June, 2013

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June 2013

Busman's Holiday - ToonNinja
Restrictive Gifts - Knight Tyrfang
Backyard Barbecue - Korkoa
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June, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:02 pm

Well apparently I won by default, my to my displeasure, so that means I get to set the topic for this month. Like normal this topic will run from now till June 24 with voting running from the 25th till the 30th.

Topic to be determined later this week.

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Re: June, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:02 pm

Prompt: Summer fun, also feel free to do a Summer Sun Celebration style event.

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Re: June, 2013

Postby ToonNinja » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:21 am

Busman's Holiday

Real Deal smiled quietly as he slipped out of his apartment. He hefted up his picnic basket with a simple flash of his horn, and started making his way down the street. Despite the sun not yet being up, there were a good deal of ponies already moving through the streets; all but Deal looked like they would have liked a bit more sleep.

Deal, however, had chosen to celebrate every inch of today. That was why the broker was keeping his shop closed and enjoying a simple day at the park. Canterlot wasn’t the only city that enjoyed the Summer Sun Celebration, and Manehattan had the benefit of making it an .informal, all-day affair. That meant games, concerts, and more than a good deal of summer foodstuffs.

I’m not gonna work for half a second today, Deal told himself. Every year, I’ve made a point to enjoy myself. Hearth’s Warming Eve might not do it for me, but nothing about this holiday can get a pony down.


A short time later, Deal was just floating out the first sandwich of the day when one of his usual contacts approached him.

“Mister Deal, sir, we have something of a p-”

“Coal,” Deal interrupted, “I really hope you have a good reason for approaching me in public, in the middle of Central Park. If Fence knew you were taking this kind of risk-”

“Fence won’t care about something like this,” Coal Dust insisted. “Bad Horse is making a move today, and-”

Bad Horse?” Deal hissed, glancing about as he gestured for the chimneysweep-slash-informant to sit down. “The hell kind of move can he make? He’s barely got a city block to his name; the only reason he hasn’t gotten any of his colts arrested is because they haven’t done anything big!”

Dust shook his head emphatically. “He’s been laying low. Digging up dirt. What I understand, he’s had proxies talking to a ton of guys in our network, and they’ve been planning to hit all the gang leaders.”

Celestia’s mane. Deal’s jaw dropped. I don’t know if Bad Horse is stupid or an anarchist. That kind of chaos would turn the underground into a bloodbath. Nopony wins.

“Why come to me with this?” he asked. “I talk to Fence sometimes, and only when he wants me to speak.”

“You’re one of the few that does. That means you’re one of the few that can find him.”

A moment later, Deal put the pieces together.

“...And Bad Horse is going to beat the location out of anypony who could possibly know it,” he breathed. And he already has personal reason to hate me. If he’s going to make a gambit this crazy, there’s nothing holding him back from-"

Ka-klik. “Hello, Mister Deal.”

Real Deal sighed, ears lowering in resignation. “Bad Horse’s team?”

“Good guess, Mister Deal,” the voice crooned. “Now, why don’t we take a walk? Talk business?”

Coal moved to say something, but Deal shot him down with a look. “Go talk to the others,” he told the sweep. “Don’t worry about me.”

Coal clamped his mouth shut, panic in his eyes, but he nodded and left.

Deal stood, turning to face his aggressors. “Where are we walking?” he asked.

“Towards the harbor,” grinned the other unicorn, the outline of a gun barely visible in his coat. He cast a glance at the hulking earth pony next to him. “My friend always enjoys an ocean view.”

Of course he does. Deal nodded, and they departed.


“So,” the unicorn- was his name Greaser?- began, pacing in front of Deal.

The broker was standing as casually as he could with a gun floating next to his head. “So?”

“Our boss wants to have a little heart-to-heart with your employer.”

“Why on the Summer Sun Celebration?” Deal asked, quirking an eyebrow. “If you don’t mind my asking.”

“Guards will be keeping the festivities in order,” Greaser explained. “They’ll be even less inclined to hunt down the killers of a few greasy little gang leaders.”

