Everfree Forest, Chapter 1

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Everfree Forest, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:41 pm

SkyPhazer wrote:The Everfree Forest:
A strange and mysterious forest outside of Ponyville, this place is notorious for its strange and supernatural creatures.

Not much is known about The Everfree Forest, except for one thing. Many Ponies go in. Few return.

MagusZeal wrote:Deep in the mountainous reaches of the Everfree Forest a messenger bag suddenly pops into existence before falling to the ground. Striking the ground hard the bag begins to shift and shuffle as several dozen creatures inside it begin to struggle against it's stitching. For nearly a minute the creatures struggle against the bags clasp before it gives sending several dozen colorful parasprites soaring into the skies over the forest region.

For nearly six minutes nothing else happens as a cool breeze blows across the region. Than a black translucent box appears, the box lasts only a moment before shattering into a thousand pieces. Free once again several thousand parasprites take to the air traveling in every direction while the shards of the box itself dissolve away to nothing save one. Falling to the ground it lands atop the forgotten bag, before it too dissolves into nothingness. Of the bag that once rested beneath it there is no sign.

DistractedPony wrote:"Haha, we've made it to the forest boys. Ain't no one going to track us down now." The buffalo said to his comrades, two griffons. They cheered back, then stopped at a howl in the distance.

"Uh, boss, ya know, this place is actually kinda creepy when you stop and look at it." said the first griffon.

"It's... alright, we'll be fine." He replied.

Deserters to the Draconic Alliance, they had fled after massively screwing up a mission.

"I'm so hungry, I could eat a pony!" chuckled the first griffon.

Out of the grass next to the griffon slithered a snake. Its patterns seemed to shift as it slithered along.

"Oh hey, lunch."

"No don't!" yelled the second griffon. "I've heard of those snakes, their venom is like fire that races through your veins. Within moments of being bitten, you'll be a screaming wreck writhing on the ground!"

"Eep!" The first griffon froze, as the snake continued on, moving into the bushes.

"Well at least we don't have to worry about the dragon's reaching us here." Said the Buffalo.

"Don’t be so sure." A voice came from on top of a large rocky outcrop.

All three turned in fear, to find a sickly looking griffon sitting there. Her feathers were a mess, ruffled and stained, her fur was matted and had a sickly tint to it and her body was riddled in small sores and scars.

"Haha, push off ya mangy mutt!" the buffalo bellowed. "You must be some sorta chicken, cause you look fowl."

The two minions joined their boss in laughter.

The sickly griffon chuckled. "Nice one, very clever."

"Yeah, now go away, I don't have time for some stupid fool."

"If you don't come quietly, you're going to end up looking worse than I do. You should surrender." She replied. Sighing at his determined look, she lifted her right foreleg, a bottle strapped to it. Pulling out it's cork she started chugging down.

"Oh push off before I break you girl." The buffalo shook his hoof at her.

The first of the two griffons gasped. "B... boss, that claw of her's is metal." He pointed to her claw, visible next to the bottle she was chugging on.


"I've heard of her, the sickly griffon with the metal talons, Kre. She's one of the dragon's head hunters, and supposedly dangerous. She's failed only once and has brought in a lot of big names."

"Wha-what!" the boss said.

She lowered the bottle, and let out a contented sigh. Corking it, she then leapt down to land in front of them.

"Now you better put these shackles on or...", suddenly she hunched over and started puking in the bushes.

The three looked at one another in surprise.

Righting herself, she wiped her mouth with an arm, then swayed slightly. "Oh wow, I'm soo drunk."

The three looked at one another again, then the boss nodded.

Suddenly the first griffon dived at her, roaring. She blinked at him. He collided with her sending them both tumbling to land in front of the large rock outcrop. Ending on top, he grinned down at her then started punching.

The other two laughed.

Suddenly her arm shot up, the metal claw sinking into his chest. He gasped, then staggered back. She rose slowly, blood trickling down her face from a deep gash.

"Geez, that hurt. You should be nice to a lady." She smirked at him, as a small piece of her beak fell off, leaving her grin chipped.

The first griffon collapsed from his injury.

Letting out a mighty battle roar the buffalo charged, slamming into her and then into the large rock behind. A dull thudding crack sounded out, as, around where she'd been smashed into it, the rock outcrop now had a ring of cracks. She slid slowly down to the ground.

The boss snorted.

She stood up swaying strongly. "Anyone get the number of that train?"
Her vision now blurred, she coughed up blood. She staggered next to the buffalo, and peered up at him out a half closed eye.

He gritted his teeth in anger and raised his hoof. She made a small jab to his chest, talons raking into his body. He gasped as his lung was punctured, raised hoof falling to cradle his chest. Taking the moment, she punched him in the throat. He collapsed, out cold.

She hiccupped, then turned to the last griffon, blood streaming down her face. "Do I have to subdue you too?"

He raised his arms and waved them emphatically. "No-no. I cede!"

She stumbled towards him, then heard a hiss as a startled snake struck out of the bushes biting her. It slithered off, pattern shifting.

"HA! Now you’re dead!" yelled the second griffon. "Any second now and you'll collapse in pain."

She stared down at the bite, a fiery pain shooting up her leg.

He grinned at her, then clicked his talons. "Aaand colapse!"

She stared at him.

"Er...", he clicked his talons again. "And collapse?"

She shook her head. "Seems I'm not destined to die today." She grabbed the shackles from her belt and threw them at his feet. "Put these on the other two and then shackle yourself. I need to go pee."

She walked off into the bushes, tilting to the side. Disappearing, she then popped back out again. "Oh, and don't make me have to chase you down, I really don't want to be bothered."

