Appleoosa, Chapter 1

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Appleoosa, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:55 am

Korkoa wrote:Appleoosa is a newly founded town in the west of Equestria. There's currently not a lot there, other than vast orchards and various stores. The great buffalo tribes live not far from Appleoosa, and stampede through a path in the orchards every year, as a matter of fact.

For ponies interested in fighting in the war, a good place to go would be the Appleoosa Armory. They have the latest in weaponry and armor there, for the most adventurous of ponies!

SkyPhazer wrote:The Gavel slammed down. A bit like my hopes of escaping.

"The Jury would like to bring the Defendent to the stand."

Great. That's my cue. I stood up. Not the easiest thing to do, in a seat made for Ponies.

"Well, you see Judge Law... I didn't do ANYTHING wrong. That Wagon just HAPPENED to roll into the Orchard while I was there. And, uh, I didn't set it on fire either... It was..." Come on, Graybeak, look around... I spotted a Light Yellow Pony wearing a Brown Hat. "It was HIM! He set that Wagon on Fire! He pushed it into the Orchard!" The Judge just laughed. "Him? Boy are you a riot, son. Braeburn won't never do such a thing like that!"

Great. The one I picked just HAPPENS to be the LEAST likely to do it.

"Alright, so ya caught me! I didn't actually intend on setting it on fire and rolling it into the Orchard. Okay, well, maybe I did. Hey, a Gryphons gotta do something in this BORING town you call home. You caught me, fair and square. I'm going to accept ANY Punishment you give me. Tie a Millstone around my feet, and toss me in the river! Hang me from the Rafters, why don't you? But, uh, next time. See, my uh, My Rides here."

A Loud Boom, and the South Wall Caved in, Debris shooting all over.

I flapped my wings and flew over to the hole in the wall.

"Let this day be remembered, as the day you ALMOST caught Cap- You know what, Sod it, I'm outta here."

I turned to my Buffalo Companion, He who makes Booms, and nodded to him.

"Let's Ride, He Who Makes Booms." And with that, we ran over the hills. As fast we could.

SkyPhazer wrote:After running (And Flying) for about an Hour, I was certain they were no longer following.

I sat down in a heap, stretching my aching bones. "Well, thats on an end to that."

"Why were you even there to begin with? I thought Scales hated you going off by yourself." "Ah, but thats where you're wrong! I wasn't alone! Why, with you by my side, we're practically unstoppable! By the way, how are your supplies? We might need some, before we get back to Dragons Keep. Particularly if we take the Direct Path."

He Who Makes Booms looked at me with a puzzled expression. "The supplies are fine. The... Direct Path, sir?" The Buffalo pulled out a map from one of the bags. "Mind pointing that out?"

I pointed on the map to a long winding road. "See this road? Yeah? Thats the Direct Path."

He Who Makes Boom's eyes widened. "Sir! That road leads through Ponyville! You DO remember what happened last time in Ponyville, right? I don't think they'll like seeing you again.

"Hey! Relax! Ponyville LOVES me. Why, I'm sure by now they've forgotten all about my causing that Bakary Fire all those years ago!" "That happened last week, Graybeak."

"Right! So they should have forgotten ALL ABOUT IT."

"Come on, lets get some shut eye. I'm tired."

And with that, I curled up, and fell asleep.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:After a long trek, Prank was finally in Appleoosa, exhausted, and starving.

"Ooooh...I knew I shoulda taken a bit off that bread box..." He mumbled, wobbling side to side. He had gotten so excited about causing chaos in Manehattan, he completely forgot about eating. "I gotta...find some food..."

Then, on the side of the row, he spotted a buffalo, and a griffin taking a nap. Unfortunately, that wasn't what he actually saw. What he saw was a big bowl of oats, and nice, golden pile of hay.

"Hm...who would leave out a delicious meal like this?" Prank said, drooling. "Ah well, who cares! Free food!"

He then trotted over to the buffalo, and took a bite of it's leg.

SkyPhazer wrote:I was having a nice nap. Until, of course, He Who Makes Booms Screamed. Very. Very. Loud.


I shot up, and looked at my Companion. Who was having his leg gnawed upon by a Black Earth Pony.

Okay, it was inconsiderate of me, but I just started CRACKING UP.

"Oh man, you- You're being - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, that is BRILLIANT! Nice Job, Mate!"

