September, 2013

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September, 2013

Unforgiven - ToonNinja
Memento Mori - Lucy Took
Generosity - TwentySided
Untitled - einsUNDcolt
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September, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:44 pm

Okay last month Knight won, hurrah, and thus he'll be providing yon topic. As usual you've got till the September the 26th at midnight Hawaii time to get a story in than voting runs till the 30th.

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Re: September, 2013

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Sep 01, 2013 4:37 pm

Meh, I can't really think of anything that good.

Let's go with Tradgedy. Write something sad, kill a character, do it spectacularly.

Have fun!
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Re: September, 2013

Postby ToonNinja » Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:40 pm


It was always a risk. Always. To wage war was to accept that death could strike at any moment. Boreas knew that; he accepted it; and when death finally came to him in a storm of arrows and gunfire, he didn't struggle or flap his mangled wings. It didn't hurt that much, and at the rate he was falling, it would stop hurting soon.

But some part of him still echoed with regret. After a life of everything going wrong, he'd only rarely had things go right. He never found Kresana again; she was still out there, or maybe even dead, and he could never heal the wounds of his only true family. He never apologized to Summer; never threw himself at her hooves and declared what a fool he was, never begged that she simply not hate him for both what he did and did not do.

Perhaps the first right Boreas had accomplished was saving Zezoor from his looming guilt about the loss of his village. It might have been enough to keep another from traveling the path he'd taken, if only he could be sure the zebricorn was truly free of what haunted him. He couldn't bear to think of someone as bright as Zezoor turning into someone like himself. Not after he'd already failed Kresana.

He gave Firesong some hope as well, the pegasus with the weak legs. She wanted to fight with wingblades, she wanted it heart and soul, and he gave her what she needed to learn. To teach, to nurture... It wasn't something Boreas would consider a pastime, and yet it was his lessons with both Firesong and his niece that he'd retroactively felt some sort of great purpose. But no, the call of the warrior drowned out the voice of the elder, the teacher, and led him through his life.

The old mercenary looked back down, back at the battleground racing up to him. He failed his family, he failed his love, and his brothers-in-arms failed him. Save for Zezoor and Firesong, nobody would mourn him deeply. Assuming he wasn't mis-identified as Alliance, he would receive a modest funeral, and perhaps some comrades from the Peacekeepers would attend, but only two would care.

But even when Boreas died, he knew not of the feelings that lay outside the fog of his guilt. Summer missed him the moment he left, and never ceased to do so; Kresana considered him one of the few glimmers of light in her dark life, one of the glimmers she could never reach; and the son he'd never know would come to remember his lost father fondly, a soldier who fought with boundless skill and honor.

But the gryphon did not know of this, and with his own hatred consuming him, Boreas of No Clan died unforgiven.

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Re: September, 2013

Postby Lucy Took » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:26 pm

Memento Mori

Firesong was uncharacteristically quiet as she watched the box descend into the ground. She'd always thought that she'd want to be chattering when the time came to keep her mind off of the ache that the moment caused, but now that it was here she didn't know what to say, and she couldn't even make out the words that Noir had said, just a vague thankfulness that she'd asked him to say them instead of doing it herself.

From the moment that she and her best friend decided to be more than best friends she'd had the knowledge that this day would come, even some before then. They'd managed to keep it from being a consent shadow on their relationship, but yet it was always there in the background, making every milestone bittersweet.

The night they'd decided to just admit that they were more than friends and had been for a long time was the time it first hit the pegasus. The time she'd spent with him that night was wonderful, dialoging in word and lyric for hours, announcing it to anypony that wanted to hear, and probably a few that didn't, was one of the best times she'd had in her life, but the night when they both went back to their own rooms was one of the worst. It was the night that the full realization of what The Knowledge meant to her.

The day they were engaged she laughed out of joy when they were together, and then cried over the knowledge when separate, but she set the Knowledge aside in favor of knowing that they'd still have years of happiness before It happened and she wouldn't be able to enjoy them if she was always thinking about the future, and the next milestone of committing herself to whatever days of life they shared to share them together The Knowledge barely tinted her wedding day, he was there now and he would be for as long as he could.

She'd managed to forget about it through anniversaries and birthdays, the fear only surfacing after they'd decided to start a family knowing full well that they wouldn't be able to share all of their foal's milestones, but even this fear faded when she saw him start to train the little one in everything that he knew and watching the little foal soak it all up like a sponge and getting to teach again had done him some good. It almost made The Knowledge seem to be silly, he was so happy, so alive, and ponies that weren't herself could see a hint of youth in his face.

