Manehattan, Chapter 1

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Manehattan, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:27 pm

SkyPhazer wrote:Manehattan. The Great City of Advancement. In the Center of the Town lies the great Center Park, a Decorated Garden maintained by The Great Botanist, Hedge Trimmer.

If you need to go someplace fast, you could try Mane Center Station, which takes Ponies where they need to go faster than normal.

If aquiring Items is more in your Forte, you can go to one of the many shops here in Manehattan. There's at least one on every street.

The Tallest Building here in Manehattan, is a Giant Silver Building called the Equestrian Senate Building. Here, you can contact the local Peacekeeper General, should you need assistance with anything.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:"Hahaha! I really should get into art!" chuckled Gnafryt, as he spray painted his nickname, Prank, on the side of a building in an alleyway.
The last time he had this much fun with art utensils, was when he was in Canterlot, and drew mustaches on as many portraits as he could. Today was probably his second day in Manehattan, scoping out good places to find the materials for his pranks. He already had set up his little mischief machine earlier in the day, so now he was just spraying random graffiti everywhere. Though, he already did do a large smiley face
on the side of the Equestrian Senate Building, he was having a lot of fun just signing his name everywhere.
The spray can then started spluttering, and then refused to spray any more paint.
"Aw...Well, I was getting bored of spray painting anyways." Prank said, tossing the can down the alley. "Hmm...The prank should've gotten bigger by now... Did something happen? I'll have to go check on it..."

He then trotted out of the alleyway, checked if anypony was watching, and headed off to the Central Trotting Park.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Prank arrived at the Central Trotting Park, and snuck down to one of the gardener's sheds dotting the area. Prank had heard that recently, the gardener manning that shed was fired, Something about "eating the plants". Prank didn't care, as long as he was undisturbed, he was happy. He had taken pictures of the area, and taped hem onto the security cameras. Within the shed, he had set up a rather large box made of bread. He didn't know how to make a bread-box, but aparentally a baker in downtown Manehattan did. Within the box, he put a few Parasprites. He caught the little creatures on one of his Poison Joke Harvesting sessions back in Ponyville.

"Hmmm...the stupid things should've gotten out of the box by now, so what's the issue?" Prank muttered, approaching the door. He then heard a large amount of fluttering within.

"Ah, consarnit! I should've known! The dumb things don't even know how to open a door!" Prank said, annoyed. He opened the door, and was knocked down by a swarm of Parasprites flying out.

"Finally! After this, Manehattan should be devastated! This'll be hilarious!" Prank said, laughing. He couldn't help but feel giddy, seeing the Parasprites fly towards the downtown area.

Knight Tyrfang wrote:Suddenly, Prank heard sirens.

"Ah crap, it's the copponies! I should split!" Prank said, cursing. He then galloped away from Central Trotting Park, and galloped as fast as he could through alley ways, and parked carts.

"Alright, they probably don't know who pulled that prank, but I shouldn't relax until I reach the city limits..." Prank muttered.

Eventually, he reached the city limits. That was when he heard the first scream of panic. He couldn't help but grin. He then trotted off cheerily into the Hoofterland, humming a happy tune.

Korkoa wrote:A unicorn named Flame Mane walked out of the Equestrian Senate Building. He had just become a full-time Peacekeeper, and was supposed to go to Canterlot to pick up his new armor. It seemed a strange way for the system to work, but Flame wasn't complaining. He'd never been to Canterlot before, and... Was that a scream? Flame's ears perkep up as he ran out to the street, and he skidded to a stop when he saw the hoard of Parasprites. Oh boy... Where did they come from?! There hadn't been a Parasprite infestation in Manehattan in... In forever! Well, he had to help somehow... Flame stepped into the street, his horn glowing. A wall of fire shot up in front of him, halting the parasprites advance into the city. His control over fire had helped when he was a firefighter, and now it seemed to be useful for pest control too!

MagusZeal wrote:Two weeks ago Mustang awoke without an idea who he was or why he was sleeping in the middle of a decimated battlefield with a nasty puncture wound in his flank. If not for a note written in what he later determined to be his own writing he wouldn't have even been sure of his name. Yet the red stallion still wasn't sure why the note bid him towards Manehatten or even why he was following it at all. Still he was here, even if his leg still ached with each step.

For the last two days he kept to the side streets and the less crowded stores unsure just how infamous he was, or if he was even known as a member of the Draconic Alliance. Judging from the few Peacekeepers he spoke to though his name didn't seem to raise any alerts or concerns, though his gryphon companion Razorclaw was another matter.

Given how rare it was for a pony to turn their flank to Equestria he knew his superiors wouldn't let him go to Manehatten alone. Still it meant he had some backup if somepony did recognize him, or worse something were to happen.

Early in the morning the pair split so each could handle a few morning chores with the intention of meeting outside Mane Center Station before lunch. The idea was Razorclaw and Mustang was fine with it, he was getting tired of taking the long way round anyhow. More importantly the few stores they found over the last two days weren't what Mustang was looking for and something was pushing the stallion towards the larger stores. His only wish was that he knew what it was he was seeking in this city.

Venturing out into the major streets he took notice that few ponies gave him more than a polite nod or hello as he made his way to Mane Center Station. Noting the time he broke into a trot not wanting to be late for the rendezvouses. Drawing closer he could see Razorclaw when the first screams came echoing down the streets from Central Trotting Park.

Sliding to a stop the unicorn turns to see what could only be described as a rapidly thinning wave of creatures swarming through the streets. ”Parasprites, here?!” the thought and knowledge of what the creatures were made him pause for a moment as ponies ran past him. It wasn't till somepony slammed into him and sending the stallion sprawling to the street that his mind began to process the sitaution. ”Worry about it later Mustang, bigger things are a foot.”