He stared at her as she vanished, then turned and looked at the shackles. Slowly he reached down and picked them up, then looked over at his comrades. He sighed.

OOC: And off to Dragons Keep

odarien wrote:Xiania trots through the tangled woods humming to herself a cheerful tune. {Such a nice day for a walk, picking herbs and other ingredients.} She looks left then right diving off the path her robe whipping in the wind as a large swarm of parasprites shoot past. {Parasprites? well that's no good at all they'll hog all the good herbs!} she huffs slightly but smiles. {have to work faster then!} she dives back into the path and trots down it looking for what she desired. She stops noticing a cluster of purple berries just to the side. Trotting closer she examines them and nibbles on one of the leafs. "Ah yes Xiania thinks this is the right plant for my potion hmm?" she giggles and begins to pull leaves off the bush storing them in her many pockets. "Now all Xiania needs is some good fortune and perhaps she will find what she seeks." she muses to herself looking around the forest. "After all Xiania's client was very specific about that strength potion..." She giggles and takes off deeper into the woods. {Though I do have to wonder if there will be any luck finding timberwolf fangs, after all they only like to show up around a specific time of year} she shrugs and continues to wander around. {But the cards say Fortune smiles on Xiania today so perhaps she'll catch one unaware.}

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz landed in the Everfree. He wasn't very far in and the tree cover was already thick. He looked at his map and looked around. Yep, he was lost.

"Ist...nein. Nicht gut." He mumbled to himself.

odarien wrote:Xiania looks around the forest. "Xiania cannot help but feel a little lost." she muses to herself. She shakes her head and chuckles "Lost she may be but that means for chance for finding something surprising." She begins to wander around some more. She hears the rustling of brush nearby. Her ears perk up and she head's in the direction of the sound.

Poking her striped head out from a bush she spots a pegasus checking a map. Smiling to herself she fully emerges from the bush. "Xiania gives her greetings and she is curious as to why a pegasus is lost in these woods." she doesn't wait for a response and trots up the him starting to circle around examining the stallion closely. "Xiania see's that you are quite lost perhaps Xiania can help after all she is very nice stranger or no."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz watched the zebra circle him.

"I vould like to ask ze if ze knows vere I am?" Blitz asked the zebra mare. "I have za map vith me, but I don't know vere Ich bin?" He held out the map for the zebra to see.

odarien wrote:Looks at the map for a few seconds before looking back at blitz. "Oh ah well, Xiania thinks." she blinks "Xiania can't read A map without landmarks around here." she shrugs. "So we are both lost then!" she smiles widely at the stallion. "You know Xiania finds it hard to understand you through that thick accent, though she doesn't mind if you keep using it." she looks around the area. "Xiania is curious as to if you have seen any timberwolves or their fangs."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I cannot change za vay I talk." Blitz looked around. "I do believe I haven't seen any of zez uh, Timbervolves nor zer teeth. Do ze at least know how to get zus out of here?"

Blitz didn't like the sound of the Timberwolves. He was a little scared of the them even thought he has yet to see one. The way the zebra refered to herself in the third person had him questioning her sanity.

odarien wrote:Xiania tips her head to the side. "Xiania did say she was lost too. But that is of no concern to her." she smiles again at the pegasus as she starts to root through her robe. "Xiania has juuuuust the thing to help us find our way." after a few minutes she pulls out a small brown sack. "Behold! our means of finding direction!" she shakes the bag and it makes a rattling sound and she does a quick chant under her breath before dumping the contents onto the forest floor. A small pile of tiny bones fall to the ground and she starts to examine the way the fell closely. "Hmmm Xiania finds this result interesting."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz was very confused. He had heard of using bones as a sort of guide, but he had never seen it before. The way the zebra acted as she looked at the bones concerned Blitz. He took a peek at the bones but found nothing to tell what they ment.

"Vas ist das?" He asked in his native tongue.

OOC: It means 'What is that?"

odarien wrote:Waves her hoof dismissively. "Oh it's nothing really the bones tell Xiania some things but not the way out, they can be very picky." she shrugs and scoops them quickly back into the bag. "So then Xiania thinks that we should try to find our own way out...Xiania is also curious as to why a pegasus is lost inside the everfree, she finds it odd why you didn't just fly over."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I hast a job to do here. I could fly up und have a look around. But I need to find ver I need to investigate. I could grab hold of sie und fly sie up and let sie look around. See if sie notice any landmarks."

Blitz didn't really like carrying ponies, or zebras, anywhere, it hurts his arms. He'd be willing to do it if he could get to where he need to be.

odarien wrote:Blinks a few times and tips her head mouthing out what was just said. "Xiania would love to fly are you sure you willing to carry Xiania so? It would be rough on your wings." she suddenly smiles. "Xiania knew something like this might happen!" trots right next to the stallion. "Xiania is ready whenever you are."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz hovered off the ground and grabbed the zebra under her arms, not caring how she knew that something like this would happen. He held on to her tightly as he ascended. She was right, the extra weight did put strane on his wings, but nothing he couldn't manage. The two of them rose above the tree tops, giving them a magnificent view.

"Do ze see anything?" He called down to Xiania.

odarien wrote:Xiania gasps as she is lifted into the air and she proceeds to look around. "Xiania see's a rock formation over there that was on the map...and she spots a clearing over there..." she looks up at the pegasus. "Xiania thinks she can navigate with the map now, if you let her see it."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz nodded then lowered them back down to the forest floor. He took the map out of his saddle bag and handed it to Xiania.

