Races and Factions of DiE 2

Lore and character creation for DiE 2: Friendship Boogaloo.
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Races and Factions of DiE 2

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Aug 09, 2015 10:49 pm

Earth ponies are strong and humble members of the pony race. They tend to be kind and gentle, with a touch of silliness from time to time. The Earth ponies tend to share a unique connection to the land and animals.

The Pegasi are a winged race of ponies, responsible for controlling the weather in Equestria. Most Pegasi possess inherent increased agility and speed, though this is not always so. Pegasus wings are sometimes tremendously strong; athletically-trained Pegasi support most of their body weight on them. The Pegasi also possess the city of Cloudsdale, which is populated exclusively by the Pegasus race.

Unicorns are the horned ponies of Equestria, with the ability to use magic to affect the world around them. All unicorns have a long horn protruding from their forehead which glows when their magical powers are used. Although they are associated with their magic, a unicorn's horn is strong and sharp enough to have mundane uses. While often not as strong as the Earth ponies and Pegasi, they tend to compensate for this lack of strength and agility by using their intellect to overcome problems and struggles. Typically, most unicorns possess a certain degree of magic that usually falls within the realm of the individual unicorn’s talent. Some unicorns, such as Twilight Sparkle, exceed this limitation due to magic being a talent in and of itself. During the war, a select group of Unicorns were brought together by Twilight Sparkle and demonstrated that it is possible through training, hard work, and some natural talent, to deviate from the norm and use the magic of other unicorns.

ALICORNS Limited to 8% of the current player character population.
Alicorns have both wings and horns, allowing them to fly as well as use magic. The most famous alicorns are the twin princesses of Equestria, Celestia and Luna.

One of the few intelligent creatures besides ponies, griffons are a mix of two different things: Eagles and lions. Their front half is that of an eagle, head, wings, claws, etc. The back half, the torso, hind legs, and tail, are that of a lion. Griffons are very strong creatures, with the ability of flight which can rival the speed of a Pegasus. Griffons are often a greedy race whose lust for gold and treasure is stated to rival that of dragons, and they only offer their services in exchange for bits.

Another of the intelligent creatures of Equestria, the buffalo inhabit the wild Buffalo plains in the east of Equestria. They're large, fast, and strong. Once part of the Alliance during the war, the Buffalo’s have since returned to a peaceful state of existence on the plains of the Hoofterlands.

Zebras are a very mysterious race from western lands . While hailing from lands separated by a great body of water and to the east, a few of these ponylike creatures seem to live in the Everfree forest, a place that cannot be touched by Equestria's magic. They create potions and medicines out of herbs and plants, often with magical-seeming effects. Most speak in rhyme.

Diamond dogs live underground, spending most of their lives mining for gems. They value the shining stones more highly than nearly anything. Recently, some individuals have started hiring the dogs as grunts, enticing them with a payload of gemstones.

A minotaur is a hybrid creature, part man, part goat. They're still somewhat rare in Equestria, but are beginning to appear in greater numbers. The posses great strength, and opposable thumbs, which have been seen to be quite useful in warfare.

A hippogriff is a very rare creature, possibly some kind of ancient hybrid. It's a creature with the wings of an eagle, the body of a lion, and the head of a pony.

Hatchling, Dragons
Dragon hatchling's are the youngest type of dragon and tend to require constant attention. Rare in Equestria. With thick scales and the ability to breath fire hatchling's can be dangerous, but lack the strength and stamina to make themselves truly threatening.

Teen, Dragons
Older dragons of this type are stronger and tougher than their hatchling brethren and tend to have a nasty temper.

Adult, Dragons Mod/Admin
Fire spewing beasts that are out for themselves. These creatures are far greater and size and even more so in terms of strength than the younger versions of themselves

Elder, Dragons Mod/Admin
Since the end of the dragon war, the number of Elders has diminished. Once a mighty council, the Elders have since taken their broods and kept to themselves. Some remain in negotiation with the Equestrians, making an attempt at coexistence, while others forsake social niceties at all. Elders are the mightiest of the mighty in dragon society, overshadowing the adults in size, strength, wit, and magic.

A race of insect-like equine creatures who possess the unique ability to take on the exact appearance of any equine creature, the mysterious changeling race feeds upon the emotions of others to sustain themselves. They have black carapace-like coats, webbed manes and tails, reflection-less eyes (unlike their queen's), fangs, bent horns, jagged ears, insect-like wings, and holes in their legs. Unlike ponies, changelings do not have cutie marks. The changelings have invaded several kingdoms in the past, including those of King Orion and Emperor Incitatus, though the latter invasion was thwarted by Princess Celestia. Leading Queen Chrysalis to despise Celestia. Changelings were born from a carnivorous plant that grew from a rotten acorn that fell into a magic pond under a cemetery. They were inadvertently released by Star Swirl the Bearded, who nailed a warning sign to the plant to keep others away, only to create a crack from which the changelings emerged.

