Character Submissions

Character submissions and approved characters for DIE 2 are found here.
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Character Submissions

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Aug 10, 2015 12:20 am

For a general idea of how things work in the RP please see the Technology(Coming soon), Magic, Setting details and Character Limit. Please be aware only the admins MagusZeal and Oda can and will approve characters. Of note if you're wanting to have a Human in Equestria, or dimensionally displaced character we limit these to a max of 8% of the current player population.

Race (Race's found here):
Age (Age's for most races here,):
Gender (Male or Female, obviously):
Appearance (Image or description goes here for general description):
Body/Coat color:
Mane/Feathers color:
Tail/Talons color:
Faction (Factions found here):
Cutie Mark (What's it look like?):
Special Talent (If pony or zebra):

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Korkoa » Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:34 am

Name: Booster Gold
Race (Race's found here): Pony (Unicorn)
Age (Age's for most races here,): 25
Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male
Appearance (Image or description goes here for general description): Small for a pony, Booster is only about 3/4 the size of most other Unicorns. He's stockier than most other Unicorns as well, his hooves larger than even a lot of Earth Ponies.
Body/Coat color: Gold
Mane/Feathers color: Blue
Tail/Talons color: Blue
Eye: Purple
Faction (Factions found here): Bounty Hunters
Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): A purple plus sign.
Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Boosting Unicorn magical power. (Up to 3x power at full concentration.)
Personality: Carefree and generally happy, Booster rarely lets anything get him down. He knows when to be serious, but always tries to bring a light air into business. On the rare occasion he gets angry though, the full force of a powerful Unicorn is unleashed upon a single target of his wrath.
Bio: Booster Gold is the son of Flame Mane and River Song, two veterans of the Dragon War. He was the first foal born to the pair after the war, and the younger brother of the sickly Meadowspark. Booster grew up hearing his fathers tales of the war and his adventures with the Avengers, one of the freelance teams. Enamored with the stories, Booster became obsessed with having adventures of his own, though he was often stuck at home helping to care for his weak sister. Eventually, he was sent off to join the Royal Equestrian Guard, with the hopes that the training and glamor associated with the job would satisfy his wandering spirit. It only served to further his ambitions though, as he sought to get out from under the hierarchy of orders and superiors. He saved most of the bits he was paid for the job, and eventually struck out on his own, buying a small airship and gathering a crew of close friends and family to fly with him, hoping to find adventure in the skies, hunting those with a price on their heads.

Name: Tellemachus Adlig. (Tellie)
Race (Race's found here): Hippogriff
Age (Age's for most races here,): 23
Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Female
Appearance (Image or description goes here for general description): Small and agile, Tellie is considered puny by Griffons standards in all aspects except her wings, which are larger and more powerful than all but the largest Griffons. A close observer can also see slight stripes through her coat.
Body/Coat color: Dark brown
Mane/Feathers color: White
Tail/Talons color: Black
Eye: Gold
Faction (Factions found here): Griffon Tribes/Bounty Hunter
Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): N/A
Special Talent (If pony or zebra): N/A
Personality: Proud and powerful, Tellie believes herself capable of anything. She is fiercely loyal and will defend her loved ones to the death, if need be.
Bio: Tellie is the eldest child of Warchief Razorclaw Adlig and Pony Archer Trueshot, Tellie has grown up seeing her father defend his title against those who would seek to kill her family. She was raised in one of the Griffon's leading cities, Clawdor, among the central palace reserved for the Warchief and his family. Despite this, both of her parents worked very hard to make sure she would be well adjusted to life outside the palace walls, and had her trained regularly in both claw-to-claw combat and archery. She spent a lot of time in Equestria as well, while her father quelled rebellions and strove to unite the tribes. There, she stayed with Flame Mane, her father's commander in the war, and one of his closest friends. She admired the strength of both her parents, and those of her new friends, Booster and Meadowspark. Upon her return to Clawdor, however, she was told that she would have to train in a new way: Politics, for how to lead her country in the event of her father being unavailable for a time. She performed her duties in that regard, while hating every moment of it. After several years passed, she eventually heard from her old friend, Booster Gold, that he was in need of a crew for a project of his, and she immediately agreed, leaving her home behind for now, in search of greater adventures.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Oda » Mon Aug 10, 2015 7:04 am

Alright lets get this ball rolling.

Name: Marionette Strings
Race: Unicorn
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Apperance: A thin looking mare with long legs wearing a rather colorful outfit, she normally has a wide smile on her face and a bounce to her step. Her mane is kept short and out of the way of her eyes.
Coat color: White
Mane color: Firehouse Red
Eyes: Red
Faction: Civilian
Cutie Mark: A puppeteers cross with strings pointing down.
Special Talent: Puppetry. Using strings to control her puppets, and perhaps other ponies. Though the strings are easily broken as they have no extra resilience if she tries to control a living being. essentially she has just as much control over somepony, as you would if you tied strings to someone else and tried to get them to dance.

Personality: Rather upbeat, and excitable, she tends to exaggerate her emotions physically. She's very rarely apart from her puppet Perriot, carrying him around at all times. She tends to jump in, jump some more, play with that string, then maybe "ask" questions later if she remembers to. While she does bear mental scars of her childhood she tries not to let them overwhelm her. She's "mute" however but can speak through her puppets.

Bio: Marionette was born before the close of the war but tragically lost her parents at the battle of appleoosa. The shock of which rendered the poor mare mute. She was sent to live with her uncle who traveled around equestria with his one pony show. Teaching her how to entertain other ponies bringing smiles to their faces even in the worst of times. She eventually found the art of puppetry through a simple wooden pony her Uncle left laying around, and through it she gained her cutie mark, and her "voice" she can speak through the facade of the puppet but never for herself. When she was old enough and emboldened by her cutiemark, she set out across Equestria trying to help with the relief effort and make the world seem a less dark place for all the ponies. She Travels with a carriage she pulls herself that stores all her possessions along with a small workshop to prefect her art.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby ExTecha » Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:50 pm

Name: Aether
Race: Unicorn
Apparent Age: 23, due to conditions of Tartarus and her own cellular manipulation.
Actual Age: 48
Gender: Female
Appearance: Average height, with a beautiful fair white coat. Her mane is kept pulled to one side of her head and ends int a long thick braid that trails down the side of her neck in order to keep it out of her eyes. Compared to her sister Renew, she was considered to be the more attractive, due to her strict regimen of physical exercise and beauty practice. After her incarceration, she has taken to self mutilation resulting in heavy scarring and her regimen increased leading to more defined muscle tone.
Body/Coat Color: White
Mane/Feathers color: Black and Red
Tail/Talons color: Black and Red
Eyes: Red
Faction: None
Cutie Mark: Once just an anatomical heart, it now appears as An anatomical heart with nails shoved in and blood splattered reflecting her change.
Special Talent: Anatomical Cellular Manipulation
Personality: Aether is driven by the need to bring pain to her species. A sadist to the end, she loves to toy with others and get in their heads. She's completely aware of what she's doing and is convinced she is in the right. Often cheerful and playful, Aether loves playing the socialite.

Bio: Born in Marehaven two years after her sister Renew. Their mother was a kind and loving nurse and their father was a doctor who would go on to be a Star Warden as the two matured. Aether enjoyed a happy childhood with her sister, the two sharing in the love of their parents and medical sciences. Of course during this youth, Aether would always pull the young Renew away to play at times, much to her sister's dismay (she was just so dutiful to science). When Renew was old enough, she held herself back from school until Aether would become of age to accompany her. After a year of pleading, the youthful Aether was allowed to attend lab and classes early. So Aether went ahead a year early with her sister at her side.

When Renew's talent bloomed during their first dissection in class, Aether's soon followed through more subtle means. Dissections without tools, minor invasive operations on dead animals without the need for incision unless removing something, etc.