"I hope ze knows ver to go." Blitz chuckled. "I am lost like a puppy, und I cannot return a failure."

odarien wrote:Xiania nods a few times and looks at the map. "Xiania is sure she can find where you need to go, but where do you need to go Xiania is curious about." she looks up from the map her eyes filled with curiosity. "Xiania is extremely curious as to what your destination is. She would love to know." She pulls out a small vial and drinks from it carefully. "Xiania will understand if you do not wish to speak to her about it."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz scratched his head, unsure if he even understood his orders.

"I need to find ver a squad of soldiers may have been ambushed, some ver near za rock clearing on ze map. Zen I need to go to za clearing and find out if zer ist any presance of DA in za area."

He wasn't sure if he should be telling anyone this. He didn't know this zebra or to whom she swore her allegiances to.

odarien wrote:Xiania's ear twitches and she turns to the pegasus. "Hunting for DA you say? well that is good, Xiania hopes that the squad is fine." she blinks and looks at the map. "Xiania is a peacekeeper herself, If moreso then before Xiania is willing to lend her aid." She smiles and rolls up the map. "It is that way." she points off in a seemingly random direction. "Xiania will lead the way, try to keep up with her." She immediately bounds off to exit the clearing her rope fluttering behind her.

einsUNDcolt wrote:To say that the zebra confused and interested Blitz would be an understatement. The way she was always talking in the third person was a little disconcerning. He shrugged and followed the zebra, tring hard not to look at her flank, but failing many times.

Dummkopf. He thought to himself everytime his gaze wandered. He ended up smiling to himself more often than not.

odarien wrote:Xiania works her way through the forest completely focused on forging the path. "Xiania thinks we are close, a few more minutes and we will reach the clearing." she stops and looks behind her with a smile. "Xiania won't let you or your companions down." she blinks a few times noticing where the stallion was looking. "Xiania see's the pegasus is not completely focused on the path perhaps he should lead the rest of the way." she motions for the colt to move ahead. Whether she was offended or or amused was not obvious.

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Fine vith me." Blitz said blushing a bit. "Do I just keep valking ze path?"

Her lack of reaction to her finding out that Blitz was looking at her flank actally startled him. The zebra confused him more and more every minute he spent with her.

odarien wrote:Xiania nods then giggles a little as the pegasus starts to blush and they set off again into the forest. "Xiania know's it shouldn't be too much further then this, if she read the map right of course, we could be heading in the entirely wrong direction." She giggles again and continues to look ahead. "Do not worry Xiania should have read the map correctly."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz wasn't worried about the zebra's ability to read a map, he trusted her. He just kept following the path. His mind wandered to things like; what are timberwolves, why would anypony want their teeth, and is she looking at my flank? He smiled at that and thought better of it, she didn't seem like a pervert.

Soon he stumbled into a clearing with a rock outcropping on one end. He could tell that there was blood at several places because it was in stark contarast to the greens of the forest.

"I zink ve are here." Blaze commented.

odarien wrote:Xiania chuckles and steps into the clearing. "Good Xiania did not read the map wrong." she blinks a few times noticing the blood in the area. "Xiania see's conflict...that is no good, worse no sign of either camps." she looks around and begins to peer at the blood splashes. "This does not bode well..." She pulls out a strange looking cylinder and shakes it a few times listening to the sound it makes before shaking her head and placing it back in her robes. She gives a weak smile to the pegasus. "Well it seems at least one of them survived, Good news Xiania thinks." she shakes her head. "As the what happened, Xiania cannot divine."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz watched the zebra, more out of curiosity than anything else. He honestly had no idea what she was doing.

"Eins, ze say?" Blitz scratched his chin. "I hope es ist zis Tack I am looking for. Be sad if he died. Does zat thing tell ze anything else?"

odarien wrote:Xiania looks over at the pegasus and shakes her head. "Xiania wishes it would say more but it's only good for once answer, Xiania ask if anypony lived and the answer was at least one." she shrugs and looks at the pegasus. "Xiania hopes that it is the pony you are looking for, she also mourns the loss of anypone who lost their lives here." she blinks and shakes her head. "Anything else here Xiania asks?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I need to look around und see vat I find." Blaze looked arond. "I can at least say zat I looked and found out zat one pony lived."

Blaze poked around a bit but he didn't anything of use. Just blood and weapons, no bodies. "Zey are certainly pony veapons, but no bodies. Zat ist zehr strange."

odarien wrote:"Xiania agrees that could mean many things but I fear the worst." she looks over at the pegasus. "Xiania thinks that due to this tack not reporting in...and the lack of bodies, could mean they lost the engagement and were all captured." she looks across the clearing again. "This does not bode well at all, captured means taken to the keep, Xiania wishes she could help but a weeks passing means many things have happened."
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Re: Everfree Forest, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:10 pm

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I'm done here. Do ze need a lift?" Blitz asked before he tought about what he was saying.

He gave a mental shrug, there was no way he was going to leave a mare out here alone without offering assistance. Especially one with such a lovely stripped white coat and such a beautiful pattern on her face. Blitz wondered where such a thought came from. Yeah the zebra was attractive, but did he really think of her in such a way?

odarien wrote:Xiania looks at the pegasus curiously. "Xiania is far to heavy for you to carry out of the forest on your own, not that she implies that Xiania is overweight but it would be to much work." She blinks and thinks for a second before stomping her hoof to the ground and her face lights up. "Xiania has an idea." she pulls off her robe and drapes it across Blitz's back. She starts to root through the pockets until she pulls out a small green vial. "Xiania found it!" she grins at the stallion before taking a drink from it before quickly replacing the vial in the robe. She grins wider and takes a few steps back and leaps at blitz. She lands on his head now the size of a doll. In a higher pitched voice. "There now you can carry her out of the forest, just don't take to long."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Va-va...vas?" Blitz stammered, trying not to freak out.