Getting to his feet he glances back towards Razorclaw motioning for the gryphon to join him.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw saw Mustang motion him forward and ducked to the next bush up. Ever since the war started, Gryphons weren't a welcome sight in Manehattan. It'd been hard enough finding the shops where Gryphons were welcome this morning, and having rotten apples thrown at him in the streets wasn't an experience he'd like to repeat. He finally made his way next to Mustang and chuckled at the sight of the Parasprites. "Hehe... Look at the little ponies run! Hey maybe we should catch a few of those little fuzzballs, take them back to the Keep and breed them into weapons, eh?"


Flame Mane kept pushing the Parasprites down Mane Street with his fire wall. He knew that Mane Street emptied out into the Hoofterlands, if he could get the Parasprites out there they'd leave...

MagusZeal wrote:A soft chuckles escapes Mustangs lips, "Weaponize, that's simple you find someone stupid enough to use some magic to make them eat inedible material instead of normal food." Again the unfamiliar thought came up, even as the stallion watches the parasprites start spreading out. Thinking for a moment he stops noting the Razorclaw looking at him, "No I can't do that, not even sure if anypony living could pull off something like that."

"Sides if this gets out of hand we'll be fighting over a wasteland," Looking around the unicorn spots a flash of flame further down a street. Crouching lower Mustang turns towards the flames a smile spreading on his face, "So how are you at herding?"

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw raised an eyebrow and shrugged. "I think I can handle herding a few parasprites. What did you have in mind?"

MagusZeal wrote:"No hesitation, perfect." Pointing a hoof towards the flames further down the street Mustang looks to the skies noting the general chaos that engulfs the city. "We're going to be heroes, and that's where we'll pull it off." He could still see a dozen or more pegasus in the air.

Korkoa wrote:Razorclaw raised his other eyebrow. "So... We herd the fuzzballs into the fire? Sounds good to me, I like burning stuff!" Normally he'd have taken more charge in the situation, but that annoying little dragon, Scales, had told him to just observe how Mustang did. God, he hated Scales...

MagusZeal wrote:"Close enough, round up any pegasus you can and get them to herd every parasprite towards the Equestrian Senate Building. I'll move up and assist who ever that is in containing them," he hoped. "If we're lucky we can end this and get us some breathing room." He could only hope Razorclaw understood what he was trying to do as he kept scanning the sky.

Korkoa wrote:"Aww great, interaction with Pegasi..." Razorclaw muttered, before taking off. He swiftly flew after the largest group of Pegasi, and relayed the plan: Herd the little buggers towards that wall of fire. After gathering together a few more of the flying ponies, Razorclaw got to work herding the Parasprites towards the wall of flame...

MagusZeal wrote:Waiting only for Razerclaw to take to the sky, Mustang gallops down the street towards the crackling walls of flame. With every stride the stallion was thankful the street was finally clearing, "How the buck am I going to contain these things?"

Up ahead he could see the walls were trying to direct the parasprites out of town, "Good idea he, but to soon." He was still to far to be heard by anypony directing the flames. "Need to contain them and search for stragglers, a loaner can restart this entire infestation again," again knowledge was coming from somewhere and he wasn't sure where from.

Noticing his hoof falls slowing the stallion shakes his head focusing on the task ahead, "Not important right now, gotta contain these things, but how?" Words began to leap in his minds eye yet only one held any real meaning to him. Looking frantically at the refuse left in the streets by the fleeing ponies he quickly rejects the idea before turning back towards the towering rooftops. "Telekinesis a water tower? No a water tower's not large enough, need something larger."

Again the words from the note came forth as he drew close enough to feel the flames heat. Pressing on he began working through each as they came, "Meteor Hoof?" At the thought he could feel a familiar tingle run through his horn, only to cease as the stallion tripped over his own hooves. Skidding the rest of the way on his chin the unicorn stops a few feet from one of the flaming walls as his long coat flips over his head obscuring his sight. In exasperated tone he mutters to the air, "Yeah that defiantly won't help."

Korkoa wrote:Flame Mane jumped in surprise as another unicorn skidded to a stop beside him. The distraction nearly caused the flame wall to fall, but he caught it in time. "Um... Can I help you?"

MagusZeal wrote:"Cotan'em," Mustang's muzzle felt numb. Sitting up the unicorn ignored the long coat dangling over his face as his foreleg began massaging his jaw. "That one is defiantly out. Hope I didn't dislocate anything."

Korkoa wrote:Flame Mane looked quizzically at the new unicorn. "Contain them? I dunno, I was thinking I'd get the bulk of them out of here, then deal with the rest, but I suppose your plan works too." The glow around Flame's horn brightened, and another wall sprung up, completely containing the Parasprites.

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan - Fighting the Swarm:

An Alicorn. A rare sight to some Ponies, even rarer for the other species who never saw the two Princesses. This Alicorn's name was Lightning Blast, and he was one of the Peacekeepers, an order of.. well, Peacekeepers. They fought against the Dragon menace that had come back to the peaceful land of Equestria; well, if anyone was in Manehattan right now, they wouldn't consider Equestria so peaceful.

He flew through the air, just trying to find the main swarm so that he could help contain them; he spotted a cell of fire containing a large swarm of Parasprites. He flew down to talk to the Pony who seemed to be controlling the flames, and spoke to him, "Do you have the whole swarm? Or are there more floating around?" he said, raising his voice over the roaring flames.


Korkoa wrote:Flame looked up and saw Lightning Blast, who he recognized as a fellow Peacekeeper. "I've got the bulk of the swarm contained, and the Pegasi should be working on rounding the rest up! " He cried.

MagusZeal wrote:Still massaging his chin Mustang flicks he head back throwing the long coat back in place he barely notices the Alicorn floating nearby, "Thair's more out thair, but twust me. I've gat a fwend marswelling the pigasui." Shaking his head for a moment, Mustang takes a moment to work his jaw. "Okay, what about this Magus Star thing?" Again the thought brought a tingling sensation to his horn only this time he could see the dark glow emanating from it.

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan - Talking to Flame and Mustang:

Lightning nodded to Flame, and then turned to Mustang, who he did not recognize, "Who are you, Unicorn?" he asked, flying lower to the ground to get a better look at the Pony. "And where is this friend of yours? I need to find him so I can help him and those Pegasi," he said, awaiting a response from Mustang.