Throughout the rest school and medical school, Aether soon became seen as a prodigy, advancing far quicker than any other pony through the classes, including Renew. She often went partying with other fillies and colts at school, and dragged her study obsessed sister along and away from the book filled room she inhabited. Aether excelled in social situations, even when she tried to make her sister look good... before her sister began speaking that is. Aether graduated with high honors, and a year earlier than anticipated.

Her career in medicine and as a surgeon hit the ground running, performing invasive surgeries and other procedures without any tools and in half the time of other doctors. Aether became a boon to the medical profession as well, creating medical procedures for doctor's who lacked her specific talent. Aether also developed a unique talent that she has never shared with anyone else: a technique she calls bio mapping. Through touch she sends a small pulse of magic through a targets body, every bloodstream, vessel, and nerve, to determine faults, foreign bodies, or irregularities. During this time, Aether took it upon herself to expand her field of study and immersed herself in the anatomy and biology of other creatures and decided to take a second major in psychology.

After her mother became gravely ill, Aether had herself immediately transferred to Mercy Hospital in Marehaven to oversee her care. Their mother suffered from a rare heart disease, and no matter how hard Aether tried, she just couldn't combat the disease quick enough. She began to look for alternative methods. After months of study and watching her mother suffer through so much, Aether was determined she could transplant a new heart from another host, but the host would have to be alive and the procedure would certainly kill them. After consulting with her sister, the two decided it shouldn't be done, even with Aether volunteering to give up her heart. Renew refused to do the surgery, knowing her mother wouldn't accept it. For three more weeks, Aether stood by helpless as hr mother's heart was practically eaten away by the disease until Aether declared her own mother deceased.

Aether was never the same after, ignoring her friends and family. She mulled over her books and papers, looking for anything, even the slightest glimmer of hope only to find nothing. For weeks Aether became a recluse from the world, ignoring work, the gala, even her sister. Each day and night, the crashing of furniture and objects being thrown about could be heard coming from her home. Finally, out of the blue, she returned to the hospital, her once braided mane was coming apart, her eyes carried dark bags under them and she walked with a slouch. Whenever anyone stopped to see how she was doing, she simply pushed them aside and replied "I have work to do." Her demeanor seemed grim and pale.

No one is quite sure what occurred that day, but Aether left that hospital a grisly spectacle of carnage. Stallions, Mares, even children... all torn apart by gruesome precision, with Aether emerging with a white coat stained crimson, casually walking off towards Canterlot, leaving only the crimson stains of victims and hideous spectacles of deformity and torture in her wake. Finally the mare was brought down by Balthier Breaker and his team of bounty hunters. Though she endured bullets, blades, and beatings during the encounter, she still remained alive when she was placed before the Princess for judgement. During the judgement, Aether just stared at the pristine floor, the reflection of the mare staring back at her glared back, the dried blood on the white coat, the smell of death lingering in the air. Aether broke out in a fit of hideous laughter and tears, causing Celestia to pause from whatever she had been saying at the time. Aether's beaten body stood up slowly and stared at the Princess with one eye peaking from her bloodied mane. Celestia knew that this mare couldn't be redeemed or reasoned with, but destruction wasn't pony way. And so, Aether was sentenced to life in the pits of Tartarus, to live out her insanity alone.

For years Aether lay in Tartarus in thought before coming to the conclusion that pain and suffering are the real elements of Equestria. And so for twenty-five plus years, Aether began to prepare and plan for her return to Equestria, to bring atrocities and enlightenment to it's peoples. But to do so she would have to perfect herself, to combat those that would attempt to halt her progression of the world, and to become the pinnacle of pain that she needed to be. Blood and sweat, and ear piercing screams became the productions of her confinement.

After so many years in Tartarus of preparation and self mutilation, Aether has finally escaped through the clever use of Cerberus and one of her very own ribs. Laying low to rediscover what has become of the world, preparing to plunge it's people into an era of exquisite pain and torture.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby MagusZeal » Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:38 pm

Name: Silvershine
Race: Earth pony
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her mane and tail cropped short the mare is rarely seen without a pear of googles perched on her head, nor the harness and saddlebags resting across her body holding a myriad of tools no matter what orientation the mare in. Across the back is often affixed a claymore blade and the scent of oranges clings to her. Always working the mare's coat is often a mess of a grease, oil and smoke though the scent's never stay long.
Body/Coat color: Bright yellow
Mane/Feathers color: Midnight blue
Tail/Talons color: Midnight blue
Eye: Ruby
Faction: Equestria
Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): Polished sheet of aluminum rived across the top and bottom.
Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Building and tinkering, with a specialty towards any device that flies.

Personality: Slightly stand offish with those she doesn't know the mare is quick to respond if she spots something she disagree's with or dislikes. To those who know her well she's a trotting catastrophe waiting for something to set her in motion on yet another ill advised journey.

Bio: The only daughter of war veteran's Mustang Magus and Captain Angelblade of the Lunar Knights, her life before the war is rarely spoken of and those who know are quick to change the topic of conversation with a parental finality and defensiveness that has lead to more then a few issues previously. After the war the mare studied at Xaiden's school for gifted ponies working under the headmaster Clockwork himself's tutelage. Finishing with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering the filly spent a short period of time with the Equestrian Guard making it all the way to the rank of Errant before quitting the royal guard after only five years. Since that time she's worked for nearly every major mechanical design firm across Equestria save the J Works, before landing at her father and uncle's business the Arcana Consulting company in Appleoosa.

The firm's only mechanic she handles maintenance and modifications for the companies sole airship the "Shrieking Daffodil" one of the few still intact non-Peacekeeper vessels in use during the war, along with the decommissioned owned by her Uncle Balthier Breaker, a hero of the war and the current Element of Loyalty. Beyond maintenance and modifications for the airships the mare is responsible for any mechanical solutions the companies clients might need. Yet no matter the task her sword Julius is rarely far from her back or hooves.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:01 am

Name: Bronze "Blondie" Scales
Aliases: (Well Known and Underground Name) Smooth Criminal, (Personal) Judge, Jury, Executioner, The Law, Goldilocks, Ma'at, The Count or Little Miss Temperamental
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Appearance: A little on the tall side, it's hard to pin down what Blondie'll wear on any given day, but she generally likes to stick to outfits that are three parts, and follow three patterns.

When she goes out and about on vacation, she usually has a sunhat and sunglasses ensemble for the head, a nice shawl around the neck, and a matching satchel filled with numerous fliers and travel brochures for the city of Los Pegasus, as well as countless small knives without handles hidden all over the bag. There's also many blades hidden in her shawl too. In total, she usually had about three hundred and thirty three knives on herself. There's indication in the bag that it could hold seventeen more, but rarely could you find seventeen more in there.

When she's doing office work, she tends to like wearing an ascot, a satchel containing a gun maintenance kit, six hundred and sixty six five-round magazines, and her trusty, yet second favorite gun, the semi-automatic rifle called 'Five Aces' right on her back.

When she needs to go on a business trip, she likes to wear a porkpie hat, 4 leg bands with a total of three thirty-round stick magazines on each one, and her favorite Violin Thompson named 'Draconic Surprise' hanging on her side. However, she tended to wear her office wear for business trips because replacing the 'strings' tended to get really expensive, since apparently it was really hard to find someone who could make violin strings these days. Plus the outfit was just tacky, but her business associates liked how she looked in it, said it gave her presence, the pigs.

