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Name says it all, place for all those wild bios for characters and NPCs for the whole of EU.
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Re: Character Submissions

Postby Lucy Took » Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:01 am

Silverwing "The Phoenix" FÖRSTNER is approved
Name: Silverwing "The Phoenix" FÖRSTNER
Race: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Big, and beefy can describe Silverwing "The Phoenix" as he is now, even by gryphon standards. Standing at 6 foot 4, he has huge muscles, smooth skin, and hair that he dies to look like fire. With orange roots and yellow highlights. he's done the same to his naturally silver-edged wing feathers. He can be found wearing his letterman's jackets, mostly from his only year of sports, when it is in season. Otherwise, he simply wears tight clothing to show off his muscles.
Skin color: Bronzed from his exposure to the sun and tanning beds.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Red-orange and yellow, naturally a really dark brown.
Tail color: Again dyed, but the same as his hair color.
Major(Doesn't have to be related to talent): Business
Personality: Very much so overbearing, vain, proud, and arrogant, Silverwing seems to think that he's the biggest thing on campus. And he can get away with his behavior most of the time due to his stunning good looks, deep voice, and skill with a ball. However, behind this cloud of of "charisma" is still his original self, now buried by the new Silverwing. Really, deep down, he's very much so insecure and requiring of praise and attention. While at the same time desiring to go back to his old ways, yet desiring just as much his new-found "popularity". He is also prone to anger when things don't go his way, but they usually do anyways.
Backstory: For most of his highschool career, Silverwing was a nerd. And not the cool kind of nerd, either. A classic nerd. The kind that geeks pick on after the rest have had their way. This continued until the summer after junior year, where Silverwing returned to band-camp looking a bit... different... Actually, a lot different. Yes, due to puberty finally straightening out, a new workout routine, and anti-acne medication, Silverwing had totally reworked his body. And, finding that his now-stellar good looks and attractive voice made him more popular, he decided to cast aside his old friends and truly adopt that "cool kid" lifestyle that he saw in media. Partying, sports over band, pop-music over the indie stuff, all of that. Understandably, his grades took a dive far lower than his old self would have allowed. However, in the equivalent of football, he managed to excel, having studied and practiced at it rather hard, allowing him a pick of many universities when college came up. Thus, he settled on Luna University, figuring that a prestigious Equestrian University would make his diploma in business look far better and make it easier for him to dominate on the field. So, he applied, was given a sports scholarship, and came to be the best athlete this school has ever known.

However, he has not forgotten his old passions, making them his guilty pleasure. He didn't hang out with his old friends, but he still occasionally bought comic books and such whilst incognito. Whenever anyone asked him about them, he simply stated that he enjoyed them "ironically". Thusly, not wanting to give it up, he has brought a box labelled "Ironic Nerd Stuff" in his native Gryphonic.

Zezoor is approved
Name: Zezoor Stargazer
Race: Zebra-Unicorn Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: Wiry and of slightly lesser height than most of the others at the university. He is light blue with dark-blue stripes, and seafoam green hair in traditional Zebrican style, with a horn poking out at the end of his little mohawk. He also wears an earring on his right ear.
Skin color: Light blue with darker blue stripes
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Seafoam green
Tail color: Same as his hair
Special Talent (Pony or Zebra): Healing and spreading happiness
Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing): A pair of hands juggling a book, a smile, and a
Major(Doesn't have to be related to talent): Pre-Med, although he minors in and appears to more greatly enjoy theater.

Personality: Zezoor is very much goofy and easily excitable when hanging around with those he considers friends. He also very much enjoys pranks, jokes, stories, and other silly things, along with bright colors. However, when around elders or those whom he deems superiors, he is very much so reserved and polite until given permission to act otherwise. The only time that he actually expresses anger is when his father is brought up, or if he sees someone acting cruel or uncouth. He also has a tendency not to explain things that seem obvious to him, or to otherwise say answer questions that others do not ask. He also speaks the several languages that he knows in rhyme, other than his native Zebrican.

