A mini Roleplay, set in an alternate dimension where Discord defeated the Mane Six and has been running amok unchecked. Discord is now hosting a challenge as the final chance to defeat him. Can Equestria and the world be saved?
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Postby TwentySided » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:03 pm

This is the place to post your character info. There is a profile below as well as an example character. Remember, the other participants need information of your character for their entries, so please be sure to provide all the needed information you can think of.

Also, please note there is a Pre-round submission required before round 1 begins. The pre-round will start tomorrow or the day after. It's purpose is to show your character arriving in Discordance City and give some indication of what they are like in-character for your round one opponent, so they can write them, it doesn't need to be long.

Character Profile

Physical Description:

Body/Coat color:
Mane/Feathers color:
Tail/Talons color:
Eye color:
Cutie Mark:



Fighting Style:


Why people should follow this character:

Example Character
Name: Steady Stride
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Male
Age: Approaching the end of middle aged.

Physical Description: Steady Stride is a large pony with a lot of large muscles. He stands with a confident, yet at ease, stance that shows a pony comfortable in his own body. His gait is firm and directed, yet not arrogant. Stride's voice has a loud booming quality, yet holds no malice. When out of breath, he has an unhealthy wheeze to his breath.

Coat color: Light Bluish Grey
Mane color: Grey-black, though the edges are growing white from age.
Tail color: Same as mane
Eye color: Dark Blue
Cutie Mark: A long warhammer in-front of a large boulder.

Personality: Steady Stride is a generally calm and friendly pony. He knows what he wants, and he's not afraid to take risks to get it, but he treats others with respect and tries not to use more force than is necessary in fights.

An experienced and retired adventurer, Steady Stride is knowledgeable about the world and understands the importance of minimising risk while still being daring and confident. He often shares his knowledge with younger ponies, but is unperturbed when many don't listen.

Talent/Skills: Steady is well versed in the use of his warhammer and in unarmed combat. He has also worked in mines, and understands structure, proper support of weight and how safe a tunnel/structure is. Additionally, he has spent a large portion of his life as an adventurer, taking missions, exploring old tombs/structures/tunnels, and has learnt many skills from this life. Primarily, scavenging for food, reading maps, traversing large distances, remaining alert for trouble, and fighting in small skirmishes.

Fighting Style: Steady Stride wields a large warhammer, and wears a suit of metal armour. He is very strong and uses a fighting style based on strength and deflection. Despite not being the most agile pony, he understands that sometimes you just have to get out of the way, and has a little bit of ability to dodge. In a fight, he tends switch between two styles, very defensive, and very offensive.

Defensively, he uses both his fully metal warhammer and his armour to deflect blows, and uses positioning and terrain to control the flow of battle. He uses this time to bait the enemy into a mistake, or think of a tactic to use against his opponent.

Offensively he uses the great weight of his warhammer and his strength to make strikes that stagger anyone who blocks. He also uses quick jabs and strikes with his hooves, shoulders and makes headbutts utilising his great strength to force openings and press attacks.

Also, with his warhammer, he tends to launch rocks and debris as ranged attacks, and uses his knowledge of structures and supports to strike down key areas, causing collapses on other opponents.

Bio: Steady Stride has always had a daring attitude and desire for adventure, tempered by a gentle nature Though he has a natural talent and the physical ability for combat, he prefers to subdue his opponents and force them to surrender. He enjoys a good brawl, but would rather a tavern bash rather than a true life or death struggle.

Coming from a poor farming family, Steady chose to go into mining when a nearby mine opened up. The pay was good, and he quickly worked his way up to forestallion. Learning to the process of checking for shaft stability and directing others, he had begun down the road to leadership. But one day, when he had to pull a double shift, he missed the small signs of a section being unstable. Shortly after sending other ponies in, it collapsed.

Horrified, he quickly set to trying to dig them out. His lungs burning in the air thick with dirt and coal, he forced his way through the rubble with his pick. After what seemed an eternity, he managed to reach them. To his dismay, he'd only saved half of them.

In medical treatment afterwards, he found out he'd permanently damaged his lungs. They were fine most of the time, but when he required heavy breathing, his lungs would seem like they were on fire and he struggled to take breathe. The doctors warned pushing beyond this pain would likely lead to internal bleeding and drowning in his own blood.

Steady Stride decided not to return to the mines, he wanted nothing to do with leading other ponies ever again. The deaths of those ponies that didn't make it still haunt him. Looking for something else to do, he stumbled into adventuring with a pony named Dusty Artifact. He found the lifestyle suited him.

When the time of Discord began, Steady Stride managed to avoid the beginnings of it, being in a lost temple at the time. But it didn't take long for him to discover what was happening, as the very world itself was in chaos.

He found refuge in one of the small hidden communities that had sprung up, hiding from the Draconequus tormenting the world. Steady quickly proved an asset, with his courage to brave the chaotic world outside and search for supplies and resources the community needed.

In recent times, his lungs have been getting worse, and it seems that he might be nearing the end of his life. When Discord made his announcement, Steady decided to enter on one last adventure. Steady is determined to win and use his wish to save the world from Discords terror.

Why people should follow this character:
Steady Stride is a very physical fighter who uses terrain to his advantage in a strength based way. Also, he understands that strength can't win every fight and he'll be forced to be creative when fighting ranged/magical opponents.

Also, through the rounds, his history, previous adventures and he's desire for redemption for failing those ponies in the mine will be explored and play a part in how he solves problems.

He also will try hard to avoid killing his opponents and will try to disable or incapacitate them.

I will add the profiles people have made to this post for easy reference.


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Re: Characters

Postby MagusZeal » Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:31 pm

Name: Angelblade
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Physical Description:

Body/Coat color: Midnight blue
Mane/Feathers color: Black with brown stripes
Tail/Talons color: Black with brown stripes
Eye color: Violet
Cutie Mark: A sword pointing up with wings sprouting from the cross guard

Personality: Angelblade is the eternal optimist as she sees only the good in other ponies and strives to show them another way. Far more comfortable within the safety of a dojo she'd prefer to teach others of the grace of swordplay even though she understands its primary purpose is to kill. Yet when she fights for something important to her it all dissolves away leaving only the master swordsmare on the battlefield.

Talent/Skills: Angelblade's cutie mark and talent are heavily related to her use of swords and other blades while flying. Beyond this special talent she has a wide range of skills with different blades and other weapons.

