October, 2013

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October, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Tue Oct 08, 2013 2:43 pm

So Toonninja is our winner so he'll be picking a topic for this month. Entries will run till the 26th with voting running from the 27th to the 31st.

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Re: October, 2013

Postby ToonNinja » Tue Oct 08, 2013 8:39 pm

So, because we all wound up getting ridiculously hyped about it in chat:


Where would your character(s) fit into the world of Equestria Girls? Students, possibly staff or faculty; wherever they fit, show us a glimpse of their life in this alternate world.

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Re: October, 2013

Postby captain_borgue » Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:44 pm


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Re: October, 2013

Postby Lucy Took » Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:22 pm


A short piece of writing consisting wholly of 100 words - no more, no less.
~Urban Dictionary


Archer had never wanted to be popular, she only wanted to do her duty. And she felt that that was to do her best by the sports clubs, especially her archery group, on the student council.

With that goal in mind the Junior made her way to the notice board, hoping to see her name on the list of elected officials.

Her heart sunk more than she'd expected, how would she ever have thought that she could beat out Razor or Iron sided? They were something they had never wanted, something she'd never tried for up until now.

They were popular.


A short black haired Freshman walked down the halls of Canterlot High,nervouscited at the end of his first day of school, feeling displaced, a little scared, but grown up as he bounded into the school library.

Twenty minutes into the arranged time for getting to know his mentor he was growing more upset by the minute that the older boy had not shown. He kept on looking around the room for the senior hopelessly.

Then Onyx saw a girl in the corner with a thick Science textbook lock eyes with him. He knew it was going to be a good year.


Firesong limped into the school auditorium, happy to be back, but wistful for the days when there was no limp, but the events of her Summer had taken those days for a long while.

She checked the fit of her awkwardly placed shoe and started up the stairs of the stage, hoping that she was the only one that noticed her slow accent and strange gait.

Looking out at the empty seats she took out her sheet music and started to read it first, and then to sing it.

She might have lost her foot, but her voice was strong.

Cookie Lady

River stirred away at the bowl of dough what was easily her favorite class, well, as easy as favorite classes are in the first week of school, especially a new school.

She liked it so far, after all, cookie making was included in Home Economics, and it felt good to be making them again, she wondered why she hadn't yet.

Sure she'd always made them for Repute and she was afraid that the hobby would bring back tarnished memories,but now she was finding the simplicity of sugar and flour perfection.

She'd be making this again more often,and not just in class.
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Re: October, 2013

Postby captain_borgue » Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:14 am

Most students dreaded the alarm clock blaring to life on a monday morning, the daunting thought of an entire week in school staring them down. For Steel Stride, however, the promise of another week was not something to dread. He'd been hard at work the entire year, meeting new people, getting to know his classmates and what they needed, making a name for himself as the sort of guy who could help just about anypony out of a tough spot. Some of the newer members of the student body had shown promise- especially that new transfer, Razorclaw.

He got dressed in the usual haphazard fashion and took off for the school. It had taken almost two years of scheming and conniving to finally get the car of his dreams- and now that he had it, he never passed up an opportunity to flaunt it. Most kids at Canterlot High were stuck with old beaters or carpooling with their parents- the few kids to own their own wheels that were worth a damn were the cluster of rich muckity-mucks: and Steel's pride and joy outclassed anything even they had.

Steel pulled into the student lot, and parked in the space designated "#1", which was usually reserved for seniors. However the captain of the football team had made a few unfortunate mistakes that Steel was able to clear up... in exchange for the best parking spot students had access to, where he could park his beloved convertible in full view of the main doors and all the students that passed through them. It was strange, then, that Steel was only a mediocre student- if he devoted half as much time to his studies as he did to his extracurricular pursuits, he could have been top of his class. Maybe even salutatorian, or valedictorian.


The actual salutatorian, however, was ironically not nearly as punctual, tidy, or fastidious as the school's most notorious ne'er do well. Valence Bond groaned loudly as her alarm blared to life, flailing her hand around in the general direction of the noise until she finally managed to hit the snooze button. Not that it did any good, since by the time she hit it, she was wide awake. "Lousy mondays," she groaned, before grabbing her backpack and pulling on the first clothes she saw that didn't look already worn. As she rushed out the door, hoping the bus didn't miraculously arrive on time and leave her stranded, she quickly pulled on her white labcoat. Other students may have thought it strange for her to wear it- but it would have felt strange for Valence not to.


