Ponyville, Chapter 1

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Ponyville, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:56 pm

Korkoa wrote:Ponyville is, in many ways, considered something of the 'perfect Equestrian small town'. A close-knit community, little conflict or crime, everypony gets along. In the town are a few places of interest, notably Twilight Sparkle's library and The Cake's Bakery. Just outside the town lies the expansive orchards of Sweet Apple Acres, and not far from that lies Fluttershy's Animal Sanctuary.

Back in town, there is a store called "Quills and Sofas" run by a friendly earth pony. The store has been converted from a writing/furniture store into a general store for ponies on long journeys. There is also a newly erected potion shop called "Zecora's home brews", run by a Zebra of the same name.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:A blue colored, unicorn stallion stumbled out of the dense, dark horror that was the Everfree Forest. If one were to look closely, however, they would notice something odd about him. His coat had two shades of blue, the darker shade overlapping his normal color in strips across his body. Along with this, his Seafoam-green mane and tail appeared to be styled the same as Zecora the zebra's. His cutie-mark was of a pair of hooves juggling a book, a smile, and a potion. Of course, most of this was obscured by the layer of grime, burrs, and other such mess that covered him. He let out a sigh of relief and pulled a map out of the massive bags that he carried. After checking it carefully for a few minutes, he packed it back and headed in a direction that he hoped would lead him to the settlement labelled on his map as "Ponyville".

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Eventually, he saw another traveler on the path. He couldn't tell if it was a mare or a stallion, or even if it was a pony. However, he hoped it would be a friend. He poured on some speed and ran at full-steam towards the possible friend.

alphabetadelta wrote:''Ok, there must be some kind of mistake here...'' A grey pony said to a pair of griffons.
''Yeah, right.'' A large muscular griffon said. ''Grey coat, red mane, an eye for a cutie mark...''
''You are the one our employer want.'' The smaller one said. He grabbed the pony by the throat... You better consider about trying to trick a mafia boss the next time.''
''If you survive that is...''
''This, will not end well...'' The pony thought.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor charged up to see that it was not ONE traveler, but three. Two gryphons and a pony. It seemed like there was some sort of trouble, so he slowed down and approached cautiously. Remembering a proper gryphon greeting, he announced in their language "Good hunting to you both, new friends. And may your good fortune never end. Now, I see some fear in this ones eyes, may I ask why?"

alphabetadelta wrote:Perfect. The pony thought.
The griffons just stared at the pony.

alphabetadelta wrote:When this was not the most believable story, it undoubtedly attracted the most attention.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor's eyes grew wide as he heard the pony scream. Bandits?!, he thought. Well, hurting the innocent was something he would not stand. "The helpers of children shall not be waylaid by your filth. The thought of your actions make me feel most ill. Back away now and leave him be or you will have to fight ME!!". As he said this he telekinetically picked up three rocks and began juggling them with his hooves.

alphabetadelta wrote:''This is to good to be true.''
Suddenly, while the griffins were distracted the pony's mane glowed, no wait, not the mane.
Hidden beneath the thick curls of his mane was a horn glowing with an blue aura.
A blue bolt of magic leaped from the unicorns horn into the smaller griffons cranium at point-blank range.
The lion/eagle hybrid fell asleep.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor was so suprised when he saw the other pony launch magic that he almost didn't finish his attack. Almost. However, he continued and with a few wrist flicks he knocked a knife out of the larger gryphon's claws and scored to hits to his chest with the other rocks. As the gryphon lay on the ground he decided to end the battle with as little violence as possible. So he inhaled deeply and used THE VOICE to say, "GO NOW OR I WILL MAKE YOU MANTICORE CHOW!!". The gryphon as if under a spell, got up and flew away. Zezoor turned to the assaulted pony and said "You shall be fine now, new friend. The trouble from these two should now end. Did they hurt you? For if you ar injured I have many a healing brew."

DragonWasp wrote:Storm was at the counter of the bakery on sugar cube corner ordering a cup cake.
"Is that all?"
"Uhh... Actually can I have one of those?" He asked mrs. cup cake. There was some commotion in the street that storm could hear. He tried to forget about it while he bought his cup cakes.
Then there was the scream.
Before he came to his senses, he thought: well that sure was cheesy
Then he realized that a poor man was being robbed.
"Never mind!" He said to mrs. cakes, dropping down some bits on the table and dashing out the door.
When he finally came to where the pony was, He realized that the fight was over.
"Is everything alright?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor saw YET ANOTHER PONY. He couldn't believe his luck. Maybe this WAS the promised lane of equines after all. As for the new pony, he answered. "My new friend was in trouble, but now all is well. If you wish to know the whole story, that I cannot tell."