One potion did zat?

Still in disbelief, Blitz flapped his wings. They caught the air and he began to accend. He flapped at a fast and steady pace, making sure he wasn't going so fast that the very tiny zebra. Blitz angled himself towards the closest edge of the Everfree, which was east. As he flew, he checked occasionally to make sure the zebra was still holding on.

odarien wrote:Xiania giggles as they ascend into the air. She lays flat on his head and holds as tight as she can. {Not the safest way to travel but it is better then having this poor speech impaired stallion carry me.} She laughs as she is carried off to the edge of the woods. {No timberwolf fangs though, Xiania will have to substitute with something else it seems.} She sighs and looks down at the stallion as he flies. {he seems nice enough at least, Xiania won't bother him with it.} She smiles as the edge grows closer. "You are a amazing flier by the way." in her high pitched voice. "Though Xiania has never flown before."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I am a fairly good flyer, I'm za better shooter," Blitz said loud enough his voice wouldn't be lost in the wind. "I get good place everytime. Ich würde gerne mehr gewinnen."

He continued to fly towards the edge of the Everfree Forest. As it drew near, he slowed his speed.

odarien wrote:Xiania nods "Good shooter? that's nice to hear, Xiania is a fortuneteller herself." she laughs, "Very strange craft to be sure, Xiania is not always sure what the future holds, sometimes it's even more confusing then not knowing at all." she looks back down at the pegasus as they start to land at the edge. "Xiania thanks you for carrying her such a gentlecolt you are."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Danka fräulein," He said when he landed. "Ze ist kind. Ze say ze ist a fortuneteller, ya? Sehr interessant. But may I ask as to vhy ze vas in zat forest looking for uh Timbervolves and zer teeth?"

odarien wrote:Xiania blinks trying to comprehend what was said. "Xiania was looking for their teeth to complete a potion, a strength elixir to specific, the teeth help fortify the potion though she can make it without them." She gets up and stretches on his head. "It was for a peacekeeper who is a little on the weak side, it was supposed to help him." she blinks and looks down at blitz "It will be a little while before this potion wears off, Xiania is not used to flying and did not realize how quick we would reach the edge."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Strength Potion? Blitz was never one for fancy potions or alchemy, he didn't really trust in the stuff. That was probably because his brother had him drink one that was suppose to make him a better shot, instead he couldn't see out of his right eye and he lost all depth preception.

"Vould ze like some help?" Blitz offered. "I can help ze gather herbs, or at very least, valk ze home."

odarien wrote:Xiania laughs her high pitch makes it sound like squeaking. "Oh no Xiania has all the herbs she needs, she thanks your for the offer though." she settles down a bit. "Sure you could walk Xiania home if you must it's not far from here, her house must be close to fresh ingredients after all." She looks back down at the stallion for a few second before pointing north. "Should be that way, if you don't mind though Xiania supposes it wouldn't really be walking her home so much as giving her a ride."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz turned in the direction the zebra pointed and set off at a nice trot. He began to wonder just how long the potion she used would last. It'd be very awkward if she began to regrow on Blitz's head.

"I guess it has sence to have zer home close to vhere ze get zer ingredients. But having zer home so far out here, ze must not get very many visitors."

Blitz tried not to look around as he walked, for the sake of Xiania. But his eyes always wandered.

"I hast to ask, how long does zat potion last?"

odarien wrote:Xiania looks back down at Blitz. "You are right of course Xiania rarely get's visitors but she sets up shop elsewhere, but it still would be nice to have company sometimes." She shrugs and looks down at the colt. "Xiania does not know the exact duration of the brew but do not fear, She will warn you when the effects are almost up." She looks back to the direction she was being taken to and a small one story house starts to come into view "ah there be Xiania's home!"

einsUNDcolt wrote:As Xiania house came into view, Blitz quickened his pace. He didn't want the zebra to regrow on his head, despite the fact she would jump off his head before anything bad could happen.

Soon the two of them arrived at the small house. He walked up to the door and said; "Ve are here. Do ze need anyzing zat I could help ze vith? Vat I vas suppose to do here I hast already done. I am useless here and I vould return to Cloudsdale. I have time to help if ze vould vant me?"

odarien wrote:Looks at the door and back down to blitz. "Xiania thanks you for the offer and she could use some help with her next brew but first, you must help her through the door she can't open it at her size."

Blitz nods and pushes the door open stepping inside. The main room is surprisingly clean with a few trappings of zebra culture inside a shield or two and a couple charms. In the center of the room sits a crystal ball with smoke swirling inside of it. "Xiania's potion room be downstairs where it is much cooler and better on the plants. She points at a trap door and blitz looks curiously up at the tiny zebra before opening it and trotting down to the dark basement.

It has a large cauldron and the walls are filled with ingredients. "Here we are, Xiania's potion room try not to sample anything who knows what they might do." she hops off blitz's head and lands on a nearby table. "Now then could you crush the leaves in the fourth pocket to the left? put them in nice and quick."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz did what he was asked of as quickly as he could, crushing the leaves was easy enough. He may not understand alchemy nor was capable of acutally doing it without instruction, but he was able to crush plants.