Backstory: Born in the Zebrican lands, Zezoor never knew the father whom gave him his last name, instead being raised by his grandparents and mother. He did, however, know the effects of war on his nation, if not directly. Being raised in a richer trading city, albeit on the poorer end, he never physically became involved in the conflicts that plagued his homeland. However, he did see the steady flow of refugees and those injured by the conflict. Seeing just how much damage was done to these poor people, the zebricorn vowed to find a way to end as much suffering as he could. Thus, he resolved to become a doctor. Burying himself in his studies, he quickly showed just how intelligent he could be. He quickly became a master of many first-aid procedures, and gained an almost encyclopedic knowledge of various diseases, disorders, and medicines. Thus, he earned nicknames of "Sissy Shaman" and "Medicine Boy", along with a few bullies. This ended when he was cornered and discovered his second talent, entertainment and smooth-talking. He was able to bring smiles to many foes-turned-friends' faces, and he even joined the local theater for productions. Eventually, the boy became a teen, and the teen became an adult whom got accepted to a local university on a scholarship due to his excellent grades.

Once there, he studied hard and buried himself in work. Until, one day, he found a chance to apply for a transfer to Luna University. Figuring that an Equestrian university would give him an even better preparation for becoming a doctor, he filled out an application and went back to work. It eventually left his mind completely, pushed out by his classwork. Then, he got a letter in the mail, detailing how he had been accepted into the program, now able to study in the Equestria. Now, as a first-year Junior in LU, Zezoor hopes to finally fulfill his dream of becoming a great doctor. As well as, perhaps, learning more about performance, he signed up for a minor in theater. With his greater interest in studying how to act and hanging around with friends, he will probably not spend any more time re-learning medicine than he has to...
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Teacher Bios

Postby Lucy Took » Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:17 am

Since we have so many people NPCing teachers here's a thread for them to go.

Subject taught:
Position at University:
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Tail color:
Special Talent (Pony or Zebra):
Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing):

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Hannibal Kerrigan - PC

Postby captain_borgue » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:10 am

Name: Hannibal Kerrigan, PhD, PsyD. Draconic nomenclature traditions reverse the order of given and family names, meaning that Hannibal Kerrigan's informal, social name is "Kerrigan", while her more formal name is "Ms. Hannibal".

Race: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: Nobody really knows, and she's not telling

Subject taught: Psychology 101, Sociology 101, Psychology 401 - Psychopathology, Sociology 401 - Revolutionary Sociology

Position at University: Dean of Bucephalus College, chief sponsor of official campus events, sits on the Board of Directors. Kerrigan also often sits on Policy Hearings and Disciplinary Hearings, due to her 'aggressively neutral' ideology. She also counsels students within Bucephalus that pique her interest, either by being unusually talented in their chosen field or by being unusual in some other fashion. Although she is a board certified psychotherapist, Kerrigan prefers not to counsel students in that capacity, instead acting in an advisory role, which carries far fewer legal obligations.

Appearance: Hannibal is the most straight-laced, uptight, professional looking woman on campus. she looks like what parodies of stuffy businesswomen would look like. Black scales cover most of her body, though she has an elaborate tattoo on each wing so that when she folds them in front of her, the tattoo perfectly matches up with her suit. She has another tattoo as well, a very elaborate Ourobouros entwined around Yggdrasil, but nobody else knows she has it, let alone where.

Skin color: Black

Eye color: Yellow

Hair color: Hannibal has no hair. Rather, six horns curve downward over the back of her skull, giving the impression of slicked back hair. These horns are a tawny beige color.

Tail color: Black, with two small beige horns protruding at the tip. She keeps her tail wrapped around her waist like a belt, and these horns are reminiscent of a buckle.

Personality: Dean Hannibal is a very direct, no-nonsense woman. She makes it clear in her speech, mannerisms, poise, body language, and tone that she absolutely will not tolerate distractions of any kind. She is strict and unyielding, but also encourages her own students, and students in her department, to think in new ways and try new things in order to get out of their comfort zone. Dean Hannibal believes that only by knowing one's own personal weaknesses intimately can one hope to compensate for them. Ironically, Dean Hannibal is the chief supporter and sponsor of the university's schedule of leisure activities, and traditionally holds four major social events per academic year. This has led to speculation that Hannibal is much more caring than she lets on, though her official explanation is "once the student body has a chance to get all that pony nonsense about love and tolerance out of their systems, they can focus on their studies more effectively". She is on good terms with the other Deans, and even considers some of the faculty friends- though being friends doesn't mean she will automatically take their side.