I wiped my eyes a little. "Oh, I do likes me a good prank, now and then... Although, uh, he's not food... But, I have some Apples if you like. Snagged them on my way out of town. Best Assignment EVER. We blew up the Court House, we did. And set the Orchard on Fire! Heh, that'll teach them to not pay the Dragon Alliance!"

I looked at the Pony. "What did you say your name was?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Holy crap, the munchies talked!" Prank said, jumping back. He shook his head a few times, and looked back again. "Aw man, your not munchies..."

"Hmmm...did you say Dragon Alliance? The one's that are invading Equestria? Awesome! We haven't had chaos like that since...Well, since Discord himself was last here!" He said, wide eyed. Even though he caused some small pranks, he heard this group made all of Equestria go completely nuts. That put them very high on his list of respected people. Of course, nopony could ever match Discord.

"Well, The name's Prank! It's nice to see another Chaos causer around! Though, I do have to admit, just exploding a town hall seems a bit...Underwheling..." Prank said, a bit unimpressed... He then almost stumbled over. ", yeah, Mind if I have the apples then? I think I'm gonna pass out..."

SkyPhazer wrote:"Sure you can!" Graybeak flicked an Apple out of the bag, and held it in his tail. "For a cost... You see, I have something BIG planned. Let us say... It may cause some royal heads to turn... Of course, I have to let my 'Commanding Officers' know... But... Oh yes, it's going to be a RIOT." Graybeak tossed the Apple at the Pony. "And, you know, if you disagree, I may just be forced to expand my food supplies."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Something big? Hahaha, sweet. Why would I even think about turning me down. If it's bigger than letting lose a swarm of parasprites in a huge city, then you can definitely count me in!" Prank said, taking a large bite out of the apple. The sweet flavor felt so good after such a long time without eating. "Mrf...Besides...krnch.... Even if I did refuse...Mmm...I probably wouldn't taste good. Probably like brimstone, and gunpowder."

Making your own fireworks, and playing around with them does tend to do that to a pony. He also got singed a few times, from accidentally igniting the brew.

SkyPhazer wrote:"Now, I know many other guys like you and I (Booms, bring the Map) have tried this MANY times, but, as you said, there ISN'T a whole lot of Chaos anymore... Well, I asked around, with some risk to my own life, and I've found... a certain object of interest Deep within a Vault in the Canterlot Palace. The Mirror of Chaos."

He Who Makes Booms set the Map, a Blueprint of the Vaults of Canterlot, on the ground. "Now, the Mirror of Chaos was said to posess enormous powers... Powers to, say go into an alternate dimension filled with chaos and MAYBE Intend on releasing some VERY, VERY, Bad things."

I pointed to a small circle on the map. "It's said that it's in this vault. The Password is unknown, as only one of the Royal Family knows it."

I looked up to my strange companion, with a glint in my eye. "You still want in?

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Mirror of Chaos...?" Prank said, tilting his head slightly. He was confused, he had studied all manners of chaos, ever since he found that he had a very special knack for it. But he hadn't heard anything about the Mirror of Chaos.

"Such a thing exists?" He thought, racking his brain to check if he missed something. "Ah well, if such a thing like that was so powerful, there'd probably have been some kind of cover up for that, or something."

Prank then let a grin creep up on his face. "Of course I want in! It should be fairly easy getting in! You wanna see how?"

SkyPhazer wrote:"Of course such a thing exists! I got this knowledge straight from the Castle! There, uh, was a time when I may or may not have been incarcerated there at point. It, wasn't my /highest/ moment, but, I got this handy little map. Ehhhh, Maybe an entire blueprint of the Castle. I for one, haven't shown a soul, until now. Well, and I showed Booms. Wait -"

My eyes widened a little.

"You say you know of a way in?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Well, the guards are all stupid, so it shouldn't be that hard." He said, smrking. "But seeing you're a gryphon, you're gonna have some trouble...But getting in for me, will be simple! Even though, I'm a multiple offender! Here, watch this!"

He then jumped behind a bush, and concentrated hard to keep quiet. He slowed his breath, and then his mane started to change color to match the backround. It wasn't a perfect disguise, but it fooled most people easily. He then reached into his bag, pulled out a a paper bag, and blew it up. He then snuck around the gryphon, and popped it.