Fighting Style: Based on her talent Angelblade has developed her own style of fighting that she refers to as the Skyward sword. The style relies heavily on quick movements through the air lending cutting power to her strikes. Though it's her preferred style the mare is skilled in a variety of other sword styles that allow her to use nearly any type of blade either in her hooves or mouth.

Bio: Born in Fillydelphia Angelblade was always a bright and happy filly. She was also one of the lucky ones finding her special talent early on when she convinced her father , a member of the Royal Guard, to enroll her in fencing classes. From that moment on she started focusing on learning nearly every type of sword and style she could find even as she worried about the usefulness of such skills.

By the time she finished school Angelblade moved to Manehattan opening her own school of sword fighting and competing in a number of tournaments around Equestria to make a living the only way she could think to. Than a two years before Discord was released she meet the love her life, a troubled unicorn named Mustang Magus who also was unhappy with his talent. After a whirlwind romance the two were married and soon moved out of of Manehattan and to the frontier town of Mare Haven in an attempt to start over.

With her husband acting as sheriff and her working odd jobs the pair soon had their first child, a filly they named Silvershine. It would be their last good memory as Discord broke free weeks later. When news came that the Elements of Harmony had failed to defeat the creature Mustang took to forming a resistance. Wishing to help, but unable to leave their daughter Angelblade helped where she could. Till an ill fated night some months ago.

Believing they had a way to end Discord, her husband and a large portion of the resistance went after the being of chaos. By the end only a few returned, among them was her husband. Only his back was broken and he could no longer use his hindlegs at all. Worse everypony there knew Discord had spared the stallion's life to make a point about what would happen to those who opposed his rule.

Now Discord has proposed his game and Angelblade flies to Discordance City unsure of what she'll wish for should she win, but positive she must try.

Why people should follow this character: Conflicted Angelblade wishes to restore her husband at all costs, but can she really turn her back on Equestria, or even stop other ponies from fulfilling their likely equally important dreams? Those are questions even she is unsure of the answer.

She's baaaccckkkk~

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Postby captain_borgue » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:20 pm

Name: M4-R3, or "Mary"
Race: Robot, most similar to Pegasus
Gender: Robots don't have a physical gender, but M4-R3 self-identifies as female
Age: She was built 11 years ago, but her personality programming is that of a young adult, think mid-20's.

Physical Description: M4-R3- or "Mary" as her designers called her- is a gyndroid, a feminine robotic lifeform. Her 'skin' is composed of a titanium/aluminum alloy, making her strong yet flexible and coincidentally, rustproof. A light coating of teflon keeps contaminants and detritus from sticking to her, and also gives her a shiny white appearance. Her mane and tail are comprised of a mixture of segmented, autonomous tentacles, which can siphon electricity from mechanical objects or be used as melee weapons. Her torso conceals several small ramjet engines, while her haunches conceal a JATO system, allowing for quick takeoffs and sustained flight. The waste heat from these systems is vented through her sides, which in so doing project wing-like plumes of exhaust. Mary typically travels with enough fuel for about 90 minutes of flight time and 6-7 JATO takeoffs. Since her main flight systems use ramjets, she cannot fly unless first using her JATO systems to achieve the initial thrust necessary to initialize the ramjets.

Mary's skin has several darker colored regions where layers of solar cell plastic have been installed, giving her 'stripes' of sorts on the regions of her body most likely to get direct light. These serve as the primary means by which she recharges due to ease of use, but their recharge rate is typically less than the energy she expends working, which therefore requires her to have powered-down periods of up to ten hours to fully recharge. Since these panels are on her outer frame, some level of damage was seen as an occupational hazard of sorts, and thus damaging or destroying these tiles will not initialize a systems shut down. In the event they are compromised, her body will revert to using her jet fuel to power small generators in her torso to provide necessary power.

As far as weaponry, Mary has retractable hooves that retreat into her forearms to allow various extensions to take their place- thus far, she has swords, hammers, and a pair of taser extensions equipped, though her design is somewhat modular and allows for other extensions to be equipped, or for damaged extensions to be easily replaced. Her tasers deliver a 0.5-second burst of 1.2 amps packing a charge of 50000 volts. Her body's shock absorbers are built with a compression generator system that enables her to recharge her tasers over time just by walking/landing, and her taser's internal batteries when fully charged can deliver about 300 pulses.**

Body color: white
Mane color: grey and blue
Tail color: grey and blue
Eye color: blue
Cutie Mark: A power switch symbol

Personality: Mary is inherently curious- she wants to learn as much as she can about the world around her. This is the result of having a robust analytical engine in her programming, combined with Discord's 'gift' of sentience. Mary is not inherently hostile, until her analysis determines something to pose a threat to her, at which point she will respond accordingly. Should a hostile subject cease to pose a threat, she will cease responding to it as such.

Talent/Skills: M4-R3 was originally built to handle places and tasks that were too dangerous for ponies, and two upgrades' worth of AI designed to enable her to analyze her directives, her environment, and her own body and determine the best use of resources make her ideally suited to long-term survival. The fact that she doesn't need to eat, sleep, drink, or even breathe outside of flight helps in that regard. Most of all, her prehensile tentacles, flight capacity, and interchangeable hoof extensions enable her to adapt to a variety of situations, while her AI upgrade- and Discord's magic- let her decide how best to use them.

Fighting Style: Mary possesses roughly the same strength as an Earth Pony- which is to say she is physically strong, but not overwhelmingly so. She is, however, patient- lacking a need to eat or sleep, Mary can outlast Though she is fast in flight, the limits on fuel storage make her reluctant to rely on it, instead preferring to use a wait-and-see approach, analyzing and outlasting her targets until she can determine the best use of limited resources.

Bio: The M4-line gyndroid was originally built to be a self-sustaining, autonomous work droid in environments too hostile for ponies to work in, such as chemical spills, reactors, flood/earthquake sites, etc. The idea was that an M4 droid could be given a set of directives, then left to its own devices to see to their completion, using either its energy-siphoning tentacles, compression charging shock absorbers, or simply relying on her solar cells to recharge and keep working. Field tests showed that, while effective, the original designs lacked a few programming features. M4-R1 lacked any analytical capacity, so it would run through its list of programmed instructions, but fail utterly when faced with an unexpected problem. M4-R2 was given upgraded AI to allow it to analyze and respond to new stimuli, but lacked any sense of self-preservation and thus would, and did, accidentally destroy itself. The M4-R3 was the last design built before Discord's reign, and had basic self-preservation programming, intended to keep it from merrily trotting off a cliff or into boiling lava.