Backstory: Hannibal Kerrigan's family was one of the first dragon clans to normalize relations with Equestria. Her subsequent schooling in the Equestrian system was originally intended as a means to study the relative strengths of the Equestrian way of teaching in order to incorporate it into the notoriously efficient, and rather soulless and crushing, draconic Gymnasia/Fakultet style of education. Kerrigan's years in Equestria were supposed to teach her how better to incorporate pony ideas into draconic schools, but they had the opposite effect- Kerrigan became determined to bring the draconic concept of order and efficiency to the pony style of education. Upon completing the agreed upon collegiate education, Kerrigan opted to stay in Equestria to pursue graduate studies, and earned a doctorate in Neurobiology as well as a doctorate in Behavioral Psychology, specializing in neuropathology and aberrant psychology, both from Luna University. Although her college years mark the closest Kerrigan ever came to having 'wild years', she graduated top of her class, with honors.

After a brief stint as a psychotherapist that Kerrigan absolutely despised, a position at her alma mater opened up for a psychology professor. Kerrigan took the posting. Almost immediately, the quantity of students dropped lie a stone, but the quality of those that remained rose dramatically. In less than ten years, Kerrigan worked her way up to Bey of the Psychology department, and not long after that she became Dean of the entire Bucephalus college.
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Shuang Gou - NPC

Postby captain_borgue » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:08 am

Name: Shuang Gou

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Subject taught: Swordplay 101 through 301, Combat Magic 101 and 201, Polearms and Intermediate Range Weapons 101 through 301, Unarmed Combat 101

Position at University: professor of Combat Arts, though he hopes to become Bey at some point

Appearance: Shuang is a little shorter than average ponies, with a thin build and well muscled and toned arms. He is physically stronger than average for unicorns, though he doesn't look particularly threatening. Shuang usually wears saffron colored robes, which accent his dark orange coat nicely.

Coat color: Dark orange, like autumn leaves.

Eye color: Bright blue

Hair color: Yellow, matching his robes.

Tail color: Yellow with orange streaks

Special Talent (Pony or Zebra): Philosophy

Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing): A Shaolin Spade on a scroll

Personality: Shuang is a soft-spoken, leisurely man, with a calm and almost philosophical demeanor. Despite his smooth voice and easygoing attitude, however, he is a very impassioned and skilled instructor, and weaves stories and parables into his lessons. Shuang is skilled at armed and unarmed combat, specializing in swords and polearms. However, he does not teach the expert level courses, believing that students would be better served by an instructor who specializes in their chosen art. He sees himself as a guide, helping to show his students a variety of arts, and allow them to pursue that which they have a natural inclination or talent for.

Backstory: Shuang Gou was born and raised in a monastery in the Hornalaya Mountains, in a community of monks. The order wove combat training into everyday life as a means of mental and physical discipline, combined with philosophical teachings and meditations. At age 16, as the customs of the monastic order stipulated, he left the monastery to make his way in the world. Trouble was, modern society had its own notions of what wisdom and knowledge were- and it took about six years of intensive study for Shuang to achieve his GED.

As he pursued furthering his education Shuang was also competing in various informal and formal combative tournaments as a means of earning a living, but he found the emphasis on winning distasteful. Eventually, he decided to quit the tournament scene- which coincided with him starting university. Upon completing his BA in philosophy- a topic that came easy to him, given his upbringing- Shuang decided to find a means of earning a living without needing to fight to do it- or, failing that, finding some way to demonstrate to opponents and students alike that combat was not for the sake of violence or victory, but was a means to examine and overcome the limitations of the mind and body. When Luna University began its Combat Arts program, Shuang volunteered as an instructor, even foregoing payment for his services. After a few years and the program expanding into an actual minor as opposed to a scattering of electives, Shuang was offered a full time position, which he graciously accepted. He sees this as an excellent opportunity to impart the philosophical teachings of the monastery with the physical and mental workout martial arts provides. He would like to become Bey at some point, but being in a hurry is not something Shuang does in general.

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Re: Teacher Bios

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:23 pm

Name: Khaem
Race: Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Subject taught: Biology 101 to 401, Biophysics 101, Biochemistry 101, Cellular and Molecular Biology 101, Cytology 101, Genetics 101, Immunology 101, Pathology 101, Pharmacology 101, Physiology 101, Virology 101.
Position at University: Bey of Biology
Appearance: On the small side, Khaem is fits the stereotype of awkward lab jockey, what with wearing a pair of jeans, plain (maybe even ratty) shirt, all covered by a large, almost oversized labcoat. She wears a pair of large glasses as well, to help with her eyesight. Khaem made the mistake of underestimating her teaching abillities, and went about teaching way too many courses than the normal proffessor can handle, yet somehow managing to do a pretty good job of it. She looks haggard because of it, and is very very jumpy, since she also happens to look incredibly sleep deprived. She's also leaning towards the small side in stature, sometimes easily mistaken for a student who had made the mistake of taking way too many courses that they could ever take.
Skin color: Grey
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Ice white Spines
Tail color: Greeeeey