Another painfully cheerful, sunny monday morning bore into Mauti's eyelids, chasing away the comforting darkness that had enveloped her only moments before. She sighed heavily as she rose from her four-poster bed, parted the black drapes that simply couldn't block the brightness of such a relentlessly cheerful day, and began the complicated ritual of makeup, loathing, and sardonic resignation that was her daily routine. The one thing she had to look forward to was her fifth period off hour, which was usually spent in the cafeteria having tea with Mr. Boreas, discussing topics far too cerebral and complex for the hormone-basted cretins she was forced to attend classes with. Today, Mauti was hoping to resume the discussion of Carroll's Through the Looking Glass as a mathematical model for the existence of alternative universes. Maybe even one where she wasn't constantly surrounded by feebleminded ponies...


"Sorrysorrysorry!" Valence rattled off as she burst into first period Physics class, late again. Archimedes chuckled as her friend practically collapsed into the seat next to hers. "Morning, Val," Arc whispered, so their teacher wouldn't hear. "Sleep through your alarm again, huh?"

Val just shot her a dirty look, and furiously began taking notes. "Okay, okay. You know, you could just set it earlier and actually, you know, get up. Or maybe ask around to see if somepony with a car could pick you up," Arc said, needling her friend a bit. "Like, oh, I don't know... me, for instance," she added, with pride in her voice.

Valence stopped scribbling, and gave her an incredulous look. "You mean, you actually got that old clunker running?" she asked, clearly not believing a word of it.

Archimedes grinned mischievously. "Buck yeah, I did! Had to cut a deal to find some of the parts I needed... which reminds me. You wouldn't mind tutoring a couple students in Chem, would ya?"

Val was a little confused. "What does tutoring have to do with... yeah, sure, ok I guess," she said, failing to see the connection. But Chemistry was her best subject, so if somepony needed help, she'd definitely be the one to ask.

"Good, 'cuz Steel said he'd take the carburetor back if you didn't agree to help him. Thanks, Val, I owe you one!"

"Rides to school every morning from here on in ought to cover it," she said, smirking. "And that includes if we both get in to Mane U. Just because we switched schools doesn't mean the deal's off. Fair?"

Arc pretended to be shocked and appalled. "Taking advantage of your poor, mechanically-minded friend into being your chauffeur? I am shocked. Shocked! But yeah, ok," she said. Two two of them giggled- doubly so when their teacher finally chastised them for talking- and got back to the actual work at hand.


Iron resisted the urge to spit on his brother's ludicrous little convertible as he walked past it. His own car was a sturdy old sedan, parked in the very back of the student lot. Iron had saved up his money for three years to buy it, money he'd earned mowing lawns, pulling weeds, babysitting, and doing handyman work in the summers and after school... and with all that, he might still not have had enough for it if Admiral Glory hadn't taken a shine to him in jROTC. sometimes Iron resented how hard he had to work, while his brother managed to get everything he wanted somehow. But today felt like a good day- he'd finally worked up the nerve to ask Honey Heart out. She was only a sophomore, but she was both stunning, and the single smartest human being Iron had even known in his life. When Honey said she was going to be the youngest doctor in Equestria, it wasn't the starry-eyed, hopeful voice of youthful enthusiasm- it was a statement of fact, as though she were telling the Universe writ large "look, this is happening. Just so you know". That level of ambition Iron found appealing. In fact, it was the whole reason he joined jROTC- some girls were impressed by the uniform, but he wanted Honey to see that he had ambitions, too.


And so another monday passed in the hallways of Canterlot High. Like high school in general, it had the same cast of characters every year, only the names ever changed.

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Re: October, 2013

Postby ToonNinja » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:48 pm

Canterlot Medley

"Twenty bucks, take it or leave it."

Real Deal smiled as the freshman handed over a ten and some small bills, giving him a sheet of paper in return. "That'll cover the review and the final. Memorize it, and leave it at home. You bring it to class and slip it into your desk or something stupid? No refunds."

Deal chewed on his toothpick as the kid stood from his lunch table and disappeared into the cafeteria crowd. He was craving a smoke, but that had to wait until after class; he had to make due until then.

Meantime, he cast a glance around him. As per usual, the crowd had masked his activities. And as per usual, anyone who saw the transaction knew to keep quiet about it. Even if he didn't have dirt- which he usually did- he had a certain foreign-exchange friend that was intimidating enough for the two of them, plus Steel.

Flipping out his smartphone while he munched on his sandwich, the senior sorted through a few texts and emails. The 'Colts managed another win in girls' soccer the night before; one of his sports columnists was already on a second draft of the article. The recent band and art events were also covered, along with a few editorials. Deal was surprised, however, when he found the draft of the headline article. Details on the latest runners for the Fall Formal dance. Whoever was running against Sunset Shimmer this year? Already looking like she'd been dragged through hell.

It was eery, how much dirt Sunset managed to dig up on her enemies. Deal would have been impressed, both as head of the Wondercolt Weekly and as a rumormonger, if he wasn't mostly positive the dirt was pure slander.

No respect for the arts, Deal thought to himself, finishing his food and slipping away from the lunch table. As he made his way through the halls to the back of the school, he very nearly came face-to-face with old KGBorey.