Discord, however, felt it would be far more amusing to give the robot actual self-awareness. Not some program telling it to avoid cliffs, but actual, organic sentience, like any of the flesh and blood races of Equestria. M4-R3 became completely self aware- she, in effect, came to life, with the capacity to make decisions, even ones that conflicted with her programming. Upon learning about Discord's offer, her analytical engine determined that a world free of Discord would be far less likely to pose a threat to her continued existence. The fact that it would very likely save the world for everypony else did not factor into her decision to participate.

Why people should follow this character: Mary is physically impressive, but mentally very vulnerable. She JUST 'woke up', as it were, and thus has absolutely no knowledge of social or cultural norms, context, sarcasm, dishonesty, etc. Combined with being primarily motivated by curiosity, Mary is less a ponified kill-mo-tron, and more like a kid from the suburbs dropped in the middle of post-WWII Norway. Or to put it another way, think Commander Data from Star Trek. Sure, he could kill pretty much everybody if he wanted to, but he is too busy trying to figure out how people name their pets.

Also, cute robot girl. Can't forget that.


** - I researched the power output ratings for standard TASER(tm) brand weapons- and decided to tone it down significantly. So while TASERs deliver 50-100k volts at 1-2 amps 19 times per second, Mary's tasers deliver much lower amperage, at lower voltage, less times per second. Because seriously, TASERs are kind of terrifying when you think about them.
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Re: Characters

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Wed Feb 05, 2014 5:49 pm

Autumn Festival
Name: Autumn Festival
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Age: 29

Physical Description

Body/Coat color: Warm Beige
Mane/Feathers color: Bright Cranberry and Autumn Maple Leaf Red, with Buttercup streaks
Tail/Taons color: Same as above
Eye color: Wine Red
Cutie Mark: A Keg

Personality: Kind and Motherly, Autumn is a pony that'd do anything for her family and those she holds important, even if that means she has to knock them upside the head to put some sense in them. Only as a last resort with the stubbornest of ponies though. However, despite her rather carefree nature as well, she knows when she needs to take things seriously, and is deadly serious about her crafts, taking great insult in being mocked about those in any sort of way. She also is perpetually drunk (though this doesn't seem to affect her too much despite her speech being slightly less coherent, a bit more clumsier, and a more open sense of humor), and never goes anywhere too long without being able to drink ridiculous amounts of booze.

Talent/Skills: Wine Making/ESP (Mind Reading, Precognition, Retrocognition) and minor Kinesis.

Fighting Style: Due to her particular fondness to being inebriated, Autumn is rather talented in the Drunken Hoof, a fighting style she had studied and practiced since her daughter was taken from her, and has gotten rather proficient in it. Her drunk movement is rather unpredictable because of how erratic her movement is, along with the occasional stagger, causing her to be a hard target to be hit with precision attacks or random rapid attacks. But despite, how unstable she appears, the wine maker is as solid as a rock. Offensively, her hoof strikes are controlled, and hit with lots of force thanks to her wine making profession making her need to move kegs of wine and buckets of grapes very often.

However, her style is completely different while sober. No longer staggering about, her evasiveness isn't as high due to her movements becoming more basic, her fighting dissolving into a style that combines grappling and wrestling moves, with daoist martial arts. However despite her dodging abillities going down, her ability to track her opponents increases along with the forces of her hits. Using both Mind Reading and Precognition, she can easily discern a pony's intended attack, and either counter or dodge as needed. Her hooves seem to cause a spark when a hit comes in contact, and the impact is doubled thanks to the Kinesis. However, this causes her head to hurt worse than a migraine, and she becomes a little more reckless, along with being more susceptible to pain and sensory overload thanks to all of her senses being amped by ten.

Bio: Living in Whinnyappleis for most of her life, Autumn Festival's had a problem. She was gifted with ESP, but it made her life painful day in and day out, randomly giving visions of the past and the future, along with hearing the voice of too many ponies all at once. Her head hurt all the time, and she frequently had a head injury from her trying to stop the voices and the visions by bashing her head into something hard, with no effect but a concussion and a lump on the head. However, as she grew older, Autumn learned the existance of Alcohol, which seemed to kill the effects of the ESP completely, letting her to start enjoying life for once. She quickly realize that her talent was wine making after trying to find a work around the high prices for drinks and the age requirement.

Autumn moved to Ponyville to find a place to start an orchard so she could bring her wine making to new heights. By chance, she met a young guard there named Sky Cutter, and the two fell in love almost like a fairy tell, and quickly got married and moved to a family house in Canterlot. And although she didn't live near her orchard anymore, her business thrived greatly. The two had a beautiful filly who was almost the spitting image of Autumn, and they named her Ryla Honorbound (Because Sky had terrible naming sense).

However, the peace didn't last long, since then the Spirit of Disharmony returned, and the land of Equestria was plunged into Chaos. Because he was a guard, Sky Cutter was one of the first to join the resistance as his duty to destroy Discord, and restore Celestia to the throne, but he was also one of the first to fall in their campaign against him. After finding out the news of Sky Cutter's death, Autumn decided to flee the country with her daughter as far away as possible, to Neighjing, the Land Where Celestia Parks the Sun. She knew that this might've happened, but she hid the fact because she didn't want her firey spirited daughter to grow up to want revenge and throw her life away the same way the mare's husband had. She couldn't bear the thought of losing her, and the wine maker was sure Sky would've done the same she had.

Although life in Neighjing was difficult, what with needing to learn another language and Discord's chaos still having an effect on this country as well, life for the two were peaceful enough. Autumn's wine making skills helped keep the family afloat, and she learned local ways of combat to become a strong mare to be able to protect her daughter on her own and become a strong role model for Ryla. She also learned from an elderly stallion there how to control her ESP more easily, but that never stopped the pain, so Autumn continued to drink as her daughter grew older into adulthood. Times were peaceful, until one day Autumn woke up to find Ryla missing. She found the letter she had received that reported Sky Cutter's death gone, along with her a large portion of her savings gone. There was a letter left behind on her bed stand, of the intention to buy a weapon, and a promise of vengeance.

Fretting over her daughter's reckless decision, Autumn quickly returned to Equestria to see if she could find her daughter before she got herself killed. However she quickly found out from bar gossip that she had been captured, and is being held captive for who knows what.

So Autumn traveled to Discord City, after hearing of the game being held there by Discord. She hoped that maybe there, she could find and free her daughter from the clutches of chaos.

