March, 2013

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March 2013

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March, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:38 am

Due to no activity for February there was no winner and Toon is still in charge of the topic. Based on conversations with him in chat he wants to run the same topic as last month. You have till the 26th of March to enter a short story. Voting will run till the end of the month afterward.

The topic is;

DiE the Musical![/center]

Pick a song: any genre, any length, any era. Then use that song as the inspiration for a story (involving DiE characters, naturally), including a link for the song at the top of your post. How you incorporate the song's influence is, naturally, up to you. Have fun and rock on!

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Re: March, 2013

Postby Lucy Took » Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:41 am

Music of the Night

The sun had finally set on a day that had seemed to fly by in a blur of joy,surprise and rushed preparations. But the night...the night was to be a mystery all it's own.

With the door closed, and the dress that had been hastily and lovingly assembled out of what fabric family and friends had on hand and a bit of magic laid on the floor forgotten, River watched as the candles someone had thoughtfully placed in the small room on the airship lit up in one flame, breathing in the scent of lilacs that they released. She listened to the faint sound of music in the distance off the ship, slow and soft,and turned around.

And there was her husband. And finally...she was ready to face the music. It was time to give into the music of the night.
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Re: March, 2013

Postby ToonNinja » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:52 am

Song: “Savior” -Rise Against

It was a calm, cool, clear Cloudsdale evening. The sun shone up low over the horizon, but the air remained as crisp as it had been that morning, even as the sky was painted with the colors of the sunset.

Summer Breeze stared out at the lowering sun and gave a soft sigh. It had been a day like today, fifteen years ago. Almost sixteen, the middle-aged mare chided herself. Can’t go and forget something like that.

Summer walked back inside her modest cloud home, making a beeline for her bedroom. She knew it was only going to hurt; it had been so long, and the wounds always opened themselves anew. Celestia knows she tried to stop herself. She tried to throw it all out, tried to lock it all away, but she just couldn’t.

The pegasus dragged the box out from under her bed, placed it on top of said bed, and began rummaging through its contents. As always, it was a photo that struck the first chord.A photo of a young, daisy-yellow pegasus grinning widely as she leaned in close to the bulkier form of a gryphon, a smirk plastered onto his beak that radiated just as much joy.

Then, as always, the tears began to flow. “Boreas...”


About sixteen years prior...


The gryphon flinched quite visibly, his amber eyes quickly focusing on the mare that loomed in the doorway.

Summer was bearing down on him in the blink of an eye, somehow managing to loom over the larger gryphon. “Where have you been?” she demanded. “You said you were going to be here at six o’clock! It’s eleven thirty-five!”

“I got held up,” Boreas muttered, averting his gaze.

“For five-and-a-half hours?”

“It was a Winds meeting!”Boreas snapped. “I had no choice!”

Summer’s gaze darkened. “That’s funny, because Zephyr was here, and he certainly didn’t know where you could be.”

“Zephyr?” The gryphon inadvertently flashed his teeth with his grimace. “Notus and Eury told me the whole meeting was his idea.”

“And just what was this meeting about?”

Boreas froze. He stared at Summer for a moment, before quickly looking away and muttering “nothing.”

“I hope it’s not nothing,” Summer countered. “You were supposed to meet my family tonight. I kept assuring my father that you aren’t just some ‘wild gryphon warrior’ and you didn’t even bother showing up because ‘nothing.”

The gryphon turned further away. “C’mon, Breeze...”

“Oh no,” the pegasus shot back, moving to face him. “You don’t just get to walk away from this one. These last few months have been the time of my life, and you promised you’d meet my parents ‘when the time was right.’ We found the right time, we set the date, and you didn’t show. What part of that do you really think you can just dismiss?”

“I didn’t mean to!” Boreas snapped. “I love you, and I really wanted to do right by you, I swear it. They wouldn’t let me just leave, the meeting was specifically about me.”

Summer paused, looking at her lover carefully (he insisted on not being called a “coltfriend,” and publicly they just said they were “together”). “What do you mean, about you?”

Boreas seemed to stall for a moment more, trying to think of some way out of it. Then he sighed, his head hanging low. “They said I’ve been getting weak. Because of you.”

