The Hoofterlands, Chapter 1

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The Hoofterlands, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:57 pm

TheToast7 wrote:"The Hoofterlands" is the unofficial name for all the land between settlements in Equestria. As the majority of Equestria is unsettled, the Hoofterlands are a wild area, with lakes, forests, and mountains all over. This is where criminals go to evade the law, where families go to vacation, and where farmers go to farm. There is a great deal of adventure to be had in the Hoofterlands, so get on out there, you crazy kids!

Knight Tyrfang wrote:After Prank had retrieved his saddlebags from a little tree outside of Manehattan, Prank decided to go travel to another town to set up a prank. He took out a map of Equestria.

"Hmmm...Well, I put chocolate milk in the Cloud making machines in Cloudsdale last week..." Prank said, looking at his map. "Ah, maybe I should go to Appleoosa, I gotta thank that unicorn that gave me that charm..."

So he decided to go to Appleloosa. He needed to lay low for a while, seeing as he pranked almost every town, except for Ponyville, and Appleoosa that week.

Half way there, he decided to set up camp, under an apple tree. Though, it was still sunny out, Prank had to go to bed, since he always had to wake up early to prep his pranks. He set up a tent, then lay down a blanket. Yawning, he decided to read his favorite book, titled Discord: The Tradgedy. He hoped that some day, he'd be able to figure out a way to re-release him from the statue back in Canterlot. Life was too boring, and peaceful for him. When it was raining chocolate milk, he had fun skating on the soapy roads. As he read, he slowly became drowsy, and finally fell asleep within his sleeping bag.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Prank woke up to the smell of smoke a few minutes later, and began to panic. "Ah manure, don't tell me the fireworks went off again!" He then scrambled to his saddle bag. To his relief, the fireworks were still unlit.

"Oh, good, no explosives for me then. So then, where's the smoke coming from?" He said, as he poked his head out of his tent, sniffing. Prank looked back towards Manehattan, and could see a cloud of black smoke rising from the city.

"Goody! I didn't think the parasprites would do that much damage!" Prank said, giddy with glee. "Though, how they caused the fire, I'll never know...Oh well, who cares! The ponies there are probably all panicking!"

He couldn't help but do a little dance, but then he had to serious up. He knew that fire was still dangerous, especially near his fireworks, so if it spread out into the Hoofterlands, he'd be in trouble. He decided to pack up camp quickly, and continue walking down the path.

"Well, sleep can wait until I reach Appleoosa... But boy, I'm going to be so tired tomorrow morning!" muttered Prank, cantering in the direction of the town. "After I thank ol' Bubbling Trot, the prank I pull better be worth it..."

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw flew over the vast fields of Equestria, grumbling to himself. He just got out of fighting a dang hoard to stupid fuzzballs, and now the stupid gemcruncher was sending him off to work with Greybeak?! He really hoped he found that Gryphon doing something embarrassing... Of course, there was always the Sand Ninja incident to pull out...

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor looked at the room on the train once again, marvelling at the opulence. Why, the cushions were all positively STUFFED. He couldn't believe that this was what Equestrians considered "Second class". As he looked around, his eyes settled on his companion Ingot. He hadn't said anything the whole time except to order something to drink from one of the server ponies. Feeling the silence get awkward he said "You are not a very excitable fellow. In fact you are quite mellow."

ToonNinja wrote:What the Tartarus am I doing?
Riding a train, obviously.
I know that, you old curmudgeon. But why?
Wings are tired. Can't fly as well as I used to.

Boreas shook his head. No need to go drifting off into his thoughts. He might actually start to question why he left his old shack. Distracting himself, he scanned the rest of the car. The only ones who caught his eye were a blue unicorn-zebra (a sight, he admitted, that was new even for him) and his fellow(?) unicorn. Not entirely sure why. Regardless, he'd keep an eye on them. Incidentally, this meant keeping his only eye on them. Ah, well. Nothing interesting to do anyways.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Oh, Ingot was asleep. Zezoor grew bored again and then he locked eyes with the other interesting occupant of the car. A one-eyed gryphon!! Zezoor was still far more comfortable talking to them than ponies just yet, so he decided to strike up a conversation. He walked up and in the gryphon tongue gave a traditional greeting., "Good hunting to you for life, and may you stop much strife.". He hoped he seperated his roars and sqwaks correctly.

