Cloudsdale, Ch 6

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Cloudsdale, Ch 6

Postby TwentySided » Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:42 pm

High above the ground floats a city made of clouds a city known as Cloudsdale. Moving where it's needed Cloudsdale is home to the Weather Control Plant (W.C.P.) which is the central control point for all weather in Equestria. Along with the W.C.P. the the city is home to the Cloudiseum a massive coliseum style structure made of clouds and home of the yearly Best Young Flyer's Competition. Since the battle of Cloudsdale, these past couple months have been dedicated to the clean up of the city. As of late however, clean up seems to be wrapping up and life returning to relative normal.

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Re: Cloudsdale, Ch 6

Postby captain_borgue » Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:01 am

Steel looked over the latest reports of their deployment in Cloudsdale. Despite how high the profits were, Steel was not feeling particularly jolly. He'd left Firesong at that school near Canterlot, and though they had parted amicably, it still made him feel smaller somehow. Like part of the family was gone- which was weird, since he wasn't really the 'family' sort. Still, productivity was up, profits were up, and the upgrades to the ship were working exactly as intended- on top of that, the war effort itself had turned a corner.

Where the Mako had once been a target in the broad territory along the borders, the dramatic turn of events meant that the Alliance forces that remained along the borders had other problems beyond his one medical ship. Steel sighed heavily, putting away the reports. He just couldn't concentrate today. "Yeha, this just isn't working out," he said to nobody in particular, before heading down to the cabins and knocking on Scarlet's door. "Hey Scarlet, you wanna go into town and get some lunch or something? I just can't my head into work today, and I'm not much use in the hospital right now."

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