Summer’s mouth hung open. “Wh...what?”

“I bucked up on our last job in Stalliongrad. I bucked up hard. And they’re all convinced that I’m... that I’m losing my focus.”

“But... that’s nonsense,” she replied uncertainly. “And what business is it of Notus and Eureas if you’re with me?”

“It’s not just-” Boreas cut himself off. Summer seemed to understand regardless.


“It was his idea,” the gryphon said softly, mournfully.

Summer Breeze felt like the entire weight of the world just slammed onto her back. Her legs buckled, just the slightest. “You’re lying. And it’s not true,” she insisted, her voice shaking just a bit. “Us being together doesn’t make you weak! Why are you even bringing up something this stupid?”

“Because they said it was you or them,” Boreas said miserably.

Silence reigned in the house.


“You hate me,” Boreas concluded, looking away.

“I don’t hate you!” Summer snapped. “I love you, Boreas! Why don’t you understand that?”

“I love you too,” the gryphon insisted, anger rising in his voice, “but I can’t... I can’t stay with you! You can’t settle with someone like me, and-”

“The buck I can’t!”

“You’re making this too difficult!”

“It shouldn’t be difficult! It’s a job! Why is it so hard to choose?”

“They’re my family!” Boreas roared. “The Winds took me in when nobody else would! I’d be turning my back on them!”

“As opposed to just turning your back on me?”

Boreas didn’t respond to that. “...Breezy...”

“Don’t.” The pegasus turned, making her way towards the kitchen. “There’s no point in struggling. Obviously your loyalties lie elsewhere.”

“Breezy, please, not like this. I love y-”

Summer bristled, not bothering to look at Boreas and still radiating anger. “No! Clearly you don’t! You can say you love me when you’ve gotten your stupid messed-up priorities straightened! Until then, you can get out of my house!”

The gryphon’s wings drooped, and his shoulders sagged. “...I’m sorry. I’ll go. Just... find someone who loves you better. Somepony, maybe; they seem better at it.”


And that was the end of it. Summer Breeze never saw feather nor fur of Boreas ever again. A few months later, the Four Winds were disbanded. She’d gotten her hopes up, thought he’d come back... but all she got was a visit from Zephyr. A visit bearing heavy news.

The worst part was realizing that Boreas would never know.


Summer looked up from her box of memories, a small smile appearing on her face at the sound of a familiar voice. She cleared her throat, making sure she wasn’t still choked up. “I’m in my room,” she called out, standing as she did so.

As the older mare placed the box on her dresser, a young hippogriff entered the room. His green eyes shone with alertness, and just a hint of concern. “The hay are you doing up here, mom? I thought we were doing dinner soon.”

“Just... remembering,” Summer replied, eyes lingering on the box.

The hippogriff walked over, picking up a picture of the Four Winds posing on the edge of some military camp. “Hey, isn’t this the group...?”

“Yes,” Summer replied, already knowing the question. “That’s your father on the far right, with the gauntlets.”

“I still don’t get that. The others used regular weapons...”

“He always said claw fighting was the one part of his clan he admired,” Breeze recalled. “And... once he became set on something, there wasn’t a force on the planet that could stop him.”

“Unlike you,” the son smiled. “I could never see you being stubborn about something.”

An awkward silence reigned, and the hippogriff realized that he made a misstep when he saw his mother’s eyes dull slightly. “C’mon. You wanted to go out to dinner and celebrate my new job, and the reservation’s under your name.”

“I don’t see why you put it under my name,” Summer noted, some of the light returning.

“They always butcher the pronunciation on my name,” the hippogriff smirked.

The pegasus gave a nuzzle, craning her neck to meet her son’s greater height, and moved to leave. “Aestas, it was the one idea for a name I could get out of your father when he agreed to actually talk about it. Besides, it suits you.”

“Sure, mom.” Aestas moved ahead of Summer, opening the front door for her.

“Such a gentlecolt,” the mare teased.

“I do what’s best for you, mom.”

As they walked down the road to dinner, Breeze could only think one thing to herself. You always strive for that, she agreed. You picked that up from your father.