Body/Coat color: Chocolate
Mane/Feathers color: Pale Golden Blonde
Tail/Talons color: Pale Golden Blonde
Eye: Emerald
Faction (Factions found here): Equestria Mafia
Cutie Mark: A pair of brass scales with a heart (non-realistic) on one side, and a feather on the other.
Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Persuasion

Personality: A generally amicable pony, Blondie likes to get to know others regardless of whoever it is, due to how much that helps with 'business transactions'. She's quite relaxed as well, perfectly willing to forgive someone's mistakes and transgressions so long as they were accidental, and they would do their best to avoid it in the future. However, Blondie is quite impulsive at times, which makes her very susceptible in making accidental faux pas, and can cause her to be very temperamental if her patience is short. And the only things that can kill her patience are unpaid debts, both literal and figurative, bad bed partners, psychopaths and someone trying to mess with what's hers. And Blondie has a bad habit of claiming things as hers really quickly.

Blondie also tends to be a tad bit quirky as well. Has an interest in numerology, and will go on and on if someone asks her about the number 3.

Bio: Smooth Criminal is a legend that's whispered among the criminals and lawkeepers of Equestria alike. The king of organized crime some say, the keeper of syndicate law others say, but many just consider him the judge, the jury, and the executioner all on his own. If any of the families threatened instability or trying to upturn the status quo, you could bet that Smooth Criminal would put a hoof in and crush the offenders and keep the order. Like the usurping of the Mad Martingale, or the leaking of information to the famous freelancers leading to the crush of the ever-arrogant Canterlot branch, it was all thanks to Mr. Smooth. Of course, most of these rumors were incredibly exaggerated, but Blondie loved it nonetheless. The fact that it was her name involved, well 5 of her nicknames, really showed her accomplishments in crime.

Growing up, her parents had wanted her to become a lawyer. Very respectable, good pay, comfortable life, the whole shtick. And that was further reinforced when her cutie mark popped up as a set of scales, it surely meant that she was to become a good prosecutor or defense attorney. But of course, since she's not exactly a lawyer now, you can guess that that assumption was wrong.

On the same day, Blondie was able to convince some of her classmates to give her some candy, and promised them to give them double the amount within the next week. Convinced them that she was going to visit a candy factory next week, and that she could get more candy if she was able to convince the workers that she wouldn't eat them. And she did double their candy, except she never went to a candy factory. In fact, she only went to
two other classrooms with the same proposition. Soon every kid was involved with her candy doubling business, Blondie was one of the most popular and well liked kids in her grade. The same year, Blondie had gotten a cavity in one of her molars, and had to go to the dentist to get it filled. Then soon after, when the candy was coming in at a huge rate, Blondie's parents decided to move so she could get a better education for lawyering, and the candy disappeared altogether. For a bit, Blondie felt sad looking at the goodbye card they had sent her, but mostly because she had to start all over again.

In middle school, Blondie ran a protection program against the bullies who plagued the school, but the bullies were in on it. In high school, she ran a drug ring, which was eventually busted, but she was never caught because she had the alibi that she had to go home early for tutoring. Her younger brother however, was found with a large amount hidden under the bed. To this day, his brother still is stuck in jail.

Eventually Blondie got into a good law school, where her grades were good and her attendance was perfect. But Blondie didn't really make too many friends, in fact she was harassed by some of the sororities for spending too much time studying. However coincidentally, the school's reputation was badly tarnished after pictures were released of the hoofball team and the cheerleaders having a rather raunchy party in one of the sorority buildings, involving quite a lot of cider despite it being prohibited on campus. A professor was spotted in the picture as well, yet nobody could find who took the picture.

And now, in this day and age, Blondie sits on a figurative throne above Las Pegasus, a veritable center of gambling and commerce above, and the go to place for illicit goods and services. There's nothing she didn't reach in the city, her kingdom is nigh untouchable save an army come by and raze it to the ground, which thankfully did not happen during the war. It is now a safehaven for non-violent criminals so long as they don't break the one rule she holds. 'Support the Las Pegasus Family - anyone free to apply'.

Of course, it's specifically a haven for non-violent criminals, because Blondie has an aversion to the violent ones. Force should only be used when necessary, not when one wants to is something she believes, and most violent criminals tended to use it not out of necessity. And it works in the long run, murder rates are practically zero in Las Pegasus, especially when the threat of punishment tends to be an audience with the Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner herself. Something that, although pleasing, is a bit disappointing to Blondie sometimes. Gets a bit boring.
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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Lucy Took » Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:24 pm

Name: Prism
Race : Alicorn
Age : 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Not nearly as tall as the royal sisters, more of the size of Twilight. Her mane is slightly wavy and she enjoys styling it. She rarely ever wears clothing, preferring to cast illusions over her body as decoration which she does often, held in place by a prized gem necklace from her father that allows her to hold an illusion over her own body without having to constantly focus her magic.
Body/Coat color: Light silver, though she often keeps up and illusion of several colors shimmering through it.
Mane/Feathers color: Dark (Normally) Purpleish Silver
Tail/Talons color: Dark (Normally) Purpleish Silver
Eye: Grey
Faction: Civilian
Cutie Mark: A rainbow coming out of a gem
Special Talent: Illusions, done by bending the lightwaves around an object making it appear to be something else. She can hold her spells with specially prepared gems, but the illusion never changes the actual structure of the object that's being "changed"

Personality: Outgoing and flamboyant and slightly arrogant about her talent and position as an alicorn, though more of a subconscious self satisfaction and less of an intentional looking down on "normal" ponies, her pride normally revealing itself around unicorns that had to study for the magic that she finds comes to her naturally, and even that as a way that she feels justifies herself in her field when she never was good academically.

Bio: The child of a magical researcher and a strong weather pony, Prism seemed to end up with all of the luck between strong unicorn and pegisis lines when she was born with both her father's horn and her mother's wings. Born a year after the war Prism felt few negative effects of it, her father being a war hero put her in an easy situation to get into the best schools and her mother's friendship with the Element of Laughter and elite musician put put her in creative circles at an early age.

Magic theory classes went over Prism's head as much as a sight reading class goes over the head of a devoted ear playing musician, but she enjoyed creativity driven classes from her earliest days of magic kindergarten and as soon as she figured out how to make a ball change to from a red ball to a purple ball and got her cutiemark she convinced her parents to let her out of magic school and move onto one with more of an artistic bent where she got involved with the special effects side of theater and even a perchant for acting in the occasional play herself.

After years of artistic study and several well connected internships Prism is now the special effects director at a Broadneigh theater, the youngest on the block. But with her ability to have literally anything show up on stage and even to make cheap costumes look like a million bits with a single hidden gem she thinks she's the best.
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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Lucy Took » Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:09 pm

Name: Iris
Race: Unicorn
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tall and slender, Iris inherited her father's elegance.
Body/Coat color: Blood red
Mane/Feathers color: Deep red, almost black
Tail/Talons color: Deep red, almost black
Eye: Gold
Faction: PSA
Cutie Mark: A purple iris flower with a gold drop falling from the petal.
Special Talent: Potions
Personality: Iris's personality varies by whatever pony she is with, acting as she believes the other pony wishes to see. With her family she's a bit more open, but still somewhat reserved.
Bio: Iris was born into what looked like the perfect family at a glance. Her mother was a respected surgeon and her father a well known educator and she was loved by both of her parents. However, she was most drawn to her mysterious aunt and quickly picked up her cynical ways. In school Iris was most interested in chemistry, she was fascinated by the more dangerous compounds. After poisoning a classroom rat she got both her cutiemark and a stern talking to from her parents about using her talent for good and not for harm.

Years later Iris is now working with her aunt in the PSA, still working with potions, but keeping them in non-lethal doses. Her job is to not only to make compounds, but to administer them to criminals, most often to achieve the result of temporarily sedating them with the intent of taking them to justice.
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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Morningglory » Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:37 pm

Race: Lucky Venture
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
Body/Coat color: Olive Green
Mane/Feathers color: Tawny
Tail/Talons color: Tawny
Eye: Brassy Gold
Faction: Neutral
Cutie Mark: A sextant superimposed over a compass rose
Special Talent: Cartography and navigation
Personality: Dedicated, diligent and focused on work. She is precise, and well spoken, though blunt and lacking flourish in her speech.