MagusZeal wrote:Stretching his tongue for a moment Mustang shakes his head again as the tingle grows stronger, "Sorry, names Mustang. Razorclaw shouldn't be hard to find, he's the only grphyon in the air," a quick glance skyward shows parasprites and pegasui darting through the sky, "I think."

Turning towards the speaker Mustang's horn stops glowing instantly as the feeling in his horn faded, "You're an alicorn?!"

SkyPhazer wrote:SKY PHAZER -

Oh no. No no no no. NO.

This isn't how the day usually goes. Usually, it's "Wake Up, Get Ready, and Deliver Messages". Today, it was "Wake Up, Panic, Run Around Screaming due to the Parasprites".

And NOW, a Giant wall of fire was in my way.

Through the Flames, I could see a Two Unicorns... and... an... Alicorn? What on earth is an Alicorn doing here?

"Hey, uh... you guys? Am I supposed to be on THIS side of the wall of fire?"

A Terrible Shock came to me. "Oh no... I didn't forget to pay my Electric Bill, did I? I knew they were changing Policies, but, I never thought Parasprites and Giant Walls of FIRE was part of it... I didn't vote for this!"

I swatted several Parasprites away from me. Great. This was just GREAT.

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan - Talking to Mustang:

Lightning looked at his wings, and then back to Mustang, "Oh, I guess I am. Huh... never noticed," he said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. He cracked a chuckle, and spoke again, "Yes, I'm an Alicorn, one of the few alive. Name's Lightning Blast, by the way," he said, turning his attention to the other side of the wall of fire. He noticed a Pegasus on the other side, and he looked to Flames, "There's someone on the other side, get them out of there, I need to find this Razorclaw Gryphon," he said, taking off higher into the air to search.


Korkoa wrote:Flame Mane was ignoring the conversation around him, focusing on the flame wall he was generating. Then... Of course. "Um... Yeah, you're not supposed to be there!" He focused some more and a small opening appeared in the flame wall. "Come on, get out of there!"

SkyPhazer wrote:SKY PHAZER -

Oh good. An opening.

I quickly ran through the opening, turned around, and pointed a hoof at the wall of fire.

"If THAT is how you guys are dealing with unpaid Electric Bills, I'm moving out of town!"

Korkoa wrote:Flame managed to close the hole before too many Parasprites escaped, then turned to Sky Phazer. "Actually, I'm trying to contain the little vermin so we can get rid of them, I had no idea you were in there, I swear!"

MagusZeal wrote:Barely paying attention to the unicorn and pegasus, Mustang's eyes follow the Lightning Blast as he takes to the air. Still craning his neck he watches till the alicorn vanishes behind a building. Turning back to the pair, his mind merely notes the pegasus is no longer in danger. "Right, you." He points a hoof towards the pegasus, "I need you to make sure none of the parasprites get out of the fire box and to round up any that just got out."

Forcing himself to stand he winces at the pain in his flank before turning towards the unicorn than to the fire. "Not sure what happened there." Trying not to think about the alicorn he address the unicorn, "Can you manage enough walls to close all but one opening on that?"

Korkoa wrote:Flame shrugged and nodded. "Hey, that's what I was doing in the first place! Which wall you want open?"

SkyPhazer wrote:Sky nodded. "Okay. So, um... This is ACTUALLY a Parasprite attack?"

Oh no. I just accused them of... I just accused these kind ponies of being TAX COLLECTORS.

"Oh my! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to accuse you of anything! I just heard of new policies, and I knew that things were getting crazy what with The Dragons attacking and..."

Sky chuckled to herself. "Oh, right! This is all just a dream! Let's see... When I wake up, none of this will have happened. I'll just simply wake up, and deliver more messages. Riiiight now."

Sky waited a couple seconds. "Okay. Riiiight now."

Another couple seconds. "Okay, yep! I'm sold, this is all true. Um, right! Rounding up... Parasprites."

Well, this is new.
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Re: Manehattan, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:55 pm

Korkoa wrote:Flame chuckled and shook his head. "Hey, don't worry about it! I;m Flame Mane, what's your name?" He made sure to keep an ear out for Mustangs instructions.

MagusZeal wrote:"North side, we want them to be able to funnel them in, I'll." his voice fell for a moment, "I'll handle making sure they don't get out the north side. You just worry about the other directions." Limping partially away from the pair Mustang shakes his head again, "Okay why do I think I can close this off?"

Sweat was starting to bead off his hide, even as he moved around only to stop, "Hey you can manage a lid for this right?"

SkyPhazer wrote:"Oh, um..." I'm not used to getting asked who I am. Not many people care about a Messenger Pony.

"Oh, uh... I'm just your average everyday Messenger Pony. No one really important."

Korkoa wrote:"Uh, I can manage a dome!" Flame yelled, turning back to Mustang. "I'll funnel them into the North Side, then!" He turned back to the Pegasus and smiled crookedly. "Aww, c'mon! I was just your average everyday firefighter, but I still had a name! What's yours?"

SkyPhazer wrote:Geez. This guy actually wanted my name.

"Um.. Sky Phazer... O- Of Sky Mail... I run the place... Um..." Sky tilted her head down. "I'm uh... I'm sorry, not used to talking to other ponies..."

A Lime Green Parasprite zipped past my face. "Oh, uh, look! It's a Parasprite! I uh, need to catch him, bye!"

I chased after it as fast as I could. That was extremely awkward. I probably should learn how to cooperate with other ponies. Particularly if I'm joining the Peacekeepers.

Korkoa wrote:Flame chuckled and shook his head. Well, he may as well get on with those instructions. He focused his efforts and created a domed roof for the fire walls, then opened up the wall blocking streets leading to the North Side. Now all he had to do was find out what that unicorn had planned.

MagusZeal wrote:Shouting his approval, Mustang trots around the edge of the flames till he could get a clear at the widening hole in the norther edge. "Now or never Mustang," the words were flooding back into his mind again now that the Alicorn was gone, "and I'm pretty sure I know what words aren't going to work now."

