyrfang then flew off to the fluffiest cloud he could find. He landded upon it, and spread his limbs across it, and fell asleep almost immediately.

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:Snaggle Tooth-

A loud, cackling voice echoed through the dungeon halls.

"Wait one moment officer! No one has told me yet WHY I'm being thrown in here! I can't think of a SINGLE THING illegal I've done recently! There must be some mistake!"

A low, booming voice answered back.

"I suppose you've erased from your memory how you JUST stole some poor old ponies purse, took the money out of it, and then proceeded to hit her with it repeatedly."

"Is that all? Fah. You guards will arrest someone for ANYTHING these days."

A large heavily armored guard walked around the corner to the cell block, with a purple, thin, wild-eyed Gryphon in tow. He opened up one of the cells and tossed the gryphon inside.

"Now, I want you to SHUT UP. Or I swear to Celestia I WILL buck your head clean off!"

"What a hostile working environment." the gryphon, Snaggle Tooth by name, chuckled. "Would you tell the warden to put some more lights in here? It's so drab and dull."

The guard slammed the gate, walking away muttering something under his breath.

Snaggle Tooth took in the surroundings of his meager cell, nodding in approval. Then he turned and started eyeing his cellmates. When he looked into the cell across from his, his eyes lit up in an unsettling way.

"Skarloth! You crazy son of a buffalo! Long time no see!"

Skarloth wrote:IC Skarloth - Canterlot Dungeons - Talking to Snaggle:

One purple eye on the head of the black Gryphon suddenly opened, looking around in his cell, and then glancing over at the cell across from his. He rolled his eye when he saw Snaggle Tooth's form, and the crazy look in his eyes, getting up off the bed and rubbing his eyes to get a better look at the Gryphon. "Is that you, Snagg?" he asked, looking the Gryphon up and down, and trying to remember what he looked like the last time he saw him.

Well, not a lot changed. He was still thin, still had that crazy look in his eyes, but this time he was behind bars. Who would've guessed that of all people, Snaggle would be here today.


odarien wrote:Blinks and lowers her head and winces a little as the helmet is forced on her head. "I...could just carry it..." she blinks and wiggles it off. "If you don't mind..." she places it on her back happy to be free from the confines of the helmet and she watches as the pegasus takes off into the air. She blinks a few times and heads off into the place through the guards eager to explore the castle. She passes through the gardens and into the main hall examining all the tapestries. Her form shimmers slightly again. {Need to work on this spell...} shaking her head she continues her wandering not really caring where she ends up

DistractedPony wrote:IC Castle Gardens - Infront of Spirit Wind

With a crack a window two storeys above the unicorn shattered into a plume of glass as a figure comes leaping out, an object held in mouth. As he sailed down through the air, he seemed truely graceful, up until he landed in a scraggly tumbling heap on the ground, rolled to a stop, and spat out a golden necklace.

"Ooow...", he said, rising to sit on his flank, raising a hoof to his head. "I coulda sworn I was on the first floor." Then he noticed the pony nearby. "Uh, crazy weather we're having, huh?"

"Hey you!" Boomed a voice from above, as two guard ponies stuck their heads out the window. "Halt right there!"

Sitting amidst what was once a window, he looked up at them. "Sure, thing. I'll do that just as soon as I get the hoof outta here!" He turned to the unicorn. "Nice to meet ya lady, love to stay and chat, but I'm real busy right now. Names Blaze and I gotta blaze outta here."

Snatching the necklace up, he broke into a gallop, his legs rapidly eating up the distance to the main gate.

OOC: Your call whether you want to get involved, either helping or hindering.

Aipom93 wrote:IC Castle Gardens - Infront of Blaze

Suddenly lightning bursts from a confined sphere and a purple pegasus with a fedora is suddenly lying on the ground. Weakly he says "I-I'm alive?" and falls unconscious, unaware of the pony running towards his direction.

odarien wrote:IC Castle gardens Talking to Blaze

Looks up at the sound of shattering glass and takes a few steps back as a pony lands nearby. Blinking a few times she stares slightly confused by this new pony in front of her. "Sure...strange weather." {The weather is not strange it's just him jumping from a window...} She watches the pony as he takes off away from the guards. {Interesting...No sign of the princesses...might as well follow.} She breaks out into a quick gallop chasing after this new strange pony. Her horn glows softly and a veil of mist forms around the gate attempting to obscure the guards vision to aid in their escape. {Am I breaking the law too? A question for later perhaps, these canterlot ponies are strange, guards without gear and now ponies who leap from tall windows.} Approaching the gate she looks at the escaping pony curiously wondering what he will do next when a purple pony appears in front of them she slows somewhat. {I could lift him with air and levitation but that would destroy the veil over the gate can't leave him either.} her horn glows and a blast of wind blows as she tries to get him to fly into the air and onto her back.

