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Setting details

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:59 pm
by MagusZeal
Mane 6 & Canon usage

The DiE policy in regards to the Mane 6 and other major canon characters is as follows. We'll be using a petition system where a request to use one or more of these characters will work in the following way. If you feel you can write for the characters you would write up the post in full, than PM it to one of the Admins or Moderators, a single PM to all 6 works best. Afterward each of us would read it and assuming that three of us agree you'd be allowed to make the post.

If you don't feel comfortable writing such a post or don't think you could do the character justice the other option is to ask one of the mods to play as the character. When you send the PM please give us an idea of what you're wanting to accomplish so we're not working blind so we can work with you. Note that the mod will be speaking with the others as this sort of character usage requires at least two of us to agree to it.

Mane 6 locations & current activities

Twilight Sparkle - is in charge of the entire Peacekeeper force and is coordinating with both the Royal Guards and other groups willing to assist in the war effort. At the same time the lavender mare is compiling all of the scattered individual magical research done over the last 100 years looking for anything that might be of use in the coming war. Twilight is often at Peacekeeper headquarters in Canterlot overseeing the necessary logistics and preparation needed. Though if something requires her attention Twilight would travel as needed.

Rainbow Dash – Having finally achieved her life long dream of joining the Wonderbolts Rainbow Dash quickly become the captain of the teams second squad in record time. Unlike her friends though Rainbow has seen more of the devastation the DA has wrought on the outlying towns and a fair share of combat as well. Based out of Cloudsdale with the rest of the Wonderbolts Rainbow Dash can appear nearly anywhere they're needed.

Applejack – Unable or unwilling to leave the Sweet Apple Acres Applejack now splits her time between her work and running the Ponyville contingent of the Peacekeepers. In command of a two squads of Peacekeeprs and nearly a dozen volunteer members the orange mare has her hands full dealing with the realities of command though she and her unit have yet to see the war. Committed to helping during the war Applejack plans to make sure her friends have a home to return to.

Rarity – Working with Fluttershy the pair of friends have started a new organization the Red Hoof with the stated goal of helping displaced ponies and orphans of the war. Working from Manehattan Rarity has started a number of charity events to fund the group while discretely looking for those anypony willing to travel to the front and help those they find get to safety. With the Red Hoof's base in Manehattan Rarity is often in the city though she does a fair amount of travel as she coordinates the different offices opening across Equestria.

Fluttershy – To shy to join the Peacekeepers and not wanting to hurt anypony else Fluttershy has taken to orchestrating Equestria's response to the wounded and displaced with the help of Rarity. Working from her cottage in Ponyville Fluttershy tends to focus on the animals and creatures the war has displaced letting Rarity deal with the rest.

Pinkie Pie – With the prospect of war looming over Equestria the pink party pony has taken to traveling across Equestria bolstering the spirits of everyone she meets. Rumors also persist that she has come to the assistance of Twilight and the Peacekeepers when a unorthodox battle plan was needed. As Pinkie Pie travels throughout Equestria she can appear nearly anywhere with little notice.

Spike – Still Twilight's number 1 assistant the young dragon helps the burgeoning leader keep things working within the newly formed group. He's also the only one that can keep track of the mass of ledgers and dossier's coming across his friends desk, making sure she has whatever she needs. Spike is rarely far from Twilight Sparkles side and has the complete confidence of his friend.

Major NPC'S

Princess Celestia
Princess Luna
Princess Cadance
Captain of the Royal Guard Shining Armor
Queen Chyrsalis

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:16 pm
by MagusZeal
Time line

The below functions as a general timeline of the known events within the Dragons in Equestria RP.

x.x SR - Refers to year than month of the year using a standard 12 month calendar. Generally matches the North American seasons as well.

-5 SR – Events of "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode happen.
0 SR – Year the "Sonic Rainboom" ep takes place in.
2.6 SR – Draconic Alliance begins its surprise assault on Equestria.
2.7 SR – Peacekeepers formed.
3 SR – Dragons in Equestria starts.

-2000 SR Events of the Heartswarming Eve pageant take place.

-1130-1120 SR Celestia and Luna born.

-1100 SR Celestia and Luna rise up against Discord rules, turning him to stone.

-1000 SR Luna becomes Nightmare Moon and battles Celestia before being banished to the moon.

-700 SR Celestia loses the power to wield the Elements of Harmony.