DragonWasp wrote:"Hello!" Storm greeted the new pony. "Who do I have the honor to be speaking with?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:He replied "Zezoor Stargazer is my name. Do you mind if I ask of you the same?"

DragonWasp wrote:"th' names Storm. What are you doing in ponyville? I don't think I'v seen you around."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"This is the Town of Ponyville?! Oh, how much this gives me thrill!! I am in the land of ponies ruled by Celestia?! I am in Equestria?!". He was bouncing up and down frantically as he asked this. The weight of his packs actually shook the ground as he hopped with a large grin on his face.

DragonWasp wrote:"Yes this is that; why the excitement?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"I am here on a quest. The dangers of the Everfree were my first test.". As he said this he pulled out his map. Pointing to a dot on it he said "This village is my home, but tales of Ponyville caused me to roam.". The topmost right-hand corner, there was a tiny dot labelled Ponyville on the other side of the Forest from the rest of the map. Most of the map was taken up by an entirely diffe
rent nation from Equestria with names written in languages that few Equestrians had ever seen "I am here to find the mare who's name is in my book, if you care to take a look.". He then pulled out a battered copy of BASIC MAGIC FOR FOALS and on the inside could be seen in a child's handwriting 'Property of Twilight Sparkle.'

DragonWasp wrote:"Oh, you seek twilight sparkle?"

alphabetadelta wrote:''Dear Celestia...'' The grey unicorn said after waking up from his blackout.
''Sorry about that, casting spells when low on oxygen is an bad idea.''
''Anyway pleased to meet you both.''
''And thanks for the help...''
''But I could handle it myself.''

alphabetadelta wrote:But we better get out of here, this is not my first encounter with their group and if one of them fall, they will just send many more.
Trust me. The library sounds like a good hiding-spot.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Well, thanks to both of you. Here, have a gift, a healing brew!". With this he pulled out two of how homemade gourd containers. Each of them contained a potion that could heal any wound with just a few drops. "Perhaps you can join me for a morning meal? I can make a delicious stew with much zeal.". He gave a pleading look, as he also had no idea where Twilight Sparkle was and Storm seemed to at least know of her. Zezoor just needed to figure out how to ask him.

alphabetadelta wrote:Those thugs did interrupt my meal...
Deal, lets get some food.

DragonWasp wrote:"Hello Unicorn. I came here at the last minute, and couldn't help, but it seemed to turn out alright. We'll leave you to delivering those toys to those poor children in the hospital. Which one would that be, If I may ask?" Storm paused. then said "We, Or I at least, could escort you to your destination."
(OOC: HAHAH I didn't know there was a second page..... well it seems to work anyways)

"A bite to eat sounds great. How about we go for lunch and then I can show you around town zezoor?"

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Allow me to feed us three. I still have enough to share with those like you who care? But wait, wwhere ARE those toys for the sick girls and boys?". As he said this, he unpacked a pot, and collected some water from the well. He then started a cooking fire in an unoccupied part od the street.

DragonWasp wrote:He did have a point. Where we're the toys. Was the unicorn a liar?

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor soon had the stew going and left it to boil. To the two new friends he said "Unless the bandits stole the sack... In which case we need to get it back. But while we wait for the food to cook, perhaps you can tell me more about the mare in my book?". He hoped that the question wasn't too blunt, he would hate to lose his first friend in this land so quickly. After all, he was a stranger here and he did not know how ponies in this land were supposed to act.

DragonWasp wrote:"I can lead you to her library where she probably Is now." Storm said in response

Mrmegamax95 wrote:Zezoor was taken aback. He had assumed that this "Twilight" had lived deep within the nation. But, then again her being a local of this town would explain how Storm knew her. Finally, he decided that if she was so close, he could wait until he had lived up to his promise to feed the other two. "Perhaps after we give our meals a taste, we can head there with haste. If I may be so bold, are there any stories from your life to be told?"

alphabetadelta wrote:Well, about the toys...
In my line of work you learn a few tricks, for example; If somepony about to donate toys to a hospital but got robbed ponies would support the one being robbed right? Sorry about tricking you like that. So yes, the toys was a lie.
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Re: Ponyville, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:18 pm

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"What was that you said? I swear sometimes I think my ears are dead."

alphabetadelta wrote:The toys was a lie. A way off attracting attention so it would look like self defense if I attacked them.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"It was a lie? Why?! If that is true, then why were those two gryphons after you?"

alphabetadelta wrote:*Sigh*
Ok, usually I never tell this to strangers, but If I want you to trust me it means that I must be honest.
My name is Ingot, con artist, thief, double agent you name it. Those two works for a gang of criminals. I was planning on gathering information from them and selling it to the highest bidder.
But it did't end so well...

