August, 2013

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August, 2013 short story

Untitled - Knight Tyrfang
Dinner Theatre - Twentysided and captain_borgue
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August, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:15 pm

Capt wins the previous months contest so look to him for the topic. Stories need to be in by the 25th, and voting will run from the 26th to the 31st.

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Re: August, 2013

Postby captain_borgue » Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:45 pm


I know y'all have some storyline or character development you WANTED in the RP, but for whatever reason it never happened. Or maybe some adventure during a timeskip you never got a chance to really explore. Well, now you CAN! :D

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Re: August, 2013

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Thu Aug 22, 2013 7:57 pm

It was another day in Canterlot, and Prank was mulling around the streets angrily as usual. He'd just argued with his brother after recovering from being kidnapped by Martingale, and was almost regretful he was. It wasn't really Tyrfang's fault that Prank couldn't protect Bubbles, it was his own fault. But the colt was jealous.

"Of all ponies he taught to use a weapon, it was Bubbles? It's nice and all, but I wanna be able to protect her too..." She muttered, kicking a pebble down the street.

Something wrong sugarcube?” Standing off to the side the orange hued mare in a stetson crosses her legs before leaning against a pole.

"No, just had an argumen-" Prank answered somewhat automatically, not really paying attention to who asked. He then looked up, and blanched.

...Isn't that- RUN. RUN RUN RUN. He thought, before immediately recognizing the owner of Sweet Apple Acres. He scrabbled desperately to try and get away, he was sure that Applejack still had some grudge for him.

Sighing the mare starts forward quickly passing the scrambling colt. “Well that's not very neighborly is it? When somepony says hi your supposed to say hi in turn, not sprint like timberwolves are nipping at your hooves. Now shall we try again, or should I just wait at your brothers place?

Prank lost his footing, and ended up tripping as the farmpony made her way around. He rubbed his scraped chin, and got back up, looking confused. ...No grudge? ...Uh?

"Um, no no, it's fine... We can try again..."
He said, brushing himself off. "...Applejack, right?"

The same, we've met in Canterlot, though at the time I was a little more concerned for my friend Rainbow at the time.

"Oh right, with.. Right." Prank said, recalling that time. "What's she doing now? She flying okay? She didn't strain her wing too much did she?"

She gave us a bit of a scare, but she's doing well. Never got a chance to thank you for that, so what's with all that muttering back there?

"Ah, it was nothing... I'm sure anypony else woulda done the same." Prank said sheepishly. "...I, uh... I kinda had an argument with my brother,and stormed out. It was a stupid reason too..."

You... you wanna talk about it sugar?

"...What's there to talk about." Prank said, motioning to where his head was bandage from the blow he sustained. "If I'm not causing trouble, I'm not useful at all. I don't get along with ponies, and frankly, I'm useless in a fight too."

He sighed, and adjusted his glasses. "...Do I really deserve this second chance? You know, the redemption and what not from the Princesses? Looking back, I don't think they made the right choice. ...No disrespect intended. But what was the point of giving a badmouthed, disrespecting *yay*hole kid like me?"

Applejack gives the colt on a long hard look.“Nonsense, everypony deserves a second chance. As for the point I reckon it was so you could learn from it instead of just thinking everypony's out to get you.” Remaining silent for a moment the mare grins at the colt. “So I take it this argument with your brother had something to do with your lack of fightn' skills?

"Uh... Well yeah, sorta. If I'd have been better at it, then Bubbles would never have lost part of her ear." He said, looking a bit confused at the mare's look on her face.

So what's stopping you from learning? Your brother, somepony else?

"...Me, actually. I'm a wimp, I barely have any muscles." He muttered. "I can't even run down the street without feeling like my lungs're gonna give out..."

Well shucks, that's easy enough to work on. A bit of good ol' fashion exercise would likely do you some good. I mean you've got quite a few resources around Canterlot to work with here, and I think Twilight mentioned your brothers in the Royal Guard so you could get some help from him. Heck if you really wanted I could put you to work to, though it likely wouldn't be something your interested in.