Steadying himself Mustang faces towards the opening and concentrates. "Void Projection," the thought barely finishes when the stallion feels a torrent of energy lash out from his horn striking the air before the opening within the now coalescing dome of fire. His hooves scrape across the ground for a moment as the blast pushes back a few inches. Opening an eye he looks up as he feels the energy still bubbling forth from his horn as black transparent wall seals the dome shut. Beyond the wall the parasprites look can be seen as white outlines beyond its surface. Yet, unlike Flame Mane, Mustang wasn't sure he could keep up this level of concentration for long.

"Alright Lightning, RC, and everypony. Get those parasprites inside."

SkyPhazer wrote:Oh great. When I followed this Parasprite, I thought it'd be as easy as getting rid of one. But then it changed to Three. Then Twelve. Then Seventeen.

I pulled my Messenger Bag off my shoulder. "Oh, no, I don't want to do this." I caught the Parasprites in the Bag and closed it shut. I could feel it grow as the Parasprites Doubled.

Okay. Bag of Parasprites. Giant Flaming Inferno. Bag of Parasprites.


I flew over to the Void Door, and tossed the bag in.

A Small Puff of Smoke shot up from the Bag.

Well, that was Anticlimactic.

Korkoa wrote:"Whoa..." Flame muttered, raising an eyebrow. He manipulated the flame wall, pushing the Parasprites towards the... Whatever it was that Mustang made.


Razorclaw saw the sprite trap and started herding his group of parasprites towards it, funneling them towards the black void Mustang made.

MagusZeal wrote:The bag struck the door from the outside and vanished in a puff of smoke, "Wait, what the buck?!" was his only response. His eyes went from Sky than back to the door as the parasprites on the other side seem uninjured as they began to press themselves against it, for a moment he couldn't understand why they were pushing up against the door, than he turned his gaze towards the dome.

The dome was collapsing up against the door, Mustang had only wanted to coral the parasprites not feed them to whatever he had created. Worse he could see the pegasui, alicorn, and RC herding the remainder of the parasprites right towards the door as they flew down the street. In less than a minute the parasprites would all in one place, and probably, burnt, dead or what ever his magic did shortly after.

"Come on Mustang think!" Already he could feel himself loosing the spell as his mind began to race frantically for an answer. As if sensing it the parasprites in the collapsing flame dome began to struggle against the projection. Quickly what was once a bubbling brook of energy emanating form his horn was turning into a dry riverbed. His strength starting to ebb he saw the wall start to buckle as cracks spiderweb their way across it's surface.

Everything was going wrong and quickly, if he let the parasprites burn few would think twice of declaring him a member of the Draconic Alliance, and letting them go could be just as disastrous. There had to be a way to get them out of the city and out of everyponies mane. "Come on, I'm not just some killer the DA let loose on random patrols. I'm more than that, come on think. It can't end here, not like this. Still gotta figure this out." Scrabbling for an answer the stallion could feel the spell starting to slip while the sound of cracking became worse.

Scrunching his eyes shut Mustang mind became more frantic as the wing beats of the parasprites and approaching pegasui reach his ears. Opening, one eye he finds himself looking towards the approaching group, only to have his sight land on Razorclaw calling out orders to the others. Than he saw a shadow pass over Razorclaw, his eye moves to find the source. His eye stops as he spots the alicorn Lightning Blast bring another group of parasprites into the main swarm.

Sighting the alicorn his pulse slows while his eyes constrict to tiny points as his mind seems to blank. Opening both eyes he turns his attention back to the door as it bulges obscenely at the struggles of the parasprites the cracks growing more pronounced as the flames lick at the rearmost group of the contained creatures.

Bracing his legs against the group Magus begins to concentrate, the dark light of his horn growing darker as bolts of deep purple leap across the cracks, gashes, and scrapes along the length of stallion's horn. The dark light flares to life at the tip of the horn while the ground beneath his hooves cracks and sinks a few inches.

In his mind he can see the edges of the door darken in hue before expanding and stretching away from the dome of flame. Inside the newly formed box parasprits give dash forward to escaping the on coming flames. As the last of the confined swarm enters its confines the box seals shut before rushing towards the remaining swarm.

His head turning turning to follow it's movement continues to concentrate as he mutters strange words, "Extrapolate for the curvature, map pegasui flight dynamics." As the leading edge of the herded swarm makes contact with the box no opening forms even though every parasprite passes through the walls becoming trapped inside as the box slows and stops. Remaining in existence for only a few more moments the entire structures vanishes.

For a moment nopony moves, than a messenger bag appears in the same space the box once occupied before falling to the ground now empty of the parasprites that were once inside.

The glow gone from his horn Mustang opens his eyes slowly even as he feels his legs began to loose their strength. Crashing to the ground he forces himself to look towards Lightning Blast. He doesn't wait long for the alicorn to turn towards him, "Ha, your face." is all he can manage before consciousness vanishes and the darkness settles over him.

[OCC: Mustang for all intents and purpose is now an item. Do with him as you will till he wakes up.]

SkyPhazer wrote:"Oh look! My bag!" Sky flew over to where the bag lay, Picked it Up, Brushed it Off, and slung it over her shoulder. "Good as New!" She proclaimed.

Thats when she saw the Unicorn, unconcious, on the ground. She walked over to him, and struggled to pick him up.
"Uggh, Somepony help. We should get this guy to a Hospital. Fast. And I can't pick this guy up." She exhaled, and sat down on the Concrete Road. "Jeez, what did this guy eat, rocks?"

Minewalrus wrote:Sparks heard the commotion from across town. He was on break for now, and had 2 hours with nothing to do; and it sounded like something...important? Dangerous? Catastrophic? was happening. Various ideas floated around in his head as he began making his way over to the location of the noise.
(OoC: little help? Couldn't think how to start getting into this.)