SkyPhazer wrote:POP!

Graybeak fell over, and gave out a little scream.

"Are you outta your mind?!?! What if Someone heard that?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ahaha! That was hilarious!" Prank said, falling over, holding his sides from laughing so hard. "Y-you should've heard it, you sounded like a scared little filly! Bwahahaha!"

It took a few seconds for him to calm down. He wiped the tears from his eyes, and then threw the bag over his shoulder. "Yeah...heehee, anyways as you could see...or should I say, as you could'nt see, I was invisible! Well...kinda. It's a special talent of mine!"

He then took out a party favor, and blew it. To his dismay though, the end didn't pop and send streamers everywhere, like it was supposed to. "Huh...Looks like a grabbed a defective... Anyways, seeing as I scared the hay out of you, you might as well tell me your name, along with your companion's. "

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw circled above the small group below him. Well, that was definitely Greybeak... Getting the feathers scared off him by a pony. "Score." He muttered before landing behind the other Gryphon. "Greybeak! Still getting scared by ponies half your size, huh? Will you ever grow up?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Whoah! Another Gryphon!" said Prank, wide-eyed again. He had never seen so many gryphons in one place. In fact, he never even saw a gryphon at all before this one. "Are you part of the Draconic Alliance too? Ah, never mind, here, catch!"

He then took out of his saddle-bag, what looked like a hand grenade, pulled the pin out with his teeth, and tossed it towards the new gryphon.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw would have screamed and run from the grande looking object, but... Well, Greybeak would never let him live it down. So, using all his willpower, he stood still and batted the grenade away with barely a look, raising an eyebrow. "Well, Greybeak's certainly picked up an interesting new friend... Who are you?"

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Stumbling Upon Greybeak and Prank:

A lone form walked down the main road to Appleoosa, a small old fashioned town in the land of Equestria; the being was dark in color, with what appeared to be a red tint to his shape. If one were near him, they would hear no sounds, they would only see him as a physical shadow, a being of darkness.

Even his face was obscured by a horned helmet, made in the image of a Dragon, and the only true part of him that you could see were his eyes, bright green, and still as night. He moved at a regular pace, walking toward the unsuspecting town of Ponies; and even though one wouldn't see him as any sort of immediate threat, he could give anyone who stood up to him a run for their money. He knew how to fight, and kill, with just his own four hooves, and those were really the only weapons he had, but he was agile and quick as the wind, even in his armor.

His name was Fulok, and he was one of the Draconic Alliance, those who had stepped up to aid the Dragons in their fight against those who took their rightful land from them. And even though his ancestors were guilty of taking land that was not theirs, he had renounced all family ties he had long before he joined the Dragons; he wanted to see the other species suffer the same fate the Dragon's had, to feel their pain as they are forced from their homes and daily lives.

His thoughts were broken and scattered by a loud popping noise, one that made him react, and turn to face the direction the noise came from in a split second, taking a battle stance, ready to kill whatever had made that noise. With his two eyes, he saw a Gryphon and a Pony, the Gryphon seemed startled, and the Pony seemed amused; there were two ways to go about this situation:

1. Kill them both, they're Peacekeepers.

2. Find out what two Draconic Agents are doing fooling around in the open, with so many Peacekeepers nearby.

He decided to walk over, activating his stealth ability, and whispered to the two; "Dragons, or Peacekeepers? I would hate to kill my own kind, but I would love to add two new victims to my list," he said in his deep voice, watching as the two tried to figure out where the voice was coming from.

OOC: He's entirely invisible, mind you.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:Prank looked towards the direction of where the grenade landed, and watched it open with a small pop, and start spraying red-paint all over the place. "Aww...You're no fun..."

He then looked at him straight in the eye, and grinned at him. But, the only thing he was thinking of when looking at him, was that he had to prank him no matter what. "I'm just a wandering pony, who just likes causing mischief!" He then recognized something about him. "Oh, hey! I swear I've seen you in Manehattan before! What happened there? Did the parasprites eat everything? How did the fire happen?"

