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Many years ago...

The Ponies that lived in the land of Equestria lived in peace. There was no war, trade with neighboring nations was good, and the residents were prosperous. Then the Dragons came. Jealous of the growing nation, and led by an ambitious Elder Dragon named Darkfang, the army of Dragons waged war on the peaceful nation.

They destroyed the towns that the Ponies had built, and were almost at the point of pushing them out of Equestria all together.

The ruler of the Ponies, Princess Celestia, instructed the great mage, Janus Starweave, to construct a spell that could expel the Dragons from the lands. After many months of research, he discovered a spell that could be used to seal away Darkfang's spirit, and the spirits of the other Dragon Elders. Twelve obsidian focusing stones were erected at various points throughout Equestria, at places where ancient magic was known to be strong. That magic, combined with the stone alters, would serve to seal away the leaders of the Draconic forces. However, Janus still had to approach the elders in order to activate the spell.

Janus Starweave, along with a special task force, left to Dragons Keep, several days journey away from Equestria, where the battle to decide Equestria's fate would take place...

It was said from one of the survivors of that group, that the ensuing fight was nothing short of spectacular.

"There, in the center of a ring of fire, Janus Starweave stood right in front of Darkfang. Janus had set a magical barrier that would repel Darkfang's attacks. As Darkfang tried everything she could think of to get at Janus, he activated the spell. We got lucky, all the elders were there."

Darkfang the Ultimate was sealed away from Equestria, along with most of her lieutenants. Unbeknownst to the task force, two of the Elders had escaped imprisonment, and they led the armies away from Equestria, to rest and regroup for as long as it took...

Alas, every spell has its weakness. Years passed, so many that the great Dragon War was all but forgotten. Then, one day, the news broke.

Darkfang was back.

Nopony knew how she had escaped, or her lieutenants, but a small group of scholars who had studied the stories of the sealing stones secretly went on an expedition to find them. Examination of the stones, once found, showed that one had been tampered with recently. It was enough to break the seals on the other stones and release the Elder Dragons.

It took the serpent time to regain her former strength, but soon she had located the two Elders who had avoided being imprisoned, and their armies. She united the Dragons once again, along with other races, bending them against the peaceful, colorful land. Border towns were taken, Ponies sent running with rumors of Dragons, Griffons, Buffalo, and Zebras all fighting side by side and razing the outskirts of Equestria.

As soon as these reports began coming in, Princess Celestia sent her best student, Twilight Sparkle, along with her friends, the bearers of the other Elements of Harmony, to Dragon's Keep, the battleground upon which Janus Starweave sacrificed his life to expel the Dragons from Equestria. There, they attempted to use the Elements of Harmony to reseal the barrier.

Simply put, this attempt did not work. Twilight Sparkle and the other keepers of the Elements barely escaped with their lives, pursued by the armies that had taken up residence inside Dragon's Keep..

The reason for the failure of the Elements of Harmony was simple: Twilight Sparkle and the other keepers were no longer bonded to the elements. Through some unknown force, the elements powers were taken from them, and have disappeared. It's suspected that the elements lie within the hearts of those destined to bear them, but who, where, and even what those people are are unknown.

What is known, by both factions, is that the elements must be found. Soon.

To this end, Princess Celestia began a group called the Peacekeepers. They dedicate themselves to fighting the forces of the Draconic Alliance, and finding the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony. The Dragons too, however, have set all their minions to finding those who might hold the elements. It's said that when all six Elements of Harmony are together, a spark of magic can ignite and unlock their powers, this is how the new Keepers will be known.

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