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-


A green earth pony wearing rectangular glasses was thrown into the streets. He looked back at his, er, hurler. A tan, older stallion wearing a karate gi. Not that this pony was a karate master or anything, it was all in the appearance.

"C'mon Mr. Pins! No one ever told me you weren't supposed to use knitting needles for an acupuncture session! Anyone could have made that mistake!" The green one protested.

Mr. Pins frowned. "But no one else DID, did they? It was YOU. Stay away from my clinic! Even as a customer!" And with that, he slammed the door.

The green pony stood up, brushed himself off, and returned his saddlebags to his back. "Like I'd PAY to have somepony stab needles into me. No thank you."

The green ponies name was L. That was about it. There isn't much else to say about him. He didn't have much of a family, he couldn't hold down a job, and didn't have too many friends either.

He looked up at the sky, gathering his thoughts. "Let's see... Today I tried being a florist, a movie theater cleaner, and an acupuncturist. And it's only..." His stomach growled loudly, and with a sigh, he finished, "Lunchtime. Maybe I should go check out downtown and see if I can get a cheap bite to eat."

As he walked, he noticed everything was a little... off. Ponies were cowering behind their booths, there wasn't a whole lot of the usual noise, and it looked like a small tornado had ripped through town.

Then he saw a small group of ponies standing in the center of town, with one lying on the ground. He looked like he might be hurt. L trotted up to the group and noticed that a blue female pegasai was clumsily trying to lift him off the ground.

"Woah! Woah there! Be careful! If that guy has any broken bones, lifting him like THAT is going to do even MORE damage! What the heck happened here?!"

SkyPhazer wrote:Sky turned her head to look at the newcomer. "Well? Do you have any ideas on moving him? He was doing this fancy magic, I mean, I think it's fancy, I don't know... Would you call a giant door to Celestia-Knows-Where a form of fancy magic?"

Sky Pondered for a second. "Oh! Right, and then he collapsed on the ground!"

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

"A... giant... door? I don't... Sigh..." Hoo boy.

"Okay. We need to get this guy to a hospital. I know one of the doctors there from when I worked as a nurse. If he's not still mad at me for that debacle with the open heart transplant, I could probably borrow a gurney we could move him on." He thought for a moment, then shook his head. "On second though, surgeons have sharp tools. We need an alternative."

He glanced around, and noticed an orange unicorn with a mane that looked like fire. "Hey!" he walked over. "Excuse me, do you think you could use your magic to move this guy or teleport him to the hospital?"

Minewalrus wrote:Sparks looked over the area of destruction and the pony on the ground; something had happened here, and something important too. Walking over, he approached a green Earth pony and began inquiring what had happened.
"what did that pony do?

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Streets - Talking:

Now that the mess with the Parasprites was over (or so it appeared), Lightning flew to the ground, and landed upon it, folding his wings in, and looking strangely at the Unicorn on the ground. "Did he insult me before he passed out?" he asked, walking over closer to get a better look at him. If he had any connections with the Draconic Alliance, Lightning didn't know yet, but for now, he was the one that had rid Manehattan of its Parasprite swarm.

He wasn't especially talented in telekinesis, but he knew the bare logic to it, and how to perform basic telekinesis. With his horn aglow with a bright blue light, he attempted to lift Mustang up off the ground, but to no avail. He could only lift him so high before he nearly dropped him, "Blast it," he said, no pun intended on his own name, "I never was good at telekinesis... looks like we'll have to lift him by hoof," he said.


Korkoa wrote:Flame looked from Mustang to L, then back to Mustang. "I can use telekinesis, but teleporting... Yeah, no." Flame's horn glowed slightly, and Mustang's body was lifted off the ground. He turned to Lightning Blast and chuckled."I got him, don't worry about it. Somepony want to go ahead of me and clear the way?"


Razorclaw landed aways from the group, trying to stay in the shadows. The last thing he needed now was to attract unwanted attention...

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L nodded. "Will do." Then he glanced over at Sparks. "I'm probably not the best person to ask, that mare over there apparently knows. But..." He rolled his eyes. "Good luck."

Minewalrus wrote:Taking a moment to absorb the scene, sparks slowly realized what was going on.
"nevermind. I think I figured it out."
With a swift step he approached the Pony that... Whoever the green one was had spoken of, and turning to face the mare asked,
" anything I can so to help?" after a short pause, he added,
"I'm guessing parasprites. Nasty little things, took down a whole hotel down the road aways two years ago."

SkyPhazer wrote:Oh great, turns out this Pony was talking to... me...

"Lots of Parasprites... You could... uh... You could come with us? We need to take him to a hospital... But, if you don't, I'm certain there's some other way to help..."

I hate talking to strangers. It's so outside of where I'm comfortable.

Minewalrus wrote:Sparks nodded.
"Anything I can do to help."
He took a single step towards the unicorn before he stopped.
"That's odd..." sparks mused. Where had he seen that unicorn before? He shrugged off the thought.
"Any idea how this happened? I'm thinking someone was up to no good. That or they just don't know their basic equestrian biology. A swarm this big couldn't have done this much in the heart of Manehattan without some time to grow before they where unleashed."

Korkoa wrote:Flame Mane shrugged as he carried Mustang through the path L was clearing. "Don't ask me how it happened. I just walked outside and saw them. Hey Sky, you coming?"


Razorclaw slunk through the shadows towards the Hoofterlands. There was no way he was getting into that hospital, even if he wanted to. It'd be better to face the wrath of a dragon a third of his size than get beat to a pulp by a multitude of ponies.

SkyPhazer wrote:"Oh? Uh... I guess so..."

I ran after the group of Ponies.

Minewalrus wrote:Sparks followed suit and joined the procession as they headed towards the hospital.
"How long has He been out?" Sparks asked to Nopony in particular.

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital:

Lightning decided to follow the group of Ponies into the hospital, not only was he curious about Mustang's health, but he also wanted to ask him a few questions when he was well enough to talk. He could only hope that he wasn't going to be unconscious for a few days, and that he would only end up waiting in this hospital for a few hours or so.