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Re: March, 2013

Postby captain_borgue » Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:30 am

Iron glided silently over the Everfree Forest, keeping his eyes peeled for his target. A unicorn colonel in the Peacekeepers had been caught smuggling troop movements to the Alliance, and Iron had been sent out to find him- and kill him. The night was eerily still. The only sound was his own muted heartbeat, and the rush of his wings beating against the still air. Iron had been out this way before, when he was still a fresh recruit, for Survival training. Ironically, Stealth Hooves- the unicorn that had been his instructor- was the very same he now had to find... and silence. The irony was not lost on him, as he skimmed the treetops of the eerily silent forest.

A hint of movement caught his eye, and he reflexively ducked down under the treetops, just in time to avoid a fireball turning him into crispy fried pegasus. He managed to avoid smashing headfirst into a tree trunk, though a few boughs snagged him enough to make him lose his bearings, forcing him to land. Two more fireballs came screaming at him, magically avoiding the trees. Iron dove underneath one, and managed to kick a fallen log into the path of the other. Iron used the momentary pause to draw his sidearm, though a sudden arc of lightning caused him to scramble to avoid it once more. He managed to see where it came from and fire a shot- it must not have hit, as another bolt came arcing in his general direction, though the aim was off enough he didn't have to dodge it.

"You're getting sloppy, old friend," Iron called out. "Firing blind isn't your style," he said, preparing himself to launch into the air. And it was a good thing too, as a jet of flame lanced out and torched the spot he had been a moment before- though it was weaker than he anticipated. Iron paused in midair to reload, before diving again, just barely missing having a large tree branch crack his head open. He hit the ground hard on all hooves, and immediately combat rolled, just as several poisonous spines embedded into the tree behind him. An adolescent manticore, its eyes clouded by a yellowish glow, burst out of the underbrush. Or rather, stumbled awkwardly. His quarry was clearly controlling the poor beast. Iron sighed, as he raised his sidearm at the poor creature. Stealth had hoped to fry Iron with raw magic at first, and had bewitched the nearest creature to keep him distracted while he made his escape. Iron sighed heavily, and fired.

The manticore fell with a thud, and thankfully no further spells came flying at him. Iron studied the flattened growth where somepony had stood moments before, while flashbacks of his last sojourn into the Everfree with Stealth. He could hear his mentor's voice, telling him how to discern which direction somepony was traveling, how fast, and if they were injured. He studied the trail left by a pony he once considered a close friend- and friends were a commodity he rarely found in his line of work. Iron's eyes stung and watered- he fought back the tears and focused on following Stealth's trail.

It wasn't hard. He'd gotten sloppy- there were broken branches and snarls of his coat caught here and there. Iron picked through the undergrowth, trying not to make a sound as he gleaned minuscule clues from the nearly silent shadows of the forest. It seemed as though his shot was not as wild as he had thought- there was blood. A drop here and there, a set of three hoofprints for a while, a larger drop of blood. He'd hit Stealth, who had tried to cover the wound as he fled, holding one hoof against it. "Not a bad shot, kid," a voice called out from the darkness. Iron instinctively put up his wings in front of his face, just as a blast of magical energy destroyed his wingblades and knocked him over.

"Why'd you do it, Stealth?! Why did you sell out your friends, your family, your entire bucking country to the dragons?!" Iron hissed, pulling a knife from his satchel with a bruised wing. His ears turned and twisted, trying to pinpoint Stealth's location. His mentor laughed- an echoing, insane laugh, that came from everywhere at once.

"Oh, please, like you would understand. Always the consummate soldier, Iron Sides. Orders are practically sacred to you, aren't they?" Stealth spat, launching another blast of magic.

Iron dove out of the way and flung the knife at Stealth. "Maybe, but nothing is sacred to you! Ponies trusted you, I trusted you!" Iron spat, pulling another blade from his satchel. "How many ponies died because of you, Stealth? How many ponies that you trained?"

"I trained them to look and listen, to see the signs around them! I didn't train them to follow some armchair general's outdated ideals into the meat grinder!" Stealth spat back, punctuating his words with blasts of magical force. Iron managed to avoid them, but just barely- his satchel, with the last of his knives, was not so lucky, and blew open, it's contents dissolving into a purplish, glittering haze. "Bloated bureaucrats have sent our finest and brightest to an early grave, they deserved what they got!"