-600 SR Janus Starweave seals Darkfang the Ultimate and his twelve Lieutenants ending the dragon threat.

-5 SR Prisons for Darkfang and his Lieutenants begin to fail, releasing them once more into the world.

3.3 SR - Draconic Alliance begins it's assault on Equestria. The opening salvo destroys the towns of Mare Haven, Los Haygas and Hoofstone with no survivors and a number of others sending refugee's towards the interior of Equestria over only two days.

3.10 SR DiE Ch 1 starts

3.10 SR DiE Ch 1 ends with a failed Alliance raid on the Canterlot Vaults. Ch 2 begins immediately after ch 1's conclusion.

3.10 SR DiE Ch 2 ends, Palomino attacked in a feint by the Alliance airship armada, that fails. Real target of Appleoosa succeeds leading to the Alliance driving a wedge of troops into Equestrian territory.

3.11 SR DiE Ch 3 starts after a three week time skip with the Grand Galloping Gala. Chapter 3 spans two days of time before ending.

3.12 SR Winter arrives in Equestria. 3.3

4.1 SR DiE Ch 4 begins after a two month time skip.

4.7 SR DiE Ch 5 begins after a six month time skip. Equestria manages to hold off and defend Cloudsdale from a full aerial assault from the Alliance, managing to kill one of the Elders in the process.

5.2 SR DiE Ch 6 begins after a seven month time skip.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:27 pm
by MagusZeal
Equestria Law & Crime

Law Enforcement

Royal Guards - Until recently most major cities had a contingent of Royal Guards patrolling the city and deal with troubles that arise. They had the authority to investigate and arrest, and usually patrol in pairs. Previously used as the grunts in larger law enforcement actions, such as searches or illegal substance raids. These ponies were also responsible for the defense of the city itself, providing its standing guard if an attack should occur. Currently the Royal Guard maintain their old duties in Canterlot.

Peacekeepers - The peacekeepers were originally a search force for finding the Elements of Harmoy, not finding them quickly the group became the defacto army of Equestria. After the failed raid on Canterlot's Vaults and the large number of dead brought on by the Alliance's raiding group the Royal Guards were all pulled back to Canterlot while the Peacekeeper's forces swelled in size. Now tasked with not only defending Equestria from the Alliance they've also been sworn to police crime across the land. With a number of Royal Guard member's having transferred over the group boasts a larger number of ponies than the precursors ever possessed.

Sheriffs – In remote or isolated towns/settlements individuals or small groups are empowered to uphold the law and make arrests. They are usually at locations the Royal Guard has little reach to, such as Appleoosa. They serve in the same capacity as the Royal Guard used to and that the Peacekers have taken over for, but have no military ties and only have legal authority in their designated area.

Bounty Hunters - Though they have no legal powers per say, Bounty Hunters have the authority to track and arrest wanted criminals and question individuals for information. Regularly wanted posters are released over Equestria detailing wanted criminals, their reward and important information. To capture and collect a bounty on a wanted criminal, a pony must have a Bounty Hunter Licence. This is to stop the untrained from endangering themselves or ponies hounding others for information on criminals.

But even non-bounty hunters may provide information for the capture of the criminal and receive half the reward for their efforts.

Neighborhood Watch - Within towns too small for a Royal Guard contingent, the law is upheld by a neighbourhood watch system, with Royal Guards being called in for more serious matters. The watch system is more about reporting, with the matters being handled by the governmental body of the town. Since crime rates are low and serious crimes are rare outside of cities, the government officials are usually sufficient.

Court & Trials

There are three levels of court, used depending on the crime. Appeals are made at the next highest court.

Local Court – This is the first and most common court, with at least one in each town and city. These are for small crimes, disturbances and legal matters, such as petty theft, legal disputes, property destruction, etc.

Equestria Court – These courts are found only in the biggest cities, such as Canterlot, Manhattan and Cloudsdale. Severe enough crimes in smaller places are transferred to these courts to be handled. They deal with crimes such as illegal substances trading, smuggling, murder, fraud, treason and similar matters.

Divine Court - The highest court is the Divine Court, with each case presided over by one of the two princesses or both if the matter is truly serious enough. Within this court, the presiding princess is both judge and jury. This court is rarely used, as few matters are sufficiently severe enough to merit it, and Equestrian Court appeals can only be brought here on very special circumstances.

Though it is very rare, and the two princesses try to avoid doing it, they have the authority to step into any legal matter and overrule any decision. They also have the power to convict without proof, but this has never happened in known history.


