Discord's City

A mini Roleplay, set in an alternate dimension where Discord defeated the Mane Six and has been running amok unchecked. Discord is now hosting a challenge as the final chance to defeat him. Can Equestria and the world be saved?
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Discord's City

Postby TwentySided » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:00 pm

Discord’s City

Post any question or requests for clarification in this topic. ^_^

The Story

With the elements of Harmony, Twilight and her friends managed to defeat Discord, turning him to stone and saving Equestria from his chaos. But is we look through the mirror, into another dimension, things are different. Here in this world, Discord didn’t lose, and his reign has gone unending.
Everything is thrown into disarray, and more than Equestria comes to feel his tendrils of chaos. All is lost, and it seems there is no one capable of stopping the Draconequus. But Discord himself has grown bored of the new status quo of chaos and disorder.
He longs for the challenge and uncertainty from before his victory and seeks to reinstate it. Restoring the world for a time, Discord then created a mysterious empty city within Equestria. In a booming voice, he has proposed a challenge to everyone: “This is your one and only chance. I, Discord, am hosting a competition for the bravest, the greatest, the strongest. To the winner I will grant one wish. Even if that wish is for me to leave forever. That’s right, this is your one chance to stop me.”
“Three days from now it will begin. It’ll take place in the Discordance City. Catchy name isn’t it? Once the competition starts, no pony, griffon, zebra, buffalo or any other creature, may leave until they have lost.”
“Every day you will be pitted against another competitor, the winner not only progresses to the new day, but they also get to choose their defeated opponents fate. This is Equestria’s... or rather, the world’s only chance, but it isn’t for the faint of heart. See you all in three days!”

General Premise

This roleplay is divided into rounds, starting with a pre-round. In the pre-round, you will post and establish your character. Use this post to establish who your character is, why they are competing and their arrival to Discordance City. Focus on what ever you like, motivations, favourite colour, their fear of losing, who they care for, what they plan to wish for, whatever. But you want to make your character someone other forum members will want to read about, because they will be decided your character’s fate in the coming rounds.

After that phase, the true rounds begin. Every round two characters will be assigned to face each other. Their players will have a week to write up their entries submission, each submission is that player’s version of the two characters encounter, with their own character winning. The two submissions don’t need to match, and can and will play out completely differently to each other. Once the submission period is over, the members of the forum will anonymously vote on which version they like more, and the winner’s version will become canon in the growing story, as they progress into the next round.

How a character wins, how difficult the fight was and how hurt the character is at the end is up each player. And what happens to the opposing character is up to you. If you are unwilling to have your character lose, get hurt or even die in battle, be aware you have little control on what the other person’s version is, so if this is a real problem for you, please do not enter. That said, always be respectful of others and do not portray someone else’s character in a poor light. Also be aware that an over the top kill scene is not at all likely to be voted as the winner, like a close and emotional driven fight would likely be.

Things will progress like this as characters are defeated and the competition grows stiffer. Until finally, only one remains.

Your Character

Currently each participant is allowed to enter only one character. This character can be one of your current characters in the main roleplay, or a new character altogether. Since this is an alternate dimension, if you use one of your characters from the main roleplay they don’t have to be exactly the same. Remember, in this dimension, Discord won and has been tormenting the world for many years.

Characters do not need to be okayed for use in this, but we coloured names reserve the right to veto any character we think has inappropriate content. Power level is up to you, but your character must be beatable, and be aware, people are a lot less likely to vote for a character who doesn’t have to struggle and fight for victory. Reading about someone easily winning every fight and being completely awesome is not terribly interesting, whereas someone beating the odds and defeating a powerful foe who outmatches them is a staple of stories and more likely to garner votes.

There is a profile below to fill out for your character. When you fill it out, try to include what your character is capable of in a fight. If your character has an ace up their sleeve, but you don’t list it, and your opponent’s story wins, then you can’t blame them for not knowing and it never coming out.