Boreas glared at the newcomer. "Stay off of clean floors," he snapped through a rough English. "Just finished!"

"Alright, old man," the tan kid smiled, radiating fear under his veneer of cockiness. As he continued along, he paid careful attention to where he stepped as he made his way down the hall.

"Arrogant children," Boreas muttered, still keeping a hawkish eye on the student. "Alvays vith smartphones. Alvays talkingk about Soviets and KGB. Alvays dirtying vhat I clean." A shake of his head.

Sure, Boreas only cleaned a few halls out of all Canterlot High, and most of the classrooms connected to them, but he did his job effectively. The places he cleaned were immaculate, and they stayed that way. The few teachers who bothered trying to speak with him made a point of thanking him. He usually responded by telling them to not step on his clean floor.

Not many people in general tried talking to him. Much fewer succeeded. The principal and vice-principal were two who succeeded, but only by the merit of being his superiors. And by being rather persistent. No other reason.

A lot of the people who talked to him asked if he was ex-KGB. He always told them, "No such thingk as ex-KGB." They also asked if he'd ever killed people, or killed students here. "I am good janitor. Clean up messes. That is all." An unexpected number of students would occasionally ask him for romantic advice. "Consider their perspecktive. Vhat vould make you think they vould appreciate beingk asked in front of whole school?"

"Umm, Mister Boreas, sir?"

Boreas wheeled around, his one good eye honing upwards for once. "Vhat you vant, gorilla? I am cleaningk."

The student fiddled with his fingers, only rarely making eye contact. He was apparently too busy staring at Boreas's clean floor. Boreas could understand. "It's just, ah, my locker's on the other side of the part of the floor you've cleaned. I can't quite reach--"

"No. I clean floor. You don't get to dirty it until I go."

"Oh." A long pause. "I'm just... gonna go."


As it happened, Cobalt Wing was forced to go to his trig class without his textbook. He could have maybe leaned over the spot where Boreas had cleaned, but the possibilities were too frightening. Boreas was one of the scariest people in the whole school; certainly about as scary as that Mauti girl, and a good league above the Big Three.

"Well hey there, Cobalt."

...Not to say that the Big Three weren't intimidating in their own right, he reflected.

Real Deal flashed one of his signature grins, charming but with just a hint of something sinister. "I understand you've been short on cash."

Cobalt responded by trying to shrink his large form and read a book held close to his face.

"Don't be like that, Cobalt. You know that our enterprises are top-notch and totally on the level. We're simply presenting an opportunity for you to find your place in life."

Cobalt glanced up briefly from his book, eyes wide. "I'll, umm, I'll pass, Deal."

"That's a shame," Deal tsked, glancing up at the front of the room and pulling out his notes. "I was hoping you would. I mean, you probably won't be able to get any new books for a while."

Cobalt looked back up in alarm.

"Yessir, quite the turn of events. Razor- you know Razor, right?- see, he's been doing pretty well picking up on English. Turned into a bit of a bookworm. Checked out every copy of... Buccaneer Tales, I think?"

"Deal, please, don't-"

"Me?" Deal's smile turned borderline vicious. "No, no. I haven't touched those books. Not my cup of tea. Razor, though, he loves it. Even if he's not always gentle with things..."

Cobalt was somewhere between panic and misery. "Wait."

Deal paused. "Yes?"

"I'll-" Cobalt gulped. "I'll do it.

"Great." Deal's smile was friendlier again, and he passed over a trig textbook. Here. I already know this part of the book. You need it more than I do... partner."

Cobalt muttered a reluctant thanks as he slipped his own book back into his backpack and opened up the textbook. Throughout the class, and for the rest of his time at school that day, he had his writing notebook out, occasionally detailing the adventures of Captain Keelhaul. In the latest entry, the intrepid captain was fighting against the corrupting influence of the Marauder Bay Mafia with the help of his bravado and his loyal crew.

By the end of the day, he had a several-chapter draft of the story, with lots of drama, intrigue, and heroics. As he walked off campus, he shoved the stack of papers into the first trash can he saw.

Like that would ever happen.


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Re: October, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:30 pm


Red light stains the sky as the sun starts setting behind the distant horizon. “I had it covered.” Pulling up in front of the storage yard the orange skinned driver slows the beater of a four door to a stop before rolling down the window. Sitting next to him the pink skinned boy with silver hair sulks refusing to look at his older brother. “I don't know why you thought you needed to butt in Balthier.”

Punching in a series of numbers on the pad the older Balthier sighs, “You've got no experience fighting, more importantly Razor would have ripped you, and your cousins apart. No offense.”A glance in the rear view mirror showed his niece Iron just nodding while her brother Flame just stares at the back of Mustang's head.

