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DistractedPony's Characters

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:25 am
by Lucy Took
Spear Sprint, The Ditzy Ex-Mafioso

General Info

Name: ???
Nickname: Spear Sprint

Race: Pegasus
Gender: Mare

Affiliations: Steel's Airship, Mafia (Left)

Normal - A pegasus mare, her coat is white with a very faint blue tinge. Her mane is a deep pink colour , wild and longish. Her hooves are immaculately done, and she has blue eyes. She is lithe and truly stunningly good looking.

In Armour - With long inlaid and ornately done plates that hang down in rows, she is covered head to tail in plate mail. She also wears metal leg guards. Her armour is more heavy set than the standard guards and peacekeeper's fare, with almost no open spots anywhere.

She also wears a very well crafted helmet, that has a long spear lance on it, in place of a unicorn's horn. With a pattern of leaves across the helmet's edges, the whole set is some armour's masterpiece. The armour is incredible looking, and seems more like an ornate dress armour than a field one.

Cutiemark: A sideways pointing spear, at its tip a wave front of air parted by the weapons edge.

Personality: She is a ditzy, but very exuberant. She's quick to come to conclusions, even when she really hasn't considered them much. She tends to be quick to act and slow to admit mistakes. She can also be highly bubbly but full of herself. She tries very hard to relate to others, but struggles at it. She has a knack of saying just the wrong thing.

Spear Sprint's Serious Theme | Spear Sprint Derping Theme
Spear Sprint in Battle
Spear Sprint if she turns Good | Spear Sprint if she turns Evil

Connections to Others
This is purely how Spear views others and might not match with another character's views.

Family: ??? (Mother), ??? (Father), ??? (???)

???: ???

Love Interest: Mysterious half zebra.


Potential Friends: Xiania (Avoiding), Blitz (Avoiding), Blue Star

Allies: The odd underground contact, and various High Society individuals

Enemies: Dead Eye (Dead), ???, ???

Potential Enemies: Tyrfang

Anyone who has a character up to date on wanted posters should read this.
There is a wanted poster just recently distributed with the following text:

Spear Sprint.

High Ranking Mafia Member
Extremely dangerous,
reward 70,000 bits.

The poster's picture shows her in her armour, but does not reveal what she looks like outside of it.

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Re: DistractedPony's Characters

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:25 am
by Lucy Took
Blaze Quick, Fastest Pony in the Streets

His colour is still undecided

What is this?
Quite simply, I've wanted a profile to point to when people have questions about my characters, but I haven't wanted to edit my character submission profile since that had to be verified as is and should remain as it was okayed. Additionally, the info I had to share to verify my character isn't always stuff I want to be general knowledge. So I decided I wished to have a profile elsewhere.

My solution was this: I've created a profile here, to link to from my forum signature. Each profile will contain info on one of my characters, which I shall update when needed. It'll give a character description, plus other info. Sometimes there will be info related to what specific types of characters could know (i.e. police ponies would know this... yadda yadda). I think this solves the problem I had rather well, and I hope others will find it a useful resource. I also hope others might even follow suit. ^_^

Note, as of now, the mods are going to create a better place to put these.

General Info

Name: Blaze Quick
Nickname: Tinderbox

Race: Pegasus
Gender: Stallion

Known Affiliations: Peacekeepers, Xcolts (XD)

Description: Bluish grey in colour, this is off set by his fiery orange mane. Blaze's body would be described as athletic, and maybe a little too thin.

Cutiemark: A burning horseshoe, face up and slightly tilted to the side.

Personality: Brash and quick to react, Blaze is very very swift on his hooves. He tends to be quick to both get into and out of trouble, but prefers to talk his way out of a fight, or just flee, but when the things are at stake, he can and while hold his own. He fights hardest and strongest when defending others, and poorly without a true reason to fight. He tends to appear confident, even if sometimes its just an act. He would do anything to protect or get a smile out of his friends.

Theme Music - Pending
Blaze Quick in Battle

Connections to Others
This is purely how Blaze views others.

Family: Hope (sister), no others known, Blaze is an orphan.

Friends: Boreas, Lewis, Twenty, Tyrfang, Spirit, Xaiden, Zezoor

Allies: Peacekeepers, Pinkie Pie

Enemies: Dead Eye (Dead), Mafia (Disbanded), Draconic Alliance

Potential Enemies: The pony who stole the plant.

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