"Vat ist zis for?" Blitz asked, putting the crushed leaves in the cauldron. He shook his hooves to make sure all of the leaves made it into the cauldron.

odarien wrote:Xiania hops off the table and rapidly resumes her normal size. "Xiania likes this much better though It is nice to use another pony for a ride." Xiania chuckles and trots over to the potion. "It's for the strength potion Xiania told you about, she must some more things to it so that it has the kick needed." she starts to browse through the many containers in the room mumbling under her breath.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz was unsure of how he felt being used like that. He couldn't very well leave a shrunken zebra on the edge of the Everfree Forest. Blitz was constantly unsure of himself around Xiania, and he wasn't sure how he felt about that.

"Vat, else do ze vant me to do?" Blitz asked.

He was unfamiliar with most of the herbs in here. Every single instrament was unfamiliar to him. He could only guess at what Xiania was doing and what she was mumbling to herself.

odarien wrote:Xiania pops open one container and sniffs. "Xiania thinks this would help." she shakes some dark powder into the cauldron. "Not to much else Xiania is afraid to say, the brew needs to simmer for an hour." She smiles at blitz. "Xiania has an idea why not let her read your future, Xiania offers that service for free to all who call themselves peacekeepers." she checks the fire under the cauldron before putting a lid over it. "What do you say? It would be interesting to see what your future holds."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz shrugged, "Vhy not. Es ist free."

Blitz thought it might actually be enjoyable to find out his fortune. The pegasus wasn't very concerned though, he considered fortunetelling to be more of a card game than actual magic. He enjoyed seeing what the cards held and shrugged to himself when they came true. It was Blitz's opinion that if one came true, it was more likely do to coincidence than actual magic.

odarien wrote:Xiania nods and laughs. "Good, good! then back upstairs we go!" she turns and starts to head to the staircase. She suddenly giggles and turns to Blitz. "Do try to keep your wandering eyes on the stairs Xiania would hate to have to heal your injuries if you missed a step." she laughs again and starts to trot upstairs. "Xiania will try her best to see into your future Xiania wonders what is in store for you?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz flushed red a little bit at the comment. He followed Xiania up the stairs and kept his eyes firmly locked on his hooves and the steps in front of him. He almost made it up the stairs without incident, but the he short stepped and slipped on the lip of the top stair. It didn't cause him to fall, just stumble.

"I svear I vasn't looking."

odarien wrote:Xiania smiles back at Blitz "Xiania believes you, now then take a seat." she gestures at the table with the crystal ball. She trots over to a different door however. "Xiania must go collect something before we begin, make yourself comfortable it will not take to long to find." She laughs and goes through the door her tail swishing behind her. Entering her bedroom she begins to root through it trying to find something. "Where did she leave it...perhaps in a drawer?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz made himself comfortable at the table and through the reflection in the crystal ball watched Xiania leave.

Vhy do I alvays do zat? Blitz thought shaking his head and looking at something else, anything else.

He looked around, making himself familiar with his surroundings. The place was amazing. Seemingly random doodads hung from the ceiling. Walls were adorned with masks and other tribal things that made no sense to the pegasus. He was in awe at the house, and was curious as to what a lot of the things in there ment.

odarien wrote:Eventually Xiania returns with a small box with some strange carvings in it. She smiles wide and takes a seat next to blitz. "Xiania has found what she was looking for. This box holds an old set of Tarot cards given to Xiania from her old teacher. Of all the things Xiania possesses this is the best tool she has to predict the future." She jerks her head at the crystal ball. "That is just for show, Xiania couldn't use that to predict the future any more then an earth pony could cast spells." she shrugs and pulls out the deck. Starting to shuffle it expertly. "Now then, Xiania must ask you what you wish to know about your future."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Crystal balls, runed box of cards, living on the edge of the Everfree. Most ponies usually stay away from such things, Blitz could care less. He loved to hear what zebras and unicorn mystics said about the future and shamanistic things. Seeing his "future" made Blitz think about what could happen. If it came true he would usually be pleased about the outcome, if it didn't, he just shrugged it off and continued with his life.

The funny thing about the future, it is always changing based upon what we do now. Telling a pony thier future is like telling a pony not to get a glass of water on a hot summer day. They'll try to avoid it, but it will usually come to bite them in the rear.

"Vhy not?" Blitz shrugged. He thought a bit about what he wanted to ask. Not much came to mind, so he went with the second one he thought of, the first involving the war, which he didn't want to know. "Have I met my special someone?"

odarien wrote:Xiania grins and cuts the deck "Then your love life we shall see what is in store for you." She places a card face up and then lays a card on top of it sideways. She then places a card below the first two and places a card on each side going clock wise. She then deals four more cards off to the side face up in a line. She leans in close to peer at the cards and laughs. She points to the first card she placed. "Xiania see's that you have not been very fortunate with your love life so says the ten of wands. But look what lies across it is Justice, that means for good or ill you will have a good influence to aid you." She then points the the card below it. "It seems your own labors have led to your failure at finding a love so says the four of wands. But!" she points to the card in the next clockwise position "Behind you lies the eight of pentacles your skill, and your trade now that you have learned them they no longer bar your path." She then points to the topmost card. "The three of pentacles says that your skill shall aid you in discovering your love." She then points to the last card in the plus signed pattern. "This card is the Nightmare moon. (Devil) it means you have many strange experiences before your love is found." She then turns her attention to the line of cards. "Now then these will show what must be done. The bottom most card is the star but see how it is upside down? that means you have unfulfilled hopes and crushed dreams about this question. now the next card is Temperance which means the ponies around you see that your situation is not bad, and will have a good influence on it." she points to the next card. "Now then this is the Magician and interesting card even more so that it's reversed. that means you have insecurity perhaps you know your special pony but are unsure if she is the right one. and now the last card the one that represents the outcome of this telling." she giggles. "You will have children it seems with this pony and you will try something new." She looks at blitz "Well, what do you think?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Zat vas... interesting." Blitz said.