Why people should follow this character: When he was still alive, like all of his dreams and wishes, Autumn shared Sky's dream of freeing Equestria and restoring it back to how it was when the Sisters still ruled. However now, the only thing on her mind is to rescue her daughter Ryla from Discord. Whether it'd be by wish or punching the creature in the face herself.
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Re: Characters

Postby ExTecha » Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:22 pm

Name: Ace High
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Physical Description: Tall, stock, and handsome. Ace is quite the looker, never seen without his long brown leather duster and his hat with his lost brother's Ace of Spades. Under the duster, Ace wears a blue striped dress shirt, a brown vest and his red neckerchief. On his rear hips, two black revolvers, with silver trim, remain holstered. Ace's hair is well kept and he sports a fashionable goatee. Ace is always seen smoking or chewing on some wheat.

Body/Coat color: White
Mane/Feathers color: Red/Brown
Tail/Talons color:Red/Brown
Eye color: Orange/Yellow
Cutie Mark: A spade filled with elegant lines

Personality: Often wild and unruly. Ace loves to spit in the face of the law and rules. Always the joker, he loves to be a smart-ass. Still there is no denying his raw charisma, especially towards the mares. Ace loves to drink and smoke and is always seen doing one or the other typically. However, Ace can be really serious when pressured and loves to fight. While preferring bar fights, when it comes down to it... a fight is a fight. Ace has an ego that can probably only be matched by discord himself. He looks good and knows it, often making a public note of it.

Talent/Skills: Ace can tap into an objects energy resource and manually enhance and convert potential energy (stored energy that can turn into movement energy; energy that has the ability to convert to another kind of energy, allowing one to perform "work") to kinetic energy (movement energy; energy that derives from movement). More potential energy= more kinetic energy, so Ace can pretty much supercharge these particles with stored energy and change it to potent kinetic energy. The particles are moving so quick when he enhances the potential energy and converts it to kinetic energy that they overcome attraction and fly away from each other, creating an explosion of sorts.

Being able to do this, Ace can also keep homeostasis more often than a normal pony since he can tap into bio-kinetic energy, also giving him near superpony physical abilities (strength, speed, reflexes and reactions, agility, flexibility, dexterity, coordination, balance, and endurance), as his body constantly generates bio-kinetic energy and so is perfectly constructed for constant motion. This gives him an added edge that he has used to his advantage by developing a unique acrobatic fighting style.

Fighting Style: Ever the joker, Ace loves to constantly taunt his opponents, assuming the first bullet doesn't hit her mark. With both of his revolvers in hoof, Ace has learned to use his mastery and manipulation of energy to turn each bullet into a small but dangerous explosive. Ace also uses his incredible manipulation of his own homeostasis to perform incredible feats of acrobatics, dexterity and strength.

Ace also has incredible wit, being able to think on his feet. As a scoundrel and card shark, Ace is a fantastic knack sleight of hand. Along with his revolvers, Ace typically carries five small throwing knives on each of his forward legs.

Bio: Eldest sibling of the Card family's children. Ace was always looked to to take over he family business of running the Card casino's that held sway in a surprising number of towns in Equestria. But he was always the rowdiest of he three siblings and thus gave up the opportunity for a life of robberies, thieving, mercenary work, and just taking life in his stride.

As a young colt, Ace was brought up to be the prodigal son of the Card family, personally tutored by his father, Royal Flush. Cards, business, combat, these all soon became second nature to him. Still, he wasn't the sleuth his younger brother, Card Sharp, was. Nor was he the savvy business pony that his sister, Scarlet Royale, was. Ace was always getting into trouble in the local casino's and saloons, which never ended well due to his talent. . He loved to fight and start a ruckus, especially when it came to playing cards. The explosions resulting from these fights cost the card family millions. It was also widely known that he had become involved with most of the showgirls, bartenders, and even some female customers that had come through. Finally, Royal Flush had had enough of Ace's antics.

When his brother, Card Sharp, had reached the age of adulthood. Royal Flush, proposed that the two brothers play a game of poker to settle who inherited the family fortune and casino's. Ace saw this as his chance. He never wanted to be in charge, he just wanted to be free, and now he could be. The two brothers began their game, which lasted for hours. Ace knew his brother was analyzing his every move, and he knew exactly how to counteract him. They had been playing for years, secretly along with their sister. While Ace could never beat Scarlet, he had also never once lost to Card Sharp. Still as the game came down to the final hand, Ace put all of his chips in the pot. As his brother lay down a king high straight, Ace subtly slipped the ace of spades , out of his hoof, replacing it with a random two of hearts from his coat sleeve, thus breaking up his ace high straight flush and losing the game. Having lost, he simply smiled, tipped his hat to his family and walked out of the casino to make his own way in the world. But not before placing the Ace he had taken out of his hand and placing it inside of the band in his hat, a constant reminder of what he was leaving behind.

After leaving his home, Ace became somewhat of an outlaw after killing a local sheriff in self defense. The sheriff had been abusing his power and harassing some of the local working mares. When Ace stepped in, the sheriff attempted to gun him down, but to no avail. Ace sent bits and pieces of him across the saloon. Still, being the sheriff, the local marshal and deputies began to chase Ace down, but not before he took the pair of black and silver revolvers off of the sheriffs belt. Since then, Ace has lived his life on the lamb with his own band of mercenaries and bandits. It should be noted that he doesn't take in the habit of hurting or stealing from mares or children. In fact he's often described as being a strange bit of kind to most ponies... for a thief. Often flirtatious with mares no matter who's around. Still, Ace has no moral qualms about putting lead between a pony's eyes if it's called for, regardless of gender. So over the years, Ace had been living the carefree life with his rogues and their cheery, yet warlike way of life. But many bounty hunters have come for his head... still, Ace enjoys the challenge. During these clashes, Ace often leaves his group of bandits out of it, relishing the confrontation.

When Discord took power again, Ace's life didn't really change all that much. He still spent most of his days fighting the law, bedding mares, drinking, smoking, looting, and partying with his band of rogues, and generally just living his life as he see's fit. Still with word of the new tournament, Ace felt the need to compete. He had spent years on the lamb perfecting his talent, marksmanship, and acrobatic style... so why not show off? And with the reward being any one wish... all the better.