ToonNinja wrote:Boreas blinked. He didn't expect to hear anyone speaking his native tongue. Certainly not anypony. He cast a wary glance at the newcomer. "Same." He mentally kicked himself. Ponies don't hunt, he chided himself. Excuse me if I slip when they're speaking the gryphon language.

"Want something?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"With you I wish but to speak, I am less comfortable with muzzle than I am with beak."

ToonNinja wrote:"Suppose that's fine. Been a while since I've spoken much, so fair warning. What do you want to talk about?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"My name is Zezoor Stargazer to start. May I ask who you art?"

ToonNinja wrote:"Boreas. Just Boreas."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Boreas, Just Boreas it is good to meet you. Are you hungry? I have some left over stew."

ToonNinja wrote:"Clever. And... sure, why not." If it's poisoned, I'll know this was a bad idea and be content with my own stupidity. If not... this idea might just be okay.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor spooned the stew out of his homemeade container into a wooden bowl. He then used a friction spell to heat it back to a nice warm temperature. "You know, this is my first time on a train. Whoever invented them had quite a brain.". He handed Boreas the bowl and decided to just eat what was left. He emptied the container and heated himself up a bowl, devouring it greedily.

ToonNinja wrote:Boreas watched the zebricorn (OOC- that's a decent name for it, right?) eat the stew. Nothing added in-between. He doubted the bowl posed any serious threat, and gave it a taste. It had more flavor to it than anything else he'd bothered to eat in... well, a good while.

"Not bad. And the train's okay. Easier on the wings for me, at least."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor licked the bowl clean as he asked "That begs the question as to why you are on the ground, instead of the air with no worries or cares to be found.". Feeling idle hooves, he unconsciously pulled out his training bags and began juggling them.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:(OOC ps, that name was better than anything I could come up with.)

ToonNinja wrote:"Long story short? I'm old. Wings don't work as well as they used to. Train's easier. Not used to closed spaces, though."

A pause. "...Juggling?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"A skill that I learned at a young age. It was taught to me by my grandfather, the village sage. The trick to do it with hooves is to hit it not too hard, or too little. It must be just right, the balance in the middle."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"It is also good in a fight. All you have to do is get your aim right.". With this he did three flicks of his wrist and the bags went flying, all hitting within a few inches of each other. "Interesting use, eh? In fact, I had won a battle with it just today!"

ToonNinja wrote:The old gryphon's eyes seemed briefly alight at the mention of fight. "Battle, huh? Didn't think there were many of those anymore. That is pretty interesting."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Bandits tried to steal from my friend. They were easy to scare off in the end."

DragonWasp wrote:"I was there to witness. twas pretty scary." Storm said after waking up from a light nap.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Ah, Storm. Glad to see you with us once more. You were oddly quiet most of the time, was there any reason to that rhyme?"

ToonNinja wrote:The old gryphon snapped back into reality, briefly touching a talon to where his eye used to be. "Sorry, old habit," he confessed. He cracked his shoulders, staring at the newcomer. "Friend of yours?"

alphabetadelta wrote:''And good morning Equestria!'' *Yawn* Ingot had woken from his nap.
''Oh, hello there Storm.''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Now that we are all awake, we should prepare to depart, our destination is over the next break". As he pointed out the window, the city of Canterlot came into view. It's sparkling glory was less than an hour away, and Zezoor could not WAIT to see the splendor that these ponies lived in.

DragonWasp wrote:"Hello Ingot! And may I ask who this is?" Storm said pointing to the gryphon

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Boreas, Just Boreas is his name, although I have yet to figure what is his game... I have told much of myself over stew... But there has been little talk about YOU". Zezoor then waited for the gryphon to speak, hoping he would talk about himself, if just a little bit.
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Re: The Hoofterlands, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:32 pm

ToonNinja wrote:"No 'Just Boreas.' It's Boreas." The gryphon shook his head, as if trying to jump-start his thoughts. "Just an old fool who got the itch to fling himself back into the breach. If I have a game, odds are I'm losing."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor was confused... hadn't the gryphon just given him his full name? Although, it was strange that someone would have the same name twice over. But then Zezoor considered his comment, "Can you explain what you mean? The point of what you said has yet to be seen..."

