Febuary, 2014

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February winner?

Lucy Took - Untitled
captain_borgue - Caging the Beast "Hannibal Kerrigan"
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Febuary, 2014

Postby MagusZeal » Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:35 pm

So with Knight winning unopposed last month it falls to him for the monthly topic. As usual entry is open till the 23th of this month with voting running from the 24th thru 28th.

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Re: Febuary, 2014

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:36 pm

Overcoming challenges. Write about a character overcoming some sort of challenge or difficulty in whatever way they could

Bonus points if it's not your own character, good luck have fun.
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Re: Febuary, 2014

Postby Lucy Took » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:39 am

Firesong woke to a Saturday midmorning son, Angle in the bed across from her still sleeping, she’d been out with Mustang later than her roommate had been awake the night before. She threw on the first t-shirt in her drawer and a pair of faded jeans and hovered out the door, thinking about how her night before had been.

The Friday had been a perfect day for the Luna University Senior, she’d finished her last final, gotten her acceptance for starting her Masters in music theory with a minor in vocal performance, and most importantly had a first date with Doctor Gem Shard, who was now her coltfriend after a single date.
Calling it a first date was simply a formality though, they’d been friends for over a year since Fire took his “Magic theory for non-unicorns” class at Mustang’s suggestion, and for all intents and purposes they’d been dating, but with her final test over with they were no longer a teacher and a student, they could be equals.

They took advantage of equality that Saturday, and every day that week leading up to graduation. Every waking moment they spent together either walking around campus, walking around town or even just sitting around doing paperwork in his office together, him grading finals, her jotting down liner notes in sheet music for getting ideas for a thesis to start on.
Graduation came and gone, there was talk, but neither heard it, they were too busy spending their summer either visiting one another or writing letters between phone calls. There was a tiny obstacle for the pegasus with her parent’s skepticism about her coltfriend being a teacher, but his honesty and kindness won them over within a couple of days of being in Canterlot.
But the real test of their relationship came in the form of a note taped to her grad apartment door as she came home from her first class the next semester. Instead of practicing she found herself at the president’s door.

“Hello?” The pink maned mare said, entering. “You sent for me?”

“Oh, you must be Firesong, have a seat.” The unicorn behind the desk said.

The pegasus took the seat. “What did you need me for President Starshine?” She asked nervously.

The president sat down some papers. “I understand that you are dating one of my teachers. Do you understand how improper that is?”

“Not really, since I’m a grad student and he’s out of my department. We did wait until I graduated to date so there wouldn’t be any problems…”

“Well there are problems. It’s unheard of to have a student dating a professor.”

“There’s a first time for everything? It’s not in the handbook that we can’t. We checked.”

The president sighed with annoyance. “I understand that, and to be honest I don’t care that you’re dating, but other teachers have been complaining since you’ve expressed interest in teaching yourself and have asked to take on students from the community”

“I don’t understand what that has to do with me dating Gem….”

“They think that you could be trying to get on the good side of the school by being close to an important teacher that you shouldn’t be allowed to try and get favors by dating an asset to the college.”

“I assure you that’s not what I’m doing! I’m with Gem because I love him. We’re serious, really serious, I’d never lead him on like this, he’s my best friend, I wouldn’t play with his heart. And why is this even a problem? There are plenty of couples that teach at the college. No one ever thinks that Mrs. Melody Is only married to Professor Breaker because he’s a good teacher!” Firesong said, her face slowly turning the shade of her hair.

“That’s true, but Melody was not a teacher at the time. And they’re also in a committed marriage, you are only dating.”

“Dating steadily. He’s met my parents and everything.”

“Be that as it may, it’s still not binding and teachers are still talking.”

“What do you recommend that I do then?”
Firesong said, an angry edge to her voice.

“I recommend that you find another student your age and keep a professional friendship with the doctor.”

“Will it affect Doc’s job if I don’t?” Firesong said, the edge coming out more.

“No. Because I personally don’t care what he does in his love life considering that you are correct, you aren’t a student in his department. But I can’t promise that it could affect the judgment of his peers.”

“Well thank you for the warning.” Firesong said and then stood up fuming. “I think that you’ve told me what I need to know.” She left the room without waiting for a goodbye and went to Gem’s office to cool down and wait for him to finish his final class.

“Marry me” She said as soon as he came in the office. “I know it’s supposed to be your job and all but the president had me in for a talk and he warned me that the other teachers think I’m using you and that I’m not serious but I really, really am serious about us and I don’t want to break up but I don’t want the other teachers to talk about you being caught in a trap and to treat you differently….so….can we get married?”

And a conversation with a confused unicorn and a short engagement period is how some of the talk was about the music student and the magic teacher was silenced and a lot more was restarted.