One last thing, this is a pony roleplay, so make your character appropriate for this, being a human cyborg ninja with lasers out to get revenge on his lord for murdering his wife and children might be awesome, but it doesn’t really fit. At the very least make it a pegasus.


The main rules of the forum here still apply, the rules specific to the main roleplay don’t.


Your entry needs to involve your character facing off with your assigned opponent’s character. How you win is up to you, write out how you imagine events going. All entries must be a thousand words minimum.


Voting is done with a forum based poll system, in which votes are done anonymously. Vote for whichever entry you wish to, for whatever reason. Though please try to keep your reason related to the entries, characters and their story, and not to out of game reasons, such as voting for a someone because they are a close friend.

Time Extensions

Life is busy, and sometimes there are matters you have to attend to in real life. You can apply for an extension to your submission period if you’re not going to finish in the timeframe. Please do this as soon as possible, and not after the submission period has ended. There will be a specific topic to post to for this. Everybody gets one free extension, any more after this one will impose a cumilitive -1 penalty to your votes tally.

This penalty is purely for the sake of everyone else in this roleplay, since the entire Discord City roleplay will be delayed for every extension, affecting following rounds and timeframes. Things do happen in real life, and delays happen (as does writer’s block), so don’t be afraid to ask for an extension, just please try to get your entries done in the period allotted and not make a habit of it. I suggest trying to get your entry in two days before the entry period.

In Game Things


You may write out your encounter as happening in any location that fits being in a city. A main street with large buildings, a foyer with pillars, a park with lush trees, on top of a towering building, or any of many other possible locations. As long as it makes sense for the place to exist in a city, feel free to place your fight anywhere. You do not have to use the same location as your opponent is writing for.


Your character can find and use anything that it would make sense to find in a city. This tournament is taking place over several days, so your character will have to scavenge up food and drink.

Your character can find and use anything else that makes sense as well, medical supplies to treat injuries, ammo to rearm a weapon, a hose to spray water at a fire based opponent, etc.

Observation Building

On the outskirts of the city is an observation building, inside magical screens allows anyone who cares to, to watch the events unfolding inside the city. Everyone is welcome to come and watch, and participants may come here after being defeated to watch the rest of the competition as well, providing they’re are able to. People may roleplay characters in this area freely, watching what is unfolding, talking to one another, sparring in a nearby arena, whatever you wish.

Those here can’t not effect anything in the tournament itself, they are only able to observe what is happening in the city.

The City

In game, when a new day begins, arrows appear on walls and floors, pointing the general direction of your opponent. They don’t reveal specific locations, so ambushes are possible, just the vague area. As soon as the two are in the same general area, the arrows fade away.

Weather is erratic in the city, sections can experience almost any weather condition without notice. Feel free to use unusual or extreme weather in your submissions, but keep in mind this is localised to your two character’s areas.

The city is a steamtech age city, with steam pipes, cogs and gears on machines, and items and weapons of that style in certain places inside it. It also has a running water system, with taps, but for some reason a lot of them produce only sludge.

There is an automated train system that runs throughout the city, speeding up travel and providing the occasional background whistling toot.

There are strange glowing following the characters around, visible only to the one they are following. These orbs allow anyone in the Observation Building just outside the city to see and witness the goings on of the participants and even hear the participants internal monologues.

Character Profile


Physical Description:



Fighting Style:


Why people should follow this character:

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Re: Discord's City

Postby TwentySided » Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:14 pm

There are a few things I would like to implement but I want your opinions. No Dragon characters, dragon in another shape or anything like that. If they were at one point a giant flying lizard then its a no go.

Likewise a change in DC lore. The Elders never were.

Comments would be great

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Re: Discord's City

Postby captain_borgue » Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:23 pm

I'm ok with that. :D

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Re: Discord's City

Postby TwentySided » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:08 am

With how busy people are right now, myself included, I'm going to move the turn in date/beginning of voting to Friday April 25th at 12:00 am Hawaii time

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