ToonNinja wrote:"Used to be quite the hothead when I was younger. Foolish, too. Figured myself one of the best fighters in the world, past, present, and future. Traveled the world, saw sights, picked fights. Won a lot. Then..." he gestured towards his eye. "One big loss, and I didn't stop losing since then. So I stopped." Tried to stop, he amended.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"That explains quite a lot... But then why do you head to Canterlot?"

ToonNinja wrote:"Good question. If I find a decent answer, you'll be the first I tell."

Mentally, Boreas was reeling. It was odd enough to have a conversation after so many years of life as a hermit, and odder still to find it... He wracked his mind for the right word. Pleasant? Tolerable, at least. This Zezoor kid was far more interesting than anything he could remember.

alphabetadelta wrote:''Cannot see how people can enjoy fighting, you'll get hurt...''
''As Zezoor said, what are you planning to do in Chanterlot?''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor got a sort of distracted stare as he thought. He came back to reality with a huge grin on his face and a spring as he had an epiphany of sorts. He bounced around the train car as he shouted "An idea has just come to me, maybe you could join us three!!"

ToonNinja wrote:Boreas allowed a small chuckle at the newcomer's question. "Fighting wasn't about the pain. At least," again pointing towards the eyepatch, "not til the end. It was all about the rush. The thrill. It took losing an eye to see that was stupid of me."

One eye blinked at the zebricorn's outburst. "...Sure. Gives me something to do."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Oh, I could just burst with joy! A new friend to share in this adventure, oh boy! So, before we get there... do you know anything about this mare...?" For the second time that day, Zezoor pulled out his copy of Basic Magic for Foals and showed Boreas the child's signature 'Property of Twilight Sparkle'.

alphabetadelta wrote:''Great, more bodyguards for me.''
''I'm joking of course.''
''But seriously, we could need some brute force...''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor held the book in his teeth and barely held a giggle as Ingot spoke. He put it down before saying, "Well my friend, my ways must be true. It seems that some have rubbed off on you."

ToonNinja wrote:Twilight Sparkle. The name echoed, dimly, in the old fighter's memories, but he couldn't pinpoint it for the life of him. "Not personally. Heard the name once or twice." He turned to the other. "I'm a little rusty, but if it gets ugly, I can rumble with the best of 'em." He neglected to mention that 'the best of them' were as aged as he was, but it still counted for something.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"It seems that the train is about to stop... So off of it, we should soon hop."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:[Now into Canterlot]

Knight Tyrfang wrote:PRANK FROM DRAGONS KEEP

Prank groaned, as he trotted along the path. "Ugh.......that fall was worse than I expected..." He thought, as he put down his bag. "I need a health potion...."

He rumaged through his bag, but the longer he looked, the more bleak the outcome was. "Oh crap... I have to get back to Appleoosa, and re buy some...And you know what, i might need to get some medical help..."

He then trudged as fast as he could to Appleoosa.


Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor rolled away and grabbed some debris. He got on his hindhooves and began to juggle it with a threatening look on his face.

odarien wrote:NPC: Passenger Car

The stallion was not prepared for the guard to charge and gets hit with the wing. He stumbles back and attempts to grab the colts rear legs and he growls."A guard with a conscience huh? figures." The other stallion turns around and attempts to tackle the guard to the ground.

IC: Storage car

Spirit flinches there was fighting going on around her, she was still mostly bound and her horn was still numb. She squeezes her eyes and kicks out at the nearest pony which unfortunately turned out to be Zezoor.

The blue stallion laughs "Juggling that's the best you got?" he swings the piece of wood then charges. "Gonna havta do better then that!"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor had expected the laugh and the sloppy attack. *flick, flick, flick* Three direct hits.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Ack! Gerroff!" Tyrfang said, as trying to kick off the stallion. He was then tackled right into the door. The door held, as he wrestled the guard down to the ground. "Resisting an officer now, huh? Guess I'll have to add that to the list of charges!" He roared, while pounding a hoof into the thugs face.