He really can’t shut up, can he. “So, he’s going to kick up a gang war in the middle of the Princess’s big day? Takes a lot of guts.” Or a lack of brains.

“Yessirree,” Greaser preened, “and when it’s all said and done, Bad Horse is going to swoop right in and take the whole Manehattan underground.”

Deal stared quietly at the other unicorn for a brief moment. “...How do you breathe?” he asked bluntly.


“You kinda just told him ev’rything he needs ta know,” the earth pony rumbled. “Short’a squealing about where he is, you just done given the lieutenant of an information broker the whole plan.”

Greaser wheeled towards his companion. “Bad Horse’s cruise won’t be done for hours, and this chump will be dead before he can-”


Deal looked over the pistol in his telekinetic grip. “You looked away from the target of your magic and your gun. If the natural order didn’t have you eaten by a cockatrice by now, then there is something wrong with nature.”

He glanced over at Greaser, blood and brain depositing themselves on the floor. “Good thing there’s always technology to sort these things out,” Deal said half to himself. He glanced over at the earth pony. “Brick, how many times are we going to meet like this?”

Brick shrugged. “Gotta feed the kids somehow, Real. Can’t jus’ work tha docks these days; gotta do the other kind’a heavy liftin’.”

Deal shook his head. “Yeah, but you could work for Fence one of these days.”

The bulkier pony’s eyes glinted with a hint of hidden mischief. “And wouldn’t you jus’ love that.”

The broker chose to ignore that. “Care to clarify what cruise?”

“Private yacht. Dock forty-nine, can’t miss it.”

“Thank you, Brick. Give my regards to the missus.”

“All due respect, Real, she hits me whenever I do.”


“...and so then he said, ‘Put the cheese where?!’”

Bad Horse guffawed loudly at his own joke, while the two mares alongside him gave polite giggles, rolling their eyes when they knew the stallion wasn’t looking. They made their way down the gangplank as Horse stopped laughing.

“Now then,” he sighed, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to depart for now, ladies. Got some- hic- business to attend to, now that I’m sure my team has-”

“Your team needs to work on a few things.”

The three turned to see a stallion dressed up in a gray coat and hat and black mask, leaning up against the nearby warehouse. “My lieutenants had them all squealing before they knew what even happened. And being the good businesscolt I am, I passed the information along to my business associates. In the hopes of preserving their safety, and the safety of future business transactions.”

Silence, then: “...I think we’ll be going. Don’t want to tell the RGs anything.”

With that, the two mares left, leaving only Bad Horse... and Fence.

“You’ve gotta be sweating like a pig under that stuff,” Horse muttered. “It’s the summer bucking solstice.”

“I know,” Fence replied evenly. “I like the summer solstice. You had to go and ruin it for me and my associates, with all this talk of assassination and bloody gang wars.”

Horse backed up, slowly. “So what the hell’re you gonna do, huh? My boys-”

“-are no longer your boys,” Fence growled, a pistol floating out of his coat. “Those were the rejects from a half-dozen different gangs, and a few freelancers. What the buck did you expect?”

“Whoa, hey, put the gun down.” Horse’s eyes darted between the unicorn and the gun. Through the panic in his mind, a thought occurred to him. Where have I seen that aura before?

“Mister Bad Horse, I am very sorry, but I’m afraid our meeting will have to end here.”


Wait a minute, Horse realized, that’s the same talk Deal gave m-!



Deal let out a sigh of relief, staring up at the fireworks shooting up into the night sky. Nothing better to end the Summer Sun Celebration than a light show to keep the sky aglow.

And what better way to enjoy it than with a few bottles of cider while an enemy’s yacht sinks in the harbor? he asked himself. Finding no answer, he tossed back the rest of his drink.

The day hadn’t gone off completely without a hitch. Coal had a bullet in his leg now, and Shady was being held in custody; they’d probably let him go on self-defense, but that was up to the jury. Some things were just a gamble.

But hey, the occasional gamble had landed Deal here; what was a few more, while the summer was still to be enjoyed?

