September, 2014

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September, 2014

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:20 am

Okay so the never ending topic for May is ended, Ex wins. So ask him for a topic. Contest is open till the 25th with voting running from the 26th to 30th.

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Re: September, 2014

Postby ExTecha » Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:25 am

So for this topic, I was thinking of people writing in a character or group of characters becoming stranded in the Everfree. The specifics on the how the character(s) became stranded are up to the writer, but they should face some obstacles. Like a pegasus who has to get by in the forest after breaking a wing or a unicorn unable to use magic for a time, etc. The hardships and obstacles are up to you, but either way, should be fun (if people decide to post :P)

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Re: September, 2014

Postby ExTecha » Wed Oct 01, 2014 4:41 am

Trial of a Fairy

FairyLight squinted for a moment as the blindfold around her eyes was removed abruptly. With a moment to take in her surroundings, she paused at her unfamiliar geographical locale. Before she could speak or move, the large "thud" of a saddlebag at her hooves. Trotting before her was the hunter, Wild Mark, leaning down to open the knapsack and saying nothing. Finally, Wild pulled out her father's journal and placed it before FairyLight and picked up the saddlebag, then rose to look Fairy in the eye. "We're deep in the Everfree now, properly good and lost. Now, I'm going to leave you here to fend for yourself."

Fairy looked quizzically at Wild Mark. "You... you're serious?"

Wild grinned lightly at the filly. "You've had magical training but lack survival skills or any combat experience. Before your guardian passed, he asked my uncle and I to train you to survive. And this is how it starts." Wild threw the saddlebag over her flank and turned, beginning her trot away.

Fairy took a small step toward Wild. "But... you've given me no training. This isn't fair... you're expecting too much. I can't apply what I don't know."

Wild stopped in her tracks and turned to the filly with a stern look. "I don't care what you believe to be fair. The Everfree doesn't follow the rules. Here, the clouds move by themselves and it storms without us acting on it. The forest has it's own rules." Wild leaned her head down, biting on the handle of the large knife strapped to her leg, removing it from it's sheathe and commencing to bury the blade into the ground. "I myself have only spent a maximum of three months in the Everfree at a given time, and even then I brought provisions and weapons." Wild proceeded to stomp down on the butt of the knife's hilt till the entirety of the blade lie beneath the dirt. "Your guardian requested you remain here until you have learned to survive the Everfree's dangers. When that time comes, if at all, you will find me here. Until then... the journal will help." Once more Wild turned away from FairyLight.

Before Fairy could retort, Wild unfurled her wings and took flight, launching herself above the treeline and out of Fairy's sight. Fairy looked down at the buried blade then turned to examine her surroundings. For the first time in her young life... she was completely alone, and in the worst of surroundings.

Later That Night

Fairy shivered against one of the nearby tree's as the cold of night spread over her small frame. Staring out at the buried knife's hilt and the book lying next to it, she contemplated everything Wild had said. How long was she to remain here? The forest gave her a great feeling of unrest. Still she shivered and curled up at the base of the tree, attempting to drift off to sleep.

Nearby and out of sight, Wild looked on from the branch of a nearby tree. A blanket wrapped against her fur as she watched the young filly shiver below and in the distance. It was her duty to watch over FairyLight, but not to engage or interfere. No matter how difficult it proved to be for the filly or her new spectator. Still, the night grew colder and darker, worsened only by the frightening howls of a creature all too familiar to Wild Mark, rang out to the moon causing her to go on alert. Timber wolves...

The frightening howls shook Fairy from her fetal position. Looking around once more, she rose to her hooves as glowing green eyes stared back at her from multiple covers of darkness. Soon the feral wooden creatures emerged from their cover. Three timber wolves snarled and placed one wooden paw in front of the other, drawing closer to FairyLight who pressed herself back against the tree. What was she to do in the face of these... creatures. With no readily available water... she had no means to fight the wolves. Soon she had no choice as one of the wolves lunged towards her. Jumping up, fairy smashed her small hooves on top of the creatures head, sending it smashing into the large tree and propelling her behind the wolf. Upon hitting the ground, she took off in a gallop, scooping up the journal as the two other wolves took chase, soon followed by the third after regaining it's composure. Fairy ran as quickly as she could, but the wolves soon began to catch up with her. Fairy knew she couldn't run forever and would soon grow tired. Fairy saw an opportunity, a low hanging branch, and took it.

Leaping onto the branch, Fairy quickly shot up the tree the branch originated from. On her first step onto the branch, it cracked and became feeble under her weight. Quickly bouncing up to a higher and much sturdier branch, Fairy looked back to see one of the wolves jump onto the first branch. Being unable to support the weight, the branch snapped and sent the wolf crashing down onto one of the others. Without anywhere else to go, Fairy's small frame hugged the tree. Below, the three wolves circled the base of the tree, occasionally scraping at the tree in a feeble attempt to climb up. Fairy sighed and pulled the journal from her mouth... It was going to be a long night.

Weeks Later

Fairy sat quietly in the small hovel she had fashioned from sticks and leaves, nearby a small fire stirred. Fairy sat on her primitively fashioned bedroll reading the journal left to her by Wild Mark. The Journal had proven to be her greatest survival tool. In it's pages she learned how to fashion tools, traps, and alarms. What plants she could eat and, most importantly, detailed information on each creature found in the Everfree to date. Just outside the hovel, barely five feet away, rain poured from the sky and lightning flashed above. For the past couple of weeks, Fairy had managed to remain elusive to the wolves, which had been the only creatures she'd encountered so far. Still, she remained vigilant. She had learned much, but still felt uneasy in this place.