Aipom93 wrote:The wind catches his wings and launches him into the air a couple of feet or so. Still unconscious, he doesn't realize what is going on.

DistractedPony wrote:Almost faultering in his stride, Blaze leapt over the sudden purple pony, tilting his head to look down at the new arrival.

Was that a fedora?

Shaking his head, Blaze suddenly considered if the pony was hurt. But if I stop... I'm sure the castle will care for him. Right?

Looking back, he saw the green unicorn attempting to hoist the purple fedora wearing pony. The unicorn also seemed to be following him. Unsure of what to make of the scene, he decided to worry about it when all of canterlot wasn't after his flank.

Reaching the gate, Blaze paused, ready to dodge a pouncing guard, but they seemed completely oblivious. Confused but not questioning the sudden good luck, Blaze bolted out the gate and into the streets of Canterlot proper. Grinning to himself, he turned towards a street that would soon become a hill, he'd left a wagon there, ready to coast his way to freedom.

odarien wrote:Maneuvers herself so the pony will land on her back. She doesn't flinch under his weight and keeps on moving chasing after the strange pony.

Once past the gates the veil of mist disperses leaving behind a pair of confused guards as she runs into the city proper. {I wonder why that pony needed that necklace.} she continues to follow the pony to the best of her ability eventually reaching the wagon where this pony was headed. Gently pulling the purple pony off her back she turns to look at the the thief curiously. She stares for a few moments before she says anything.

" seemed interesting so I followed you." she says in a matter of fact tone. "I am curious as to why you desired that necklace so much." Blinking a few times but her eyes not leaving the other ponies.
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Re: Canterlot, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:55 pm

DistractedPony wrote:Spitting out the amulet into the rickety cart, Blaze arched an eye at the unicorn. "Interesting eh?" He pictured how awesome he must of looked leaping over the sudden purple pegasus, then tried to ignore the image of his landing from the window.

"The necklace? Uh..." Wow, this unicorn is naive. "I need it for medicinal purposes."

Looking back, he realised the Guards hadn't picked his trail back up yet, they sure were slow. He kicked the wheel-stop out of the way, then jumped into the rickety cart, it slowly starting to edge forward. He then turned back to her on an impulse. "So, you two coming? You both seem like trouble, but then I'm use to being around trouble."

odarien wrote:"Medicine huh?" she blinks not quite understanding how it could be used in such a fashion. noticing the cart starting to move she coops up the downed pegasus and jumps into the cart causing it to creak heavily under her and the other ponies weight she once again sets the pony down and this time regards him curiously "I wonder...where he came interesting..." she shakes her head and looks over at Blaze.

"So...where are you headed next?" she asks in a curious tone.

DistractedPony wrote:"Well, if you look down there," he gestured with a hoof down the hill, "you'll notice a conveniently placed ramp just before that river. With the run up, we'll easily make the jump and land in the soft sacks of oats on the otherside. Which is the market, which is crowded, which is the perfect place to vanish!"

The cart creaked forward. Starting to get momentum.

"Though, with the guards not yet caught up on us, I guess we don't need the cart anymo..."

The cart suddenly lurched forward, as it began it's quickening descent down the hill.

odarien wrote:Blinks a few times as the cart starts to move forward watching the river curiously "I see...and where would we disappear to?" she asks in a calm tone. The cart starts to move faster and she grabs onto one of the sides as best she can the acceleration forcing her to close her eyes. Her horn glows a soft blue. {Can't be to careful...} a gust of wind blows with the cart causing it to pick up even more speed. {Don't want to hit the river.} The cart lurches into the air when it hits the ramp sending it over the water.

Aipom93 wrote:He starts to rise as the cart picks up into the air. Slowly being pushed farther forward by the gust of wind that had been summoned. He is still unconscious.

DistractedPony wrote:OOC: since your character's unconscious Aipom, do you mind if my character saves him from falling from the cart, but fails to save his fedora from drifting off on the wind? I figure either Spirit could save it or we could look for it after Blaze get's back to his 'safehouse'. Fine if you'd prefer not to. :)

Aipom93 wrote:OOC: I'm cool with that.

DistractedPony wrote:OOC: There's a chat button at the top of the forum is you want to join Odarien and me. :D

"Whoa!", Blaze yelled as the cart hurtled down, picking up more speed than he'd even hoped for. He latched onto the side, then noticed the unconscious purple pegasus starting to rise out of the cart.