Whatever the case, he decided to stick around, perhaps he could get some details from these other Ponies that had been fighting against the Parasprites before he showed up.


LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L glanced worriedly at the passed out unicorn, then back at the orange unicorn. "So, do you think he's gonna be alright? he hasn't moved at all." Then his ears perked up and eyes widened. He looked at the three ponies who he had just escorted to the hospital. "I just realized that I have NO idea who the three of you are. I'm L. What do the three of you call yourselves, and who's this passed out unicorn?"

OOC: While I'm impressed with our quick response to this emergency, we should probably at least learn each other's names. We kind of forgot to do that. =P

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking to L:

"I'm Lightning Blast, though you can call me Lightning, or Light for sort," he said, shaking the Earth Pony's hoof, "And as to who this Unicorn is... I have no idea, though he did say his name was Mustang," he said, glancing at the Pony in question.


Minewalrus wrote:"name's sparks," he replied, "pleased to formally meet you."
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Re: Manehattan, Chapter 1

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:54 pm

MagusZeal wrote:Speaking quietly with Flame Mane the nurse sees to Mustang atop the gurney before assuring him that it they'd check on his unconscious companion, though from what he said it appeared to be some form of magical exhaustion. Checking over the unicorn she barely pays attention to the others talking a short distance away though she pauses after moving the pony's coat. Stopping she motions quickly for one of the doctors to come over.

Snorting at what he assumes is a standard examination of a new patient the doctor trots over giving the nurse a moment to explain. Shaking his head he looks towards the small herd of ponies nearby before giving the patient a once over just put the silly fillies fears to rest. Only he finds her words to be true, conferring with her quickly he looks to Lightning Blast twice as the pair gives the patient a closer look. Shaking his head again he points a hoof down the corridor. Nodding quickly the nurse takes the gurney in mouth and begins down the hall.

Shaking his head again the doctor turns towards the ponies before taking a few steps closer. "Lightning Blast, I assume this unicorn, Mustang, is one of yours. If you and your fellow peacekeepers could follow me we need to speak, in private."

Skarloth wrote:
MagusZeal wrote:Speaking quietly with Flame Mane the nurse sees to Mustang atop the gurney before assuring him that it they'd check on his unconscious companion, though from what he said it appeared to be some form of magical exhaustion. Checking over the unicorn she barely pays attention to the others talking a short distance away though she pauses after moving the pony's coat. Stopping she motions quickly for one of the doctors to come over.

Snorting at what he assumes is a standard examination of a new patient the doctor trots over giving the nurse a moment to explain. Shaking his head he looks towards the small herd of ponies nearby before giving the patient a once over just put the silly fillies fears to rest. Only he finds her words to be true, conferring with her quickly he looks to Lightning Blast twice as the pair gives the patient a closer look. Shaking his head again he points a hoof down the corridor. Nodding quickly the nurse takes the gurney in mouth and begins down the hall.

Shaking his head again the doctor turns towards the ponies before taking a few steps closer. "Lightning Blast, I assume this unicorn, Mustang, is one of yours. If you and your fellow peacekeepers could follow me we need to speak, in private."

IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking with Doctor:

Lightning raised an eyebrow, but nodded, beckoning for the other Ponies to follow him and the Doctor as the entered a more private area, one that they could talk in. "I know a lot of Peacekeepers, Doctor, but not him. I can't say for sure who he's with, and I've never heard his name before, either," he said, trying to determine who this Mustang character actually was.

However, no matter how much he raked his mind for details, nothing came up, he couldn't recall the name from anywhere...

OOC: Alright, I'll be going now. I hope that none of you guys run off during this conversation, and Lightning is the only real Peacekeeper here so far as I know.


MagusZeal wrote:Closing the door behind him the doctor lets his gaze linger on each pony. "That's concerning than, I'd taken him for a peacekeeper given the number of scars marring his hide." The doctor pauses for a moment, "Any hoof from what we can tell he appears to be suffering from exhaustion, probably brought on by over taxing himself for some spell. He'll be fine in short while, but I'm sending him off for some tests. There's a wound on his flank that worries me. Tell me does anypony know him, maybe somepony he was traveling with who might know more about him?"

[OOC: I think Flame Mane is a recent recruit as well.]

SkyPhazer wrote:"I've never seen him until today, but, Manehattan IS a big city... Maybe he just was passing thr- I'm just... gonna stay quiet..."

I really need to stop talking as much. I don't know these Ponies, and, I don't even know if I would, outside of the experiance today.

Frankly, I don't want to be in this War. Well, nopony does. But this particular war was... Terrible... I will admit though. Stopping those Parasprites felt good. Like I was Somepony. Somepony, who wasn't just a Messenger from Manehattan. Somepony who... Belonged.

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L shook his head. "Manehattan's a big city, but I've worked more jobs than I can even count, and I don't recall ever seeing this particular pony anywhere." He shrugged. "Maybe he was just passing through and decided to help. Or on an assignment from the peacekeepers. Either way, if he's been in this city for a while, I'd have definitely seen him before." He looked through the little window in the door at Mustang and cringed. "At least, I definitely would have remembered somepony in HIS condition."

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking:

"Just because we've never seen him doesn't mean we should jump to any sort of conclusions. There are many Peacekeepers that I haven't met before, and even the ones I do know slip from my mind now and then," he said, just trying to wedge some sense into everypony's heads. "When he's well enough to speak, we'll question him, before or after the tests the Doctor has planned for him."


MagusZeal wrote:Beyond the window a pair of blue and red nurses strip Mustang of his long coat before concentrating on the raw red wound still marring his flank. Inspecting it for a moment the pair soon take to swabbing and wrapping the wound. While the pair work a magenta mare places her horn near Mustang's head. Red-violet light emanating forth bathing the stallions head. As the others speak in the next room the mare turns her head as if not sure what she's seeing. Stopping she's quickly trots out of the room a look of concern on her face.

"Lightning Blast would be correct, and we've had no shortage of ponies making sure others get credit for their actions. As for questioning this pony I only ask you don't," a knock at the door puts an end to the doctors thoughts. "Um, excuse me everypony." Stepping lightly to the door he nuzzles it open.