Iron winced as he landed a somersault- one of Stealth's blasts had grazed his left hind leg. He could feel hot blood run down his coat. 'So much for my longstanding record of never being injured in battle' he thought to himself, gritting his teeth against the pain. "So you kill more ponies to show that killing ponies is wrong?! You hand over unit details and troop movements to the enemy?! Six hundred casualties, Stealth! Six hundred ponies, aside from General Burnside, lost! Six hundred ponies whose only crime was a love of country!" Iron roared, too furious to care about being stealthy anymore. "How can you possibly justify that?! How many more of your own kind will you see in an early grave for your personal vendetta?!"

No answer came, save another bolt of magic, less than two feet away. It struck Iron full on in the chest, lifting him off the ground and tossing him a dozen feet. The force of it knocked Iron's armor off, leaving a trail of metal fragments across the forest floor. Iron lay on his side, bruised and bleeding, breathing heavily. He saw Stealth approach, still with one hoof over his shoulder. The dark circle of blood glistened sickly in the gloom, leaking past Stealth's hoof and running down his forehoof to leave a tiny puddle on the forest floor. Iron smirked up at him. "You all but handed the dragons the war! Equestria itself is on the brink of destruction, because of you! And what did you get out of? You're dying, Stealth- you're dying for nothing!" Iron said grimly.

Stealth's eyes lit up with the passion only madness can bring. He stood over Iron, grinning maniacally, and picked him up by the throat with a telekinetic grip, slamming his back against a tree trunk. Iron's forehooves tried in vain to break the chokehold, while his hind hooves flailed wildly in the air, clonking uselessly against a piece of his armor. Stealth levitated a jagged and broken shard of armor, right where Iron could plainly see it. "A pity I wasn't a better teacher, isn't it Iron? Then maybe you'd have actually learned from me."

Iron struggled in vain against Stealth's telekinesis, gasping and struggling for breath. Then, abruptly, he stopped, looked Stealth dead in the eye, and smiled. It was disarming enough that Stealth loosened his telekinesis enough for Iron to breathe. "You forgot your own lesson, he managed to say, through ragged, choking breaths. "Never assume you've won," he spat. He tucked his wings in against his chest, putting the ruined wingblades with reach of his hooves and mouth. With a sharp twist and a jerk, he pulled a shard of wingblade out of its housing with his mouth. Stealth's telekinesis dealt him a sharp blow to the chest, forcing him to spit out the metal fragment. Iron pushed off against the tree with both hind hooves, giving him momentum as he punched the blade fragment that had fallen from his mouth. Stealth cried out in agony as the shard struck his horn, breaking his magical concentration. Iron fell to the forest floor, then immediately scooped up another jagged metal shard and plunged it as hard as he could into Shard's neck. Arterial blood arced through the night air as Iron pulled the blade out and sank it in again. He felt his legs give out from under him, forcing Iron to collapse into a heap, just as Stealth fell over onto his side. "If History is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If it is my destiny to die... I must simply laugh," Stealth said, before chuckling softly. Blood poured out of him with every laugh, until at last, he grew silent, and the mad light in his eyes died.

Iron sat on the forest floor, breathing heavily and coughing from the crushing telekinetic stranglehold. His entire body was sore, his hindquarters were on fire from that grazing shot, and his armor lay in irreparable pieces all over the forest floor. He sighed heavily, before giving his wings a few test flaps. There was nothing left to do here- the animals could have what was left of him. Iron wiped his eyes- he'd lost too many fine ponies to really cry- and slowly lifted off into the night. Ponyville was the closest town, he'd head there, get his wounds treated, then send a teletype to the admiral on the success of his mission.

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Re: March, 2013

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:03 pm

Down at the Bar, After Filming

Filming was done at Everfreetales Studios for the day, and the characters were going down to the bar as usual to have their usual drinks. It was a special evening however, since they'd just finished filming the previous chapter, and the writer's were off to write the next chapter's plot, so they had lotsa time to relax.