Prank was so happy he met someone from Manehattan. He basically already knew what happened, but he was curious about where the fire came from.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess. The parasprites were yours, right? Well, some elemental unicorn started the fire to contain the parasprites, and, whadaya know, it worked! Too bad, too, Manehattan could use a good cleaning." He raised another eyebrow as he heard a voice float out of thin air. "Uh... Dragons. You think Gryphons are welcome in Equestria anymore? Wrong. Just about all of us are with the dragons, oh mysterious disembodied voice."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Prank let out a giggle, which made him not hear the voice. "Yup!" He said proudly.

But then his ears dropped a little. "Oh wait, the fire wasn't any buildings being burnt? Awww, that's boring... Where's the fun in that?"

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Talking:

Mr.Disembodied voice was now covered in red paint, while his left side was still invisible; he growled, and deactivated his invisibility, looking at his right side, which was now covered in a red coat of paint. In a way, he liked it, but it would be harder to hide now, so he would have to get rid of it later, he looked toward Razorclaw and spoke to him, "My name is Fulok, and as you can tell from my armor, I am also one of the Alliance," he said, glancing at Prank, and then back toward Razorclaw. "There have been a few Gryphons who have changed over to the Peacekeepers, and these days, it's better to be safe than sorry," he said.


Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw shrugged at Prank's comment. "Hey, I'd burn that place to the ground if I could get away with it, but sadly, no." He sniggered at Fulok's appearance before responding. "I'm Razorclaw. I didn't realize Gryphons were defecting, so I don't blame you. Did that dirtmuncher Scales send you here too?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Oh, so that's what that was?" Prank said, unfazed by the appearance of the Gryphon. He was used to things popping into existance, seeing as he did that himself. "I thought it was some fancy shmancy dress style all the ponies were crazy about."

He then noticed he was covered in paint, and did a little jig of joy, giggling. "Oh, yay! I didn't waste a paint grenade! those things are really, REALLY hard to make, y'know? Hehehe, now your stripes and splotches!"

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Talking:

Fulok raised an eyebrow behind his helmet, glaring at Prank, "You must be blind, I'm wearing full body armor. For all you three knew, I could be an Earth Pony. Thankfully, I'm not, I'm a Zebra," he said, turning to Razorclaw to answer his question, "No, Scales didn't send me here, I don't take any orders from him, I have others that give me missions."

He looked around the small Pony Town... it was quiet, and there was nearly nobody outside, and at this time of day, they were normally outside, playing around like the fools they were.


Korkoa wrote:"Lucky you." Razorclaw muttered, crossing his front arms. "If there's one thing I can't stand about the Alliance, it's that pretentious, ugly, little dragonling."

SkyPhazer wrote:OOC: Gah, so many posts to catch up on.

I quickly shook myself from the brief shock I was in. As I stood up, I heard my least favorite sound in the world. Razorclaw.

"Well Well Well. If it isn't Razorclaw. How does it feel, now that you're backing me up on my GENIUS plan? I specifically asked for you, of course. We need SOMEONE as a Meat Shield. So, you know me, I looked up "Idiot" in the Phone Book, and you're the #1 recommendation!"

I still hate this guy.

I turned over to the Newcomer, who appeared to be half covered in Red Paint.

"What the Buck happened to you?"

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Talking:

"Hmpf. Figures you wouldn't recognize me. Take a good look at my armor, Gryphons, and see if you don't remember my name," he said to the group. He was known in the Draconic Alliance, well known, in fact; he was one of their best agents, even if he was a Zebra. Even though he shouldn't have been able too, he shook the paint off, covering the others in the red paint, while he glared at them all.

OOC: I don't know how high of a rank Fulok is, but it'st just say he's well known, and high up on the chain of command.


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah! Watch it, that thing's got lead in it!" Prank said, leaping back. He didn't actually know if there was lead or not, but he just wanted to see the pony's faces the moment he said it. Plus, he needed an excuse to avoid getting covered in paint. "So...can you let me into your little information fest? I think your enemies might like this little tidbit..."

SkyPhazer wrote:"Fulok? What the buck are you doi- Wait... You're here to keep an eye on me, aren't you? Sure, maybe blowing up the courthouse wasn't the most DISCREET way to get out, but it sure as hay was the most fun way!"

Wait, but what if that ISN'T why he's here?

Shoot, what if he knew about the maps?

"We are honored by your presence here, Fulok. Could we interest you in some food or beverages?"

I whispered over to Booms: "Hey, nice going with offering him food. That way, if he starts yelling at me, he'll start coughing, giving us time for an escape... Also, before he sees it... Put the Blueprints BACK in the bag!"