The cards spoke in circles, or so Blitz thought. All he was able to get out of it was that; his training stopped him from finding his special someone, he may have met came across her before, strange things will happen, and he will be unsure of her.

"Vat does it mean ven zey say try somezing new?"

odarien wrote:Looks thoughtful "Well looking at the cards before it, Xiania would say that meeting this pony will make you do something you have never done before per considered. Since it is in the upright position that means that it will be positive at least." she thinks for a few seconds. "It could mean anything really, from taking up a new trade or perhaps dating something other then a pegasus." she shrugs and smiles. "Xiania find's that fortunes can be very odd at times but that is what the cards say."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Ze cards are zer interesting." Blitz looked around the room. "Vat can ze tell me about vat ze have here?" Blitz asked, genuinly curious.

A lot of things caught his attention, then his gaze wandered to Xiania and her baubles. "Can ze tell me vat zose are?"

odarien wrote:Xiania nods "Yes they can be Xiania loves reading them..." she blinks a few times when blitz asks about her own baubles. "Xiania...has never been asked about them before." she looks a little surprised then she smiles. "They are just some things Xiania likes to collect." she plays with one of her earings. "This was a gift from Xiania's parents when she began her training." she smiles softly and points to her bracelet. "And this was a gift from her grand matron and teacher when she discovered her talent for looking into the mists of the future." She giggles a little. "Xiania must be boring you, will all this."
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Re: Everfree Forest, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:59 pm

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Nein, ze ist fine. I love to listen."

Blitz always thought that if his special talent hadn't been sharpshooting, it would have been gaining random knowledge. He just loved to learn and enjoyed finding out about one's past. He would spend hours just talking about pony's past and sharing parts of his own in return.

odarien wrote:"Xiania will tell you more then." she smiles and stands up. "After she gets something to snack on, that little adventure in the forest has made Xiania hungry." She chuckles and looks at Blitz. "You would like something as well?" she giggles not really waiting for and answer and she heads off into the kitchen. "Xiania will get something for the both of us." she calls as she passes through the door and begins to root through her pantry.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz chuckled to himself and he watched the zebra mare head to the kitchen. His eyes weren't on her flank, they were on her mane, her beautifully stripped mane.

Habe ich gerade zum Mittagessen eingeladen zu werden.

odarien wrote:Xiania returns with a pair of sandwiches on a platter with a glass of punch for each of them. "Xiania has brought something tasty! Daisy sandwiches." she places the platter between them and takes a bite. "Xiania love's them on short notice." she giggles and takes a bite and looks at blitz curiously. "So have you enjoyed your stay at Xiania's house?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:That giggle. Why did it affect him so? He loved to hear it and wanted to hear her laugh, not just giggle. He wanted... what? What did he want? The zebra mare confused him beyond all else, several times she made him unsure of himself, which rarely happened. He took a bite then mulled over his thoughts. He really didn't know what to do.

Ich habe gerade durch Gespräche beginnen.

"Zer house ist very interesting. Lot's of zings I haven't see before. Lots I vish to know." He finished another bite. "I vould like to know vere ze learned how to cook? Zis ist gut."

OOC: Translations done by Google

odarien wrote:Xiania smiles "Xiania is glad you like her house her people have quite a few knickknacks that she likes to keep around." She takes another bite and looks around the room. "It is nice at least to have a pony over who is curious most just enter Xiania's house asking for their fortunes told or for her to craft a brew. None so far have asked about anything in Xiania's home other then that crystal ball." She tips her head at it again and laughs. "Xiania will gladly answer as question you have to slate that burning curiosity in your eyes."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Ze confuse me, ze make me unsure of myself. I vould like to know as to vhy?"

That question had been burning inside of him since he first offered a ride to the wonderious looking zebra mare. He didn't know why he offered her a ride, she seemed at home in the Everfree, and he didn't doubt her abilities. Her skill with alchemy had impressed him on several occasions. Blitz was certain she would have been able to find her way home.

odarien wrote:Xiania stops laughing and seems a little confused. "Hmm you say Xiania makes you confused and doubt yourself? Well, that is something Xiania wasn't expecting to answer." she blinks a few times and takes a drink from her punch. "Xiania is confused herself, she did not mean to cause such trouble in your mind and feelings." she tips her head to the side a little then smiles. "As to why Xiania doesn't know but perhaps the answer is inside of your heart." She laughs again and takes a bite of her sandwich suddenly looking thoughtful. As to what she was thinking about there was no sign.

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Zer ist something about ze, and I don't know vat it ist. Ze ist very... very... I don't know vat."

Blitz looked at his half eaten sandwich and took a bite. He glanced up and watched the zebra mare eat. Something about the zebra intrigued him, but what was it? Why was he uncertain about himself? Why was he always asking himself these questions?

odarien wrote:Xiania giggles and takes another bite of her sandwich. "Xiania partially understands, She is a zebra that is something ponies don't see everyday." she shrugs and smiles. "But it could be something else she thinks, but she isn't quite sure." she sips her punch and looks at blitz for a few seconds. "But Xiania will try her best to help sort out what issues she has brought on your head and heart." she smiles and pats him on the shoulder before finishing off her sandwich. "Xiania is glad however that she stumbled across you in the forest."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Ya, I am glad too. I vould still be looking for zat clearing if it vasn't for ze."