"Doctor Scope?" The magenta mare beyond the door sounds skiddish as she speaks quietly to the doctor. They speak only a short while before Doctor Scope nods to the mare before closing the door.

"Lightning, there is something very odd with this pony." In the room beyond the unicorn returns speaking quickly with the others nurses. "Normally I wouldn't suggest this, but we need to speak with him."

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking:

Lightning walked outside the room, "Is he well enough to speak yet?" he asked, glancing toward the room that they were keeping Mustang in.


Korkoa wrote:OOC: Yeah, Flame Mane just joined the Peacekeepers full time. Like, 10 minutes ago, game time. :P

IC: Flame Mane listened quietly to the conversation around him. Being a firefighter had gotten him used to saving people, but the hospital bit was usually some other ponies job. He was a bit uncomfortable with it.

MagusZeal wrote:"His health is fine, the nurses will be giving him something to wake him momentarily. The issue is what the scan found." Motioning for the others to follow Doctor Scopes continues, "His wounds aren't all physical, something has been done to that pony's mind. I don't really understand it, but its like entire parts of his mind have just been, removed."


Sitting at a table a young Mustang stares down, "Oh come on it wasn't that bad!"

The shadowy colt siting across the table from Mustang kept the ice pack to his head with a hoof. Both of them sat in a room that was familiar to Mustang, but the details of how or why wouldn't come. ""Magus," the colts words were full of distortion, like a dozen voices speaking at once, "it was a good first try, but." The rest of the colts words drift of lost as the colt and room fade away.

Caught in perpetual darkness Mustang springs to his feet looking around for the colt, "Hey, where'd you go? Come on... answer... me." Yet no answer comes, part of his mind knows the colt looks familiar, but he can't place him. Growing more frantic Mustang gallops in a random direction, growings older with each stride.

Soon his call is answered, only this time a mare responds. "Mustang, hurry!" Desperation tings the mares voice sending Mustang galloping after the sound. The call comes again, with the sound of another calling out to him. Unable to place the voices yet feeling their need he rushes onward hoping to reach them as his eyes grow heavier.

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking to Doctor Scope:

"What do you mean removed? Like somepony went in his mind, and took his memories from him?" he asked. Normally, ponies shunned the idea, and was considered immoral by some; memories were natural, and even if people wanted them gone sometimes, it was wrong to remove them, no matter how safe it was to.


Minewalrus wrote:Sparks shuddered as he overheard the conversation. He had seen ponies with all their memories before... Wild. Crazy. Some acted as if they still remembered some things, but their speech was barely coherent. Of course, most of those ponies had their minds taken by an insane unicorn from the everfree forest. With luck the unconscious pony would be fine, just without any real personal memories--- possibly even curable. Despite that, for now they didn't know how severe it was--- or careful.

MagusZeal wrote:Looking towards Lightning Blast the doctor does his best to shrug, "I can't really say for sure one way or another as it's not really my field of expertise, but I've been assured it's not an illness. Stranger still though was the way Doctor Certainty spoke made it sound like he may have had it done willingly."


Galloping onward the darkness gave way to a thin line of smoke as the horizon began to glow an orange-redish hue. Drawing near not only did his eyes fight him, his entire body began to slow as the outlines of a smokey forest sprouts up around him. Rushing through the lower branches he catches sight of flames beyond the forest.

Fighting to stay awake he find his steps faltering as the mares voice cries out his name again. Straining his neck he tries to find the source as his legs give out beneath him. Crashing to the ground the stallion blinks bleary eyes while looking for the mare. Twice he tries to rise only to collapse to the forest floor again. By the third attempt he can't even get his hooves beneath him while his head suddenly seems to weigh more than he can carry. Struggling for a bit longer he finally lets his head rest at last while the mare cries out for him. The tears come all at once as his eyes start to close, as the darkness descends he wonders why she seems so important.


Feeling returns first as the thin padding underneath does a poor job of hiding the gurneys steel exterior from his back. "Doctor he's coming round, should we do anything?" the sound of the mares voice is jarring as Mustang forces his eyes open. Immediately the stallion regrets it as the bright lights send pain shooting through his skull. Clenching his eyes shut again he tries to power through the sudden nausea and pain only to have snatches of his most recent dream return to him. His motions cease as he remembers the desperation and pleading in the mares voice, like she expected him to save her from something. "Who is she?"

The sound of a door bumping open comes from behind his head interrupts the thought as another mare speaks, "Doctor Scope he's awake." Something in the way she says those words set him on edge.

SkyPhazer wrote:Many years ago, when I was still a little filly, I was in a wealthy family. My Father, Lunar Phazer, was what many considered a madman. He said, that in time, Travel to the Stars were... Possible. My Mother beleived him. So do I.

There came a day when My Father spent all his money to build a machine, that would take him to the stars. He poured all of his money into that project. He went into the Machine. My Mother went with him. They told me it'd be alright. That we'd be together again soon.

I never saw them again. Nopony ever saw them again.

As such, it was assumed they had both died. I used to beleive it, too.

I hated them for leaving me behind. If it worked, I wanted to be with them. If it didn't, I'd still be with my family. The only ponies I have ever, truly, loved.

When the news of The Peacekeepers reached Manehattan, I thought for sure, if I could join them, I'd be reunited with my Mom and Dad.

Whether it's in this life, or the next.


Sky woke up, a cold sweat on her brow. That's the fifth time this week she'd dreamt of her parents.

She leaned over, rested her head between her hooves, and cried. She cried in the Lobby. And, she didn't care who saw her.

SkyPhazer wrote:Sky Phazer rummaged around in her bag. "Come on, I know I left it in here somewhere... Aha!"

Sky pulls out a picture of her parents. She's only looked at this picture a handful of times.

Her tears splashed down on the photograph. "Someday, I will find you... I swear it..."

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L walked away from the small group around Mustang. They had been at this hospital for awhile now, and he was starting to feel a little sleepy.