The last thing I needed was FULOK breathing down my neck in the land of chaos...
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Re: Appleoosa, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:28 pm

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Blueprints?" Prank asked, curious. This was the first he had heard of any blue-prints.

"Hmm...are those to steal the Mirror of Chaos? If so, they must've put a lot of time into that then..." He thought, eyeing the saddlebag. "I should steal it, and take a look later..."

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Talking:

With a sharp glare, he looked to Greybeak and Razorclaw, "Blueprints? Mirror of Chaos? Who authorized this mission?" he said, glaring angrily at the two Gryphons. Though... the Mirror of Chaos was an untapped source of great power... it would definitely turn quite a few tables in this war against the Ponies...

"Never mind who did or did not authorize it, I want to see those plans, now."


SkyPhazer wrote:Great. Busted.

"Oh, GREAT... Booms, hand me the map." I snatched the map from He Who Makes Booms, and spread it on the ground. "Now, after I escaped from Canterlot a while ago, I snatched these Blueprints out. Don't ask me WHERE I got them. Trust me, you DON'T want to know. Ahem, anyways, I've pored over these maps for a while, and I've determined that the vault in which the Mirror is located is.."

I pointed at a small circle on the map. "Here! In the most secure vault underneath the Castle! It can only be opened with a password, that only one of the Princesses know..." I rolled up the map and handed it back to He Who Makes Booms.

"So, it shouldn't be THAT hard. Just, you know, break into the most secure building in the world, capture a deity, force her to open a door kept in the most secure facility in the world, activate the mirror, find whatever we need inside it, and come back! Then we need to get ALL the way BACK, and, of course, we need to keep our hostage with us the entire time! I mean, really, how hard could it be?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Actually...Wouldn't it be easier to find the paper that the princess wrote the paper on?" Prank asked, confused why the plan had to be so difficult. "I mean, she is a princess. She's got to remember a bunch of stuff, so she had to have written a note about it. I mean, that's what I do whenever I lock something."

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAppleoosa - Talking to Greybeak:

Fulok mused on the situation, tapping his chin with a hoof as he thought it over, "Hm... if it was planned right, and with an especially convenient Dragon attack... we may just be able to pull it off," he said, recalling all that he had heard of the Mirror of Chaos. Most of it was legends and myths, but hey, some myths came true, and legends were only grand tales of the past. He nodded once, "I'll take those plans, this needs to be shown to our leaders, and carefully planned," he said, looking around the town to see if any ponies were about. Luckily, none were, they were entirely alone in a town that was normally busy...


SkyPhazer wrote:Reluctantly, I handed my bag of plans to Fulok. "Of course, your High and Mightiness, Sir..."

I turned to look at the Pony.

"Oh, wouldn't that be nice... Yeah, I can see it now! The Leaders of one side of a battle, writing the pass-code to the most SECURE VAULT, CONTAINING THE MOST POWERFUL ARTIFACT IN EQUESTRIA, ON A PIECE OF PAPER, WHILE THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR. THAT sounds like something they'd do, of course!"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Hey hey hey! Don't patronize me! I mean, would YOU remember the password to a super important vault, probably established thousands of years ago? Even Discord wouldn't remember that!" Prank said, annoyed, stomping his hooves. He hated when people were sarcastic with him. Almost as much as he hated being ignored. He really hated being ignored when he was talking to other ponies. He didn't mind if there was a prank going on, but if there wasn't it bothered him greatly. He sighed. "Ah, never mind. Hey, Greybirdy,or whatever your name was. I gotta go into town, and Is wear to Discord, if you ditch me, you'll be finding worms, and itching powder in your armor for the rest of your life."

SkyPhazer wrote:Geez, some ponies can't take a joke.

"All I'm saying is if I was one of them, I'd put it on something a BIT MORE CONCRETE than Paper. And, Relax! If I DO ditch you, you'll probably never see me again! Um, not saying I WILL ditch you, but, you know, if I do. And, Kid, the name is GRAYBEAK."

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - AAAAAAAAAAAAAA(thisisgettingold)ppleoosa - Talking:

He briefly looked over the plans himself, and then stored them... somewhere in his armor. "I think the three of us should head back to Dragons Keep. Unless 'Scales', the little lowlife, told you to do something here," he said, showing his disdain for the Dragon as well.