Prank was a bit hesitant at going back to his brother for help, especially after shouting at him when he was recovering in his bed. But his eyes widened at the orange farm pony's offer.

"Ah, could I?!" He asked, perking up. The colt really wanted to make up for what he did before, even if it were to stop a swindler for swindling the family.

Smiling the orange mare nods. “I don't reckon why you couldn't. Of course we'd have to check with Twilight first due to that spell and all, but I don't think she'd mind. Might think it's a good thing to get you out of Canterlot for a bit.

"Yes! Thank you so much AJ! I promise I won't let you down!" He said, hopping up and down. I can become the pony to protect Bubbles! And make Tyr proud too!

Rubbing the back of her head the mare looks a bit uncomfortable at the colts words for a moment. “I dunno about all that, but we can defiantly get you in better shape than you are. So shall we go see Twilight about this now, or later pardner?

"Sure, Let's go now!" Prank said quickly, looking very eager. And he ran off towards the castle, with AJ in tow. He was ready to improve himself.

Wait for me Bubbles, I'll protect you next time...
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Re: August, 2013

Postby captain_borgue » Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:32 am

Dinner Theatre - Stampeding Tide & Mauti Damu

(OOC Note: this is a collaborative effort from myself and 20. If it wins, we agreed 20 should get the prize)

Subtlety was not a trait Mauti possessed. So when Tarnished's betrayal become apparent, with an airship in hot pursuit and a wing of pegasi flying interference, Mauti sprang into action, firing the ship's ballista into the oncoming fliers. Ballista were usually too large a weapon to fend off individual pegasi, but Mauti got a lucky pair of shots, impaling a pair of them. The explosions that resulted were, admittedly, a surprise. Recognizing the danger of suicide bombers almost immediately, Mauti grabbed a length of rigging rope, tied one end to the deck railing, and leaped off of the ship.

Most creatures that lacked the capacity to fly would be terrified at the prospect of being airborne and plummeting to the ground. Mauti was not most creatures. Nor was the pegasus she dove at expecting such a bizarre sight. He veered out of the way, which did him no good as Mauti spread her hooves to increase wind resistance and veered into him. The moment they made contact, Mauti wrapped her back hooves around his hips and her forehooves around his neck, and with a well-practiced squeeze and twist, snapped his neck with a satisfying crunch. His body immediately went slack and plummeted, leaving Mauti dangling by the rope. She grinned as the dead body fell through the sky, exploding harmlessly far beneath them. She began climbing back up to the ship, congratulating herself on a job well done- until a successful suicide pegasus set off his explosives on the deck, destroying the railing she was tied to. Mauti swore as she began plummeting.

Her surprise, then, to be caught by Featherwing, was palpable. "Well this is a surprise. I would have thought you would relish the chance to see me die," Mauti said.

"The Captain ordered me to. If he hadn't I would gladly watch you fall," Featherwing said, bitterly.

Mauti smiled. "The feeling is mutual. Now if you would, chase down that flier. I have unfinished business," Mauti said.

"Are you insane?! They are wearing explosives!"

Mauti glared down at Featherwing. "Typical pony. Your fear of pain prevents you from doing what must be done. If that pony blows a hole in the ship, everyone dies. Is that not worth risking your own feathers?" Mauti hissed in her ear. Featherwing scowled, and chased after the suicide bomber. As she approached, Mauti curled herself into a ball, pressing her hooves against Featherwing's back, and sprang, managing to snag her quarry's ankle and pull herself onto his body. She deftly sliced through the explosive belt with her sharpened forehooves, before reaching underneath his wings and cutting the tendons. He shrieked as he began to fall, while Mauti grinned, gave him a kiss, and jumped off, landing on Featherwing once more.

"You actually enjoy being a lunatic, don't you?"! she asked, incredulously, as she dropped Mauti off on the deck of the Dream.

"Damage Report!" Tide called out to his crew as pegasus, dragon, griffon and zebra ran a state of controlled chaos.