Perched in her tree as the rain poured down through her mane and coat, standing the impressed at FairyLight's progress, was Wild Mark. Having watched the filly use her wit and guile, as well as the information passed down through Wild's own family, to survive. Still Wild knew they were both being watched by prying eyes, and sooner or later... she and FairyLight would have to face something very important to Fairy's training.

Fairy's study of the journal was soon brought to a halt as a moaning wail pierced her ears, a wail of pain. Fairy tucked the journal under the hoof-made bedroll, then rose to her hooves stepping out into the storm. Fairy had no idea what was out there, but this time... she was prepared to face it, with the aid of the rain. Finally the wails drew closer, and the form emitting them came into view, only to send Fairy stammering back in shock. Now leaning against a tree in the clearing, stood her late guardian, Neon Wave. Staggering towards her, Neon,if indeed that's who it was, fell over into the mud. With a groan, the pony wailed "Fairy... help me."

Fairy looked on quizzically at her guardian. Soon, the form of her guardian began to drag itself through the mud towards her. Fairy took a step back, her horn coming alive as an icy blue aura enveloped it. Soon the rain collected into two large tentacles that stretched from the ground into the air. "You aren't him..." One of the tentacle lashed out at the form of Neon Wave, only to clash with a wall of water. Fairy's eye widened as the wall and tentacle clashed, both dispersing along the ground in a splash of water.

Soon the wails of pain were replaced by a chuckle as Neon rose to his hooves. "He did teach you well, that was a solid attack. How did you know?"

Fairy relaxed and formed a replacement tentacle. "I was there when he died, but more importantly... my father would never have asked me for help."

As lightning cut the sky, Neon's form began to fall apart, revealing the true image of a changeling. It's insect-like features marking it for what it was. "No I suppose he wouldn't have, but oh the things he did for you? Should I tell you or have you figured it out yet?"

Confusion picked at FairyLight, she was sure the changeling was lying. Still, she was curious. "Tell me..."

The insect grinned at the filly, keeping her busy as one of his hive crawled along the tree behind her. "You really don't remember? It's so sad. Ah well" The changeling's eyes flashed as the other changeling pounced onto FairyLight, pressing her to the ground and causing the tentacles of water to fall apart. The Neon imposter walked over to FairyLight, leaning down to look at her mud-covered face. "Didn't you ever wonder why that unfeeling pony kept you so close? No? How about how you both managed to leave the hive unscathed?"

The changeling holding Fairy down chuckled and leaned down to whisper in the Filly's ear as she struggled. "You died little Fairy. Presented to our queen, you were drained dry. Low and behold..."

"A savior." The imposter said, finishing the statement of the other. "That father of yours surprised the queen. For a pony believed to be left without emotion... he was quick to rush to your aid."

"And so the deal was struck... one life for another. His life and power... for yours. Of course, out of generosity, the queen gave him time."

"He got weaker while you got stronger and then suddenly..."

"poof, he was gone. So, by all accounts, you killed him."

Fairy cringed in the mud at the recent comment. Struggling hard under the weight of the changeling. Meanwhile, Wild Mark had notched her arrow and trained it onto the changeling that had impersonated Neon Wave. Pulling back her arrow, she whispered to herself "Come on Fairy. You are more than..." Wild stopped mid-sentance as her fur stood on end and elctricity began to crackle all around. A sudden crack and her arrow spit in half.

The changelings looked around as lines of ice blue electricity streaked and cracked around them, then back to fairy. Just as the Neon imposter went to speak, a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky, hitting FairyLight and her changeling assailant. As electricity coursed through them, the changeling screamed in agony as if his insides were being cooked. As the electricity dissipated, the changeling fell over, it's flesh partially burnt away and smoking. The imposter looked down at his singed brother, a look of confusion on his face. Fairy, meanwhile, began to rise to her hooves. "You and your kind... are nothing but parasites." Raising her head, she looked at the imposter who took a step back out of fear. The young filly's eyes were glazed over in icy blue energy, crackling outwards. Her hair aglow, as she looked unflinchingly into the eyes of the changeling.

"You took my parents, my guardian... everything. You use my people and feed off of them." Suddenly Fairy's body became a blur and the changeling turned to run only to be staring directly into the filly's eyes once more. "I'm going to bury you and your kind..." The changeling cried out as electricity surged through it's body, sending him crashing to the ground unable to move. Fairy trotted to the knife still buried in the ground, picking it up by the mouth and trotting casually back to the changeling, who remained twitching on the ground. Standing over the changeling, the blade left her mouth as she levitated over the insect. "You should have left me for dead."

Wild looked on in the distance as the blade sunk itself into the changeling's body. "Remember this promise little light. Now you have the will and the reason... all that remains is the means." Remaining unnoticed by the filly, Wild turned and leaped from the branch, wings unfolding as she took off into the storm and back towards Ponyville. She needed to gather supplies for the months ahead.

Days Later

Wild, passed through the forest on foot, her saddlebags heavy with gear. Soon enough, she came back to the clearing she had left to find a most peculiar sight. FairyLight tood in the center of the clearing. The knife was floating in the air, trapped in a globe of water and electricty, the two encircling each other as they swirled around the blade. The water and knife fell to the ground and the electricity disappeared in the process. Fairy looked on at wild. "I understand why you left me alone."

Wild smiled and dropped the saddlebags. "Good, and now..." Digging through the bags, she pulled out a long blade and tossed it onto the dirt before Fairy. "We train. We refine the skills you possess, and learn the ones you do not. Pick it up... we have many months ahead of us before you are even remotely ready to face the dangers of Equestria."

Fade to Black

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