OOC: Wouldn't it be awesome if Fulok told them to take orders from him now? =P


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Alright Greybooger." Prank said, grinning. Then trotted into town. He couldn't help but smile, from a little prank he had left in Greybeak's pack, earlier, when he popped the paper bag. He left a little remote, detonated flare. When pulled a trigger, the flare would explode with a very loud bang, audible for miles. The range of it was within a mile, so all he needed to do was go to the destination, and press the trigger until he found him again. Then was the time he could put itching powder, and worms in his armor while he slept

OOC: Careful now, it'll be bad if that happens within the Castle. XD

SkyPhazer wrote:"You mean... Ugh, we need to go there? Can't we just get a Baby Dragon to - oh, right. Well, I know Booms can send messages, although... it's not pleasant." I turned to look at the Buffalo. "Booms, don't you DARE do that again."

I faced Fulok. "But, yeah, I'm up for a little bit of a cross country stretch. What do you think, Razorclaw? Up for a bit of a jog? Stretch out those fat little chicken legs?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Walking into Appleoosa, Prank felt uneasy. It was too quiet around the place, and he hated quiet. Quiet meant peace, and he hated peace. He cantered over to a familiar shop, the local potion shop, and opened the door. As he entered, a bell rang above the door

"Ah, welcome to Bubbling Potions! How can I-Oh! It's you!" A light blue unicorn said, looking up from behind a counter. She then tried to walk over to him, but somehow tripped over her own hooves. "Owchies! Uuuuu..."

"Hey Bubbles." Prank said, helping her up off the floor. He couldn't help but smile. Even though Prank really didn't like other ponies, and didn't really go well with them, he had a soft spot for this clumsy mare. Her full name was Bubbling Trot, but he, like all other ponies, called her Bubbles.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw rolled his eyes at Greybeak's comments. "Hey, I made great time getting here, I don't need a workout. You, on the other hand... Looks like you've gotten a bit pudgy since you 'fought off' those 'sand ninjas'." Razorclaw grinned cruelly at Greybeak.

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAppleoosa - Talking to Greybeak and Razorclaw:

Fulok scowled behind his mask, glaring at the two, "Enough bickering, let us make our way to Dragons Keep," he said, taking one final look around the town before nodding, saying to himself, "Yes... soon."


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah, Thanks." Bubbles said on all four, rubbing her nose. "What brings you here Pranky? Last time you wanted me to put that really complicated spell on you."

"Yeah...Good thing it worked...partially." He thought. Earlier in the week, he had gone here to ask for help getting a 'Walking on Clouds' spell casted on him, so he could visit Cloudsdale. The only unicorn he knew was Bubbles, so he came to ask her. She was able to successfully cast it, with much difficulty (She somehow summoned a giant fire ball that decided to chase him around. Prank had gotten rid of it with some Bubble's un-enchanted potions.). However, when he went to Cloudsdale, he had to keep moving to stay above the clouds, because he kept sinking slowly into the clouds.

"Yeah, that's what I actually came for." Prank said, bowing his head. "I wanted to thank you again, for spending some of your time to cast that spell."

"Ah, it's no problem!" She chirped, her poofy, yellow mane bouncing. "It's always nice to help a fellow pony! So, is that reeeeeeeeeeally all?"

"Ah, I guess you saw right through me!" Prank said, grinning crookidly. "I wanna buy some hysterical laughing potion!"

"Sure! Coming right up!" She said, levitating a pair of bottles down from a shelf. "Now, you do remember the deal we made...?"

"Of course, of course." Prank said, chuckling. He then reached into his bag. He then placed upon the table a little red button. He then pressed it, and out popped a large, colorful paper butterfly. Prank and Bubbles had made a deal, that if Prank was to buy anything, he would pay with one of his random doo-dads, instead of bits. Bubbles really liked them, for some reason.

"Ooooh, pretty...." Bubbles said, admiring the butterfly. "What does it do?"

"Well, see this little button here?" Prank said, holding up the button the paper butterfly. "If you point it anywhere..."

He then pointed it towards the ceiling of the shop. Then, the butterfly shot up to the ceiling, following the the direction of he was pointing.

"The butterfly follows it."

"Cool!" Bubbles said, grabbing the remote. She then started waving it in circles, and the butterfly mimicked her motions.

