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Ammendments to Rules

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:05 pm
by Lucy Took
Inactivity Rule-

If a player's character is needed for movement in an area they shall be notified of the need for posting within a week of the last post in that thread or within a week of the need for the character arising. This notification will happen on site if possible, and through other means(IE Skype, Steam, Text, ect) if the player has not been on chat recently. After given notification the player is allowed a week to post or have a player of their choosing puppet, after the week is over an admin or a moderator will be allowed to puppet their character to allow the game to start moving.

Chat Clarification-

The PG-13 rule that applies to all of the site also applies to chat in regards to language. We understand that there are times that people need to vent, but calling people derogatory terms and making inflammatory statements directed at other players will not be tolerated. If the offense is minor a warning will be given by a mod or an admin, but if it's disregarded you will be placed in a "time out"(Kicked from chat) and sent a forum PM explaining why you were silenced.