“Doesn't matter it would have been done with, and it's not like you even care.” Crossing his arms the black clad Mustang sinks further into his seat trying to ignore the rattle of the gate slowly opening in front of them. “Why are we even here anyway? Shouldn't you be looking for someone to race in your place, not that you'll find anyone since you let Steel stipulate the three of us have to be in the car. Not that I'd expect Canterlot's highs by the books math teacher to know anything.”

Clattering to a stop the gate shakes hitting the end of its rail. Shaking his head Balthier puts his foot down gently starting the car forward into the maze of storage sheds over the three acre facility. “Didn't have a choice, once Deal made it clear they'd be using a proxy, and your half right. I didn't know your mother, I barely got to considering what Spell did to dad.” Giving his niece and nephew another glance in the mirror he notes their mood souring at the mention of their father. “But your family, and there's no way I'm going to let those three keep a hold of her pendant. Sides dad would tear me a new one if I didn't look out for my little brother.”

Pulling to a stop in the far back of the storage yard Balthier kills the engine pulling out his old flip phone. Glancing at the screen quickly he snaps it shut before pulling his tie loose. With a sideways glance he could see his youngest brother was still hurting about his mothers recent passing. “Uncle, but why didn't you go to the principal?” Out of the three Iron was the oldest, with Flame and Mustang at about the same age.

Swinging the door open the math teacher climbs out of the car. “Principal Celestia has other concerns, as does vice principal Luna. Sides, it's not like anything ever seems to stick to those three.”

Opening her own door the purple skinned girl motions for orange tinned brother to get out as well. “But what happens if you loose? If they find out about this deal or that your changing tests answers for those three you'll be fired!”

Mussing his niece's bright red hair Balthier only smiles, barely noticing when Mustang slams the door shut as he gets out of the car. “Have a little faith in your uncle Iron.”

Screaming in frustration Mustang lashes out at the old cars fender adding another dent to the cluster already there. “Yeah lets have faith in Uncle Balthier the straight laced math teacher who's home by seven every night grading papers, who has to do everything by the book, and who's only useful trait is the colossal stick shoved up his ass.” Kicking the car again Mustang turns stalking back and forth without direction. “So mister straight laced what are we even doing here? Why in the hell are we at this shitty storage yard when you've got less than two hours to find some idiot who's willing to race on your behalf?”

The sounds of a scuffle sound from the far side of the car finally getting Balthier to turn around just in time to see Flame slamming his cousin into the tin sheeting of one of the storage sheds. Stronger than his cousin Flame had Mustang's feet off the ground his face twisted with disgust. “In case you didn't notice he's trying to help, and I for one will be damned if I let you talk that way to Uncle Balthier after what he did for me and my sister!”

“Flame...” Balthier's voice trails off as a familiar sound reaches his ears. Turning towards Iron he notices her turning towards him before staring off towards it's source. Snapping his phone open his thumb strikes a number of keys, before hitting send.

“Uncle, no he doesn't get to rip into you no matter how bad he thinks he has it. He didn't have to put up with our parent's, he wasn't constantly told how bad the rest of the family was or even have to deal with the yearly trips to the cemetery to pay respect to them either.” Dropping Mustang the more muscular Flame takes a few steps back his hands held up in a fighting stance brought on by too many action movies. Whatever he planned to say next ceases at the sound of a Vespa puttering in behind Balthier's car.

Iron reacts first to the young woman pulling her helmet off to reveal the riders dark blue hair. “Miss Melody?! Why... what are you doing here?!”

Hanging her helmet from the handlebars the Canterlot high music teacher turns a critical eye towards the two boys. “Back alley brawls now Breaker?” Not waiting for her fiance's response she dismounts from the yellow Vespa her long yellow dress contrasting nicely with her light green skin. “As for why I'm here, a few of my students made mention that Breaker was apparently involved with the Triad deal and felt I should be made aware.” Holding up her phone she also tilted her head oddly her gaze shifting to Balthier. “There's also the fact he sent me a text to meet here. Should I be expecting to see them as well?” Her tone was accusing and all three of the students looked to their uncle, Miss Melody was the nicest teacher in the entire school and as far as anyone knew was incapable of being angry.

Merely nodding Balthier takes to leaning against the car. “How much was mentioned?”

Marching past Iron the young woman stops in front of Balthier a look of concern on her face. “Enough, Steel managed to get your brothers pendant and wanted him to take care of his school work in exchange for it back before you got involved. Now your racing who ever Steel can find from Overlook point down to the school tonight with those three in the car as a handicap!” Pausing she leans in close, “You promised me.”

Nodding he holds up his hands, “And I still don't have the keys on me, but what was I supposed to do Gentle?” Distantly Balthier could hear two other vehicles coming down the yards lanes. “If you don't want me to though, say the word and I won't I'll get one of them to do it. If this is to much and you want to....” Talking a deep breath he steady's himself, “If this is that point and you want nothing more to do with it say so, but I have to ask for your permission. Their family, and you know what that means to me.”