Why people should follow this character: Ace is a scoundrel pure and simple. Ever the joker, Ace loves to talk during a fight. When he has an audience, he loves to show off and play to the crowd. He's got an explosive charisma to match his explosive talent. Still, he loves to be subtle during a fight... explosive force can't solve everything. With his quick wit, Ace enjoys finding the chink in an opponent's armor. Often thinking of himself as a cowpony with honor, Ace loves to act like one. If you're looking for a pony who loves to talk, is quick with his wit, and just an all round charasmatic pony, this is him. If you're looking for a contender with explosive results... you probably won't get much more explosive than this stallion. To all you mares out there, I'd keep a close eye on this one, because he'll definitely keep a close eye on you.
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Re: Characters

Postby einsUNDcolt » Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:42 pm

Name: Hondy
Race: earth pony
Gender: male
Age: 20

Physical Description: Hondy is an earth pony who is physically weaker than most earth ponies. Hondy is full grown and is between the size of a filly and a mare. He has a small frame and a wiry build. His rust colored coat is blemished with many bruses and cuts. His tail is slightly burnt and he has a cut running through his left cutie mark. A brown coat covers up a lot of the bruses that he has acquired on his way to Discordance City.

Body/Coat color: Rusty
Mane/Feathers color: Dirty blonde
Tail/Talons color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Left eye is hazel and the right is a dark blue.
Cutie Mark: A single layer, yellow cake.

Personality: Hondy doesn't talk much, and for good reason. He doesn't like to see other get hurt. Generally a nice pony, Hondy isn't afraid to get his hooves dirty. But Hondy has a lot of deep seeded anger that comes out when he fights.

Talent/Skills: Hondy's talent is cooking and baking.

Fighting Style: Hondy doesn't know any fighting styles. He was never trained in any and only knows of a few from watching others. What he does know, is how to not get hit. He isn't afraid of picking up a 2x4 in teeth and smashing a pony's face with it. As Hondy gets angry, he fights harder. He has gotten so angry that he shrugged off a blow from a crowbar.

Becasue Hondy has never learned a style, he spends a lot of time scrambling around. Half of the battle he may spend running or on his back. If Hondy can get his hooves (or mouth) on it, he willl try to use it.

Bio: Hondy was born in Manehattan. He lived there with his wife and everything seemed happy. He had a job at a bakery and he was really good at what he did. The two of them were even talking about having a foal. Hondy was at the peak of happiness. But it changed when Discord rose to power.

It started off not being so bad for Hondy and his wife. They could handle the chaotic things that happened around Manehattan. Hondy still had his job and could still provide for his wife. Slowly his wife started to loose it. Hondy didn't notice it at first, but his wife was slipping into madness. The facade that Hondy had errected came crashing down when his wife tried to commit suicide. Hondy found her laying face down in the tub, not breathing. He revived her only to find that her mind was broken. She lashed out at Hondy, striking him in his throat, and fled once she broke free of her husband's grasp.

After searching all night for his wife, Hondy laid on his bed. He openly wept and wailed until the sun set and rose many times. Soon he wept himself to sleep. When he woke, he decided that Manehattan, and his wife, had nothing for him while Discord was around.

Leaving Manehattan, he decided to ventrue north to Bucklyn. Upon ariving, he was set upon a band of earth pony thugs. They set to calling Hondy names and, when he was unfazed by that, beating on him. Hondy tried to fight, but was rewarded with a cut across his left cutie mark. He just laid there and took the beating. When they got bored and stopped, Hondy got up and staggered away. One of the ponies made a comment about his wife, and Hondy flew into a rage. Forgetting about his injuries and his bleeding flank, Hondy charged the group. One hit him with a crowbar, but Hondy shrugged it off. In a blind, rage filled, furry, Hondy beat the earth pony group with the crowbar that one was weilding.

After hearing about Discord's offer, Hondy decided that this was his chance to get his wife's sanity back. Taking the crowbar and a 2x4 from the nearby area, Hondy set off for Discordance City, determined to win.

Why people should follow this character: Hondy is an underdog in all sense of the word. All of his fights are interesting struggle that will test his lack of fighting skills. The rust colored earth pony wants Discord gone. Plain and simple. He wants his wife and his life back and that will only happen if Discord is gone.
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Re: Characters

Postby Morningglory » Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:15 am

Name: Brass Rivets
Gender: Female
Age: Mid to late 20's, but no one's really sure
Physical Description: Rivet's a pegasus with a deceptively light looking frame, but when observed closely, muscles and sinew ripple under her coat. She frequently carries a look between not caring and sneering, depending on how pleased she is with what is going on around her, and how it will effect her. On her hooves, she wears heavy brass horse shoes, and her wings are very obviously artificial prosthetics, made by her own hoof, out of brass and enamel.
Body/Coat color: Olive green
Mane/Feathers color: Dark olive green and bronze
Tail/Talons color: Dark olive green and bronze
Eye color: Brassy orange
Cutie Mark: Crossed pistols
Personality: Rivet is greedy, obsessed with acquiring wealth for herself to feed her own vices. She doesn't believe in making friends unless they are going to provide some sort of boon for her. She's pleasant when she has to be, but even when she's being civil, her tone is always laced with poison, as though her voice is a snake laying in wait to strike.

Talent/Skills: She can build a weapon out of anything, and has a talent for spotting explosives or things to make explosives. She also can haggle like no one believes, but that is mostly the fact that most ponies are afraid of her.

Fighting Style: While being a pegasus, and a skilled arms dealer and maker, Rivet is a lousy shot. Rivet is actually a heavy hitter, preferring to beat an opponent to a pulp with her own two hooves, wearing heavy brass horseshoes on each of her four hooves. Her artificial wings, while lovely, are honed to razor sharp edges on the outsides of the enameled feathers.

Bio: To say that Brass Rivets was born on the wrong side of the tracks is putting it kindly. She and her family grew up in absolute poverty in the slums at the far edge of Manehattan. At a young age, Rivet took to smoking and smuggling contraband items for a local gang in the area. By the time she was in her teens, she had used her own ruthlessness and persuasion to rise through the ranks to a vice leader of the gang. It was only a matter of time before she had the leader "dealt with", and took over. Rivet's Riders, as they came to be called, smuggled weapons and other contraband between the dragons and Equestria, but they were only a small gang, and Rivet had her sights set on something bigger. She made her way into selling weapons, not just to a petty dragon gang here and there, but to one of the heads of a larger dragon clan. She was making pretty good money, until he found out that she was selling weapons to the ponies of Equestria as well, and decided to make an example of her.