But those hopes were dashed by the Knowledge after he'd slowed down with the work that had once been his all consuming passion and instead started falling asleep over his books in the middle of the day, and retiring to bed before they even started what were once long talks before one of them would nod off in front of the living room fire. And when they did talk it was less and less about the wonders of music and magic and parenting and more about the limits of medicines that even magic wasn't improving enough to stop what was wrong with her beloved. But even in the face of this Firesong tried to push The Knowledge to the back of her mind. She couldn't enjoy what she had if she let it consume her, as hard as it was to quench the flames of knowing.

But she'd never known the full weight of It until two days before she watched the box's decent. The weight of finding the other side of her bed cold, the occupant silent and breathless, no amount of air she could supply would fill the lungs to converse with her, no amount of love would start the heart again to kiss her goodnight, no amount of magic would make the legs move to play with their foal. She'd Known that Gem had fewer years than she had. She'd known that he'd given up some of the magic that kept him alive years before they'd met. She'd known this day would come from the very beginning.

She just didn't know how much it would hurt.
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Re: September, 2013

Postby TwentySided » Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:06 am


Turning away from a teleport burn print on the workshop floor, Gem Shard stopped, looking up as the room shakes around him as yet another Alliance explosive detonated above him. Letting out a sigh, the enchanter sat down at his paper and gemstone strung desk. Everything had spun so far out of control so quickly. That damned buffalo finding the school. It had been the beginning of the end. After that incident, all the alliance had to do was sit and wait for a time when security was low. Sure enough, after both the Avengers and the X-Colts had been deployed on missions, their attack started. It was swift, and frighteningly precise.

To think it was only hours ago that the first reports of Alliance had come in. Some tried to at least put up a fight, but all were out matched and quickly dispatched with cruel efficiency. Not even Clockwork and that suit of his had stood a chance for little more than a minute before being overwhelmed. The doctor could still hear the screams from the unicorn as the dragons turned their fire on him, roasting him alive inside his invention before ripping limb from limb, finally ending the poor pony’s agony.

Those who didn’t fight retreated back into the workshops, sealing themselves inside while the Alliance changed their attention to simply ransacking the building above. Being the most senior member still alive, the doctor had taken up the banner of leadership, deciding that those who knew teleportation magic would ferry non-casters and those without the magic prowess, out of the building and as close to Canterlot as they could manage from there a counter attack could be planned. However....the Alliance could not get their claws on the technology held within the mansion. Walkers, advanced turrets, magic bullets, and most importantly, Valence’s wormhole project. If any of these were to fall into the dragon’s hands it would spell disaster for all of Equestria. Before leaving, his last request had been to give Fire Song his journal. He trusted her. More than anypony else. Hopefully his gem sculpture of her and ring, in the back of his book would be enough...

Resting his head in his hooves, Gem finally let the stress of this entire endeavor take hold as tears rolled down his cheeks, falling to the desk. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to die...not now, not like this. Waiting for behind a metal door while his murderers took their time. He had wanted to ask her to be with him. Not a week ago he had tried, only to find out how much of a coward he actually was. he’d never get the chance to ask her...or hear her beautiful singing voice ever again...

Looking over to a nearby gramophone. The doctor couldn’t take the echoing silence in the workshop any longer. With a shaking hoof, he dropped the needle on the awaiting record. With a squeal it started playing.

Getting up from his seat, Gem Shard took in the music as he ran his hoof over the various gemstones, vials and beakers. It was funny, he had never quite took in the smooth texture of it all, how easily everything seemed to simply slide off the surface. As if it was completely immune to the effects of the world around it.

Walking to the middle of the workshop, Gem Shard looked around the workshop smiling at all the creations, all of the work that he had done with his friends. Friends so close he would have considered them family...some he wished could have been more than that...closing his eyes, the unicorn took a deep breath as his horn lit up.

Extending his magic beyond that of his horn, gemstones throughout the mansion, were wrapped in his red aura, as everything touched by his magic at one point or another, wound their way through experiments, pipes, and vents as they all gravitated back to him.

Pushing himself, the unicorn felt his head begin to ache as he strained to keep the spells going. Needing to continue, the aura around the enchanter slowly inched its way down, entirely wrapping himself in his own spell as he levitated up into the very center of a twirling orb of glowing gemstones, each casting their light in random directions, lighting up the workshop in a brilliant display of ever changing color. Stopping himself in the very center, ever stone stopped in place, as each and ever beam of light directed themselves straight into the doctor’s chest.

