Cloudsdale, Chapter 1

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Cloudsdale, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:38 am

SkyPhazer wrote:Cloudsdale. The City of the Pegasi.
This Great City is home to the Cloudiseum, This giant Coliseum in the sky is home to many events, most notably, the Best Young Flyer's Competition, which is hosted
there yearly.

On the Western Side of Cloudsdale is the Weather Control Plant (W.C.P.). This Great Factory like building makes and sends weather of all sorts to anywhere in Equestria.
Doctor Smart Stuff of the Equestrian Science Board has modified the W.C.P. to allow it to also send Messages anywhere. Don't ask how it works, none
of us know.

In the Center of Cloudsdale lies the General Store, "Flying Fit". This Charming Store is run by Air Borne, a Cheery and Light Hearted Pegasus.

Only Pegasi and Alicorns can Access Cloudsdale, however, there is a spell that can give Unicorns and Earth Ponies Access as well. Maybe it would work on Buffaloes and Zebras too, but, it hasn't been attempted. Supposedly, Gryphons can also go to Cloudsdale. None have tried, however, so this is mostly unknown.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz Bindestrich lay on a cloud outside of Cloudsdale. The cloud drifted lazily around as Blitz watched the sky, trying to get some sleep. It was his week off and he wasn't getting much done. He wanted to see the Wonderbolts in the Cloudsdale Colosseum, but that wasn't until tomorrow. The whole day he spent being lazy and spending time at Flying Fit. There just wasn't a lot he wanted to do, so he did nothing.

He just drifted off to sleep when a female's voice woke him, "Are you Blitz Bindestrich?"

"Ya," he growled, slightly angry.

"Get up," she ordered.

"And who ist ze?" Blitz asked, his eyes still closed.

The mare casted a shadow that went across his face, blocking the warm sunlight.

"I'm here to tell you that your break is cut short. Your needed in the HQ."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz grumbled about his time off, but got to his hooves. He bemoaned loosing such a comfy cloud and actually thought of going AWOL just to find it again. The mare had a white coat with bright blue hair. She didn't look at all pleased with Blitz, it showed in her eyes and face. The pegasus mare turned sharply, whipped Blitz with her tail, and shot off towards Cloudsdale National Guard Headquarters.

"I vonder vhat I did?" Blitz asked himself, rubbing his cheek.

He sighed and flapped his wings. Blitz took one last look at the most comfy cloud he had found yet, then flew lazily towards the CNGHQ.

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Ya herr?" Blitz asked saluting.

"What did he say?" a blue pegasus in airforce blues, his rank showing bright and shiny, colonel, asked the white pegasus.

"He said 'yes sir?'." she responded.

"Ah," he returned Blitz's salute. "I need you to pack up and head to The Everfree Forest."

"Vhy, might I ask ze, herr?" Blitz asked.

The Colonel scratched his head.

The white pegasus rolled her eyes and said, "He said, 'Might I ask why?'."

"I see." He sat down at his desk. "There have been reports of distrubances. We have a report of DA deserters being attacked and animals going crazy."

"Ist zat all?"

"I think I heard you correct." The Colonel scratched his head again. "That is all. Go and pack."

Blitz saluted and said, "Ya, herr!"

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz fassened his saddle bags as he walked out of his room in the CNGHQ. He headed off to the armory to grab his flintlock rifle and his wing blades, because they weren't allowed to have weapons inside of Cloudsdale.

"I'd like to ask you a qustion Specialist Bindestrich," the white pegasus said while he was putting on his rifle.

"Vas ist es?" he asked, speaking in his native tongue.

"There is a pony who went missing almost a week ago," she explained. "This pony is very important and was on an equally important mission."

"Vat do ze vant me to do about it?"

"His name is Staff Sergent Tack Fasic Calm, great soldier. I want you to find out what happened to him. He went missing near the Everfree Forest. It is likely that he could have gotten lost in the forest, but it is equally possible that the DA's pressance has something to do with his disappearance."