"This is so awesome!" She said, enjoying herself thoroughly.

"Glad you enjoy it!" Prank said, smiling. "Now, if you excuse me, I gotta go catch up with some...buddies of mine."

"Okay! Come back soon with a new tooly thing!" She said, waving. The butterfly was swishing back in forth in the rafters.

Prank nodded, and she trotted out of the shop.

"Now...If that gryphon had ditched me, that flare will go KABLOOIE!" He muttered, trotting back to where he had first met the trio of Draconic Alliance members.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw nodded and took to the air, sticking his tongue out at Greybeak and flying high, looking at the small group below, waiting for movement on the groups part.

SkyPhazer wrote:"You mean, we're gonna leave him here? I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't like him here, but... he could be of help. I mean, he DOES know of a way inside the Castle. That Stealth Ability of his could be helpful."

I couldn't help it. If this pony let Parasprites loose on Manehattan, he could be of help.

Skarloth wrote:IC Fulok - Appleoosa - Talking to Greybeak:

"Then you keep him under control, Greybeak. If we get any trouble from him, I want you to deal with him," he said, walking back down the road toward the Hoofterlands, and from there, Dragons Keep.

OOC: Fulok to Dragons Keep.


SkyPhazer wrote:"Fine. I'll catch up with you later, then."

I sat down, and stared at He Who Makes Booms.

"Well Booms, you comin' with me on this?"

"We've been through all kinds of crazy. What difference is a land of chaos?"

I patted Booms on the back. "Now see, that's what I like about you, Booms. You're always an Optimist."

The Buffalo stared at me. "I thought you hated Optimists." I smiled at the Buffalo. "Of course I do, Booms! It gives me something to laugh at when everything goes terribly and horribly wrong!"

The Buffalo seemed saddened at this. "Hey, being Optimistic isn't BAD. Who knows? Maybe Razorclaw will step into some kind of horrible trap? I'd be plenty Optimistic about THAT!"

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw began flying towards Dragons keep, just before shuddering... He felt like somebody was talking about him...


Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah, goodie! You're still here!" Prank said, trotting over to the peculiar pair. "Good, I don't have to explodify your bag! ... By the way, where'd your splotchy, stripey friend go?"

SkyPhazer wrote:"They're on their way to the Keep. Which, I should add, we should head to."

Graybeak sat up. "Booms! Pack up, we're blowing this Popsicle Stand!"

He Who Makes Booms picked up all the bags.

"Oh man, I always wanted to say this! 'Alons-y!'"

Graybeak and He Who Makes Booms ran in the direction that Fulok had traveled, only moments before.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ooooh! A Keep! That's somewhere I've never been to before! Maybe there'll be new target's...?" Prank said, muttering gleefully to himself. He then realized he was being left behind. "H-hey! Wait for me!"

Prank then ran off after the buffalo, and the Gryphon.


"Oh Thank Discord, I'm back..." Prank said, feeling worse and worse as time went on. He stumbled quickly to the Potion shop, and opened the door, and fell in.

"Welcome to- Oh Dear Celestia!! Prank?!" Bubbles said, coming up from behind the counter again, shocked. "W-what happened to you?! You look really hurt!"

"H-hey Bubbles..." Prank said, having trouble. He then collapsed.

captain_borgue wrote:Steel Stride had only been back in Appleloosa for about a week- the business in Ponyville hadn't gone according to plan, as some fool colt had made a mess of his operations there. He'd have to think of a way to get back in the good graces of the Apple clan if he wanted access to their Zap apple products. Most ponies in his line of work would see such rare goods as a chance to gouge customers all over the more settle places in Equestria, but Steel Stride had much bigger plans than merely selling it at high prices. Namely, trade- he could trade zap apple jam for a walk on clouds potion, which he needed rather badly in order to get into Cloudsdale. There were certain pegasi who owed him money, and a city in the sky that he could not reach seemed the likliest place such a pegasus would hide.

Not that Steel was the "Pay me or I break your legs" type or anything- he was willing to trade the money owed for access to the Weather Factory- the townspeople in Appleloosa needed rain, and once he provided it via placing a few bits in a few key hooves, the townspeople would, naturally, pay him for his services. And that payment would more than cover the cost of the potion to get him to Cloudsdale and the bribes he'd have to make when he got there. All he needed was a way to walk on the clouds, since getting to them was no longer a problem.

