Match 1: Ace High vs Brass Rivets

A mini Roleplay, set in an alternate dimension where Discord defeated the Mane Six and has been running amok unchecked. Discord is now hosting a challenge as the final chance to defeat him. Can Equestria and the world be saved?
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Match 1: Ace High vs Brass Rivets

Postby TwentySided » Thu May 08, 2014 1:25 pm

Due to the fact that Ex opted out, Brass Wins by default

Her heavy brass horseshoes clicked on the floor as Brass Rivets pushed open the door to the planetarium and walked inside. Her metal wings vibrated with agitation as she peered around the room. It was an lovely planetarium, if she had been into that kind of thing, she might have been impressed. But, her mind was far from enjoying the scenery, and she tapped her hoof on the floor impatiently. "I'm here." She announced aloud to the room, her eyebrow raised in mild disappointment at the echoing silence. "Really, at least he could have bothered to show up. It's no fun if you only win by default." She sneered, walking down the narrow rows between the seats, rattling her wings against her back.

"That is really an awful noise you make, cher." A voice murmured from the shadows, and Rivet swiveled her head around to his direction quickly, her body following effortlessly. "Well, it's not like we're here for a symphony." She purred poisonously. Her eyes darted around the dimly lit room quickly, seeking any shape remotely pony like, her brassy eyes landing on a stallion shaped shadow a few rows back from the front and she glared hard in his direction. The stallion sauntered out of the darkness, the light slowly pouring over his hat and duster. He would have been considered handsome in most circles, a gift that probably would have gotten him a forfeiture from most mares. He bowed to her effortlessly, "Forgive me for startling you, "Mon petit cherie." He murmured, looking back up at her with a smirk, "I'm Ace High, and I suppose I'm to be your opponent, though it would be a shame to rough up such a pretty face."

Rivet raised an eyebrow, her mouth a solidly set line. A mare's stallion, a practiced mare's stallion was to be her opponent. To say the least, she was not impressed. She rolled her eyes and shot a glare towards the ceiling. "Really? This is the best you could come up with, Discord? I've eaten things tougher than this dandy." She growled.

"Now, now. That's not nice. Name calling comes after the introductions." Ace replied with a smirk, "And you are?"

Rivet's eyes shifted back down onto the stallion, her eyes glittering as cold and hard as diamonds. Even his voice grated on her ears, and she sneered. "I don't talk to dead ponies." She said coolly, her eyes focusing in on the revolvers on his hips. Her wings slowly extended from her back as she watched his hoof inching towards the revolvers, and darted straight up as a bullet whizzed through the space she had previously occupied. She darted around the planets floating in the air as more bullets pierced the air around her, one nearly clipping her shoulder. Each bullet was counted mentally, knowing he would have to run out of ammo sometime, until the shooting stopped abruptly.

"You're quick, cher, I'll give you that." he called out to her, his eyes scanning the ceiling for her lithe form in the darkness, "You know, this would be easier for both of us if you just forfeited. We could even go on a nice date sometime; low light, soft music..." He called out to her, trailing off as he shot off another round, barely missing her. It was no use, he'd have to get closer. She was too fast for him to shoot at this distance, and the planets she darted behind merely sucked in his bullets. He approached the planets carefully, slowly, his eyes trained on the darkness between the planets, watching for any sign of movement.

By the time he heard the rattle of her wings, it was too late, and the next moment was a blinding pain and crushing force of her heavy brass horseshoes slamming directly into his ribs and bouncing off, landing on all four with a loud bang. She glared at him, the searing pain of a bullet graze on her cheek melting into the cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins in her blood. She had knocked the wind out of him, and had probably broken a couple of ribs, which she knew would make breathing difficult, and at least slow him down, if not incapacitate him completely. Even so, she remained on guard, stalking towards him, watching for movement.

It only took a split second for him to raise his revolver and fire off a round in her direction, his energy focused into the bullet that met her metal wing with a boom, a much bigger boom than she had expected, and it knocked her back. As the smoke cleared, she moved the wing, assuring herself that it was still intact and usable, if not a little rattled. Her eyes rehoned in on the spot he had been laying in to find him gone, and she growled. A kinetic energy specialist. She gritted her teeth. She had underestimated him, and that was a mistake she wasn't going to make again. She splayed her wings out to her sides, her eyes venturing everywhere she could see.

A glint of metal in the polished brass of her wing tipped her off, and she backflipped out of the way of another projectile, landing hard enough to crack the tile on the floor. Her ears triangulated the direction it had come from quickly, and she smiled a grim grin. He never could have seen it coming as she planted her hooves dead in the center of his chest, breaking his sternum and dropping him to the floor, her heavy weight pinning him down. She glanced at his revolvers, now laying useless on the floor. She shoved them away with her wings and punched him square in the jaw. "No more bullets, and no more hide and seek." She hissed through her clenched teeth.

The air around her crackled and she punched him again, harder, the heavy brass on her hoof cracking his jaw. "No. None of your kinetic nonsense. This is over. Now." She sneered, dropping her hind hooves on his knees. The stallion let out a muffled scream as he coughed blood, trying to keep from drowning in it. Rivet glared at him hard, picking him up and dragging him with one hoof to the center of the planetarium. Through the haze of pain, he tried once more, "Cherie you don't have to do this. We could form an alliance, work together, that way we both get what we want." He said, trying not to plead.

Rivet turned her head, her brassy eyes meeting his, her face unreadable, her arm hesitating. He reached for the side of her face slowly, "Please..."

Her eyes hardened suddenly and she pulled him face to face with her and grinned a wicked, sadistic smile, "Sorry, I told you. I don't talk to dead ponies." She snarled, her wings flapping and carrying them both into the air, just close enough to the sun to throw him into its gravity. The room smelled distinctly like burning hair and scorched meat, and filled with a scream for only a moment, then all was silent but for the rattling of her wings as she lowered herself to the floor. An ace of spades fluttered to the ground behind her, but she didn't bother to pick it up as she marched purposefully into the darkness, and out the planetarium door.

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