(This is for DIE slot)
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Re: Febuary, 2014

Postby captain_borgue » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:36 am

Caging the Beast - Hannibal Kerrigan

(EU slot)

Hannibal Kerrigan's finely manicured talons clicked against the linoleum floors as she made her way to the lecture hall, trying to ignore the whispers that followed her as surely as her own footsteps. Those cursed voices... though the ponies uttering them had changed over the years, the words hadn't. Beast, monster, defiler... or some derivative thereof. She had gotten good at discerning the difference between the curious voices and the hostile ones over the years, at least. "If you are curious if I can breathe fire, the answer is yes," Kerrigan called out, not bothering to slow her stride or turn her head. She arrived at her lecture hall and slipped through the doors. As usual, all eyes were on her, as she walked to her seat. "If I didn't know better, Miss Kerrigan, I would say you enjoy making an entrance," her professor said, as Kerrigan took her seat. "Seeing as how you walk in precisely as the bell rings every single day."

Kerrigan took a deep breath, in through the mouth, out through the nose. The manner she had practiced for years to keep the Fire Inside at bay. Some days were easier than others... this day, this class, this wretched teacher, made it far more difficult. "Begging your pardon professor, but it is hardly my fault that nobody- nopony else- considers punctuality to be important. Perhaps if others did so, I would not stand out so much," Kerrigan said, her voice flat and even. Everyone will see you as a monster. And they will try to get you to act the part. Don't give them what they want, she reminded herself. But growing up among the dragons had also instilled in her a need to prove herself... and the professor had knowingly challenged her. "Oh, professor?" she said, raising her hand for permission to speak, even as the Fire Inside seethed and screamed for vengeance. She quashed that desire- the mental image of gouts of flame, the scent of roasting flesh, the visage of fear etched into the faces of those same ponies who whispered terrible things about her... she forced them all down, beneath an icy facade.

"What is it, miss Kerrigan?" he asked.

"Among my people, sir, naming order is reversed- my family name comes first, and my given name second. So although my name is Hannibal Kerrigan, I am not 'miss Kerrigan', but rather 'miss Hannibal'," she said, in clipped tones. And you'll know my name well one day, Kerrigan thought to herself as she scribbled notes on the lecture. The Fire Inside dwindled as the class wore on, but she knew it was temporary. The bell would ring, the voices would surround her again, and the Fire Inside would scream for vengeance. It was only through force of will that she could keep herself in check. Don't give them a reason. Don't give them a reason. Don't give them a reason...

The bell rang. Kerrigan packed up her notes and bustled out of the lecture hall, a swarm of whispers shrouded all around her, as they always were. She kept her head held high and walked calmly, evenly, down the hall towards the quad. One down, two to go- today. But each day finished was one less between her and that damned sheepskin. All she had to do was keep the Fire Inside in check until then...

"Look boys, it's Cold-Blooded Kerrigan, the lizard lady!" a too-familiar voice chided, to raucous, derisive laughter. Rock Hammer, one of the Tri Omegas, and a trio of lesser mooks rounded the corner in front of her, a stupid, shit-eating grin plastered on all their faces. "Calls herself a dragon. Can you believe it? Looks more like a skink to me!" Hammer said, eliciting thick, stupid guffaws from the others.

"I am impressed you even know what a skink is," Kerrigan said, before taking a long, slow breath.

"Pretty big talk, for a little lizard. I thought dragons could breathe fire, not lame insults," he sneered.

Kerrigan raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh, its an insult to say you impressed me? How grave would it be then to say you disappointed me. Though with as long a line of disappointed females as you have, perhaps you wouldn't even notice one more," she retorted- knowing immediately that she had crossed a line. The Triple Stomps were usually all talk and bluster. A bit of back-and-forth, and they'd get bored with her and go find someone else to pick on. But she'd egged them on, instead of simply ignoring them like she usually did. This wouldn't end well.

"Oh please, like anypony would ever stoop so low as to touch you," he hissed, turning around and walking away.

Kerrigan blinked, surprised at how well that had gone- and then, as if the Universe heard her, a wet glob of spit landed on her cheek. The surprise of it gave her pause- and in that pause, the Fire Inside made its move to escape. Kerrigan took a deep breath, and let out a gout of flame into the sky, her leathery wings ripping free from beneath the confinement of her pack, blouse, and coat. Her tail, normally kept coiled around her waist like a belt, lashed out, knocking one of the Stomps off his feet and sending him tumbling end over end into the plush grass of the quad. "Is this a sufficient monster to sate you, Hammer?! Or shall we see what happens when I spit on you?!" Kerrigan said with a roar, as small twin jets of flame shot out her flared nostrils. Hammer just stared, his eyes wide in shock. Kerrigan whipped her tail around his ankle and yanked him off his feet, before dangling him upside down in front of her. "The only one who will ever touch me is whomever I deem worthy of the honor," she said, hissing fiercely, her forked tongue flicking the air an inch in front of his face, before unwinding her tail and letting him drop to the ground.

Kerrigan watched them scarper off, practically falling over themselves in their haste. There was a crowd gathered around the periphery of the quad- but for the first time in almost three years at Luna University, there were no hushed whispers and insults behind baited breath. She could hear them murmuring, but it was awe in their voices, not disgust. Kerrigan brushed a few tattered bits of fabric off of her coat, coiled her tail around her waist, and folded her wings over herself like a cloak. "Don't you all have studying to do?" she said sharply- and the crowd, as if made of thistle down in a stiff breeze, scattered. Kerrigan smiled- perhaps this day would not be so bad, after all.
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Re: Febuary, 2014

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:21 pm

Voting is up.

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