"Ze vant me to find zis Staff Sergent Tack Fasic Calm for ze own amusement?"

"No, I want you to find what happened to him because he was on a mission. Somthing happened to him when this war broke out, I intend to find out what was. He confuses me, confuses all of the guard. He requested a demotion and refused two medals in front of the Princesses. No pony does that."

Blitz was very confused by what the white mare was trying to get at, but he just pushed it out of his mind and agreed to find out what happened to Tack Fasic Calm.

"Oh shoot, I forgot. He's a Corporal now. I don't know why, but he requested the rank."

Blitz was amazed by this pony, requested a demotion from Staff Sergent to Corporal and refused two medals. Tack sounded really stupid or really noble, and Blitz wasn't sure which.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz stood on the edge of Cloudsdale, looking down at the ground far, far below. Closing his eyes, he smirked then stepped off the edge. Adrenaline pumped through his body as he entered free fall. He kept his eyes closed and felt his chest tighten and his stomach drop. This was his favorite feeling, dropping from high up and loosing all feeling of weight. Blitz angled himself downward and started to pick up speed.

One... Two... THREE! He opened his wings and his eyes when he reached three. His wings caught the air and he pulled himself out of the dive around a hundred feet from the ground. He barrel rolled and headed off towards the Everfree forest.

Even thought he had been given a map of where to look, he had very little information to go on. And trying to find where Corporal Calm was attacked would be nearly impossible, he'd have better luck winning the Cloudsdale Derby.

OOC: Blitz Bindestrich to The Everfree Forest

TheToast7 wrote:~The Chronicles of Shadow Boxer~

Shadow Boxer grew up in Canterlot. As a unicorn, he went to magic academy, and was expected to be a magician of some variety. But when he got his big red boxing glove cutie mark, he knew fate had other, more ridiculous plans in store for him.

All the other unicorns picked on him, called him names, wouldn't let him play any reindeer games, and all sorts of other atrocities, all due to his non-existent magic skill. He was, instead, skilled at boxing with his forehooves, which sounds pretty tough, but when you see it in action, the only tough thing is holding in your laughter. Shadow Boxer knew he was destined for something different, since he was a unicorn who didn't use magic, and a pony who fought with his fists (of which he had none.)

One day, he found himself in Cloudsdale, working at a restaurant. He always enjoyed cooking, but he never thought he'd pursue it as a career. He didn't have long to reminisce, though, as the top chef barked at him to "GET BACK TO WORK!!"

"O-okay Mr. Top Chef sir!" He replied, shakily. "THAT'S NOT MY NAME! MY NAME IS-" Shadow boxer hurried back into the kitchen.

"Boy, I know he has a medical condition that somehow forces him to need to yell all the time, but he doesn't need to be so mean about it." Shadow Boxer started cooking some of the recent orders, and went back to pondering his circumstances. How did he come to work in the Cloudsdale Cafeteria? Why did he become a chef? And... wait, Cloudsdale? But only pegasii can walk on the clouds!

As he came to this realization, his wings spread open in shock. "HOLY CRAP I HAVE WINGS WHAAAAA-" Ahem. He had wings!

"But this makes no sense! I'm a unicorn! How do I have wings?! I'm supposed to have a horn! And not wings! And a horn!" he screamed, as he ran into the bathroom to wash his face to help calm himself. When he looked up from the sink, he saw the mirror, and noticed "HOLY CRAP I DON'T HAVE A HORN NOWWW AAAAAAHHHHHH-" "Beep."



"What is that beep sound?" He followed the sound, beep after beep until he tracked it to a cupboard. He opened it, to reveal a BOMB.



captain_borgue wrote:*ooc: how can a unicorn work in Cloudsdale? Only pegasi can walk on clouds...)

SkyPhazer wrote:
captain_borgue wrote:*ooc: how can a unicorn work in Cloudsdale? Only pegasi can walk on clouds...)

OOC: Answer.

MagusZeal wrote:What's not going on in here?

End Chapter 1
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