Fading light deepens to night as the two lovers stare at each other, down the path a pair of headlights shine down the path while a rumbling behemoth of a car follows the same path Melody had taken. Behind it the high pitched whine of a sport bike follows in it's wake before the two park behind the other vehicles. Both refuse to break their gaze when the illumination fades to nothing. Digging quickly her purse Gentle pulls out a single key before handing it quickly to Balthier.

“If this wasn't about family I'd tell you exactly what to do with that.” Smiling Balthier hugs his fiance tight tears rolling down his checks. “Oh alright, no reason to get teary about this. Geez, and I'm supposed to be the delicate flower of this relationship.”

The sound of a door opening forces Balthier to let go of Gentle. “Mr and Mrs Wing what are you doing here?” Mustang's question just gets a grin from his older brother.

Shutting the door to the 49' Cadillac Sedanette the sky blue skinned man in a well tailored suit shoves on an old well worn tricorn captain's hat over his dark blue hair. “Evening Mustang, I thought it was odd we hadn't seen you at the Daffodil tonight, now I know why.”

Stepping next to her husband Ink Well gives a nod to Gentle before speaking. “Your looking well Melody.” Clad in biker racing armor the caramel skinned woman's brown and grey streaked hair was cut close.

Melody merely nods to her old friends while Mustang quickly steps between the two of them. “The hell are the owners of Daffodil books here Breaker?! Better yet how in the hell do you know them?!”

Chuckling Cobalt steps forward spinning the keys to his car round one finger. “I can answer that one my dear Mustang. You see your brother, my dear wife and I meet in college. Back than I went by a different name, so did my wife, but that's besides the point. The point is I never thought I'd see the Shrieking Daffodil members ever get back together.” Stepping past the pink skinned youngster he stops near his friends. Taking off his hat the old book store owner bows lowly to Melody his hat sweeping a wide arc before he stands again. “Some thing I never thought Miss Melody here would ever give her blessing to.”

“It's just for this Keelhaul, those three hoodlums have something of Mustang's and Balthier manged to get himself involved without thinking.” Countered Melody none to pleased still.

Chuckling again, Cobalt stands his hat back on his head. “I think we both know that's untrue, Breaker here was never one for get involved without thinking.”

Mustang just stares at the adults his mind trying vainly to figure out what was going on. Noting her cousin's pause Iron steps in quickly. “Uncle Balthier, why are they all calling you Breaker?”

Instead of answering Balthier throws the key to Cobalt who just looks at the kids. “They don't know do they?” Noting the short shake from Breaker the old book seller gives out a hearty laugh before moving towards one of the storage units. “Well kids, your uncle Balthier here has a reputation, one I think you'll find rather amusing.” Jamming the key into the lock Cobalt quickly pulls it loose before bending down to grasp the handle at the bottom of the rollup door. “Say hello to the lost youth of Balthier Breaker,” hauling up on the door Cobalt lets it slam open revealing tarp covered vehicle and dozens of trophies, auto parts, and boxes inside. “Breaker there was notorious for breaking every record imaginable for the local racing scene at the university, even here in Canterlot I'll add. No one could match him on the street. It's how he paid for college, could have gone pro too.”

Stepping forward Flame stares at the various photos and trophy's, “So what happened?”

“Life, had a nasty accident a year after college” Stepping up to the the storage unit he puts a hand on the cover grabbing onto it. “Nearly didn't make it. Did it mostly as a hobby anyhow. Never really considered it a profession, neither did you two.”

Stepping up to her husband Ink takes to leaning against him. “Yep, but you recovered made a full recovery and you were still a monster behind the wheel. Things were changing though, my first book was published, than Keelhaul and I got married opened the Daffodil book shop. Than you started working at the school, we still go on drives every so often, occasionally we'd hit an amateur racing event.”

“Yep, then I met Gentle and things went from there.” Smiling he glances back at her as she leans against his beater.

“You three do remember I'm standing over here, right?

“Aye that we do lass, we're just happy to see you allowing this, truth be told I expected to find you ready to beat all three of us when I got Breaker's text.”

Nodding Ink smiles towards Melody, “I'll agree, it's not every day Breaker sends a text to bring your A game to Boreas resting place.”

Cutting in Mustang looks towards his brother with a look of concern. “Wait Boreas?”