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Re: Races and Factions of DiE 2

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:55 pm

Faction Overview:
This section is to provide a basic overview of the various factions within DiE 2 and how they relate to each other.

The largest kingdom of ponykind, Equestria welcomes any race as long as they live by their rules, though since the war some still hold grudges against those they fought.

Civilians – This covers anyone not enlisted within any the Royal Guards of Equestria, the PSA, or one of the mercenary companies that were created in the wake of disolving the Peacekeeper's.

Royal Guard – The oldest military group in Equestria, the Royal Guard can trace their beginning back over 1000 years to the original defeat of Discord. Tasked with defending and policing all of Equestria, the Royal Guard have been busy fulfilling that duty since the wars end. Stringent in their requirements to join one of their orders they still have a limited amount of personal to work with.

    Equestrian Guard – The largest and most numerous group within the Royal Guard, the Equestrian Guard welcomes ponies and others of all types within its ranks. Tasked with defending and policing Equestria this group is where all new recruits start their training and from which all three other orders recruit from and is open to anypony or being to join.

    Celestial Caviler’s – The oldest and often considered the most prestige’s order of the four provides security to Princess Celestia herself and those she deems important. Whenever any pony thinks of a member of the Royal Guard they often picture these individuals. Like the Equestrian Guard the Caviler’s allow anypony able to pass their requirements to join their ranks, though a full 80% of the order is made up of Pegasus with the rest split evenly between ponies, unicorns, and a few others.

    Knights of Luna – The second oldest order and until Princess Luna’s return the black sheep of the Royal Guard. Kept alive by Celestia’s hope for her sister, the order was the smallest of any and held the most stringent of requirements to join. With Luna’s return and her actions during the war they have ballooned in size often finding themselves turning away hopefuls each year. Heavily staffed with pegasus the Knights of Luna contain the largest group of unicorns outside of the Star Wardens and more then a few young dragons.

    Star Wardens – The youngest of the four orders the Star Warden’s are made up entirely of unicorns are charged with keeping the secrets in the various arcane libraries across Equestria, with the largest in Canterlot. Though rarely seen few wish to test the limits of a Warden, especially since the ascension of the former Element of Magic, Twilight Sparkle to the rank of Grandmaster.

Wonderbolts – Is an all Pegasus unit often billed as Equestria’s greatest acrobatics team. They’re also the first line of defense when it comes to quick response times. Unlike other groups the Wonderbolts are made up of two squads of six pegasus each. It’s often said the requirements to make the Wonderbolts makes those required of Celestia’s Cavaliers or the Knights of Luna sound like the training regime.

Peacekeepers – A now disbanded group that once handled all of Equestria's defense and provided the bulk of her defenses during the Great Dragon War. Made up of a number of former Royal Guard and enlisted ponies those who served still look back at their time with pride. During the war the group was segmented into two groups the Navy which handled air and sea defense and the Army which made up the largest military Equestria had ever seen.

    Freelancers – An experiment in expedited command structure the Freelancer project only two teams were ever formalized, the Avengers and the X-Ponies, both of which caused drastic changes across the battlefields when they were deployed. Run by the Army branch of the Peacekeeper's, the Freelancers produced technologies and advances in that were quickly able to give Equestria a fighting chance against the Draconic Alliance's military.

    S.E.A. Ponies – The Navy’s answer to the Freelancers they proved to be an excellent fast reactionary force and were instrumental in numerous behind enemy line raids and intelligence ops over the course of the war.

    Elite Magical Ponies (E.M.P.) – A secretive group of twenty unicorns hoof picked and trained by the Field Marshal, Twilight Sparkle, the group saw deployment to every major regiment or battle. Listed as reconnaissance and reporting ponies attached to the command structure records and statements of eyewitnesses show them more as a special forces group used to counter the power a single adult dragon could bring to the battlefield.

Pony Security Administration (PSA) - Made up of former Freelancer's, S.E.A. Ponies, E.M.P.'s and the best of the best within the Peacekeeper's specializes in the investigation and protection of Equestria from remnants of the war.

Draconic Alliance

Once lead by Darkfang the Ultimate and a council of twelve other elder dragons, the Alliance launched a campaign of genocide to see ponykind wiped out leaving all of Equestria beneath their taloned rule. Once ruling over the dragon broods, zebra's, buffalo's and griffons of Equestria the empire has fallen leaving only the city-state of Talons Fall as the lone inheritor of the empires legacy.

Talons Fall - Once the greatest city of the Draconic Alliance, Talons fall is now all that remains of the Alliance after Darkfang's destructive exit twenty-seven years ago. An open air city it is now populated mostly with teen, hatchlings, and a smattering of other races, with few adult dragons willing to remain within it's caves. Ruled over by the elder Krosis, with the aid of two headed elder Driskel and Arla, along with Ophidian they try to keep the city-state functioning as few of the young dragons know anything of who they traditionally lived before the rise of Darkfang.