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Re: June, 2013

Postby Knight Tyrfang » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:51 pm

Restrictive Gifts.

"...Is it already time for the Summer Sun Celebration? Has it really been that quick? I swear, it felt like just yesterday it was Hearths Warming Eve..."

"Oh, I /know/. Why my little Ether Iridescent is just so excited. She always loves being there when it's time for Celestia to raise the sun."

"Again with your kid...? I swear, how many years have you been working here, and you /still/ harp about your kid?"

"Summer Sun Celebration, huh?" A little filly mumbled to herself, her voice mixed with many emotions. Curiousity, hope, but most of all, dissapointment. "...Must be fun..."

The little filly, just a year out of foalhood, was sitting next to the door, a cup next to the door, while listening to it intently. It was one of the only things the child had to pass the time, besides gazing out the window longling with a deep envy of the ponies walking the streets of Canterlot below, or actually muddling through the piles and piles of books stacked on the desk.

It was a fluke actually, that little Delightful here was able to figure out the old trick with the cup. Or even being able to keep the cup. Without any reprercussions at least. No cup meant no water to go with her bread and carrot. She had to take care of that one cup very well, because she wouldn't be provided with another one.

"Your father wanted to teach you the value of appreciation of what you have, and the ability to empathize with those you'd eventually have to look after." The filly remembered her teacher lecturing her. How she hated that pony. "Therefore, you must know what it's like in your subordinate's horseshoes. And you must be able to take care of your belongings as well young Lady."

The filly scowled at the memory, remembering how she went hungry for a few days because she had accidentally knocked the containers off her desk when reaching for another book she had to read. It was by pure chance that a maid had came to feed her, rather than her teacher, and was kind enough to provide her a new cup after she had 'lost' hers.

"Oh, speaking of kids-"

"SHHHH. I know what you're gonna ask, and you already know it. Mention it, and we'd get fired alright? So hush it."

"Ah... Poor girl..."

The filly sighed, and put the cup down. "...So I guess it's a no then?"

Delightful trudged over to the window, where she could just /barely/ see the pavalon that the princess raised the sun. Though it was the middle of the night, and kids like her should've been in bed already on a normal night, she just couldn't sleep. Nor could anypony else, after all it was going to be the longest day of the year. Everyone wanted to be awake to see it start.

Not like it mattered to little Payne. Summer, winter, spring, or fall, she'd be stuck in that room.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and that was a cue for the filly to get straight to her desk, and pretend she was studying. When the door opened, she jumps out of her chair, and immediately stood at attention.

"...Ah good, Payne. You were studying I hope?" Said a familiar voice.

"Yes Sir!" She barked obediently, trying her best not to look too discontented. But some slipped by.

"...Ah, dissapointed about the fact you can't go to the Summer Sun Celebration?" Her teacher asked.

"No sir! Not at all sir!" Again, she barked like a soldier. This time more sure not to let her actuall feelings leak out.

"Good, good. A good leader makes sure not to let their subordinates know their worries." The teacher continued, looking out the window. "You are making some good progress Miss Payne. I'll inform your father, and he will start bringing you with him to the guard post."

He then left, and Payne sighed. The filly wasn't sure how she felt about finally going out to the guards post. She knew what was coming, her father was going to get her to show her 'intellgence, and abilities' so everypony could see her as the perfect leader. Good preparation for the family's reputation, and for Payne Sr.'s.

She looked out the window, and saw what looked like a pair of brothers, a small black colt, and a slightly older white colt, charging along. She glared at them, almost jealous of the two seeingly happy and having fun. Those kinds of ponies her father called 'peasants'.

"...Why can't I just be a normal filly...?" She mumbled to herself, leaving the window.


The little black colt looked up, and seemingly noticed something in the window. Bopping his older brother on the head, he pointed to where he thought he saw something.

The older brother stopped, and looked up at where his little brother was pointing. He thought he saw a young pony, but he wasn't so sure.