Merely nodding Balthier pulls the slip cover away to reveal the dark brown Nova with a white stripe down the center beneath. A hole in the hood exposes part of the engine allowing a blower to rest just above it. From the rear view mirror hangs a feather and talon of a massive bird of prey while the white stenciling simply reads The Boreas on either door. Flinging the cover to the side Balthier pulls his tie the rest of the way off, his other hand running through his blonde hair causing it to become a wild mess of spikes. “Named for Canterlot high's immortal grounds keeper. The old goat gave me a hand when I needed it most years ago, and this always seemed the best way to honor him.” Stepping inside the unit Balthier opens the car's door quickly pulling a pair of black and red racing gloves from the inside.

“So what's the plan?” asked Cobalt.

“Smokin you still friends with the sheriff?” Merely nodding at first Ink begins to smile. “Yeah we're going that route. Get him to clear the streets you know the route, I don't want anyone getting hurt or in the way.”

Nodding Ink starts back towards her bike. “Will do, I'll let you know if there's any issue. I expect to see you down at the school first.”

Chuckling at his wife Cobalt just grins, “And me?”

Holding up a finger Balthier turns towards his fiance. “One sec, Gentle can I ask a favor?” Merely nodding the young woman can't help, but smile at him. “Take Mustang and the others to Overlook Point and wait for me there. I don't want Steel and his boy's thinking we chickened out.”


Smiling Balthier blows her a kiss. “Thanks, keys are in the Buick.”

Tossing his gloves on the Nova's roof he waits for Gentle to round of the three teens before the four of them head off. Once they were out of sight he keeps his eyes on where he'd last seen the buick before speaking to Cobalt. “We're running the NOS.”

For a moment the color drains from Cobalt's face. “We're what?!” Opening his phone up Breaker shows Cobalt the last text he'd revived. “Right, we're adding the NOS.”

“Knew you'd understand buddy.”

Glancing down at the phone Balthier stares down at the text from a mechanic friend. It simply read, “Heard you were racing, watch yourself that Steel kid managed to pull one of the Wonderbolt's team members for this.” Snapping his phone shut Balthier and Cobalt get to work.

Leaning against his brothers beater Mustang kept his mouth shut, next to him Flame and Iron stood near Miss Melody talking in hushed tones. Cobalt and Ink were stood nearby while what looked like nearly everyone from Canterlot high seemed to be crowding into Outlook point. Apparently Deal or Steel had made a point of making sure everyone in school knew, especially now that it was out that they'd managed to get Spirtfire from the Wonderbolts to act as their proxy. Granted it was their newest driver Soarin, a recent Canterlot high graduate, but still the Wonderbolts were a professional racing team with local roots in Canterlot. Which meant Soarin's Mustang was top of the line, so watching Deal and Steel takeing bets for the last hour was all the more irking to him, though in the last few minutes Steel and Deal had been on their phones talking heatedly with someone.

Glancing at his watch the youth tried to look bored, his brother had only a few minutes to show up before the Triad's would win by default. The fact Cobalt had shown up nearly twenty minutes ago made him all the more nervous and if he was honest with himself he didn't want to see Balthier get fired for sticking up for him. It would have just been easier if he'd stayed out of it, but at the same time though he finally understood some of what his dad had been trying to get through to him about family.

Maybe there was way for him to end this without risking Breaker's career, staring at Deal, he could see his mothers pendant. If he was quick he could bum rush the other teen grab his mothers necklace and get the hell out of here. Not even realizing he'd been psyching himself up to do so, Razor steps into his view looking straight at him. ”And than Razor intercepts me and pounds me into the ground.” Leaning back against the Buick again Mustang tires not to clear his mind, only to hear the deep rumble of a motor coming up the road.

A sudden hand on his shoulder gets him turning to find Ink standing next to him. “That's him no doubt about that, likes to make an entrance.” Growing louder the engines sounded close to red lining as the crowd grew silent all eyes turning to the overlooks entrance. “Though it looks like those punks finally got word of the road shutdown, bet their not even sure what to make of that. What ever you may think now Mustang never underestimate the value of friends. It's a lesson your uncle spent a lot of time trying to drill into my head.” Clapping her hand on his shoulder again Ink starts to walk away just as the Nova barrels into the Overlook.

Roaring for a second longer the side out tires squealing replaces that of the engine as the car slides across the overlook it's rear end suddenly ahead of it. With an ease Mustang had never seen the car zips backwards across the overlook only to roll to a gentle stop right next to the Wonderbolt car. For a moment he can make out the licensee plate and that simply reads KGB USSR. The vehicle idles for a moment the dark windows still up before the engine dies off and a figure in a brown racing suit steps out their face obscured by a matching helmet. Looking toward the trio the figure merely points at the stenciling on the door before speaking. “I. Clean. All of you.” Is all anyone can hear in Boreas accent before the driver points towards him and his cousins motioning for them to get in. Than just as quickly he climbs back inside the door snapping shut.