At the Cracked Keg, everypony's favorite bar, drinks and merry were being spread about, and many of the actors could be seen in their respective groups. The Musical Ponies were chatting about potential duets, and collaborations in the future, while the Military Leaders were talking like old chums about the going on about their lives. Ol' Tolrem threw out quite a dirty joke, which caused the whole group to burst out into racous laughter. Some of the pegasi were sharing a few drinks up in the rafters too, discussing races and the goings on about Cloudsdale. Of course, they gave a loud whistle when Spitfire came by, and were promptly doused with a flagon full of cider, much to everyone's laughter.

The most eventful part, however, was a drinking contest going on at a table in the far corner. The most notorious drinkers, which included Keelhaul, and almost all of the Family of Unfortunate Events were competeting to see who could drink the most. Some other of the lighter weights tried their hooves as well, but were already passed out on the table.

At some point, there were only four ponies remaining. Breaker and Sky Cutter had both drunk themselves under the table already, and it was really just between Tyrfang, Prank, Keelhaul, and Autumn Festival. The pirate captain and the wine maker were blazing along, downing drinks here and there, while the two youngsters struggled to keep up. They gave up at some point, pretty much hammered, knowing full well you'd have to be a superpony to be able to catch up with those two drunks.

In their drunken state of mind, the two brothers exchanged murmurings, before wide grins cracked across their faces then. The two shorties then scrambled up to the stage that the bar's musicians usually played, and switched on the mics.

"Hear Hear, come one, come everypony! Listen up to what Ol' Midget Face here's got to say!" Prank slurred into the mic, indicating over to his brother. "It's gotta be important, but I'm worried it'd come up... short!"

"Oy now, oy now!" Tyrfang retorted, pretending to be insulted. "How can you be the one telling me I'm short? Aren't you younger than I am? You should respect your older siblings."

"But I respect you whole lots Big Bro!"

"Oh? Name one time."

"Do you remember that one time I had to draw a picture for pre-school way back when, of a pony I looked up to?"


"Well, I drew you, of course!"

"...Prank, you drew a picture of a blimp."

"Well I had to draw you accurately, didn't I? No regular pony could hold that much hot air..."

A few chuckles dotted the audience, and more co-workers of the two ponies turned towards the stage, curious what the two were doing on stage.

"Okay fine, that doesn't count. Name another time."

"The time I made that large piece of artwork, and signed your name on it to give you the credit?"

"...Prank, that was grafiti."

"That time I gave you a whole cake, and didn't ask you to share?"

"You stole that, and left me with the evidence."

"Huh, then I don't know what I'm doing wrong then..." Prank said to himself, pretending to be confused.

"Maybe because thoser were all times you were getting me into trouble?!" Tyrfang said indignantly.

"Not all of them were!" Prank protested.

"Name one time you did me a favor then."

"Gave you breath spray before your first date?"

"That was mom's perfume!"

"The fact I set up the date?"

"You told me you set me up with Spirit, and I find Bubbles there because you ditched her!"

"Bubble's ain't bad."

"She's four

"Well how 'bout that one time I stole that cd from that shifty shop, down in the Red Ligh-"

"WHOAH, okay fine, you helped me one time, so shut up!" The little pegasus cut Prank off hastily. The crowd laughed.

"Hrmph, well it's not my fault that I'm so mean to you. After all, Dad always liked you best." Prank said huffily.

"Oh? How so?"

"He spends more time with you."

"That's because he's chewing me out for everytime you got me In trouble!"


"...You're a horrible little brother, I realized."

"You think?" Prank grinned, before having to run off the stage with Tyrfang chasing after him, with everypony laughing at their antics.
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Re: March, 2013

Postby TwentySided » Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:48 pm

Listen to this while reading please

Outskirts of Ponyville

Twenty continued to walk until he suddenly stopped at a small clearing. Laying the wild flowers that he had gathered, he, walked around the area, plucking every weed he saw. As the hybrid cleaned out the area, a blacked outline began to emerge, as well as various blacked pieces of wood.

Twenty finally stopped, when at his hooves was no longer green grass, and weeds, but instead the black ash and burnt wood that the green layer and time had hid. In the middle of the scarred clearing, sat two stones. Placing the flowers in front the two stones, Twenty took a step back.