"Captain, Hull integrity is 85%, while an engine on the starboard side is damaged. Our sails are ripped and we have a large hole in deck 4. Overall the crew is alright except for the ones hit by the blasts and those that were handling the bag of gemstones sir!" a teal teen dragon explained as he helped coordinate the repairs around the top deck.

"Fine, fine, thank you Chez, thank you." Stampeding replied with a snort. Surveying the area around him, the buffalo couldn't decide how to actually feel about the last couple minutes. True, the entire deal had turned to a state of cacophony is a matter of minutes due impart to that freak of an earth pony, Tarnished. He had had an airship waiting outside the docks, ready to attack immediately after the deal was done, that wasn't really the bad part, nor was the barrage of suicide pegasi that harried the ship, most being shot out of the sky, but a few lucky enough to set off their explosives. No that wasn't really the issue either. No it was the gems. Those little trinkets were ticking time bombs each with a small dose of some sort of gas. The crew that had been hit by them were still out cold. While the shards of the little traps safely held in the venting chambers. However, again he wasn't necessarily angry. Once the threat of the gemstones had presented themselves, sealing them inside the chambers and using them as a new mist proved to be a rather significant weapon and effective means of getting away from pursuers. Not only that, but the shards could still be sold and thanks to his loyal crew, they also had Tarnished's little stockpile of bits and precious paintings and sculptures, and to top it all off, Tarnished had been murdered on the deck of the Blackened Dream.

Eyeing the still bleeding corpse, Tide could only grin. Who was in the big leagues now you little shit? Couldn't even handle a small negotiation. Really how could he control such a town? The very idea was rather baffling. Walking over to the remains, Tide promptly ripped the two cutlasses from the shetland pony's body, using Tarnished's coat to wipe the swords clean, before grabbing the a tuft of fur behind Tarnished's neck, the buffalo heaved, sending the pony body back behind him and at the hooves of the zebra, Mauti. "Do what you want to his body. I couldn't care less. He's paid just about as much as one can today. He should be honored it was to us."

Mauti didn't respond- her focus was on Tarnished, who had two swords sticking out of his tiny frame. Mauti seethed- she had wanted that kill. Tide pulled the swords free, wiped them on Tarnished's coat, and tossed the corpse to her. Mauti grinned- she knew just what to do. "Burial would be too good a fate for you, Tarnished. Even tossing you overboard for the buzzards is too kind. No, your fate... you were worthless excrement in life, and so shall you be in death."

She grinned maliciously, before dragging the body to the galley. "You'll make little more than a snack, but it is one I do not mind sharing. Tide, would you care for a slice, once he is properly prepared?"

Tide grinned, sometimes Mauti was absolutely insane, and at times he loved her for it. "Storm, Chez, Abbas, you each have rightful command, get this ship back to the Keep. We'll need repairs, better than that, we'll need to make the old girl better."

"Aye Sir" the three responded, as they took to directing their groups. The ship needed repairs, and their were crew members who needed taking care of. Lastly there were those who still hadn't awoken. Those were the ones in most need of help.

Following the mare into the depths of the ship, a trail of Tarnished's blood marking their path through the airship, he grinned as they finally came to a stop in the galley, "I'd be more than happy to have one, my little windigo. After all the trouble he caused my crew. I can't think of a finer way to send poor Tarnished off" Tide smirked. "If I remember correctly you zebras have such fascinating spices, and adding the buffalo tradition of eating what makes you stronger? I can't think of a more perfect meal. Spiritual, and vengeful. Though I can't really think of any real strength coming from him, but its the thought that counts I guess."

"I see it more as turning him into what he always was- excrement to be discarded. The strength, then, is in showing him that for all his scheming, he is to us little more than grass," Mauti said, as she did the messy business of field dressing the carcass. "Such a pity we couldn't get Flame's horn... yet. But, my dear Tide, I want it. And should the opportunity ever arise, I will have it," she added, in a soft, sultry voice.