For a moment Mustang, Flame and Iron stand still before Miss Melody prods them towards the car while dozens of people swamp Deal and Steel to place bids. Darting over to the car Iron reaches it first. Swinging the passenger door wide she scrambles into the back Flame right behind her leaving the front for Mustang. Sliding into the spartan seat Mustang and the others struggle with the harness style seat belts for a moment. Slamming shut the door Flame speaks up first. “Uncle?”

A chuckle comes from the helmet before the car rumbles to life. “Oh man the look on their faces. They think it's Boreas racing them.” Slowly the chuckle dies down when Soarin's own car starts next to them. “Okay, fast and loose rule here, hold on, keep quiet and do not freak out.” Revving the engine, their uncle nods to a figure standing between both cars before shifting the car into gear. Watching the figure raise both arms into the air Balthier tense as does his family. “Alright, here we go.” Dropping their arms the figure crouches between both vehicles lurching forward without any of the tire screech one was used to seeing in the movies.

Thrown back in their seats Mustang joins his cousins in screaming at the sight of the mountain road leading down into Canterlot from the overlook. Bracing himself Mustang finally ceases to scream with Balthier sending the car sideways through a turn Soarin just feet behind them. Flame and Iron stop shortly afterward, when the car reverses direction the tires squealing around another turn. In the driver seat Balthier is cursing to himself the scenery vanishing past the windows at a breakneck speed. Gunning the motor hard he whips the Nova around the last turn before the two mile straight leading to the school. Dozens of police lights illuminating the night sky ahead of them.

Thanking Smokin silently when he sees the cops are blocking the sides of the street instead of the road he nearly losses it when he spots students and others lining the street. “Does the entire town know?!” shouts Mustang to be heard over the engine. Shrugging Balthier just reaches over flipping a toggle. Reading the markings quickly Mustang turns to his brother, “Cake or Death?”

“Bad joke,” he answers his eyes watching the mirrors. Behind him Soarin realizes the roads are closed and swings to the side his car starting to catch up to the overloaded Nova. “Damn it, was hoping the difference wouldn't be this bad.”

Hearing the concern Iron pipes up her voice barley audible over the roar of the engines. “We can win this can't we uncle?”

Shifting into sixth gear Balthier's hand hovers over a loan switch a dim memory keeping him from flipping it even though Soarin's car was now even with them and pulling away. Reaching over Mustang flips one of the switches, “I hope the answer was cake.”

Not wasting time Balthier grabs hold of the shifter, “I wish you'd chose death.” A sudden hiss comes from truck and down both sides of the car. With a kick the car lurches forward pushing everyone deeper into their seats, the engines tone changing. For a moment Soarin's advance halts and than it's gone as the Nova screeches down the road. Blasting past the finish line Balthier rolls the steering hard to the right sending the car skidding across the road and partially onto the school yard while avoiding the statue out front. Correcting quickly he slams another button down on the console sending a mist of gas exploding from the trunk before the engines whine recedes. Slowing quickly he turns around heading back to the front of the school in time to see the Triad pull up in Steel's Royce.

Pulling up next to them he motions for Mustang to roll the window down. Once his brother lowers it he can't help, but grin behind the helm while imitating Boreas voice again. “You are cleaned. Necklace.”

With a disgusted look Deal flings the necklace inside bouncing it off the helmet. Merely nodding Balthier starts the car forward again. Taking his time for Smokin, Keelhaul and Gentle to catchup before gunning towards the storage yard at the edge of town. “So what do you think of your brother now Mustang?”

“I think I want to smack you for hiding this from me, but right now I'd rather hug you. Unfortunately I wanna live so that'll wait till we get out.”

Chuckling at Mustang's response Balthier Breaker guns the motor, eliciting a shout from his family.

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Re: October, 2013

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Walk a Mile in my Shoes

Razorclaw Adlig, the transfer student from the city of Clawdor within the Griffon Empire, walked the halls of Canterlot High. Not for the first time, he wondered what he was doing there, as students watched him warily and some even flinched at his approach. He didn't understand why, it wasn't as if he went out of his way to attack these people. His first few weeks there, he'd only fought others to defend himself from perceived threats and... Well yes, to assert dominance. How was he to know that that was a purely Griffon custom?! It had helped, however, in making some friends, which was something the small (For a Griffon) man needed. Someone to help him with the customs, the language, the culture shock. And they even brought a bit of a taste of home, with the sense of community.

Razor smiled as he looked down the hall and saw his friends, Steel Stride and Real Deal. Another benefit of these friends was the power they held among the students. Deal ran the student paper, which Razor mainly read in order to improve his language skills, but he recognized the benefit held by steering student opinion. Besides that, the boy ran some... Interesting enterprises on the side, which brought in enough money to fund the group's outings most weekends.