“Hi mom, dad. I’m sorry that I’m late. I got hurt and couldn’t leave the hospital...and other things. Don’t worry I’m fine now, and I am sorry I could not get hydrangeas this year mom, I know they are your favorite, but...I just couldn’t find any. A lot has happened to me this past year. Well primarily in the past couple of weeks. Mom, you be glad to know, I’m...I’m not alone anymore. I finally found some friends. We have done a lot together already. One of them is even a zebra, well he is part zebra.” Twenty’s vision began to blur as his eyes welled up with tears, “and Dad, you’d be proud to know that...I’m...I’m a Peace Keeper now I’m finally apart of something bigger than myself, I’m even second in command, and all of my friends are Peace Keepers as well. I wish you two could meet them. I’m sure you’d love them all.

One of them, Lewis, he is a..a little strange, but he is great to be around, I know that if I ever get sad he can make me...make me smile again.” images of his friends soon flashed before Twenty’s eyes, as he stood there in front of the two stones, “Tyrfang is loyal, but at times he can go a little overboard, but we all have his back when he does, I just hope he comes back soon. Zezoor, the zebra I mentioned, he is crazy, but he is always there when you need him. He actually saved my life, and I will never forget that. He...he took on my pain helped me bear through it. I also met a griffon by the name of Boreas. He’s gruff and has a hard exterior, but once you get to know him, he’s really kind and dependable. Then Xaiden, if there was ever a pony that could be called a genius, he would be it He’s our leader, and a great one at that. There is Blaze. He is actually the reason why I met everyone. I was arrested with them...then initiated into the Peace Keepers with them, we even helped save his sister. Lastly there’s Tack, h...he and I saved a filly, from-from dragons even. I wish I could share the story with you...I’m, I’m certain you’d love it. Its just like the stories you’d always read to me.”

Tears began to roll down the stallions face as he continued. “But...but not everything has gone our way. One of our friends left us. An Alicorn the name of Spirit. I don’t know why, but she did. So please mom, dad, could you help her, and help us find her. We all really miss her. Also...during this time...I’ve done some...killing, I’m so sorry. Its just, they’ve they’ve always been threatening my friends, I can’t let them get hurt. Their too important. I know I am defending my friends, and that that is good, but I can’t help but think that I may have widowed mares and taken fathers away from his foals forever. I...I just don’t know what to do!” Twenty yelled as tears continued to flow, “I’m a murderer, all this good that has happened to me...I don’t deserve any of it! But I also can’t leave them, because I am so happy when I am with them! What should I do Mom? Dad? Please tell me what I should do.” Twenty looked at the two stones, “I wish I could have seen you two...just one more time, I wish I could hear your voices again. I...I wish you were here with me still...I need you two so much right now.” Falling to his knees, Twenty laid his head on the two stones, his body heaving slightly as he silently cried. “I would do anything have you two back.” Memories of his parents began to flash in Twenty’s mind’s eye. Memories he had thought he had buried away.

As a colt he stood in front his house, a small stick tied to his foreleg as a tall white earth pony, his father, Second Chance, taught him the form and techniques in swordplay. Swinging the stick, he began to stumble on this three hooves. Before he could fall, he felt the arms of his father catch him and help him stand back up. “Don’t worry son, I will always be here to help you get back on your hooves.” The couldn’t smiled as he was set right by his father’s hooves. The two returning to their sparring.

Another flash, this time he was on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest crying as he sat, lost and separated from his mother. “Momma! Momma where are you!” the foal cried out in between his sobs. Suddenly he heard a voice behind him,

“Oh my little Mtoto!” his mother said as she ran too him, and embraced the young colt as he continued to cry into her black and white coat, “don’t you fear, mother will always be here.” They both sat in the clearing, his mother starting to softly sing to him, “Come stop your crying, it will be alright, just grab my hoof, hold it tight, I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don’t you cry.” hearing his mother’s sing song voice, the colt slowly calmed down, but refused to let go of her. He never wanted to leave the safety of her arms, eventually she made him.

Twenty didn’t know how long he sat in front of his parent’s graves. Softly crying as he continued to remember more and more memories he had of his parents. He didn’t care. He wanted to simply sit there as long as he could. He didn’t want to leave them again.

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Re: March, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:12 am

And voting is live~!

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