When Most Would Fall.

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When Most Would Fall.

Postby einsUNDcolt » Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:33 am

The largest terrorest attack in human history. Roughly 40 US cities lay in a smoldering, radioactive head. Tens of millions dead in the blink of an eye. Who caused it? None can say for sure. All that's known is America is crippled and no one knows if the president is alive.

You are a citizen of a small town in South Dakota, population: 2,000. After a tough first week after seeing neuclear mushrooms in the distance, the town's managed to restore some kind of civilry, but there's a problem, the town's hosptial is running low on medical equipment, and gasoline for their generator. The mayor has called a meeting to see what ideas the townmen can come up with. But the hospital isn't the town's only issue, among a few more minor problems, the town is running out of food.

Who can stand when most would fall?

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