Ponyville - Chapter 1

Twenty-five years after the end of the Great Dragon war saw Equestria battling the Draconic Alliance for pony survival against a deranged elder dragon. Now only three separate elder dragon run city-states are all that remain of the once powerful alliance. Yet even after so long there are wounds that run deep that could threaten that peace in more ways then one.
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Re: Ponyville - Chapter 1

Postby ExTecha » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:37 pm

Scrapper 9

Ponyville - Above the Crash Site

Catching the glimpse of the debris flying across the field, Scrapper pushed himself into a dive. As the winds brushed through his mane and across his face, his coat flapping in the tailwind revealing a plethora of sown in straps brandishing numerous knives, his joy could not be contained. Closing his eyes, he began to giggle and finally let out an exclaimed "TIME TO PLAY AUNTIE!" that rang through the air. At a breakneck speed, the child landed on the flying debris causing it to skid onto the ground kicking up dirt. With a flap of his wings the kicked up dust cloud dissipated as the tiny youth smiled up at Renew as the previously launched knives struck Renew's barrier, unable to penetrate it fully, but still managing to lodge themselves in the barrier. With a slight melodic tune, the youth cocked his head as the wooden debris cracked under his hooves. "Play?"


Aether Scalpel

Ponyville - Crash Site

Having placed the pony she had been carrying carefully around the corner, Aether had stealthily crept behind the three soldiers on Breaker's rear that were sifting through debris. With quick precision, she quickly brought her hooves around the closest soldier's neck and head and abruptly snapped it to the side. Grabbing the sword from the soldier's sheathe as he fell, she dashed to the next to soldiers. With a subtle motion, she brought the blade through the chest of one soldier as he reached for his weapon, and her horn came alive and the red glow of her magic emanated from her other hoof as she brought it into contact with the adjacent soldier's neck. The contact was ample enough as her magic coursed through the mare's neck, rupturing her jugular as the poor thing fell to the floor bleeding internally with the other dead soldier falling on the sword. As the glow of her magic dissipated, she stood only yards away from Breaker's rear. "Is that what you'll do, my dear sweet bounty hunter? Run away, tail tucked between those wobbly old legs? Leave me with a town all to myself, as you go sip some warm cider with that wife of yours? Assuming she'll be there when you make it home..."

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Re: Ponyville - Chapter 1

Postby MagusZeal » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:26 pm

Balthier Breaker – Dragon war veteran, entrepreneur, and Element of Loyalty
Ponyville –Outskirts of Ponyville, train accident

Death, it always seemed to cling to Aether, worse he’d agree it fit her more so than he’d ever let Renew know. She’d been out for a while, it was a guess and he’d be the first to admit, but it fit to well. She knew about Gentle, probably about the kids, defiantly about Breaker and Silver, maybe the rest of the family if she cared enough. Between the ease she seemed to be pulling this off and the rather exuberant colt trying to get inside Renew’s shield. Question was how many more were there? It was a question that should have worried him more, yet it didn’t because the answer wouldn’t matter not now at least.

The crunch of her hooves meant she was less than two meters away now, so that meant he had only one real option, she knew it and so did he. His horn flaring a small wave of emerald engulfed them both as he turned to face Aeither, if she pressed to fight neither of them would be using magic. “Well don’t you just look positively ravishing Aether? So was all this really necessary to get my attention for another date?” He had to put Renew out of his mind for now, Celestia, Twilight or some pony would help her he had to focus on Aether.

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