Reaching out he quickly wrapped his left front leg around the pegasus as his other held grimly to the cart's side. "Careful there fella, almost lost you!"

He then craned his head around to the unicorn. "I just realised, I don't know your name. I'm Blaze Quick, fastest pony in the streets."

Before she could answer, the purple pony's fedora rose into the air between them. Eye's widening he chomped at the hat grabbing it in his teeth. Then he noticed the necklace leaving the cart as well. "Om, mh mrrpha!"

He let go of the hat and quickly grabbed the necklace, barely getting the chain. The fedora sailed off on the wind into the heart of Canterlot.

Oops, I hope that wasn't important.

He then noticed the cart sailing past the oat sacks, into the market proper

odarien wrote:The cart sails through the air but she manages to call out her name as she feels the weightlessness of falling take hold. "Spirit Wind!" is all she can manage before the cart comes crashing down into the market. It's wheels break off the axel from the impact and the cart skids across the street rapidly losing speed before it crashes into a building sending it's occupants into a nearby wall. Spirit hits the wall on her side hard and she slides down feeling pain. {Not....good...} She opens a eye carefully and looks at the damage done to the cart and the other ponies.

Aipom93 wrote:He grunts as he starts to wake up. His vision is slightly blurred since his glasses broke due to the faceplant to the wall. "W-What happened? Where am I?" He puts his hoof to the wall to stabilize himself trying to get on his hind legs. Suddenly he falls backwards onto Blaze. "Ow, my head." He says as he rubs his head. Realizing he no longer has his fedora, he opens his eyes all the way. "Where did my fedora go?!"

DistractedPony wrote:"Oooow!", Blaze moaned. He rolled from his side onto his stomach. "Maybe the cart was a bad idea..."

He looked for the unicorn, he took in his surroundings. They'd crashed into... a pillow store?

"I uh, meant that..."

Then something landed on his head. "Oof!"

As he wriggled his upper body out from under the pony he looked up with a quick retort, but lost the remark on his lips at the pony questioning the loss of his hat.

"Oh, yeah that..." He tapped his fore hoofs together. "I uh, kinda sorta, lost it, a little bit..."

odarien wrote:Blinks and winces a little bit as she shifts and stands up shaking her head. "Ow...t-that was...quite the ride..." she looks down at the now awake purple pony. "Oh...hello, nice to see you finally awakened." She shakes her head again and gets out of the remains of the cart still looking a little pained. Turning back to the cart. "So...we all made it then...that's nice..." she looks over at the two noticing the purple ones hat is missing. " lost it?...that's to bad..." she takes a step closer. "I'm sure...It will turn up...Blaze right?" she asks the other pony. "It's meet you."

Aipom93 wrote:Starts to turn towards the direction in which the reply came from about losing his fedora. "Were is i-" Suddenly he gets a shocked look on his face and jumps back in shock, falling again onto Spirit since he tried to stand on his hind legs. "Why are you both talking?! And why are you a pegasus and a unicorn, those don't exist! Whats going on here?!"

DistractedPony wrote:Noticing a crowd beginning to form around their... entrance, Blaze suddenly sprung back up on his hoofs.

"Uh, no time for what ever your on about now, the guards'll be here any moment with the ruckus we made. Are you both okay to run, cause we better get galloping."

He gave them both a quick look, then snatched up the necklace and threw it into a sack. Then turned back to them.

"We can talk at my hideaway, so uh, let's just get out of here first."

With that he headed out into the crowd.

Aipom93 wrote:Trying to run on all fours like Spirit and Blaze (and finding it a lot easier than trying to run on his hind legs) keeps up with them until they all reached the "hideaway".

DistractedPony wrote:Leading them through the market, Blaze Quick headed for the side that he knew the market patrol wouldn't be at during this time of day. Weaving through the crowd, he realised he was forgetting himself, and slowed down so as not to disappear among the pony shoppers.

He soon lead those following him into a series of alleys and then lastly to a rickety looking building.

"Ah, home sweet home" he sighed, trotting in, dropping the bag in a corner.

Aipom93 wrote:He walks in after Blaze and screams "Now, can someone please explain to me what the nerf is going on here and why there are equines talking?!" After looking around he notices that Spirit is gone. "Also, where did she go?"

DistractedPony wrote:"Oh she's gone, I hope I didn't lose her in the crowds. And I don't understand your question, uh, um... oh right, I don't know your name. Mine's Blaze Quick, fastest pony in the streets."

With a grin, he proffered his hoof forward.