Race: Maiden Voyage
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
Body/Coat color: Tawny
Mane/Feathers color: Olive Green
Tail/Talons color: Olive Green
Eye: Dark Green
Faction: Neutral
Cutie Mark: A crossed monkey wrench and hammer
Special Talent: Mechanical Engineering
Personality: Intelligent, and very proud of her work, Voyage is a bit rowdy and charismatic, and pushy when it comes to making a deal. She won't take no for an answer.
Bio: Lucky Venture and Maiden Voyage are twin sisters from Baltimare, and are from a family known for their adventurous spirits. Their parents, Top Sail and Blue Horizon, were mariner ponies, and fought alongside the Sea Pony Brigades in their heydays. It was always assumed that Venture and Voyage would follow in their parents' footsteps.

Both fillies found their cutie marks while attempting to navigate the river running through White Tail Woods on their own, using their parents' equipment. Venture, always adept with a natural sense of direction, was able to easily navigate them through the woods, avoiding getting lost and particularly strong currents. Her decisive navigation even led them to an offshoot of the river that had previously not been mapped, and though small, was enough to give Venture her particular cutie mark.

Voyage also found her cutie mark on this particular voyage. It was her skill that kept the rudimentary engine she had built alive an kicking throughout the journey. When their engine flooded three fourths of the way through their exploration, Voyage's quick thinking helped her to fix the problem in time to avoid a particularly rough patch of rapids.

Venture and her sister have always been very close, and are rarely seen apart. Though they differ greatly in personality and skill, they work always as a team, and believe that family is more important than anything else.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby TwentySided » Sun Aug 16, 2015 9:29 pm

Name: Frost Glider
Race: Pegasus
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Average in height, Frost likes to have her mane long typically in a ponytail, to keep it away from her face. Typically she tends to stray away from what is classified as popular or in style in Canterlot, more focused on standing out from the crowd. Be that more casual at an event or the gala, or overdressed just because.
Body/Coat color: Yale Blue
Mane/Feathers color: Taupe Grey
Tail/Talons color: Taupe Grey
Eye: Green
Faction: Civilian
Cutie Mark: a snowflake held within a gemstone
Special Talent: Temperature manipulation, around the pegasus is that of a thin aura that she has found to fluctuate either by her own will when concentrating, or wildly uncontrolled when under extreme stress or emotional weight. However with this aura, Frost has found that she has a distinct lack of other traits one would find in a normal pegasus, such as cloud walking and manipulation, or simply more control over the weather in general.
Personality: Calm and quiet is the best word to describe Frost…when she’s performing. When she’s not however she can be loud and at times a bit obnoxious, but those who know her know that she means well with everything she does. However, she has certainly inherited her father’s want to learn as well as her mothers talkative nature. When meeting new people this can be at times the opposite of a winning combination.
Bio: Born and raised in the capital city of Canterlot, Frost was the youngest daughter of the professor Gem Shard and Fire Song. Unlike her older sister Prism, Frost was merely that of a pegasus rather than an alicorn, and from the first moment she figured this out, the competitive side of Frost was born.

Always trying to get ahead of those around her, Frost through herself at everything she could think of, the first being what her mother had been skilled at, weather manipulation. However it was during this she discovered her first shortcoming, while born a pegasus, it was during the time under her mother’s tutelage that Frost discovered that she had no ability to walk upon the clouds, nor was she able to create an air current or do anything that a normal pegasus could, save for flying. Disheartened, Frost’s father, decided to take up this mystery, hoping to find something that either he could fix or something to cheer his daughter up with. What he did end up finding was a thin aura around the filly, who’s temperature was directly effected by the pegasus. The professor theorized that this aura was caused by some sort of leak in the fillies magical ‘reserves’ allowing it to spill and surround Frost.

As the years went by, the aura around Frost grew as she did. Likewise, the mare’s control over it grew with time, allowing her to manipulate when concentrating but otherwise, wildly fluctuating due to the stress and emotions of day to day life. That being said, Frost has found a way to take her unique state and help her with her hobby of ice skating. Allowing her to practice year around on the various lakes in the city parks. She has even figured out how to use her aura to allow her to pseudo cloud walk and manipulate clouds, however most weather teams have denied her jobs due to snow storms in summer and fall when she was on duty.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Kroll » Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:42 pm

Name: Kroll
Race: Griffon
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Image
Faction: Mercenary (Prefers the term "Contractor")

Personality: Brusque and to-the-point, Kroll takes his work seriously but is relatively lazy in his downtime, something he doesn't like to be disturbed while enjoying. Not exactly one for idle chat, he mostly keeps to himself and is slow to trusting others, especially when it comes to Equestrians--even more so with unicorns, which he harbors a strong dislike towards for some reason.

Bio: Kroll was found at a young age among the charred ruins of a small village by a mercenary group that was passing through the area. Comprised mostly of veterans from the Dragon Alliance--many of whom had negative/bitter sentiments towards Equestrians--the mercenaries raised Kroll as one of their own, teaching him the ins and outs of their trade in addition to a variety of skills that any soldier of fortune worth their salt should know. In particular, the griffon grew fond of firearms compared to the other weapons the mercenaries used, gradually growing becoming proficient in a decent variety of them. He even went so far as to design and build a few of his own from the salvage of broken ones the group had lying around. Having no recollection of his actual family, the tercel saw the group of mercenaries as the closest thing he ever had to being a part of one.

While the group was on an assignment to escort a group of merchants through Equestrian territory, a young thief attempted to rob them, posing an immediate threat to their client. As the only member of the party with a clear line of sight, Kroll was ordered to take the shot, something he obliged to do without further hesitation. Over time, Kroll developed a harrowing sense of guilt over the choice he made, climaxing when he suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of his actions. His grief began to have a noticeable impact on his ability to work efficiently, and eventually resulted in his expulsion from the other mercenaries.

Now striking out on his own as mercenary, Kroll moves around, taking what jobs come his way. He tried bounty hunting for a short while, but found mercenary work to be far more rewarding, not to mention less restrictive. In his travels he's found himself having to work for and sometimes alongside Equestrians, some proving the sentiments of his old "family" right, others proving them wrong. All in all he remains indifferent towards them overall, but distrusting.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby White Mocha » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:14 am

Name: Longshot
Race: Unicorn
Age: mid- to late-30s
Gender: Male

Coat color: Blue
Mane/Tail color: Light grey
Eye color: Blue
Faction: Knights of Luna (Honorary)
Cutie Mark: A bullet ricochet, sending off a shower of sparks
Special Talent: Inspiring others through action

Personality: Longshot is often stern and serious. Though he's known to make witty remarks from time to time, he's one who focuses seriously on whatever task he takes on. Thankfully, a couple decades away from the wasteland has taught him to relax, though he'll often reference his homeland without explanation. Underlying everything he does is a deep seated belief in what the Elements of Harmony stand for; fighting against agents that sow disharmony, spending a quiet moment with a friend, or having a good time at a large gathering, Longshot is always consious of how what he's doing fits within his value structure.

Bio: Hailing from an alternate future where the lands of Equestria were devestated by war, Longshot escaped via Starswirl's Mirror hidden in the catacombs under the ruins of Canterlot only to arrive in a similar Canterlot in the midst of a very different war. He immediately dedicated himself to preventing this Equestria from falling into the same hopelessness. He quickly got results, as the princesses put in his hooves a powerful prototype weapon made by a local scientist and gave him the task of assassinating Darkfang himself. That success was his proudest moment, though he talks about it with nopony unless asked directly.