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Ooooh, do you know that smell? While we eat this meal, your story you must tell.". Zezoor poured out the stew into three wooden bowls and sat down next to Ingot and Storm. He slurped it down greedily as he waited for the gray unicorn to continue.

alphabetadelta wrote:Well as I said, after I managed to infiltrate their gang(it was easy) I talked to different lower ranking members for information I could sell. One particually stupid Diamond dog told me some of the most intresting things. But I managed to get busted somehow. And I've been on the run since then.
And they are very stubborn, honor, revenge, vendetta, that kind of thing.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Well, then protect you I will. My new friend from Ponyville..."

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Now put your stew in your stomach's hold. You should finish it before it gets cold."

alphabetadelta wrote:I cannot decline such an generous offer. I guess two horns are better than one.
Anyway, the ponyville library was it?
And this stew is the best I've eaten in years.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Apparently, that is where the Miss Sparkle sleeps. But we must think of how to best introduce ourselves to her, lest she think of us as creeps. When Storm is done, to the library we shall run. All of my questions you have answered, have you any for me sir?"

alphabetadelta wrote:Nope, no more questions from me right now.
But you need to give me this recipe later.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Recipe? It was just whatever I had on me... If you wish, I could for dinner make a REAL dish.". As he said this, he saw a zebra mare walk through the town. "If I may ask, who is she? I thought that the only zebra here was me."

alphabetadelta wrote:Im quite shure that her name is Zecora, lives in The Everfree forest, owns a potion shop, rhymes alot.
That is pretty much what she's known for.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Then she is no longer alone, for to speak in rhyme, she must call my nation home..."

alphabetadelta wrote:''You should head over and talk to her. I have a feeling you will get along.''
''She might also be a friend of Twilight Sparkle if my sources are reliable.''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"I will be quick, my pal. And when we have finished talking, head to the library we shall.". Zezoor trotted over to Zecora and began a conversation in their native tongue.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:After a few minutes, Zezoor came back with a glum look on his face. "I apologize in advance, but there must be a change of plans..."

alphabetadelta wrote:''The first friendly soul I've met in a long time.'' Ingot thought.
''Maybe this ''friendship'' will last.''

alphabetadelta wrote:''What's the problem?''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"I am afraid that I have news most ill, miss Sparkle is not IN the town of Ponyville."

alphabetadelta wrote:''Well, that's bad news, do you know where she might be, Chanterlot? Manehatten?''

alphabetadelta wrote:''Please tell me that its not Stalliongrad.''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Ahh yes, the city where nobles trot, the capital Canterlot... How does one get there, I wonder for I do not wish to blindly blunder..."

alphabetadelta wrote:''The best thing to do is probably to take the train...''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"What is a train? All I can tell is that it rhymes with 'rain'..."

alphabetadelta wrote:''Its hard to describe...''
''Let me show you, follow me.''
Ingot began to walk away.

Mrmegamax95 wrote:A few minutes later, Ingot led Zezoor to the train station. He had spent the short trip explaining what a train was and how it worked. "So, it travels along the rail... And can take you where you need to go without fail?"

alphabetadelta wrote:''Yes, its probably one of the best ways to travel these days, I have heard about some buffalo attacking trains but thats to far away to worry about.''
''You know, if you want your first train ride to be memorable, then I might be able to pull a few strings and get us some seats in first class.''

Mrmegamax95 wrote:"Why not get some money the honest way? I still have a routine I can play...". Zezoor pulled out some various potions and powders as well as a few orbs. "An entertainer is my trade, I have an act many times I have played..."

alphabetadelta wrote:''If you want money the honest way then I wont be stopping you...''
''I'm carrying enough bits for one ticket so I'll just sit here and enjoy the show, if you won't mind that is...''
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