Opening his eyes, Gem Shard stared off as each beam shown brighter, as a warm feeling began to grown in the pony’s chest, “Ahh....Ahhh!” Slowly the warmth, grew more and more intense. All around him the glow of the gemstones diminished as the magic within them receded, back into Gem Shard’s being. One after the other, gems grew dim, losing even their color, before falling to the ground. Shattering as they hit the floor.

As more and more of the magic flowed back into Gem. The feeling became a sharp pain that started in the chest, spreading out further and further until it enveloped the entire pony. “AHHH....AHHHHHHH!” Soon the last of the gemstones fell, leaving only the doctor in the air. His body contorting and twisting, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as even his fur began to shine as a hue returned. His mane and tail returning to the bronze they once were, before the accident. Slowly, the changes continued as in his chest, crystal began to form and spread continuing as it converted fur, mane, tail, and to a dark purple crystalline form.

“EEEERRRGGGHHHAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Gem Shard coiled himself up as inside him, it felt like his body was wanting to rip itself apart. The professor did his best to hold his very being together while the magic inside him yearned to be let out. He couldn’t contain it, he had to end it, end it now. His strength waining he couldn’t fight it any longer. “Fire...I’m...sorry...” Letting go, the doctor let the energy building inside him finally free as everything ceased.

From below, the explosion grew, consuming all that it enveloped. Alliance, mansion, earth, and sound. Spreading until the very forest that had hidden the mansion so well had shared in its fate. That morning it was as if two suns had graced the morning. One shining in its golden brilliance, the other, a purple light marking one’s sacrifice. Eventually it to faded, leaving nothing more than a scar along the earth.

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Re: September, 2013

Postby Korkoa » Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:46 pm


Flame Mane walked slowly through the streets of Trottingham, heading back to the land owned by the Underhill Clan. He hadn't wanted to leave the hospital, but he had a family to get back to and take care of... He couldn't ask his sister-in-law to look after the foals all the time. A small smile played on Flame's face as he thought about those foals, little Meadowspark, so weak physically but strong in spirit. Young Booster Gold, growing bigger every day. The smile, however, diappeared as Flame neared the small cottage he called home. How would he tell them? What would he say, and how would they react?

Flame paused at his front door and sighed; he couldn't put it off any longer... He pushed the soid door open, hearing the hinges squeak. He also heard a small gasp come from the living room, followed quickly by a cry of: "Da! Da, I'm in here!" Flame had to smile again at his filly's excitement, and fought down the feelings of dread. He headed into the living room and scooped up Meadowspark, giving her a gentle hug. "Da, ye're home! Where's Ma? Where's my new brother?" She asked excitedly.

Flame had to fight to keep the smile on his face, the feelings of dread returning. "Sparky sweetie... We need to talk." Flame sat down on the couch, setting his disabled daughter beside him. "I need you to be strong, okay? I have some bad news..." Meadow suddenly stopped squirming and became very still, looking up at Flame with her big eyes. She nodded slowly, waiting for her daddy to continue. "Your new little brother... He didn't make it, sweetie." Flame paused, that part was bad enough...

"He... He didn't make it?" Meadow asked quietly, tears shimmering in her eyes. She wiped her eyes with her hooves, biting her lip and taking a deep breath. Daddy'd asked her to be strong, she had to try. "W-what about Ma? Is she doing okay?"

Flame took a deep breath, knowing this was the one that'd be the hardest to swallow. "No, Meadow... Things didn't go well in the delivery room... The doctors tried their best, they tried to save them both... But they couldn't do it. Mommy's gone too..." Flame said, his voice catching in his throat at the end. Loosing his new son had been bad enough... But watching the life ebb out of River as she lay on that cold table in the sterile room... The memory was almost more than he could bear.

Meadowspark, the tiny filly, couldn't hold back any longer. She was only eight years old after all, and she'd been so excited to have another brother. Now to find that not only was he gone, but that mommy wasn't coming home... She buried her face on her father's coat and began to sob. Flame cradled his daughter, holding her gently as she cried herself to sleep. He took her to her room, tucking her into her bed before checking on Booster. His three year old son had fallen asleep in his playpen, as usual, and Flame moved him to his bed as well. After that, Flame went back to the living room. He couldn't face an empty bed, not now... His son would grow up without a mother, his daughter was devastated at the loss... As for Flame, the former solder had lost the love of his life. As exhaustion set in and he began to fall asleep on the couch, he knew that after this, he would never love again...