Aipom93 wrote:"What do you mean you don't understand my question? Look, I only want to know what in the love of nerf is going on here. And the name is Lewis, Cpl. Wattson Lewis." Starts to put his hoof forward when he notices that he no longer has hands. Suddenly he starts to panic. "W-where di my hands go, what are these things?" Suddenly he freezes, afraid to see what he knows happened. "P-please bring me a mirror." He gulps as he prepares for the worst.

DistractedPony wrote:Blaze stood there staring at Lewis, hoof forward. "You are one strange pony, fella. Mirror's behind you, ignore the cracks."

He put his hoof down and watched the other pegasus with interest.

Aipom93 wrote:Slowly turns around and see's that he is indeed a pony. "Oh nerf! How did this happen?" Turns towards Blaze as quickly as possible. "You! Er..Blade was it? Look, are we in the United States? And if so, which state?" Says to self but loud enough that Blaze hears it (note he talks louder than he thinks he is sometimes and this is one of them) "Maybe Oliver can help me change back."

DistractedPony wrote:"The united... what? Is that the lands where the Zebra come from? Look I barely know the places of Equestria, let alone outside of it. Really I only know my way around Canterlot and Manehattan."

Blaze suddenly sat down without pomp.

"And the names Blaze, Blaze Quick. And was it Lewis? And you know an... Oliver. Wow they sure have funny names in Zebra land."

Aipom93 wrote:"That's Corporal Lewis to you!" He says in a rage, but calms himself down and continues to speak. "So we are not in the USA, hmmmm where is Equestria located on the map, I've never heard of this country before. And what do you mean my name is weird? It's more normal than Blaze...erm....I think it was Quick....anyway, it's more normal than your name. Also I am not from this 'Zebra Land'." Suddenly he starts to speak to himself again, and like before is loud enough for blaze to hear. "Which by logic means that they probably speak as well. Since Zebras are mostly from Africa, that must mean that they speak African. Since we are speaking English, we must be in a country where they teach English to children while they are in school."

DistractedPony wrote:"Uh..." Blaze stared at the pegasus. "A corporal huh, that's like a military thing right? So I guess you just got back from the front, that's why you're all confused and stuff. I heard things like that happen. So you're one of those Peacekeepers huh?"

Blaze put his hoof to his chin. "Though that doesn't explain the way you just appeared in front of me like you did."

Aipom93 wrote:Lewis looks at Blaze weirdly. "What is a Peacekeeper? I am a Corporal in the 5th company of the Peacebull. How did I show up in front of you anyway? Last thing I remember I was fighting the Beligerwitch when suddenly Captain Edgar was about to be shot. I jumped in the way and when I woke up was in that wreckage in all the pillows."

From now on when Lewis speaks to himself but people can still hear it I will put a # before the quote.
EX: #"I like pizza"

#"Also I was still human."

DistractedPony wrote:Blaze looked at Lewis blankly, trying to understand the tirade of strange words.

"Ahem. The Peacekeepers are the ones fighting the Draconic Alliance. You know, stop them eating us all and what ever else it is they do. Anyway, I don't know how you appeared in front of me. A unicorn would be better able to explain how the magic did uh... that is... why it..." Blaze scratched the back of his neck with a hoof.

Is this guy crazy? Maybe I shouldn't have lead him to my home. Geez, Hope would really scold me if...

"Oh crap! I forgot Hope!"

Blaze sprung up, then suddenly raced off into the other room in the building.

Skidding to a halt before a bed, he leaned over and looked at a little unicorn filly lying there asleep. He quickly pulled off some strange leaf wraps around her head and started applying some fresh ones from a nearby bag.

Aipom93 wrote:"Hope? That's a normal name, better go see what all the commotion is about." Lewis starts to walk in the direction that Blaze had started to walk towards. He eventually walks into the room and see's Blaze taking care of a small white unicorn. "I don't know much about medicine, that's more Silver's line of work, but I can try to help in anyway that I can."

DistractedPony wrote:"What oh, thanks." Blaze pointed to a bowl of strange large rocks.

"Could you break open one of those eggs, they're really solid things. I have to coat the leaves in their yoke to drive out negative energies or something other."

Aipom93 wrote:Lewis picks up one of the eggs and cracks it, he then opens it up so it forms a crude bowl. "So this 'Equestria', it's on earth right?"

DistractedPony wrote:Taking the egg, Blaze started applying the insides to Hope's wrappings. A pungent smell rose up, somewhat like aniseed.

"Earth? I haven't a clue what that is. I didn't think there were ponies outside of Equestria."
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