Blitz smiled along with Xiania that giggle was attractive. Is that what Xiania was to Blitz, an attractive mare? He had to admit that he found parts of Xiania attractive, how she was always happy, her mane and her... glyph mark. But he hadn't known her all that long, not even a full day. Was he really that eager to get into a relationship, or was he looking for a friend? Celestia knows that he didn't have enough, Peacekeepers don't really make friends.

odarien wrote:Xiania smiles "Well Xiania is sure you would have found it eventually." she picks up her plate and glass. "Xiania will clean up then we can resume our little chat." she sets off back to the kitchen with one smile at the confused stallion she fully enters the kitchen and starts to wash her dish. {Poor Blitz he seems overwhelmed, Xiania wonders if it's because of that reading.} She shrugs and puts her plate away. {Xiania should ask if he has any other questions when she goes back.}

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz was totally not watching her flank as she walked back into the kitchen, carrying the dishes. So much was on his mind, the terot card reading, questions about why he was confused about this mare, questions about her speach pattern, and even questions about his sanity.

He began to wonder if his inability to make up his mind right now, ment he was going insane? Blitz was unsure about that too. He just set his head on the table and wondered why. Just why.

Irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit mir.

odarien wrote:Xiania returns from the kitchen ready to ask her question when she notices the stallion with his head on the table. She blinks a few times and trots over putting a hoof on his withers. "Xiania is now concerned for your well being, Xiania wishes to know if you are still troubled about her. If Xiania is effecting you so much perhaps you should get some air? Xiania hates seeing you so distressed." She looks down concerned at Blitz she hadn't expected this sort of reaction from him at all, sure she got some funny looks but she could easily ignore them but a stallion acting like this was new to her.

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I do need some air," Blitz said, getting up. "Ven I get back, I vould like to know how ze learned alchemy."

He trotted out of the house and began to walk around, slowly, thinking. A few minutes later, the cool breeze and the fresh air cleared Blitz's mind and he facehoofed, twice. He was such an idiot, how did he let himself act like that. Let his thoughts get so cluttered and disorganized. It was clear, Xiania had an affect on him because he totally liked her. Liked the way she talked, walked, acted, and laughed. Blitz walked over to the nearest tree and hit it with his head, producing a hearty thunk. He let his enexperience and unwillingness fog his thoughts.

Blitz breathed deeply and ignored the pain in his head. He liked a zebra, and not just any zebra, the first zebra mare he had ever seen. He had seen three different zebras, all where male, and all were skilled with alchemy. He wondered if that was some sort of zebra thing. Right now, he needed to not think, he needed to clear his mind and let the cool air help.

odarien wrote:Xiania nodded as Blitz got up and left the house. "Xiania will answer your question when you get back don't worry." she blinks as he leaves and she shakes her head with a small smile. She looks down at the cards she had yet to pick up and looks closely at the formation before picking them up and putting them back into the box. {It was an interesting fortune to be sure.} She shakes her head and chuckles before moving back to her bedroom to put the card away. {Xiania doesn't normally do the cross for her customers but this stallion was different.} she places the box back in her drawer and trots back out into the main room. {Xiania hopes he is alright he was a nice stallion if he does have a case of wandering eyes.} she giggles again and sits on her chair waiting for him to return.

einsUNDcolt wrote:bleiben Sie ruhig. He told himself as he walked back into the house. He took his seat at the table. He felt so much better now, his mind no longer had the haze it had earlier. Blitz no longer felt confused and unsure of himself.

"Ich fühle mi- I-I feel better." He rubbed his head and smiled. "So, how did ze get so gut at alchemy?"

odarien wrote:Xiania smiles back. "Xiania is glad to hear that, now you are curious about her alchemy well it's something most zebra's are taught at least at my tribe. It's a very useful and powerful craft similar to the magic unicorns posses. Xiania was trained back when she was just a little filly, she accidentally caused an explosion that turned everything a shade of pink." She giggles and looks at blitz. "It was quite a mess it was a few weeks before everything returned to their normal color. Xiania was taken away from the class for a while until she could recite the basic handbook by heart." she sighs. "Not the most interesting time in her life, but learning the basics is a big stepping stone." She smiles at blitz. "It was during those long sessions that Xiania discovered her talent at foresight she would play with an old set of tarot cards that her mother had but didn't use and it turned out I could read them rather easily."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Vhy did ze kommen here? Vhy not stay home and vork zer? Equestria is a very different place."

odarien wrote:"Xiania chose to come to equestria she felt her talents could be put to better use here then in her homelands." She smiles "Yes it is different very different for Xiania it took some getting used to. But, Xiania still enjoys it here so many interesting things and more interest in her own craft." she shrugs. "Xiania does miss her home but she left with the blessings of her tribe Xiania doesn't regret leaving one bit and though they miss Xiania they know she is working to help other ponies." She giggles lightly. "Such as yourself Blitz though Xiania was unsure if she was being helpful before she is glad to see you have calmed down. Tell Xiania have you figured out your question?"

einsUNDcolt wrote:"I sink I have, ze are a nice zebra. Ze hast help me. I don't know much about ze, but I figured out vhy ze confuse me." Blitz smiled.