After this achievement, Longshot found a new perspective on his homeland, that it's situation might not be so hopeless, and attempted to return in secret. He found he could not; as best he could determine, the mirror in his world had been destroyed. Forced to stay, he decided to make himself as useful as possible given his skill set. Though technically a member of The Knights of Luna, Longshot opperates largely independantly wherever there's rumors of trouble, attempting to resolve things peacefully when he can, resolving things quickly when he can't.

Of particular note is the time he ran into Daring Do and spent sometime helping her discover a particular artifact that had a parallel in his own world. He thus appeared in her next book, under the name Trick Shot at his own request. His fictional counterpart is widely unpopular and the subject of much dersion in the Daring Do fandom, largely for having 'unrealistic skill with firearms and knowledge of things that wouldn't so closely parallel in an alternate world'. Longshot finds this endlessly amusing.

Magic: Longshot's magical knowledge is very limited but within the school of spells he specalizes in, known as 'imbue' spells, he is quite powerful. The basic concept of the school is a temporary kind of enchantment based on the fetishes of the zebra of his world. He puts a spirit into an item and it creates an effect based on both the kind of spirit and kind of item. Spirits in sync with Longshot's nature, and the actions he intends to use it for, tend to result in more powerful effects and longer lasting 'enchantments', up to a few hours at a time. Only one spirit can be in an item at a time, though a seperate spirit can be placed on a firearm and it's magazine, imbuing a bullet with both effects. What follows is his most commonly used spirit allies and their effects.

Fire/Lightning: Included together because of similar effects, Spirit of Fire (representing his rage) was a staple of Longshot's early in his career, adding a fire effect to a weapon that could occasionally ignite the target. Longshot has sinced tried to control his anger, reducing this spirit's effect, and so has shifted to relying on Spirit of Lightning (representing his focus on a task, resolving things quickly and decisively) producing an electric effect on his weapons that can cause his target's muscles to temporarily sieze up.

Diamond: An old staple, Spirit of Diamond represents Longshot's stubborn nature, making it particularly strong. When put on clothing or (preferably) armor it protects the wearer from physical injury. When placed in a weapon, that weapon can pierce through the armor of it's target much more easily.

Light: A very specific spirit, and Longshot's first ally, when Spirit of Light (a representation of Longshot's belief in Harmony) is placed in a weapon, it guides his attacks allowing him to make shots that would be impossible even for him. (Light was in his firearm, and Diamond in it's ammo, when he fell Darkfang.) When placed in a piece of clothing or armor though, Longshot's words have a calming effect on those on the verge of hostilites. This is generally a last ditch effort to prevent violence.

(I've changed Longshot a bit since I submitted him for the original DiE. Especially his color scheme, hence the lack of a picture. Let me know if anything needs to change.)
We are what we repeatedly do.

Longshot's Theme

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby ExTecha » Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:20 am

Name: Delightful Data
Race (Race's found here): Earth Pony
Age (Age's for most races here): 11
Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Female
Appearance (Image or description goes here for general description): Image
Body/Coat color: grayish/white w/ Freckles
Mane/Feathers color: : Light Blue
Tail/Talons color: Light Blue
Eye: Amber
Faction (Factions found here): None/Aether's "Children"
Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): A notepad scribbled with math equations
Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Data processing and Eidetic Memory
Personality: Perky, Bashful, and inquisitive, constantly trying to prove herself to her older "siblings" and be more like them. She loves her family and would defend them to the teeth if need be, though she prefers not to kill anyone if she can avoid it.

Data was born in Manehattan to a single mother. Unfortunately her mother passed away when Data was only 2 years old, leaving the poor filly to the local orphanage. For the next three years, Data remained a relatively happy filly. She played with the other fillies and colts, attended school (which she both loved and excelled at), and generally proved to be a well off child. But as she approached her fifth birthday, she began to experience problems, her muscles began to weaken and she became very sick. She spent the next year in and out of the hospital before being admitted as a more permanent case. She had been diagnosed with cognitive and motor skill deterioration, dysarthria, dysphagia, ataxia, and spasticity (FYI this is Tay-Sachs disease). For the next year or so she received many visitors, but eventually the number dwindled before the visits and cards stopped all together. Her body barely worked and her mental deterioration made her barely aware. For all intensive purposes, she was a husk of a young filly who was simply waiting out the clock on the few short years she had left.

Three years ago, she saw a mare in shimmering garb and armor enter her field of vision before scooping up the filly's limp body, like a mare out of a fairy tale. The next thing she knew she awoke in a barely furnished room, with the armored mare sitting in the corner watching over her. To her surprise, she had full function over her body, though it took a few weeks before she could speak. At which point in time, the mare introduced herself as Guardian Jewel. While the mare was seemingly cold and distant, the story she told of how Data had been saved by Jewel's "Mother," and how Data would be able to live her life again moved the filly to tears. After a few days, she finally met her doctor Aether Scalpel, who treated her like a mother would a babe, rather than a doctor would a patient. Jewel and Aether stayed with Data in the house for month's, nursing her back to health and rehabilitating her body until she regained her full faculties. Although her doctor seemed to vanish for days at a time, Jewel always kept a watchful eye over the filly. Even through the cold shoulders and the detachment, Data still felt a great joy knowing she would wake up and jewel would be there, staring out of the window in the corner of the room.

Before long Aether and Jewel approached her in her bed and told her that if she wanted, she would be free to go, words that saddened the filly, these were ponies who had cared for her and took a chance on her when no one else would and when she had believed herself to be lost. Having noticed the sadness, Aether looked the filly in the eye and told her that she had begun to think of the filly like a daughter and if she wanted to stay she could. Aether would make her better than she was, smarter, stronger, and faster even, they would be a family. But it wasn't without danger, Aether explained how she herself had suffered incredible loss in the past and had come to realize that ponies as they are, are weak and frail. That she would make ponies better, like she had done with Jewel, and like she offered to do to Data. Over the next few days, she explained her history and her belief that through both physical pain and emotional pain, ponies became better and wiser for it. Data understood that Aether was different, that she had killed ponies, and that she would kill more and would want Data to help and be a part of it. But try as she might to be horrified or disgusted, all Data could see was the same mare who had given her her life back, who had nurtured her frail body and mind back to health, who had read to her every night since her recovery to put her to sleep.

For nearly a week Data struggled with the choice before her. She didn't know if Aether was wrong in her beliefs or if she should just go. The decision only came when she awoke in the middle of the night to overhear Aether and Jewel outside the hall. Creeping from hoof to hoof to the door, the little filly pressed her ear to the door. Jewel and Aether were talking about plans to move to a different town soon, that if Data didn't make a decision by the end of the week, they would see her to a safe place and then head out. Data couldn't even fathom what she would do without them, even though it had only been a few months, it felt like Aeons. That's when Data heard the sniffle from Jewel, like the mare was crying. Data wanted to forget the notion that the mare who barely blinked would cry over such a matter, but it was definitely her. Data's decision had been made as tears rolled down Data's face at the thought of losing someone who would cry for her. Her body seemed to move on it's own as she pushed the door open and belted to Jewel, hugging at the mares chest and taking the mare aback.