"...Come on Gnafy, we're gonna be late if we don't hurry." He urged, and the two continued on.
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Re: June, 2013

Postby Korkoa » Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:14 pm

Backyard Barbecue

Flame Mane lugged the heavy grill into his backward, grumbling to himself as he noticed that some of the packaging was still stuck to the grill. He’d never owned one before, so when the responsibility had fallen to him to put together a barbecue for the Summer Sun Celebration, he had to go buy one and drag it home. Not for the first time, he wished that he had learned a teleportation spell. He looked up at the sky, trying to tell the time from the sun. Flame figured it to be around eleven in the morning, guests would be arriving soon… He sighed and set to work putting together the grill.

An hour or so later, the party was in full swing, with some of Flame and River’s closest friends and their family’s running around the large plot of land they owned just outside Trottingham. The pair of Unicorns had moved to the Underhill clan just after the war ended, River wanting to be closer to her family, and Flame more than happy to oblige. The orange stallion looked around and smiled at the gathered friends. Val and Noir, along with Onyx and little Nova. Razor and Archer, with their cub-foal-thing Telliemachus. Iron and Twenty with their twins. Even Zezoor, the half-Zebra alchemist had made an appearance. All of the children playing around his own foal, Meadowspark, who was confined to her chair. As trapped as she was, however, the others were making sure she still had a good time, and Flame was filled with joy to see a smile on his daughter’s face. Flame looked at River as she trotted up to him, and kissed her on the cheek. “Everypony seems to be having a good time.” He said as he kept an eye on the heating grill. “How’s our other little one doing?” He asked referring to the colt that River was carrying.

“Oh, he’s doin’ just fine.” River said with a small smile. “Seems to be curious about all the excitement, so I think he’ll sleep well tonight.” She shifted the small bundle so that Flame could look at his son’s green eyes. His golden coat seemed to shine in the light, and a small lock of his blue mane fell into his face, tickling Booster’s nose and causing the colt to sneeze.

Flame chuckled and brushed the strands out of Booster Gold’s face, nodding. “Well, that’s good for us!” He quipped, smiling. “Hey, can you let everyone know I’m going to start grilling, so we can eat soon?” River nodded and trotted off, as Flame grabbed a try of mixed vegetables and put them on the grill.

Twenty minutes later, Flame had ruined several batches of grilled veggies, and a steak or two for Razor, though Tellie seemed to be enjoying chewing on the charred meat. Noir finally seemed to have enough, and after what appeared to be some kind of inner monologue, stepped up to help Flame. And by ‘help’, he apparently meant ‘take over and make Flame his assistant’.

Noir started grilling the veggies and another steak, and asked Flame for the seasonings. Flame reached for the container, looking around in confusion when he realized it wasn’t where he put it. He widened his search and soon found the unassuming container on the picnic table he’d set up nearby. Heading back to the grill, he started to apply the seasoning to the veggies and meat… And then suddenly the fire exploded in an array of bright colors.

Flame and Noir both dove for cover as the fire leapt up and consumed the food. After regaining his senses, Flame stood up and used his fire magic to wrest control of the fire back from the grill. After putting out the colorful flames, everyone gathered around the grill to find out what happened. Flame picked up the container of spices and sniffed at it. “… I have no idea how this happened, but these are not my seasonings. “ Everyone began to murmur among themselves about who could have switched the spices, and why they would have done it, until Zezoor came forward sheepishly and set a similar-looking container in front of Flame, taking back the alchemical supplies he’d brought with him and making a hasty retreat.

Everyone laughed at the mishap, and went back to what they’d been doing. Flame, however, stood by the grill, overcome by curiosity. He quickly floated a celery stalk to himself and took a bite before he could talk himself out of it, his eyes going wide at the taste. Whatever Zezoor had in that container, it made the food taste incredible!

A few hours later, with everyone stuffed and the party winding down, the families gathered on the lawn to watch the fireworks coming from Trottingham. Flame sat and thought about the day, feeling full and satisfied. Surrounded by family and friends, good food and peace… This is what life is all about.

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Re: June, 2013

Postby MagusZeal » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:31 am

And with a slight extension we end up with three stories, voting will run through the 4th of July.

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