Generally punishment is served by community service and/or restitution. More serious matters can involve imprisonment and or banishment. For anything more serious, the Princesses themselves are involved and each matter is handled on a per case basis.

Certain spells can also be used in assisting in a court’s proclaimed judgements. These spells are listed below.

Watcher Spell - The most common is the Watcher spell, which informs the caster if the pony in question breaks certain rules or leaves certain areas. Usually used for ponies on parole or bail.

WOE (Weight of Empathy) – This spell allows a pony to feel the emotions of their victims, forcing them to face the impact of their deeds. This spell is rarely used, as it is considered a breach of rights and is used for only the most resistance and lawless of criminals. It also requires a powerful caster as the spell is very draining and takes much time and skill to cast.

Once cast, the offending pony will feel a sudden rush of all the emotional damage they have caused to others and a sudden weight upon their shoulders. From this moment on, the weight of their past sins will be carried with them, and any new wrong they commit will grant them the emotional distress they have wrought. If they work towards changing, the weight will gradually lift, until finally they a freed of it. But should they keep on their path, the weight will only increase as their new sins burden them down.

Redemption of Tartarus - This spell has been used a total of four times in Equestria’s history and is reserved for the most dire of situations and/or criminals. One of those times was very recently, cast on a pony named Gnafryt. The Geas spell requires three very powerful casters to conjure upon the recipient, and a set of rules to be imprinted in the spell.

The recipient then must follow these rules or suffering a warning as they begin to stray. Should they veer too far from the rules, they spell stops their heart. Should they abide by the rules and learn their lesson, the spell will end itself freeing them to live their life.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:58 pm
by MagusZeal
Draconic Alliance Law & Crime

Law Enforcement

Draconic Broods - Individual broods police after their own as any dissenter could cause the entire brood to loose the respect of the other broods, as fragile as that maybe at times, but more importantly they cause their elder to look bad.

Bounty Hunters - Employing a number of mercenaries the Alliance will send Bounty Hunters after those who break their laws if that individual is beyond the reach of their brood or if their action is so heinous as to garner the attention of more than one brood.

Assassins - Used only for those who have managed to anger the entire council these members of the Alliance are sent out with only one purpose to end the perpetrator's life and back proof of their demise.

Court & Trials

Brood Elder - Infractions of the Alliance's brood law are many and varied, but the one to decide the fate of those who break the laws often end up being the broods own, for serious matters though they are brought before the Elder to deal with. Draconic courts and trials are brutal short affairs as those who bring pointless allocations before their elder tend to not survive such encounters.


Punishment within the Alliance depends entirely upon the broods elder. For some physical labor or reduced rations are used, for others they are sent on suicidal raids upon Equestria or simply put to death.

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Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:32 pm
by MagusZeal
Aging & Lifespan of DiE quadrupeds

Ages for (Ponies/ Zebras), (Gryphons), (Buffalo)
Foal, Hatchling, Calf – Under 2
(Filly /Colt), Cubs, Yearling – Under 10
(Mare/Stallion), gryphon, (Cow/Bull) – 10 or older
Old age – 70+
Avg lifespan 80-100, alicorn’s avg life span 100-120

Dragon Lifecycle

Ages for Dragons
Egg, Under 6 months
Hatchling, Under 1 year and 4 months
Baby, Under 14 years *
Teen, Under 30 years
Adult, 30+ ¤
Elder, 1000+ ±
Avg Lifespawn ??

* On reaching the age of 14 the hatchling's body undergoes a sudden spurt of growth. Over the next two weeks the dragon's size and girth changes till they more closely resemble their adult form. Still the slightly larger than a pony they are far from full size. It's also during this two week period that they deal with a ravenous hunger forcing them to eat dozens of times their own body mass in food to fuel this growth. Afterward they continue to grow at an albeit reduced rate till they reach their adult size at 30 years of age.

¤ After reaching 100 years of age an adult dragon will begin to take long sleeps ranging from 10-100 years in length. Unable to control the length of this sleep the dragon will feel compelled to rest every 50-100 years. For this reason they often take precautions on where they'll sleep, forcing themselves to fight the fatigue at first. Yet if the dragon continues to fight this effect they will eventually pass out where ever they maybe. It's also during these times of sleep that the dragon will continue to grow.

± Elder Dragons no longer grow or enter the long sleep periods they did as adults.

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Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:15 pm
by MagusZeal