Aipom93 wrote:Lewis caught up with the train and looked through the windows. He then noticed the broken window and flew through that. He noticed Tyrfang wresting with a stalion as one looked at him. "Whats going on here?"

ToonNinja wrote:Boreas continued following the train, gaining steadily, bitterness fueling every flap of his wings. "*yay* trains, *yay* alicorns, *yay* the Royal Guards... Tartarus, *yay* that stupid fight. I didn't go losing my eye, I wouldn't be in this mess."

The old gryphon noticed one of the others, Lewis, entering one of the passenger cars. Maybe I could follow him in there...

Boreas dismissed the thought. There was no way he could squeeze his way through the windows. He'd have to try something else.

Presently, he chose to land down, as quietly as could be helped, on the roof of one of the more back-oriented cars. Needed a rest anyways, and until he was ready, the train could do his job for him.

odarien wrote:NPC: Passenger Car

The two Stallions continue to wrestle with the guard pony and barely even notice as a new pony enters the scene. One of them finally notices and he gets a hoof to the face as he stops moving around. He spits out a broken tooth. "Boss we got trouble!" he yells as loud as he can. Trying to strike the guard some more so he can turn his attention to the new comer.

IC: Storage car.

The blue stallion is struck by the junk and he growls. "Not good enough!" he again charges at the hybrid swinging the piece of wood around. Spirit on the other hand has started to crawl as best she can to get out of the way of the fighting ponies.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Aw crud." Tyrfang thought. "Three on one is not fair!" He dodged the strike from the first thug, and bucked him out of the window.

"Now it's two on one." He thought again. "Better odds...Time to use my wings!

"Adding assault and battery to the list of felons as well!" He said, as he swung his wings towards one of them.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Well then, that didn't work... Zezoor decided maybe it was time for the Voice... "Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head. Hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to beeed...

Aipom93 wrote:"Boss?" Lewis then realizes that these guys were from the mafia. "Where is your boss?" Lewis then starts to look around constantly so that he would not be knocked out.

odarien wrote:NPC: Passenger car.

The purple stallion watches his friend get bucked out the window and he stops struggling. "Okay okay you got me!" he puts his hooves into the air. "I surrender"

NPC: Outside the train.

A purple pegasus climbs out of the car infront of the one where the fighting is going on and he starts to detach the cars. "Heh, perhaps another time." he gives the lock a swift kick finally removing it from the next car.

IC: Storage car.

The blue stallion stumbles and falls over starting to snore before he hits the ground. Spirit has seemingly disappeared hiding behind a crate still partially bound.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor hated winning that way. It was cowardly in his opinion, but it got the job done. He then called out, "Princess, are you alright? I'm sorry that you had to see that fight...". Then he picked up the potion from earlier and hoofed it to her.

Aipom93 wrote:Lewis stumbled. "What the nerf just happened?" Lewis then looked outside and noticed that they were slowing down. "Why are we slowing down?" Lewis then decides to grab a mafia pony. "What in the nerf is going on around here?"

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Alrighty then!" Tyrfang said, stopping mid swing. He then bonked the stallion thug in the face, and quickly plonking hoof-cuffs around all his hooves.

"I know your kind. I don't trust you scum." He said. He then noticed that the cart was slowing down. "What?! Did they just disconnect us from the train?!"

He then had to take a choice. "Dangit....what should I do? Go after the mafia, or go check out the storage cart, where he suspected where Spirit was." He thought.

He then noticed that Lewis was with him in the cart. "Lewis?! What are you doing here?!"

odarien wrote:IC: Passenger Car

The thug shakes his head. "I...I don't know anything!" (Massive lie) He looks at the ponies. "Just take me to the dungeon alright?"

IC: Storage car

Spirit looks up at the zebracorn still shaking as she knocks the potion away with her hoof. She feels the car slowing down some and her stomach turns. {I just want to be out of here...}
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