Since then Data has been a part of the family. After undergoing some experimentation at Aether's behest, her mental agility has been pushed to extremes. She uses her talent and memory to formulate plans and strategies for the family. After the creation of Blank Slate, she's been practically stuck to his side, providing him education as well as developing rigorous personal training regimens for her siblings and herself to increase physical attributes and train their minds. Jewel and Slate treat her like a younger sister but she feels that she is often treated like the baby and kept away from harm and longs to prove herself, often taking advantage of Slate's laziness or lack of interest to complete assignments that are assigned to him. She often fights based on statistics and probability based on observations. While physically weaker than her brother and sister, she has bested them both in combat due to knowing there habits, personalities, and having watched them fight throughout the years. She often observes other ponies fight either Jewel or Slate, and thus formulates statistics, probabilities, and analyze weaknesses in case they have to fight again. She takes great care of her body and mind, having known what it's like to be without them, and maintains a steady diet and a training regimen that far surpasses even Jewel's. A fact that she keeps from the rest of the family.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby malonromani » Mon Oct 26, 2015 9:51 pm

Name: Lucky Find
Race: Pegasus
Age: 37
Gender: Female
A purple pegasus with short golden-yellow mane and tail. She's usually wearing a saddlebag with pockets everywhere, and carries a pair of pistols hidden in holsters underneath. Also keeps a small dagger with her, but uses it more as a tool than a weapon.
Body/Coat color: Purple
Mane/Feathers color: Gold
Tail/Talons color: Gold
Eye: Green
Faction: PSA (recently recruited by Longshot)
Cutie Mark: A treasure chest surrounded by different types of coins
Special Talent: Finding things, especially things that have sentimental value
Personality: Bubbly and cheerful, to the point that some might find it annoying. She enjoys giving out nicknames and pulling small, harmless pranks.
Bio: Lucky Find grew up in a small town near the borders of Equestria, with her parents Rare Find and Keepsake, and older sister Memento. She spent her early teens working in her parents' general store/pawn shop, "Finders Keepers". She got her cutie mark when she helped a customer find a rare coin that had been pawned there by the customer's family years before.

Lucky was out of town when the war with the Draconic Alliance started. She came home to find everything in ruins, and no indication of whether anyone had made it out alive. She traveled around Equestria, looking for any mention of her family or friends, but found no leads.

She volunteered to help out at refugee camps when she could, but never felt like she was able to contribute anything other than another mouth to feed. After becoming desperate for food in a big city, Lucky started stealing small things from more well-off areas. At first it was just a few pieces of food that someone had left sitting around. Then it was a random blanket from some laundry. Then it was some loose change that had "accidentally" fallen out of that stallion's coin purse after she'd heard him say that "nopony in their right mind should donate to those lazy backwoods refugees".

Turned out, theft was actually kind of thrilling, and she kept it up even after the war. She has her rules, though: Don't steal anything the target can't afford to lose, don't take anything with sentimental value to the target, don't cause the target harm. She has never been part of a gang or the mafia, although she has sold her "acquired" goods to them.

Because of her "profession", Lucky has worked with some less savory characters, and had to learn to defend herself. She considers herself a pretty good shot with pistols, but is much more focused on dodging and misleading opponents in combat.

A few months ago, Lucky happened upon an interesting stash of weapons, and figured that no one would miss a beaten-up revolver. Unbeknownst to her, that stash belonged to Longshot, a member of the PSA. He tracked Lucky down and arrested her, but also saw potential in her. He offered her a position in the PSA (once she finished her jail sentence, of course).

Now that she's out of jail, she's ready to try her hoof at being part of something that can change the world for the better.

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Re: Character Submissions

Postby ExTecha » Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:45 pm

Here are three NPC Character's that I have been working on with MagusZeal for some time. Someday I would like to see at least two of these become full fledged characters, but as of right now I will be using them to further the background and plot of Aether Scalpel as well as Delightful Data.

Name: Guardian Jewel
Race: Unicorn
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Body/Coat color: White
Mane/Feathers color: Varying shades of pink W/ Blonde
Tail/Talons color: Same as Mane
Eye: Blue
Faction: N/A
Cutie Mark: A shield with a heart in the center, all made of diamond
Special Talent: Diamond Skin Magic

Personality: In her youth, Jewel had been rowdy and anti-authoritarian. But in the years following her return to Canterlot to take up her family name and estate, she's been far more understanding. She is stern and can sometimes be seen as cold, yet it has been noted that she looks after her two young wards. She generously uses her family's wealth to back and finance multiple endeavors, from local shops to the Equestrian Guard as well as become a staple in the community through charitable donations and personal involvement in the rebirth project.

Bio: Jewel was born into one of the wealthiest and most prestigious families in Equestria. Her father's line had been the caretakers and overseers for some of Equestria's largest Diamond mines for generations. On the other hand her Mother's line had been military officers dating back to the original Knights of Luna. Her mother served as Colonel of the Peacekeepers in the Draconic War while her father helped finance the supplies and gear for the troops. During the war, Jewel's mother was severely injured and was discharged after she lost the ability to use her legs.

After the war, the couple lived in their Manor just outside of Canterlot. Jewel was born only a few ears before the creation of the PSA. Her mother drastically supported the PSA and with the help of her father, helped fund it's creation. However, due to the affiliation it drew outside attention. On a business trip to Appleoosa, Jewels parents were set upon by remnants from the DA and were killed, leaving a very young Jewel alone and bitter.

For years Jewel didn't understand what had happened, she just knew that her parent were no longer around and that everyone suddenly expected so much from her. Growing up, Jewel tended to act out. She would always act out in class and start trouble with the other children. She seemed to dislike any form of authority as well, always ignoring her teachers and instructors or berating them even. Over the years her bitterness seemed to turn towards all of Equestria, for robbing her of her beloved parents.

Before long, Jewel had run off, leaving her ancestral home locked and abandoned, and her family's name and wealth behind. Drifting from town to town, Jewel found herself in all sorts of predicaments, from gang-related incidents to minor thefts, local bar fights, etc. She just wandered for years on end, picking up the scraps.

It was only in the Badlands that she discovered there was more to her life. Taking up a caravan job for a small business owner, Jewel found herself trekking through the Badlands. After a few day's travel, the small group came on a mare laying in the sands. The mare's white coat had been dirtied by the sands, but it was plain to all that she was in bad shape. Her body was covered in scars, some looked more recent than others, one of which looked barely healed, along the rib cage and clotted with blood in fact. Against Jewel's judgement, the business pony had the mare put in one of his carts and assigned Jewel to look after her.

Jewel looked over the mare's broken body for a few days before the mare regained consciousness. For a full day, the mare didn't speak. Even when the business pony tried to get a name out of her, the injured mare just stared up into the sky and breathed deep, as if she hadn't had air in years. Finally one night, Jewel awoke to find the injured mare sitting up, with red magic trailing from her horn down to her ribs. The previously clotted wound now stood as an open hole. To Jewel's amazement, torn muscle began to strand itself back together before her very eyes, scar tissue began to immediately begin to close the wound before the red mist of magic dissipated. Looking over the mare smiled a generous smile before looking Jewel in the eye with a gaze that seemed to stare into the depths of her soul, a gaze that seemed to tell the story of a mare who knew her pain.

Now, Jewel has finally returned to her ancestral home in Canterlot as a new Mare. She's taken hold of her family's estate and business prospects and has become a pillar of the community like her mother and father before her. During her resurgence in Canterlot, she has taken a small ward, the young Porcelain Doll that Jewel has seen fit to give an education as well as let her run her own little doll and mask shop in Canterlot. The public has noted that the two are nigh inseparable and that Jewel acts much like an older sister to her.

However outside of public view, Jewel has become the faithful guardian of the mare whom she had befriended in the badlands, Aether. Her reasons are her own, but her care for the filly in her care seems more than genuine.


Name: Scrapper 9/Porcelain Doll
Race: Pegasus - Augmented
Age: 8
Gender: Male

Appearance: Scrapper is very androgynous and parades around as an earth pony filly named Porcelain Doll, the ward of Guardian Jewel and purveyor of dolls and masks in Canterlot (a business owned by Jewel). The persona is augmented by his wearing of a long white wig with doll like curls, contact lenses that make his eyes appear as if the pupil has eclipsed all but the white of his eyes, makeup, and elegant doll-like dresses that are tailored for him. His voice could easily pass for female as well. Naturally however, he goes by Scrapper 9, a name given to him by his captors as an infant. He keeps his black hair clean, shoulder length, and often in a wild fashion, as though he just rose from bed. He often stitches the numerals IX beneath his left eye. In both iterations Scrapper 9/Porcelain Doll is never without the Ursa Minor teddy bear given to him by Aether Scalpel: Mr. Giblets.