Steel grinned at the thought of his airship. Most earth ponies didn't care much for airship travel, aside from a few wealthy elites in Canterlot. Steel found it thrilling, though- it was not quite as fast as travel by train, and every bit as dangerous, but there was a great sense of freedom to it. He had decided to call it The Black Mako, despite its white veneers. There were a few other modifications he had made to it over the past year, but nothing out of the ordinary. A bomb bay door to make loading and unloading cargoes easier, a few winches, that sort of thing. It had cost him a great deal, both in terms of time and money, to make the Mako airworthy, as well as stylish and practical.

all that planning, foiled by a lack of zap apple jam.

Still, there was no telling if the potions proprietor would be willing to trade something else for it, so Steel decided to stop by the shop and pay Bubbling Trot a visit. she was a sweet girl, if a little... hapless.

"Good afternoon, Bubbles!" he called out as he strode in the shop door- and practically stepped on a collapsed, and from the look of it pretty well beat up, young pony. "Er, is this a bad time?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ah! Steely, is that you?" Bubbles said, grateful to see another face, looking quite scared. "Um, no it's not a good time! Bring Prank up to the bedroom fast, while I get some healing potions!"

She then started to quickly look through the shelf full of vials, looking frantically for the right potion.

OOC: Btw, Prank at this point is an object, feel free to manipulate him.

captain_borgue wrote:"Ah! Steely, is that you?" Bubbles said to him, her voice grateful to see another face. "Um, no it's not a good time! Bring Prank up to the bedroom fast, while I get some healing potions!" she exclaimed, as she frantically started rooting through her inventory.

Finding an unconscious colt was strange enough, but seeing Bubbles freaked out? That was positively unheard of. Steel approached the colt carefully, trying to discern the nature of his injuries without touching him. Depending on how he had gotten hurt, the method by which to move him could, if he wasn't careful, do more harm than good. Steel bent down to get a good look at the boy's head and neck- there were some cuts, but nothing to indicate a spinal injury. That was good, at least- it meant Steel could move him without needing a backboard.

"Right away," Steel replied offhand. He bent down and carefully hoisted the colt over his head and shoulder, so that he lay draped across Steel's back. He groaned, but didn't wake up or make any other sounds. "Bubbles my dear, are you certain you have the means to treat him here? I do have an airship, and would be happy to take you both in it, should he require treatment beyond what we have in Appleloosa. I'd even go as far as to do so for trade instead of payment," he added, as he carefully sidestepped a display rack. She obviously cared for this colt, whoever he was, as evidenced by the fact that she was visibly shaken. Bubbles' apothecary was as close to a clinic as Appleloosa had these days, so injured ponies was not an uncommon sight for her. But seeing this pony, in particular, had gotten her scared. "If you like, I can stay here with you awhile, should you need any help. You must care for him a great deal, to be so worried. I hope you don't mind my asking, but who is he? His face looks familiar, but I cannot place his name."

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"No! Please help me treat him here!" Bubble's said, panicked. She knew about Prank's antics mostly everywhere, even though she didn't show it to Prank. "I'll tell you who he is later, just...please!" She continued to search for the health potions, almost knocking down a stand in her rush.

captain_borgue wrote:"No! Please help me treat him here!" Bubble's said, panicked. Steel had never seen her so upset. She was more likely to have a panic attack and hyperventilate herself into losing consciousness than doing any good for the wounded boy. "I'll tell you who he is later, just...please!" She continued to search for the health potions, almost knocking down a stand in her rush.

"all right, all right, it was just a suggestion," Steel said, in a slow, soothing voice. "Here, show me where I can put him, first. Then I can come help you look for... whatever potion it is you are searching for." Steel sidled past another display and made his way behind the counter. He followed Bubbles to the back room of the shop, and carefully laid the still-unknown colt down as gently as he could. "I think I'll put a kettle on. A hot cup of tea will help soothe the nerves." He smiled comfortingly at Bubbles, who was still panicky. "There, there, it'll be all right. Just try to relax. Won't do your friend any good if you have a panic attack, will it?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Y-yeah..." Bubbles said, taking a deep breath. "Thank y-you..."

She relaxed a little, but she still couldn't help but look at Prank with worry.
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