Razor pondered his own position for a moment, then. As the 'enforcer' of the group, it was his job to back up Deal and Steel whenever something went wrong. Razor was happy to do it of course, to help his friends. And it certainly didn't happen as much as it had when he'd first arrived. The griffon boy had made a name for himself as the toughest student in school. Though that was making it harder for his own scheme, the one he and Steel had come up with. The fights behind the gym always drew a crowd, but lately it'd been hard to find anyone who wanted to fight... He'd have to lose a fight or two very soon if he wanted to keep the money from the betting coming in. After Steel's cut, of course.

Ah, Steel Stride. Undoubtedly the leader of their group, which had come to be known as the Triad. Razor liked that name, it sounded strong. Anyway, Steel. The coordinator of all the groups schemes. Always planning ahead, his mind down a hundred different alleys, finding the best path to take. The man was brilliant, and Razor was happy to count him as a friend. He handled the odds and bets for the fights, which Razor appreciated. He could do the math, but Steel took to it naturally, and it left more time for Razor to focus on other things. He handled the group's money, and was fair in how he split it. And he always seemed to know when trouble was coming, a good quality to have.

Razor stopped to chat with his friends for just a moment, asking about the odds for the fight that afternoon, and plans for the weekend. He soon had to move on however, not wanting to miss his chance with... Her. Razor smiled as he walked on, thinking of the Zebra girl who had caught his eye the very first day he started school here. Her name was Mauti, and there was... Something about her. He didn't know what it was, but she was different. Smarter, obviously, than most of the students, or at least more cerebral. And yet, there was a power in her, this raw state that felt... Dangerous. Razor liked that. She had a locker across the hall from him, and he planned to do it today. Ask her out, maybe take her to the Griffon bar in town. Steel'd gotten him a fake ID, and he felt confident he could pull it off. He just had to talk to her... His smile broadened as he saw here there, getting her books, and his pace quickened along with his heart. Just a moment, and he'd finally talk to her... And this afternoon, buy her a drink, get to know her, maybe finally make another friend at the very least, or find someone he could bring home to Father at best--

"OOF!" Razorclaw cried, as his daydream was interrupted by a fairly well-built freshman. Razor whirled, fire raging to life in his eyes, matching the hair of the other student. His anger burning and letting instinct kick in, the Griffon pinned the other boy to a locker, completely forgetting about Mauti for the moment. "Vould the leetle Firebrand like to explain heemself?" Razor snarled.

"Let go!" The freshman cried, struggling at the grip of the sharp claws. "It was an accident, and... Hey, you got in my way!"

Razor paused, his anger starting to subside as he pondered the fiery haired boy's words. He hadn't been paying attention, was he at fault? Growling again, Razor steeled himself, even if he had been the cause, now was not the time to back down! He'd started this, and he had to appear strong, the victor! "No matter! You people like to talk about personal bubble, and you invade mine! Now I return favor..." A wicked grin spread over the elder boy's face as he prepared to teach the freshman a lesson. Glancing around, however, his heart dropped when he realized Mauti had gone. In fact, so had all the other students, a bell must have been missed in the shouting... Sighing, Razorclaw slumped his shoulders, dropping the other boy. No need to act tough now, especially with no girl to impress...

"What was that about?!" The boy exclaimed, brushing himself off and backing up. "If you start something, finish it! Dad taught me that!" Razor's sharp ears picked up a barely muttered sentence after that; "One of the only good things he taught me..."

Razor cocked his head and looked at his fellow student curiously. "Your Papa? He vas... No good teacher for you?"

The boy blinked in surprise at this change of attitude, seemingly unsure if this was a trick or not. "Y-yeah... I ran away from home and moved in with soem relatives, actually..."

Razorclaw sighed and stepped forward, clapping the boy on the shoulder. "Am sorry for your luck, comrade. I too know vat is like to have bad Papa, did not think to find others in this place vith same... Am sorry for, how you say? Overacting? Back home, this is normal. Here... Nobody to impress. Razorclaw Adlig is my name, did not catch yours?"

The boy sat silent for a moment, shocked by this turn of events. "Uh... Flame. Flame Mane. You're Razorclaw? I think... I agreed to fight you this afternoon, through that Steel guy..."

Razor thought for a moment, nodding slowly. "Ya, I recognize name... Normally, I vould give talk to scare you about that, but... I tell you what. I go easy today. Maybe you not vin, but I vill hold back. You stay mostly unhurt. Is least I can do for fellow in arms. See you then, Firebrand." Razor gave the boy a smile and turned to head to his next class, leaving the confused freshman in his wake.

Flame Mane watched the huge boy go, slack-jawed. After hearing all the stories, especially the ones told by Iron... And that was the big, scary Griffon everyone was afraid of? He seemed more like he needed a friend than anything else... Flame slowly picked up his books, contemplating it as he walked away. Guess you can't judge someone... Until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

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Re: October, 2013

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Voting up.

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