Body/Coat color: White
Mane/Feathers color: Black/Long White Wig with Doll Curls
Tail/Talons color: Black/Tied in a bun with White hair tied to it to give it the appearance of a natural tail coming from under the dress
Eye:Red/Black Contacts covering all but the white of the eye

Faction: Nuetral/Aether’s Children
Cutie Mark: (His actual Cutie Mark)/ (Painted over when adopting the Porcelain Doll persona)

Special Talent: Acrobatics
Personality: Scrapper is an extremely playful individual. Having been forced to fight against other children (before being pitted against beasts, monsters, dragons, and gryphons), he has developed a personality that relishes violence and goes about it as a child would play with toys. He is rarely sad or morose and even in dire circumstances can no longer cry. This behavior is reinforced by Aether Scalpel who takes to the child as a mother and dotes on him and continues to teach him that violence is what he’s good at, so he should enjoy it. His most precious possession is Mr. Giblets, the teddy bear given to him by the most important person (to him) in the world, Aether Scalpel.

Bio: Scrapper was born in one of the outer lying towns in Equestria that was part of the rebirth program to rebuild settlements torn apart during the war. Before he could even remember, he was stolen by the leftover dragons loyal to the late Darkfang. Having been thrown into a place called “The Cradle” with what would soon total 17 other kids, he was designated as #9 and like the other children was set upon as experimentation fodder before coming to the age where he would be pitted against the other children one by one and be given the title of “Scrapper.”

For six years, Scrapper #9 was beaten, broken, subjected to having portions of skin flayed off, cut open for experimentation and sick amusement. Having known no other life, he didn’t know of life outside of “The Cradle.” Where once stood a child in tears, had grown a beast who lived for the next fight and the “Good Boy Points” that the caretaker would bestow on him (often resulting in the extreme means of his torture.) One night after hearing a rumble outside of the room that hosted his cage, two mares appeared bathed in blood. It took some time but one of the two eventually coaxed him out of the cage with a playful Ursa Minor teddy bear. The mares who he would soon know as his sister and mother, Guardian Jewel and Aether Scalpel respectively, soon led the child out through The Cradle, which was laden with the corpses of the dragons who had taken amusement with the child’s tortures and competitions.

For the next year Aether doted on the child and raised him alongside her other “children.” Once he was comfortable, she further augmented his body as she had done to Jewel and Data. Jewel took the child under her wing as her ward in public light. Giving Scrapper a new name and new persona, using the child’s androgynous appearance to create Porcelain Doll, the adorable, giddy, and energetic little filly who would live with Jewel. As Doll, he attends school as well as personal tutoring, and was even given the responsibility of running a store for dolls and masks. These conditions were to teach the child control as well as give him a grade A education. Still, Aether had her daughter, Delightful Data, create a diet and training regimen according to his strengths, including formal combat training by Jewel and a personal aerial acrobatics regimen. Aether has taken Scrapper from Canterlot on multiple occasions to meet other children and deal with other problems and matters should they arise. Aether treats him as her own child and he clings to her like the perfect mother.


Name: Scarlet Hope
Race: Unicorn / Augmented by Aether Scalpel against her will during Aether’s initial rampage
Age: Age Unknown, at least 33/Appears to be barely in her teens
Gender: Female


Body/Coat color: White
Mane/Feathers color: White
Tail/Talons color: White
Eye: Red

Faction: PSA/Sleeper
Cutie Mark: See Appearance

Special Talent: Blood Manipulation (Can only manipulate the blood of others outside of the body, can manipulate her own blood internally and externally)

Personality: Helpful and kind, Scarlet has spent most of her life in the care of Balthier Breaker, and has taken after him. She is often a social butterfly and playful and kindhearted to those she meets and associates with. As a senior member of the PSA she cares for those assigned to her. In her spare time she often helps charity organizations and organizations designed to recovery during the war. When it comes to the special missions that she is assigned however, she adopts a personality that would frighten the public and those closest to her. Trained in secret in the PSA by Elegant Shard’s sister Nightingale, a name which had become a symbol of fear and unforgiving brutality to her enemies building on the years of slaughter following the war in her vendetta for revenge, Scarlet has since taken the title of “The Nightingale.” This title reflects the demeanor and attitude of Elegant’s sister before she adopted the life of a diplomat and pacifist. The title is known of in the PSA, thought to all but the highest ranking individuals, the identity of The Nightingale is kept secret and she is only called upon as such for the direst of missions.

Bio: Scarlet was born in a small town near Marehaven years before the war broke out. During her adolescence, she and her family were captured, tortured and experimented on by Aether Scalpel during her tour of slaughter through Equestria previous to her incarceration in the pits of Tartarus. It’s unclear how long Scarlet was kept by Aether, but when she was discovered by Balthier Breaker and his fellow bounty hunters she was barely clinging to life on an operating table, the rest of her parents had been dead for some time and were found months after far removed from the location with mangled bodies that had been twisted and deformed, and her sister lay dead on the floor beside her.

Having captured Aether Scalpel, Scarlet was closely examined by Aether’s sister who had worked with Breaker to capture Aether. It was unclear to Renew what kind of experimentation had been done on the child as Aether had performed experiments far beyond the scope of Renew’s abilities at the time. For days the child lay still, breathing but unconscious. During which Breaker never left her side. After finally waking up, the child flew into a traumatic frenzy, expelling blood from her previously sealed wounds as the blood shot through windows, tore through walls, and would have killed people if not for Breaker’s particular magic and intervention. The child endured weeks of counseling with breaker having to stand watch.

The story of her captivity unfolded, she had been subject to Aether’s experimentation to create a “perfect breed of pony.” Her strength, speed, and endurance heightened. Her brain was working at what Renew could only determine was double the normal efficiency. She recalled some mention of her last procedure but not what the intended effects were. Unfortunately Renew was unsure she could undo the effects of the experimentation without injuring or even killing the child. Unable to procure the child’s medical records or even birth certificate (which would later be discovered to have been stolen by Aether along with the rest of her family’s), the child had no name at the time and no home or family to return to. Seeing it as his responsibility and being the only one capable of holding the child’s unique magical outbursts at bay, as well as keeping the child from accidently hurting herself or others, Breaker took the child in and named her Scarlet Hope. A name both reflecting her personal magic and the child’s feat to have survived the entire ordeal.

For years Scarlet resumed the life she had lost, she lived under Breaker’s care like a daughter. She attended school, made friends, and the works. At night she would toss and turn with nightmares of her ordeal before waking and tiptoeing into Breakers room to curl up beside her adoptive and beloved Papa. Still, as years passed, Breaker started to notice that the child didn’t appear to be getting any older. Sure she acted older, which could be because of her overactive brain function, but physically, she didn’t look a day older than when he had found her. After inquiring with Renew, they couldn’t find the cause. Renew theorized that it could be because of her unique talent, or her brain’s regulation of her body and functions, or something else that Aether had done that she couldn’t quite pin down. Possibly the final experiment that the child had recalled, seeing as it didn’t seem to have any negative effects on the child, the two decided it would be best to keep an eye on her and worry about it only if it becomes a problem.

Years passed and the war came. Breaker made preparations for his adoptive daughter to be cared for during his training and military absences. She bothered him for days to let her help the war effort, but he wanted to keep her as far from any violence as possible. She was his little girl and he wanted to keep her safe. Plus there was no telling what sort of effects violence would have on her. So, despite her protests, she continued her schooling, and magical training to perfect her unique magic. Often worrying about her father, especially when Breaker had some of his close calls, Scarlet managed to fit in some time caring for the refugees and wounded from the towns brought into Canterlot from besieged towns, unbeknownst to her father. Eventually Breaker found out and decided that he couldn’t keep her out of it forever and what she was doing was important and far removed from the lines. He had taught her what little magic he could to keep her safe as well as the basics of his own magic, just in case.

