Dragon's Keep, Ch 6

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Dragon's Keep, Ch 6

Postby TwentySided » Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:03 am

Deep inside Mt. Shadoviin, the Largest Mountain of the Draconic Peaks, is a heavily fortified city known as "Dragons Keep". Here beneath these peaks lies the true seat and power of the Draconic Alliance. On the far south side of the cavern of Dragons Keep rests Darkhall, the grim fortress and prison from which Darkfang Rules.

On the Eastern Side of the cavern lies "The Districts", where the homes of the races are kept. Theres the Plains, a flat, rocky terrain, where the Buffaloes have decided to stay, The caves, where the mysterious zebras have built strange huts to live in, and theres the foundry, where the proud gryphons have chosen, so they can maintain order and keep production of weapons and armor moving.

Towards the western edge of the cavern lies the sole entrance outside of the airdocks in Darkhall, which is kept under guard at all times.

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