Grummble rummble

And great. In all the excitement, he forgot he was starving. He walked back towards the lobby to see if he could find a snack. As he passed a food cart in the hall, he grabbed a couple of apples off the top. When he returned to the lobby, he saw the blue pegasus Skyphazer sitting in one of the chairs, looking at something and crying.

He swallowed hard and walked over and sat down in the seat next to her. He took another bite from his apple and looked around for a minute, then he extended the other apple to Skyphazer. "Want a bite? It may help you feel better."

SkyPhazer wrote:Sky wiped the tears from her eyes, as she looked up at the green pony.

"No thanks... These tears are more for the future, rather than the present. But... thanks for your kind offer."

She put the picture in her bag. She's made her decision. She had someplace to be, where her destiny lies.

Sky stood up, and slung her bag over her shoulder. "I uh... I have to go. I'm... headed off to Canterlot, you see... I... I might see you again, someday?"

She gave a nervous smile at L. "If... If you should ever need me... You can... You can, uh... You can always send me a letter... I usually get stuff forwarded to me..."

"Of course, I'm not ACTUALLY planning on seeing them again. But, something tells me our paths are intertwined. I can only hope that my path takes me to my parents, as well. And if not, to their killer.

OOC: Sky Phazer to Hoofterlands

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L started to ask what she meant but shut his mouth. Instead he just nodded and said. "Good luck, Sky"

He sighed. He never seemed to be able to hang onto friends for too long. Ah well. What's the point of finding somepony else when you can't even find yourself. He glared at his cutie mark, muttering, "Super special talent my flank..." Stupid axe. Not only was he not sure what it meant, it was almost the same color his coat was, so from a little distance, he looked like a blank flank.

What to try next... What to try next...

Well, just a second ago he took charge of the situation and got Mustang to the hospital. His ears perked up. "And you know? That actually went just fine! Maybe THAT'S it. Maybe my special talent is being a Peacekeeper!" Admittedly, it seemed a little farfetched, but hey, a lead is a lead.

He walked back into the examination room. Maybe Flame Mane could give him an application for the Peacekeepers or something. But when he entered the room, it looked like Mustang was beginning to wake up.

Korkoa wrote:Flame Mane was focused on Mustang, but was distracted when L walked in. He trotted over and whispered to him. "Hey, he's just waking up. What's up, you look like you've got something on your mind."

MagusZeal wrote:His eyes still weren't up to the task of dealing with the lights so he tries to speak. His first words come out little more than a jumble of sounds as his tongue refuses to cooperate. Waiting a moment he tries again, "Wh... where are we?"

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

"Yeah." He whispered back, "I was just thinking. Back there where I helped get Mustang to the hospital, it felt really good. It made me feel like I was SOMEpony. And since I'm currently trying to determine what my special talent is, I thought maybe I might be able to hack it as a Peackeeper. I heard you say you were a new recruit, so maybe you could help me figure out how to join?"

Korkoa wrote:Flame shrugged and nodded. "Sure thing! I was actually going to go to Canterlot to pick up my official armor later on today. The Peacekeepers headquarters there is probably the best bet, you can go straight to the source instead of applying here, waiting for them to send and review your application, then waiting for a call back. You can accompany me to Canterlot, if you'd like!"

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L's face lit up. This was going to be easier than he thought. "Awesome! I guess we'll head out after we make sure Mustang is okay, then?"

Then his face darkened. "Ooh... Speaking of people being okay, I hope Sky is going to be alright. She said she was going to Canterlot. When we get there, I may have to catch up with her make sure she's fine." He turned his eyes down, and mumbled, "Most ponies end up in trouble when they make decisions based on emotions."

Korkoa wrote:Flame nodded, smiling. "Yep, as soon as we make sure he's okay we can go!" He frowned a little and cocked his head. "What's wrong with Sky?"

LNUn'PinkiePie wrote:L-

L raised his head again. "When I went into the lobby to grab something to eat, she was sitting in there and crying. She was holding a picture, but I didn't see who it was of. I offered her an apple and said it might make her feel better, but she said something about "Tears for the future." and left. It sounds like she's planning to do SOMETHING in Canterlot. And something about it seems... Off to me." He chuckled and shook his head. "Call it a mare's intuition." He quipped.

Korkoa wrote:Flame cocked his head. "Huh... Well, maybe we'll run into her. If she needs help with something, We can try to help her, eh?"

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking to Mustang:

Lightning looked to the pony in question as he slowly spoke, asking where they were, "We're in the Manehattan Hospital, Mustang," he said, wondering where all the other ponies were, and where they had run off to.


MagusZeal wrote:"Right hospital," his eyes starting to adjust Mustang looks around the room spotting only blurs and colors. Squinting he listens to Flame speaking with somepony as the room comes into detail. At the foot of his bed stand two nurses, there looks going from him towards the others at the door. Shifting he tries to sit up only to wince as the motion jars loose a massive headache behind his horn. "Okay, that's new.," after a moment the realization strikes, "I... over... taxed... myself? But what was I doing?"

Banishing the train of thought he starts rubbing the area round his horn, "Okay somepony wanna tell me what happened, and maybe get me something for this hornache?"

Skarloth wrote:IC Lightning Blast - Manehattan Hospital - Talking to Mustang:

Before Lightning even had the chance to turn and even think of what could help Mustang with his hornache, a nurse arrived by his side, helping him with said ache. So he resorted to answering the Unicorn's question; "You overexerted yourself removing all the Parasprited from the Town... you do remember the Parasprite attack, don't you?" he asked Mustang.


MagusZeal wrote:The nurse took to rubbing some compound onto his forehead and around the horn. Mustang wasn't sure what it was, but the medicine was fast acting. Closing his eyes Mustang pushes all thought of the mysterious mare out of his mind as he thinks back to the last thing he can remember. "Yeah you don't forget an invasion of parasprites that large, but what do you mean I got rid of them? Last thing I remember Flame was moving his dome up and my spell was starting to fail."
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