If didn't take long to properly cook- Mauti had a lot of experience carving, and thinner cuts meant shorter cooking time. With some Zebra spices thrown in, it actually smelled quite appealing. "Here, my dearest Tide- I present to you what is left of one who dared to oppose us. Through strength of Will and strength of Form, we overcame the best this pitiful creature could muster. And when we are finished with this enemy, and all others who dare to cross our path, all that will remain of them is the filth they embodied in life," she purred, before plucking a slice of meat off the plate and popping it in her mouth. "Mmm, not bad. Not as delicious as battle, but not bad."

Taking a piece for himself, Tide chewed carefully, trying to enjoy the some aspect of the flavoring. He wasn't necessarily a meat eater, at least not typically. But this was something a bit different. Mauti was not one to show weakness towards. Of any kind. She was one who would exploit anything she could find. Even the most minor of aspects she could find some way to turn it on someone she didn't enjoy. but at the same time, he had to be careful so as not to turn members of his crew. Some were ponies after all, pegasi, and few earth ponies, knowing that their captain ate one of their own and still following him, may not be such a keen idea, and the last thing he wanted after all this was to lose more crew just because of Tarnished. Then again all the trouble he had caused the crew of the Blackened Dream. Tide could probably swing it to show that no one would ever mess with his crew or they would share a similar fate.

Swallowing the piece of red meat, Stampeding Tide, looked past Mauti, grabbing the skull of Tarnished, "Whelp Tarnished, I must say you certainly weren't someone I would have liked to know while alive, but some spice, and prep time later and I must say you've really improved." Grabbing another slice of meat, the buffalo stared at the skull as he took another bite, "In fact I'd say you're one of my favorite meals after this. So congrats I think we finally found some good ground between us. Mauti wouldn't you agree?" Turning his attention to the zebra, who was still enjoying her portion.

Mauti eyed Tide carefully as they ate- she knew he had physical strength, but the sheer willpower such an act would take was uncompromising. So when he ate, and kept eating, she knew that he had the guts to do whatever needed to be done. She had a feeling the crew would be horrified to hear of it- but discipline would never be an issue after this. They would know- not just think, but know, that any who opposed Tide would be dealt with swiftly, severely, and without ambiguity or doubt.

"What do I think? Hmmm... I think this would make a fine figurehead for the ship's prow," Mauti said, cradling the skull. "The first thing our enemies would see as we bear down upon them is the face of the last pony who stood in our way, and in the deepest, darkest pits of their very souls, they would see themselves reflected in his hollow stare, and know what the fate of any who challenge us will be," she said, a gleam in her eye.

"Really figurehead? Hm, I guess that works. What do you think Tarnished want to see the world? After all having to run a city. Must not have been very rewarding in the way of travel." the captain questioned the skull in his hoof. Moving it to imitate a nod, "Oh fantastic! You won't regret it Tarnished. Hehehe."

"A pity my people lacked your force of will, Tide. Then, perhaps, I would not be the last of my tribe. Were there a way to rebirth them, with my tenacity and your strength, there is no power on this world that could stop them," she said, sighing softly. It was a rare moment of weakness for her, and even as part of her screamed against showing any frailty, she knew that here, in private, in the presence of the one being in the world besides herself for whom she had any respect, it would be safe to do so.

"Oh? Is that a sign of emotion I hint? Mauti you must be slipping. After all isn't sanity a sign of weakness in your eyes? We can't have that now can we." Moving closer to the zebra mare, Tide simply sneered as he moved next to her, placing the skull on the table, before grabbing her.

Mauti's eyes narrowed to slits. No doubt he'd try to use that moment of weakness, to exploit the one opening she foolishly gave him. Her body tensed as he grabbed her, ready to lash out like a coiled snake.

"Oh, wait a minute," he stopped, reaching for the skull, he turned it making sure its hollow eyes were staring at them. "I want him to watch."

Something in his tone of voice, or in the glimmer of sadistic glee necessary to force a vanquished enemy to observe the two of them, made it seem as though harming her wasn't, strictly speaking, his goal. Mauti relaxed in his grip, more curious at what he had planned than afraid of what it it might be. "Oh, do you now? And what is it he will be watching?" she purred. "Do as you will, Tide. I submit myself to your Will- and submission is not something you will see often from me."

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Re: August, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:06 am

Voting is up.

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