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Don't Be Fooled, This is Eins

Postby zachary » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:34 pm

Tack sat on a well padded stool at a well polished counter top. The town's restaurant was empty despite it being just after the lunch hour. It was prematurely dark outside with heavy clouds laying low, threatening to rain down upon the unusually quiet town of Glitter Hoof, but it had yet to.

Pillus Clove, the restaurant's proprietor, came out from the kitchen, carrying a tray of triangle cut sandwiches. He set the tray down on the counter and took a stool next to Tack. At first, the older store owner remained silent, preferring instead to chew on a sandwich. Tack looked at the tray of food, then to Pillus Clove, who didn't acknowledge him. Wordlessly, he took a sandwich as well and took a small bit, he wasn't in the much in the mood to eat. Together, the two ate sandwiches without speaking. Tack had no desire to talk, his heart was heavy and he was drained, emotionally and mentally. His eyes were still red and it appeared as if he hadn't had any sleep in the past few days. Pillus didn't know what to say either. The young stallion had lost his father in a cave in when he was young, and now his mother was laid up in the hospital, her breathing labored and parts of her body swollen. She had been there for the past week and had only been progressively getting worse.

Finally, after most of the triangle cut sandwiches had been eaten, Pillus broke the silence. "How is your mother?"

Tack chewed his sandwich slowly and kept his gaze low. After a long minute, Tack answered softly, "She can hardly breathe...she doesn't talk...she just lays there."

Pillus wrapped an arm around the earth pony. Tack had been like his son since his father died. With his mother working in the coal mines to provide for her son, Pillus pretty much raised Tack, and his son, Magus Mustang, was his best friend.

"She's going to die soon..." Tack said softly.

"Tack, how long have you been awake?"

Tack grabbed the last sandwich and shrugged. "Since Wednesday."

"Tack..." Pillus began.

"I couldn't leave her."

"Tack, it's Friday," Pillus finished. "You need to sleep."

"No," Tack protested, setting down the sandwich.

"You've been up too long," Pillus said, concerned.

Tack just stared at the sandwich and kept quiet. He knew Pillus was right, but his mother lay in the hospital, getting worse and worse each day. His best friend was Luna knows where probably thinking he doesn't care. His father died when he was young. And now his mother was dying as well and he couldn't do anything about it. Pillus was the only pony Tack had left.

"Let's...go see your mother," Pillus offered, giving Tack's back a pat.


A few minutes later Tack and Pillus entered into Glitter Hoof Medical Clinic, the town being too small to have an actual full scale hospital. Tack checked in and led Pillus to his mother's small hospital room. On the bed lay a buckskin tan colored earth pony mare that many would find attractive. She had a jet black mane that fell down to her shoulders and stark lightning blue eyes. Her condition was almost painful to see; her coat color had gone paler, and she appeared to be frail, as if she would break if somepony would pick her up.

Tack trot over and knelt beside his mother. It looked like he would cry, but Pillus guessed that Tack had done enough crying today and no tears would come. Pillus sighed heavily and sat down on one of the two stiff chairs that were in the room. His being across from Tack and his mother, the other chair being just behind Tack. The pair sat in the hospital room for several hours, not speaking much.

It was Pillus who broke the silence again. "Tack..." he began.

Tack looked at his second father and slowly rose to his hooves. He paused a moment and spoke, almost in a disbelieving tone, "Mom..."

Pillus's heart jumped, and he stood still a moment, waiting.

"Mom," Tack said again, this time his voice more of panic than disbelief. Tack shot Pillus a panicked look then shook his mother. "Mom."

Pillus rushed for the door. "Doctor!" Pillus shouted.

In a flurry of movement, doctors and nurses rushed into Tack's mother's room, and ushered Tack and Pillus out. Tack didn't go willingly, his hoof clung tightly to the unmoving hoof of his mother, calling her name. They had to pry Tack's grip off his mother before they could get him out the door, all the while the young stallion cried and shouted for his mother. The doctors trying frantically to revive her. Tack buried his face in Pillus's shoulder and sobbed, he knew that his mother had died.

He had no family anymore.

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Re: September, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Thu Sep 26, 2013 9:30 pm

Voting is live.

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Re: September, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:52 pm

Okay we've got a tie between Twenty and Toon's stories. If the voting doesn't' fix itself Tomorrow night we'll have to do a second poll.

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