A mini Roleplay, set in an alternate dimension where Discord defeated the Mane Six and has been running amok unchecked. Discord is now hosting a challenge as the final chance to defeat him. Can Equestria and the world be saved?
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Postby TwentySided » Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:03 am

The currently listed Battlefields in Discordance City.

1 An old warehouse stocked with war related things, such as ammunition, explosives, a working airship with mounted guns. It is all very dusty and dark.

2 The top floors of a skyscraper. For some reason there are wolves here.

3 On top of a duelling platform one kilometre in the sky. It has solid stone pillars dotted across it. There are clouds level with the platform, and they might drift across it. There is a one way portal leading up and a set of gliders to come down.

4 Inside of an aquarium complex. In the glass tanks strewn through it are a variety of aquatic creatures, some dangerous if they are set loose. One tank is filled with lava.

5 In an overgrown park with brambles and similar. Civilians wander around what seems to be the only peaceful place in all of Discordance City.

6 Shrunk down to miniscule size, duelling in the mane/feathers/etc of another participant as they fight in their own battle.

7 A large Steel Works/Foundry with automagic machines working tirelessly. There are vats of molten metal, machines that can easily crush and other hazards. The workers are away on strike.

8 On a mysteriously empty airship sailing in the city’s bay. It appears to be sailing by itself and in a fight with a similarly empty navy ship. Watch out for cannon fire and hope your ship doesn’t sink before your win/loss.

9 Within a large candy shop called Candy Mountain. There are delectable delights and stick sweets everywhere. There isn’t enough room to fly or even maneuver on the ground easily. Once a stall is knocked you’ll have to watch you don’t slip on treacherous candy across the floor.

10 Deep in a subway station with cracking pillars, floating old newspapers and dinky benches. There are multiple platforms and tracks. Trains regularly hurtle past, but no train ever stops. Occasionally, the lights flicker out for a few seconds.

11 Inside a skyscraper still in construction. Scaffolding, thin walkways, a lack of walls, cranes and mandatory safety hats are all here. Unfortunately, whoever was building it seems to have been cutting corners, the place is a death trap.

12. Inside the Clocktower at the center of Discord City. Giant meshed gears turn as pendulums swing and weights ascend and descend, keeping the intricate clock functioning. However despite the regular appearance, this is still the place of chaos and as such, time itself moves and changes at random intervals.

13. An elaborate Planetarium, floating in the center of the building is a to scale replica of the solar system. Best be careful, for when the doors shut, the show begins as the planets, stars, moons, and other celestial bodies come to life, their gravity simulating that of their real life entities. Careful not to get too close to the Sun.

14. Inside an empty bath house, dotted around its pools however are odd pillars of varying height. As the combatants fight, the waters rise and their temperatures increase as it fills the house. Only place to go is up.

15. In the middle of an old stone colosseum, sand covering the floor. A cheering crowd sits and watches as the combatants fight. Best watch your step as switches lay buried and hope for a careless individual to step on and trigger the various hidden traps

16. An empty office building. Confined and aging, discarded ramshackle weapons hide amongst the turned over desks, chairs, and tables. Wandering the halls and rooms are zombified creatures ranging from ponies to buffalo, remnants of one of Discord's George Romero phases. Best not to make a lot of noise. You don't want to draw the attention of too many unwanted guests.

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