Personality: Khaem used to be a very excited and outgoing dragon about her field of study, spending most of her energy towards research of biology and studying it. However, when she jumped on the opportunity to teach the field, she ended up selecting more than she thought she could, and is now currently one of the quietest, most reserved and timid teachers you could find. In class, she's like her bubbly, excited old self, but the moment she's out of the class room, she's awkward, quiet, and goes straight to her office to do the rest of the office work. She also practically lives on coffee, drinking it any time of the day, in fact she was one of the few that pushed hard for Joe's acceptance into the school after hearing about a "Master Coffee Brewer".

Backstory: Khaem has been a prodigy, quickly graduating high school, then college with a major in bio, at a very young age. Thanks to her grandpa's guidance, and her desire to learn more about biology, she ended up becoming a lead in the field, before she decided she wanted to teach whoever she could about it. She ended up joining Luna University, and immediately biting off more than she could chew, signing up to teach any class with the word 'Biology' in it, and was restricted to teaching the general course, and all the intro courses for biomedical sciences. She ended up burning herself out after a month, despite somehow keeping her ability to teach at peak, turning her into a very quiet, socially awkward teacher she is today. It got even worse when she applied to become Bey of Biology, making the teacher look more haggard than ever.
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Re: Teacher Bios

Postby Lucy Took » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:32 pm

Name: Firesong
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Subject taught: Freshman Choir, Senior Choir, Vocal Technique (Music 214). Takes on five graduates per year for private instruction of a minimum of two hours a week, gives a few private lessons and substitute teaches for the other voice teachers from time to time.
Position at University: Dean of Mares.
Appearance: Average, was once much thinner and more toned, but has softened quite a bit from age.
Skin color: Tan
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Pink with a touch of orange red.
Tail color: Pink with a touch of orange red.
Special Talent (Pony or Zebra): Singing, specifically in having mastered circular breathing.
Cutiemark(Located on thigh and probably clothing): A blazing 8th note

Personality: Once ditzy in the extreme, Dean Song is still a little oblivious, but she balances it out with having never lost her intense curiosity. Time and experience has cultivated her nurturing side and she's come to be able to extend her love for her husband and daughter to caring for the students on campus in being the "nice dean". Her trust is easily gained, but it can be lost in a fiery blaze of temper never to return again. She forgives easily, but never forgets.

Backstory: Born to the lead weather ponies of Canterlot Firesong was meant to follow in the hoofsteps of her parents. She was enrolled in Luna University as a weather major and a music minor, a choice that lasted less than a semester as she dropped all of her weather classes and poured her attention into choir within a month. Her parents were disappointed, but relented to her change of majors when her grades in music excelled. Once the switch was made and she was comfortable in her studies she quickly branched out with a busy social life between going to sporting events with her room mate Angelblade or going to a classmate's sorority party, the mare stayed busy her freshmen year.

However, it wasn't until she took an art elective her second year and befriended the model for her class, Mustang Magus, that her life started to be more than study and party. The two dated for a bit (Read-One very awkward date which started with him meeting her roomate and ended with them deciding that it wouldn't work), but more importantly his talent spiked her interest in how magic worked. She got tired of him not being able to answer all of her questions so she finally just signed up for an elective the next semester-"Magic for Non-Unicorns."

The class answered many of her pondering and raised more, leaving her to stay after class and inquire them of the Professor- Doctor Gem Shard. Eventually her questions weren't all about magic, and she wasn't the only one asking the questions. By the end of the semester the two had become friends, and in the next two years they talked often outside of classes and grew close.

During her last three years she also made friends with the Bey of Psychology,Hannibal Kerrigan, who she conducted interviews with as a way for her to get the social science credit she needed to graduate, and gave Hannibal a chance to add to her collection of studies on the psychological state of various students of various backgrounds.

By the time she was ready to graduate, she was more than friends with her favorite Doctor, and without the confines of school rules they started dating over the Summer. One thing lead to another and they were engaged and married after her first year of grad school, and she had their daughter Prism months after she completed her masters degree in vocal performance, with a minor in music theory.

She didn't use her degree until a few years later when Prism started primary school and a teaching position opened up at her alma matter. She kept at her job without major life changes for a little over a decade until the couple that had been serving as the Dean of Mares and the Dean of Stallions both retired, leaving her to be paired with Mustang once again.
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