"In ze homeland, vere ze considered skilled?"

odarien wrote:Xiania smiles "Well Xiania is glad to hear you have solved the problem." she giggles and turns to the crystal ball on the table. "In xiania's home she was skilled yes, there were other's more skilled of course but she spent most of her time learning to read the future, not a lot of ponies put stock into her words and she does not blame them. Often times when they don't hear what they want or that it doesn't come true right away they blame Xiania and call her a fraud." She shrugs "But Xiania knows she cannot please everypony and does not dwell on them." She looks back at Blitz for a few seconds. "To answer more of that question Foresight is a rare talent if you were to take my cards and try to do a reading you wouldn't get the same answer, only me and the grandmatron had this talent."

einsUNDcolt wrote:"Ze learned zis from ze grandmatron? Zat ist cool." Blitz smiled a little. "Mein grandvater taught me to shoot. Mein vater taught me to fight. Mein mutter taught me how to act. Es ist gut ven family teaches zings to zer children und grandchildren."

His grandfather gave him the gun he uses today in the first shooting competition he took a part in. It was also the first competition in which he won. He loved his flintlock rifle and treated it like it was his own foal. He always made sure it was clean and in working order. He kept it in a display case until it was needed. The gun had always been a good luck charm for him. In all the times he used the flintlock, he had only came in second once. The only other times he lost was when he couldn't use his grandfather's gun.

odarien wrote:"Xiania agree's with you, one day Xiania wishes to pass on her knowledge to her future children." She laughs gets up. "But it is not my time to dwell on such things." She looks at the trapdoor and walks over to it. "Xiania will go check on her potion and will be right back." She smiles at blitz before trotting down the stairs.

At the bottom she takes the lid off the cauldron and gives it a few stirs. "Needs something else it's not setting quite right." She starts to browse through her ingredients again. "Something strong to replace those fangs."

einsUNDcolt wrote:Her potion, Blitz had forgotten about the potion. Probably due to him hitting his head and watching Xiania. The day had been going intersting, and there was still daylight.

Blitz got up and wandered the small living room. He stopped at a shelf and looked at the different herbs. He did't recognize most of them but he did know a few; Dragon's Tongue and Lavender. Strange herbs to place next to eachother. Next to the Dragon's Tongue was a herb that was labeled Death Bell. That sounded ominous.

Ich frage mich, was es tut. He thought sarcastically.

odarien wrote:Xiania was still rooting through her many herb containers. "Now where did Xiania leave that mandrake root...perhaps nirnroot will work too." She muses to herself though her mind started to drift to other things her home, the family she left behind and now that stallion upstairs. She giggles and pushes some containers aside. {He is nice enough, and it's nice to see he has figured out what his problem is, Xiania has an idea why but we will see.} She accidentally knocks over one of her containers and the lid pops off. Xiania blinks for a few secons as a fine powder is sprayed into the air. "Oh dear, that's not good." She glances at the container briefly {Powdered blood lotus root.} She suddenly feels lightheaded. "Not good, no-t...goo-d..." her world spins around her and she falls against the shelf knocking a few more containers over. As blackness overtakes her senses she idly wonders what will happen next.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Blitz was in the middle of wondering if Death Bell lived up to its name, when he heard a crash from the basement. Instincts kicked in and he ran down stairs. He pushed open the door and saw the unconscious Xiania. Containers lay haphazardly on the floor, spilling their contents. Xiania lay next to an overturned table. A redish powder was all over the place, and some was on Xiania.

He gathered Xiania in his arms and flew up the staires. He set her next to the table that they sat at not a few moments before. Quickly he ran into the kitchen, found a rag, got said rag wet, and returned to Xiania. Unsure of how to help, he began to wipe the powder off as best he could.

odarien wrote:Xiania doesn't respond as she is carried up the stairs and her breathing is shallow. She twitches a little as the cool cloth touches her but she doesn't get up or open her eyes. Her breathing becomes a little deeper though it's almost as if she is in a deep sleep. When the last of the red powder is cleaned up she still doesn't get up but she seems more peaceful.

einsUNDcolt wrote:Was muss ich tun?

The powder was off of her, more or less. The zebra mare was still unconscious, but she seemed peaceful. He put the rag in the sink and began looking for a bed. When one was found, he picked up Xiania and flew her to the bed. He covered her in the blanket and returned down stairs.

With upmost caution, he avoided touching the red powder while putting all the herbs back in their respective containers. It took him a while, and some of the herbs had the red powder on them, so he left them alone. When he gathered up all the herbs that didn't have the powder, he grabbed a broom. He looked at the powder and wasn't sure if he should sweep it up or wait for Xiania to waken and tell him what to do.

Morning_Glory wrote:Scarlet Glory had spent the day flying, jotting down reports she knew no one would ever read, over somewhere she knew the Generals would never care about. Soaring above the greenery, she sighed resignedly. This was how she was going to spend the rest of her military service. Flying around in some pony-forsaken territory left to grow wild, making useless notes and wasting time. She shook her head. Even flying couldn't bring her any relief from her disillusionment, and it was only growing worse by the moment. Frustrated, she let out a mutter and brought herself down through the treetops for a landing, landing lightly on all four hooves and folding her wings onto her back.

The terrain around her was rugged, swampish, and smelled faintly of rotting algae, and Scarlet wrinkled her nose in disgust. "I can't believe they would send me to some place as remote as this. There's not a pony for miles, and there's no way the dragons would want to get their hands on a place that smells this bad." She muttered, sitting down and letting out a sigh. "Stuck out here with no family, no friends, no real job, just busy work until the Generals decide something better to do with me." She said to herself angrily, "But, it had to be said! How could they put a price on the heads of ponies brave enough to venture so far from their homes! It's not just cruel, it's barbaric!" She said through gritted teeth, before rubbing her face with her hoof, "but there's not a thing I could do about it from out here, not like this." She said resignedly, glancing around at the swampy, filthy waters.
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