After the war she, having graduated school and with honors at magical academia, turned her attention to the relief groups that sprouted up in the war’s wake. She signed on quick with the newly formed PSA, quickly rising through the ranks and making fast friends and allies. Breaker and Melody objected to her joining but Breaker knew what she had experience was long behind her and that she was old enough to make her own decisions. Scarlet also dedicated her free time to research, diplomatic and combat tactics, and the rebirth project, helping rebuild settlements and lives of children.

It was on a mission with Nightingale where she and Scarlet had lost the rest of their squad to DA remnants. Scarlet flew into a bloodlust and tore apart groups of dragons with ease, her own body pouring blood from her open wounds, indicating a complete regard for herself. Nightingale later approached her in the hospital after the mission and told her that she had been growing bored of her life of vengeance and violence, but the image of The Nightingale needed to remain within the PSA and bring fear to those who would do ponies harm. So for 10 years, the two accompanied one another on missions, Nightingale relinquishing her experience and critiquing the child as well as teaching her everything she knew about magic and war. Nightingale relinquished the magic’s she had learned in the EMP’s and even what base shadow magic a normal pony could do without the choker that, to this day, remains around Nightingales neck. And so Scarlet became The Nightingale, a title belonging to the most dangerous and violent pony within the PSA. Only Twilight and Nightingale know the true identity of The Nightingale and that Scarlet’s family is never to know.

Now Scarlet looks like a blossoming teenager and is her own pony. She holds one of the highest ranks within the PSA and frequently takes on diplomatic and peaceful missions to keep up the appearance of a quiet life to her family and friends. Only truly showing herself as The Nightingale on the most secret of missions, which she is allowed to perform on her own. She often visits her family as well as her Aunt Renew and family and Aunt Nightingale who has since taken up a life as a pacifist and diplomat. She take a more than active role in the Community, often associating with the Mane 6, the Princesses, the remaining EMP’s, Arcana Consulting, and what remains of the rebirth project. She is close friends with Iris, being the daughter of her Auntie Renew, even though the two rarely work together within the PSA. She often jokes that Iris shouldn’t treat her so seriously since Iris looks older than her, though Iris knows this to be simply a joke.


Bio: In actuality, Scarlet has been a sleeper agent for Aether Scalpel during her incarceration. To her, Aether is her true mother, as she views herself as having been reborn on the operating table under Aether’s care. The dead sister found next to her died at her hands after she tried to grab Scarlet and run, Scarlet having acquired a higher brain function and believing herself to be, in Aether’s words, “special” tore her sister apart leaving her as the only viable candidate for the longevity experiment that Aether ranted on about.

Scarlet was warned by Aether that someday people would take her away, and she would have to adopt a new life and blend in. So it’s no surprise that when she woke up in a hospital bed with Balthier Breaker sleeping beside her, she took the opportunity to put into place the act of a traumatized child who had been through horrors. After all she had experience those horrors, she had simply adjusted after coming to an understanding that Aether indeed cared for her and would do her no more harm than she would her own child.

For year Scarlet held onto her new life, always hiding the aches and pains she suffered from Aether’s unperfected experimentation. In truth she does care for Breaker and viewed him as her own father, despite the fact that he is the reason her “Mother” is locked in the pits of Tartarus. Though she knew to separate who she really was from her new life. She would apply herself to her studies to become the model pony in the eyes of others.

As she grew older she longed to be in the thick of violence, where her talent really blossomed. She thought the war would give her a chance, but Breaker’s insistence that she remain behind halted her at every turn. To maintain her appearance as perfect daughter and model pony, she decided to volunteer at the hospital.

Finally her chance to break free from her normal life came in the guise of the PSA. She made a showing that she was joining to make a difference, to help people, and to protect equestria. Her encounter with Aunt Nightingale was less a rage of loss, and more a bloodlust that had been building for years. Still, the chance to train and learn from the great Nightingale, the shadow demon… what could be better. So she trained, she learned, she took every second of training to heart and made particular note of the EMP magic’s.

After many years, she finally received a letter from a mare named Guardian Jewel. She was the daughter of a prominent family in Canterlot who helped found the PSA. The parent’s had died and for years Jewel had disappeared. The letter had spoken of a mutual friend and was made out to look as if Jewel and Scarlet had been friends for years. After a short stint of confusion, Scarlet pieced together that the letter was encoded. For day’s she toiled over the letter before deciphering the word “MOTHER.” Her heart rose in her chest and she could barely contain her excitement. After arranging a meeting with Jewel, she finally came face to face with Aether once more in the ancestral home of Gurdian Jewel. Aether had escaped Tartarus and with jewels help had used her magic to alter her appearance… with some borrowed tissue from unwilling donors. Finally mother and daughter were together again and the two shared an embrace that reached into the heart of Scarlet.

Since that moment, Scarlet has been hard at work gathering as much info on the PSA, using her status to gain access to files and records, including ones from the war on the EMP’s and other organizations. She relayed all the information she had collected over the years about Breaker and the families associated with him. She has gone on a few runs with her reunited and ever growing family, including breaking into The Cradle and acquiring her brother Scapper #9. She has done her best to provide her mother with possible candidates for the family and was the one to provide information on the dying orphan Delightful Data, who she felt would benefit the family and she knew Aether’s motherly nature towards children would make the child more open to their views. Unfortunately she’s had to keep her distance from Aether and instead meets socially with Jewel and her ward Porcelain Doll (Scrapper #9) to not arouse suspicion, after all, Jewel has become a model member of the community as well.

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Re: Character Submissions

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Name: Chrome Dynamo
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: A slim grey mare, with a teal and sea foam green stripped mane and tail, cuts a strange figure riding around in her custom crystal powered three wheeled mobility cart. Often wearing a heavy leather protection suit, leaving only her neck and head exposed from her work around Canterlot.
Body/Coat color: Grey
Mane/Feathers color: Sea foam Green/Teal Streaked
Tail/Talons color: Sea foam green/ Teal Streaked
Eye: Sea Foam Green
Faction: Neutral Aether's Children
Cutie Mark: Series of six gears of various sizes forming a u with a screwdriver and a drafting compass placed at angles above it reminiscent of a smiling face.
Special Talent: Engineering and Schematic Design

An inquisitive mare, Chrome Dynamo often has a few engineering and technology magazines stored on her cart for when she’s not working. Rarely shying away from a conversation the mare seems carefree when discussion turns to her injuries and how they happened. Yet just as quickly the conversation turns to more pleasant things, such as her love of working with the latest technology, or her work around Canterlot maintaining various heavy industry steam engines.

Born in Buckingham, the mare had a typical upbringing for any pony born after the war, though her parents were involved in the second wave of Rebirth projects in Buckingham. It was because of this she was on site at one of the projects at age three when one of the earliest attacks by the Daughters of Darkfang. By the time the dust settled the young filly was an orphan, with a piece of shrapnel embedded in the small of her back paralyzing her hind legs.

For the next six years the filly found herself in and out of hospitals and orphanages until Guardian Jewel found her on the roof of Manehatten General four years ago. Tired and in pain the filly was hold her right hoof trying to steady it from shaking her wheel chair near the edge. For an hour the two spoke, and then Chrome Dynamo was gone from the hospital any and all debts paid in full.

She wouldn’t be seen for nearly a year when she resurfaced in Canterlot as Guardian Jewel’s ward enrolling in a local engineering school while partaking in nearly any credible correspondence courses with a mechanical background she could find. Over those years her wheel chair slowly changed as the mare made modifications and changes to it. Complete with her schooling the mare still looks to learn as she works locally in Canterlot when able.

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