It took almost a year, but Rivet found herself captured in dragon territory. In front of her captured "collegues", her wings were stripped from her body, and she was thrown into a dragon prison. In the darkness of the hellhole she found herself in, she made herself determined to survive at any cost, and spent her time working out, shadow sparring, and breaking rocks with her hooves, until she became good enough to bust the bars of her cell out of the rock they were anchored to. She escaped just as Discord took over Equestria, and found her way back to her old stomping grounds. She fashioned herself a new set of wings, and made her own brass horseshoes, determined to make it back to the top.

When she heard about Discord's offer, she jumped at the chance, a chance to make herself rich beyond her wildest dreams, and powerful enough that she would never have anything her black heart desired.

Why people should follow this character: Rivet is ruthless and cruel to any who would stand in her way. Conniving and intimidating, she is determined to do whatever it takes to survive, and get what she wants. She is not above backstabbing, or even killing a pony that stands between her and that goal.

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Re: Characters

Postby Oda » Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:36 am

Name: Bookworm
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: early twenties
Physical Description. Thin, Stick like, Nerdy, Non threatening. All pretty much sum up Bookworms appearance with a coat colored like old paper, and string like black hair. A pair of square framed glasses cover his eyes, and a cluster of freckles on his cheek. He has almost no muscles anywhere and is as thin as a twig. Sometimes Mistaken for a mare at first glance though he'll quickly correct such an assumption,Image
Body/Coat Color: Aged paper
Mane Color: Ink black
Tail Color: Ink Black
Eye Color: Deep purple
Cutiemark: an open book with several pages flying about.
Personality: His name describes him pretty well, He loves books to almost Bibliophilic levels. He reads them every chance he can get, he has a personal collection that rivals some libraries. though he has no where to put them all, his home is Stuffed to the breaking point with books, books, and more books covering the floor and all the way up to the ceiling. Finding a new book is enough to send him into a happy plesent mood. the Rarer the better. He is rather meek though when his eyes are not in a book they will be constantly glancing at the floor while he mutters polite apologies, Even when he's irriated his voice wont go too high, keeping his polite manner of speech regardless. He will almost never brag about himself believing himself to be "not that special"

However, get between him and his books, or Celestia forbid, you steal the book he's about to/in the middle of reading, and another side comes out as he will relentlessly peruse the offender trying to get it back or right such a horrible wrong. Using every ability and trick at his disposal. Though throughout it all, he can still be rather air headed, focusing more on the books around him then what's going on right in front of him.

Talents/Skills: Paper, His magic is based around manipulating paper and it's properties, if it can be described as paper he can use it with his magic. He can alter the properties of paper to where a single sheet can stop a bullet without a dent, to making it's edges razor sharp to cut into solid objects. He is very adaptable with his talent quickly coming up with ways to use his paper to take advantage of the situation.

He is also a Polygot, learning a few languages so he can read books from other territories with ease. Though he is Farsighted and he needs glasses in order to read.

Fighting Style: As described in his Talent section he uses paper, he can fuse pieces of paper together to form a larger construct one moment before breaking it apart into separate pieces of paper. If he can make it out of paper, then he can build it with a large enough supply. The paper keeping it's new properties even without his touch. He can form a giant paper airplane to ride on that proves surprisingly maneuverable.

He will try to conserve his paper supply sticking to long range paper projectiles and can form a defensive shield of paper if needed. as long as his paper isn't destroyed he can simply reuse it as much as he needs to. If threatened in close combat he'll either retreat behind a shield of paper or try to ward off the opponent with fast constructs. Due to his rather frail nature, he can't take too many hits and prefers longer ranges. where he can protect himself.

With a large enough supply of paper however, he becomes extremely dangerous manipulating paper in what could be described as waves attempting to overwhelm his opponent. Though he mostly carries a large travel bag full of paper for this use, he also carries around a few scrolls and strangely enough to the uninformed bright colorful paper ribbons.

Bio: Bookworm was perfectly content to read books all his life, his home stuffed to the breaking point yet still he would go out and blow nearly his entire paycheck on yet more books. He didn't think too much of his job since it kept him away from reading for long periods of time. when Discord won, he stayed indoors for a while his book collection thankfully untouched. But one day discord himself appeared while reading a particularly good book with a chuckle he declared that Bookworm spent too much time indoors and he swiped the book from under bookworm. Annoyed at first Bookworm Tried to get the book back...politely. Discord refused with a laugh before being swarmed with half of bookworms collection. Discord popped behind Bookworm unscathed tugging on the Confused Stallions ear. "You'll get your book back, but unfortunately for you, I've already moved it far away~" He laughs as bookworm again tries to trap Discord once again ending in failure as discord pops out appearing as a pair of scissors. "Scissors beats paper~" Discord chuckles, "Luckily for me I'm not a rock anymore~" He chuckles. "If you want your precious book back~ You have to go to Discordance City." He laughs and vanishes with a pop.

Bookworm moved about trying to see if Discord or his book was still around. But alas they were both gone. He sits down with a heavy sigh. He had heard the announcement earlier, but he didn't feel like entering. Maybe when he gets there he would just get the book back? He brightens a little, and quickly starts to stuff his bag with loose sheets of blank paper. All he said was he had to show up right?

Why you should follow this character?: Bookworm is a pony seemingly out of place joining the tournament for innocent reasons, yet he is a dangerous fighter. Using his own creativity and large amounts of paper to beat his enemies in pursuit of his book. He will try to incapacitate his opponents rather then kill though using dangerous amounts of force when provoked. Yet What reason would discord have to goad him into going to the city in the first place?

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Re: Characters

Postby TwentySided » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:05 pm

Name: Glinting Blow (Glint for short)
Race: Earth Pony (Crystal pony)
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Appearance: Image
Body/Coat color: White
Mane/Feathers color: Lilac with Pink highlights
Tail/Talons color: Lilac with a single strip of pink
Eye: orange
Faction: Peacekeepers
Cutie Mark: A hammer
Special Talent: Demolition, Glint has a special knack at destruction. One that even she has no real understanding as to why, due impart to her amnesia of the world before the Empire's return.
Personality: If asked how one would describe Glint in a few words,
those who know her would say, loud, bubbly, loyal, and dedicated to her work...a little too dedicated.
and most importantly destructive. Ever smiling, Glint is more than happy to bring the hammer down on anything or anyone that gets in her way, or simply deserves it. Glint's past is however not one that she likes to ever bring up, nor can she since her entire kind fell under a mass amnesia upon their return to this world.

