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Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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Lucy Took's Characters

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General Info

Name: Firesong
Nickname: Fire or Song, depends on who you're asking.

Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female

Affiliations: Crew member of the Black Mako

Description: Tan with an orangish pink mane that has red lowlights in the sun. Her mane is where the "Fire" of her name comes from, not just her personality.

Cutiemark: A blazing 8th note, received after becoming so interested in the passion of a song as she swept the weather office that she forgot to stop to take a breath, discovering that she could direct the wind into herself without having to stop to breath.

Personality: Generally bubbly and a bit ditzy. Likes to sing as she works. Tries to avoid conflict, because she has a hard time controlling her temper once she has a personal interest in an argument.

Bio: Firesong was born to a prominent family in Canterlot. The last child of the head weather pony and his wife, Song started working in the weather office part time as soon as she was able to write. She hated the office work and tried out almost all of the weather jobs hoping to find her place. Once she got her cutiemark her father decided to put her with the wind ponies and she had found her place in the workings of Canterlot's weather. Though she was a little spoiled as the youngest child she always felt a little left out of the way that the family functioned. She was close to her brother Foggy Rays,but her relationship with her sister Tornado Twists,a master weather pony, was rocky, to say the least, party fueled by jealousy on both of their parts, jealousy on Twist's that Fire was the adored baby of the family, and partly on Fire's part at Twist being celebrated by everyone else.

Firesong would have stayed happily in the weather business and happily so had it not been for an accident involving her brother-in-law Blazing Bolts,her sister's unicorn husband with a lightning talent, miss-aiming a blast(Or so he said) during a heated debate with Firesong over the correct time to have a thunderstorm in an ill-prepared section of town, partly crippling her. Due to the nature of the accident her parents encouraged her to step back from the wind business and take some time to do office work after a long break to fully heal. After several months of boredom in which she did little but strengthen her wings to make up for her lack of ease in walking she heard of the air ships that had arrived in Canterlot and decided to try her luck in a different sort of occupation. So she packed her saddlebags, informed her parents that she was leaving town and arrived at the Black Mako looking for work.

Connections to Others
This is purely how NAME views others and might not match with another character's views.

Family: Has a slightly strained relationship with her parents, the heads of the Canterlot weather department due to them siding with her sister in most disagreements, but for the most part has a normal relationship with them. Her siblings are a different story, he sister, Tornado Twists, has always been more of a rival than a friend due to their similar talents, a rift that grew only larger when she married Blazing Bolts, a unicorn with a lighting talent that was always at her throat, and was the one that caused her hoof injury. Has a good relationship with her brother Foggy Rays.

Love Interest: While she wouldn't quite call it love, she's found herself looking for excuses to talk to a certain Doctor Gem...

Friends: Her best friend on the Mako would be the pony that she met first, Spear Spirit, though she likes to consider herself friends with everypony on board. Also friendly with several of the more party-happy members of XSGP

Allies: The Mako crew, and Doctor Gem Shard. Also possibly Boreas.
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