Bounty hunters - Going where the Royal Guard will not, licensed bounty hunters make a living across Equestria bringing criminals and war criminals to justice. More then a few heroes of the war started out as bounty hunters, and more then a few veterans took to the life after the war, unable as they were to let go of the thrill of adventure.

Buffalo Tribes – Revering dragons and pushed from their ancestral homes by Equestrian development the Buffalo tribes united quickly at the offered help to return their ancestral homes by the Draconic Alliance at the start of the war. Once war began many found themselves disgusted by the Alliance's methods, yet they were unable to break away as their elder's word was law. Now with the war over some push for change while others still cling to the ideals the Alliance represented to them.

They feed upon emotion and can take anypony’s shape. Their hunger is best sated upon hate or love, yet no pony knows what they will do.

Equestria Mafia - Ruled by various families the mafia has a presence in nearly every city, though they try to be as desecrate as possible these day's they once operated rather openly during the war.

Griffons tribes – A collection of various tribes of Griffon's with many and varied customs they were united beneath a War Chief to fight beneath the Alliance's banner till a young griffon won the tournament held once every five years to elect a new war chief managed to win and turn most griffons to Equestria's side. Since the wars end the various tribes have returned to their ancestral homes.

J Works - Less a city-state and more a massive manufactioring complex, the J Work's are run by the elder dragon Jagged Edge, free of the Alliance the elder now peddles wears across the continent to any interested in them. Producing goods from children's toys, to radio's to full airships the J Works factories rarely cease action.

Mercenaries - Made of groups as small as a squad to full regiments from both sides of the war mercenaries offer their services to any who can pay. Often they provide security or policing to areas that the normal law can't or won't go to.

Skypirates - Given the advances in airship travel and it's heavy use in shipping goods these rogues attack the skylanes at will plundering what they will before vanishing into the clouds again. Since the wars end their numbers have grown fueled by those dissatisfied by the end to hostilities and those unable to let the go of the war.

Torlopolis - A city-state ruled by the elder dragon Torlem it sits on the north end of the Everfree forest it is home to many a dragon that defected with Torlem toward the end of the war, along with any who will follow the elders laws.

Zebratanica – Once a major part of the Draconic Alliance's might zebra's provided an alchemist factor that allowed them to battle the equestrian's magic on an equal footing that could be used by the Alliance's troops. Extremely spiritual the zebra followed their leader into the war and now try to reconcile what they did versus their teachings especially now that their aware their spiritual leader was held by the Alliance to keep Zebratanica in the war.

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Re: Races and Factions of DiE 2

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:57 pm

Royal Guard rank & structure

Grand Master: Chosen by the previous Grand Master all four orders of the Royal Guard have their own pony who over sees all that their order does. Yet unlike any rank within the Royal Guard's the Grand Master alone determines what qualifies a pony to succeed them, and through the orders history there have been some raised from the ranks of the squires. Though some may find this strange only the Princesses can rule a Grand Masters selection invalid.

Lady / Lord: Within each city a single member of the royal guard is raised to the rank of Lady or Lord and given domain over the entire city. With this prestigious honor of looking out for an Equestrian cities well being the pony is also granted a nobility for their service.

Captain: Having proved leadership capabilities along with showing true mastery of their chosen discipline a Knight can be raised to the rank of a Captain. Given control of a cities district and those guardponies assigned to it, a captains is the final word when it comes to their district. With only the best being assigned to Canterlot, and the only the most exceptional given reign over the Canterlot Castle itself.

Knight: Upon completion of their specialty training as an Errant along with a final test given by their trainer, a pony attains the rank of Knight. Often charged with overseeing patrols and investigations the Knight is often the first taste of leadership a Royal Guard member will receive along with the expectation that they'll take on Errants to train of their own. Though for as Many Errants as their are in the Royal Guard the number of Knight's is always low, making these some of the most elite ponies in Equestria.

Errant: When a Knave decides on their specialty within the Royal Guard and begins that formal training they become a Errant. Of note a pony must have risen to the rank of Errant to be eligible to join the Celestial Cavaliers, Knights of Luna, or Star Wardens.

Knave: The lowest working rank of the Royal Guard, they are also the second most numerous after the Errant. Still determining what type of role they wish to fulfill in the Royal Guard a pony at this point is still undecided or has recently been raised from a Squire. To advance to an Errant a Knave must not only select a specialty, but must also petition to study under a Knight. Of note a pony's cutie mark may have little to do with what specialty they choose to strive for.

Squire: Little more than trainee's these are ponies are often still going through the Royal Academy training. Tasked with various maintenance related chores along with physical and mental training routines a squire must prove themselves worthy to attain the rank of Knave.

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Postby LeslieHeirl » Fri Sep 17, 2021 4:01 pm

HI Richie. You must be a mind reader. I just sat down at my computer and I was going to ask you or Jim how to play those lone distance races. And in front of me I see that you are going to show us 4th spot play and its at 10f and up.

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