Fighting Style: Glint is proficient with any form of blunt weapon or object, however, she prefers using a large warhammer when facing an opponent. Ever smiling the mare relies on a chaotic style of fighting. Dancing around the opponent, to get in close and deliver a heavy hoofed blow. Never stopping till they are 'free' of this world.

Bio: Born during the reign of the last crystal queen, Glinting Blow, grew up with her family in the Crystal Empire. Though they weren't the richest, and certainly not the most well off, they were happy. Unfortunately, this happiness was not meant to last after the fall of the Crystal Queen, and the rise of King Sombra and the darkness that followed shortly after. As the dark king's hooves tightened around the populace, curfews set in, ponies disappearing, Glint's family, along with others tried to stand up against Sombra, public denouncing his name. Calling for freedom and the return of the Crystal Heart.

The king's response was quick and harsh. Sending his own forces to rounding up the rioters and their families, Glint included, the ponies were sent to the Crystal Mines. It was here that Glint spent nearly a decade of her life. As the weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, Glinting Blow, did her best to keep hers and those around her hopes up. At days end, the mare would sneak away from others, hidden from the guards she would keep to herself, humming songs forgotten since Sombra's thinking back to the life she had before her family caused everyone to be locked away. Since then she has grinned, either trying to keep hope for freedom alive inside her, or simply because deep down she is afraid of what might happen if she stop. During her time in the mines.

As the years went on, Glint's smile became more and more forced and the yearn for freedom greater. Until one day, the giggling mare finally snapped at the conclusion that there was more than one way to be free. Taking the rock smashing hammer, she had been issued that day, the mare swung the tool, smashing the nearest guard, sending the stallion into a crumpled heap, to the cheers of crystal ponies around her. However these cheers quickly became screams of terror as the mare directed her next swing of the hammer into the closest miner. Continuing to attack the mare until the corpse no longer twitched. Satisfied, her attention switched to the next nearest pony.

Finally after nearly half a day, Sombra's guards cornered the mare in a recently dugout portion of the mines. Around her the mutilated remains of guard and miner alike. Standing above them the splattered mare hissed, "Their free now, free as birds" Quickly subdued, the mare was sent to the lowest reaches of the dungeon, held there till Sombra could figure out what to do with the insane mare. Unfortunately he would never have the chance to find out as shortly after the Royal Sisters arrived, banishing him, and soon after the Empire.

1,000 years later, after the sudden return of the Crystal Empire and mass amnesia in the populace, Glint included, the mare found herself released from the dungeon, unable to remember why she had been restrained down there in the first place. However the world she found for some reason made the mare happier than she had ever been. Leaving the Empire, Glint set out to meet whoever ever it was that created this new world.

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Re: Characters

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:07 pm

Name: [None-Given] (Actual name: Ryla Honorbound)
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: 14

Physical Description:

Body/Coat color: Covered (Light Tan)
Mane/Feathers color: Hidden (Dark Brown)
Tail/Talons color: Hidden (Dark Brown)
Eye color: Barely visible (Maroonish Red)
Cutie Mark: Obscured (A Sakura Blossom cleaved in two.)

Personality: Rash, Hot headed, and rather stubborn at times, Ryla is the type of pony who'd do what she sets her mind to... eventually. She ten to take on too much at a time, ad makes very slow progress unless she finds great personal interest in such as her katana skills, and her revenge for her father's death. Despite being rather proud, she holds great respect for her superiors and her elders thanks to her mother's teaching.

However, during the tournament, she 'll try her best to hide her actual personality, being quiet and try avoiding conversation just so she doesn't gain any bonds that might stop her from cutting down Discord.

Talent/Skills: Practically a master samurai, the way Ryla handles her blade is like an art. Utilizing both magic, and her mouth, she can move the blade better than any swordspony in equestria could manage a blade. Not to mention, her abillity to augment herself and her mentality through magic, and her sword in conjunction makes her quite deadly.

Fighting Style: Quick, efficient, that's how Ryla wants to play. A long drawn fight wouldn't do well with a blade like hers, so she'd rather just dash right in, and end it before the opponent can react.

Bio: Rlya was born in Equestria, but was raised in Neighing thanks to Discord's shenanigans. After finding out that her father was killed, she stole half her mother's savings, bought a katana from a well named bovine bladesmith, Masamoone, spread a rumor about her being kidnapped, started wearing a rather heavy robe, and entered the tournament.

Why people should follow this character: Revenge. Or to get the crap kicked out of her by her mother because she's being a reckless child, either or.

Apologies for it being rushed.
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Re: Characters

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:16 pm

Withdrawing Ryla, due to being the last character to be created, and making the bracket uneven.
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Re: Characters

Postby DistractedPony » Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:10 am

Name: Vector
Race: Cyber-Unicorn
Gender: Female
Age: Operational for a year.

Physical Description:
Vector’s body is that of a young filly, but she has obvious steamtech implants.

Her eyes are covered by a visor that glows with a faint blue. Down her spine runs small metal plates, and hovering above them are long metal blades in the shape of two razor sharp wings. Each individual blade is separate and seems to hover on its own. She can command each blade individual like limbs and they can hover a short distance away from her. (part of it needs to be within about hoof reach of her, magic stops them travelling further than this) She has twelve of them, six for each ‘wing’.

All four of her legs are steamtech replacements, and inside her body more steamtech dwells. She is a strange combination of a vulnerable looking young filly and a monstrous killing machine abomination.

Body/Coat color: White with a faint blue tinge
Mane/Feathers color: Leafy Green
Tail/Talons color: Same as Mane
Eye color: Unknown
Cutie Mark: None

Personality: Vector has only been operational for a year, though she has knowledge implanted in her about the world, this knowledge is technical in nature. She has very little experience in life and emotionally is not very developed.

Despite her purpose to be a weapon, she has chosen to not kill. A hard task considering her lethal nature and inbuilt drive to ruthlessly eradicate opposition, she has to be wary of herself as well as opponents, as her directives drive her to kill.

Vector is the blending of arcane enchantment and steamtech. Vector must manage her magical stores and pressurised steam levels to maintain her abilities, but she is capable of incredible feats when she chooses to use these resources. Though, when they are depleted, she is very vulnerable, basically becoming just a filly in strength. Her magic is stored in her hovering blades, her steam is stored in a magically hardened steel canister in her chest.

Vector does not know her full abilities and can discover new abilities as she goes, thus when writing her, feel free to come up with something new if you feel like it or have an idea. Though keep in mind she has a limit to her energy stores and steam pressure, both require some time to replenish.

Fighting Style:
Though powerful, Vector is inexperienced and naive. Her methods are usually direct unless she is forced to think her situation through. She is quite clever when she actually considers tactics, but does not naturally think tactically without something prompting her to.

She is reluctant to use some of her abilities unless pressed hard in battle as they are hard to use without killing. An opponent who catches on that she is trying not to kill will have a large advantage against her.

Despite this, she is made to be lethal, physically and by training. She has a natural urge to kill that she constantly has to fight, and if angered she loses much of her self-control.

She also tries to test and gauge her opponents early in battle to try and determine how much of her steam and magic she should be using to win, since she can quickly run out a battle and is a lot less powerful without these resources. Any opponent with hidden powers/talents could throw her estimates off.

She is generally very strong direct opponents as she is able to over-power most things, whilst she struggles against indirect opponents, especially those who use her nativity and inexperience against her. Further, she is gullible and poor at detecting lies. With the exception of kind gestures and friendliness, which thanks to her less than pleasant early life, she believes to be lies and deceit, regardless of if they are or not.

Almost exactly 1 year ago, Vector awoke within a hidden facility. A place where some of the greatest steamtech scientists and engineers were combining their talents with the brilliance of some of the greatest casters and arcane researchers. These individuals all had their own unique backgrounds, and their own unique reasons for working on the project. Ponies, zebras, and more, they come from all places, and their skills were varied and many.

They greeted Vector as she came awake. She was the fruition of their hard work and collaboration, their opus. A living weapon, designed for a single purpose. Immediately they began to test her and put her through trials, to see how she reacted and how far her abilities would go. Though she found she had an inbuilt knowledge of the world, she was emotionally like a child, and sought to impress and please her creators.

Secretly, she sought their love, but to them she was a weapon, not a child and her attempts to reach out for care and love were never returned. Until she met a gentle pony. She did not know his role in the facility, and he did not participate in her tests, but he showed her kindness and care. Yet always he held an edge of sadness when he looked at her.

Time went on, as the testing and measurements of her continued. Then came the fateful day her life changed. She had proven proficient in destroying targets and dummies, her lethality was high, but this day when she entered the testing chambers, she found an unfamiliar buffalo waiting for her. She looked at him curiously, unsure of what her test was. Then her creators gave her an order. Kill the buffalo.

At first this confused her, but they repeated their command. She found she didn’t want to, but she trusted her creators, they would never ask her to do something wrong. It did not take her long to break her target, his carcass’s ichors and gore now strewn across one side of the room. Vector marvelled at how easily the Buffalo had broken apart. Was all life so fragile?

Another target was forced into the chamber, a unicorn, and again they order her to kill. The unicorn wielded a shielding magic and she tried to hold Vector back, but Vector’s blade seem to carve through the barriers like as if they weren’t there, shattering them. Soon the unicorn too lay broken at Vector’s hooves.

This continued with three more ‘targets’, as the concept of breaking living things begun to grow easier in Vector’s mind. Finally, they brought in her sixth target: the gentle pony who had shown her care and kindness. He saw the gore of the previous ‘targets’, and shook his head grimly. He’s eyes met hers and she saw the same edge of sadness he always had, but now it was much stronger.

Then her creator’s order came: Kill the Pony. Confusion blossomed in her mind, her creators would not order her to do something wrong… but she did not want to break this individual. The order came again, annoyance at the edges of it. She stared at the gentle pony. Her creators must not know that he was kind and nice, she turned and tried to explained it to them. They responded firmly, “Kill the Pony”.

Vector did not want to disobey their orders, but she didn’t want this pony broken either. She felt agitated and confused. Looking back to the pony, she saw a tear ran down his cheek.

“Query: You cry because you do not wish to be broken?”

“No, I knew I would die here. I cry for you, that they put you through this.”

For a moment she stared at him, as the realisation that he was a prisoner dawned on her. Unfamiliar emotions warred inside her. Then she shook her head. She could not break this pony. She would not break this pony.

Her creators told her she had failed the test and she hung her head in shame. They spoke to each other of restarting her and trying a different method to overcome this fault. Then they ordered her to begin a memory wipe and return to her storage container. She felt terrible for her failure and headed for the exit of the chamber sadly. Then she heard a gasp of pain as someone utter ‘you won’t interfere with her training next time’.

Vector turned to see the gentle pony sliding off a blade of one of her creators. The red liquid he required for operation was spilling across the floor. In shock she stared at the scene, motionless. She didn’t want the gentle pony broken. She had told them he was nice and gentle. Why did they damage him? Why?

Vector felt a new emotion rising, it would not be until later she discovered it was called rage. All twelve of her blades fanned out behind her to create an imposing visage, as all the blades begun to glow with an azure energy. Her mind clouded with emtions she didn't understand as she began to rise off the floor lifted by intense magic.

Her creators yelled and grew fearful, some of them ordering her to desist. An alarm rung out through the facility, but Vector felt only a desire to break these fragile things, to make them pay. Her blades struck out and their internal parts sprayed across the room. She fell upon them without remorse, as what they wanted her to be: A weapon.

Vector awoke sometime later, the events a blur in her mind. She had begun a memory wipe when she had first been ordered to, but it had not completed. Her memory was fragmented and in disarray. She remembered the test she had failed, and the gentle pony being broken, she remembered attacking her creators, and moments of time scattered since she first awakened, but much was missing.

She was in the ruins and debris of what was once the facility. It was destroyed. By her calculations, it had been a week since the failed test. She knew the power she had exhibited then was suppose to only come out when she was performing her true mission. She did not know how she had accessed that ability or what her intended mission was.

Unsure of what to do, she went out into the world, confused and alone. She did not find a world welcoming of her. Months passed and she found everywhere she went, she was feared and mistrusted. Some would hide from her, some flee her, and some would attack her.

Occasionally she found someone who would talk and be nice to her, but they always turned out to be using her for their own gain, to have a powerful individual on their side or to have her destroy their enemies. Over time she grew to never trust those she met, and to hate what she was. All saw her as a weapon, all but that one gentle pony from the facility.

When Discord announced his tournament, Vector decided to enter. Knowing nothing of the world before Discord's reign of terror and chaos, nor of who he really is, she entered for one reason. She intends to win for her one wish: to be a normal pony.

Why people should follow this character: I'll add this soon.

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