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Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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MagusZeal's Characters

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Mustang Magus

General Info

Name: Mustang Magus
Nickname: Magus (Close friends only)

Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 15

Affiliations: Draconic Alliance

Description: Wearing a dark red long coat covering his forelegs, chest and flanks this brilliant red stallion cuts a strange figure. Beneath the long coat hide the many battle scars that criss cross the stallions body while his silver and lavender tinged mane and tail tend to draw in the eyes. Considered handome by most this pony of average stature's face is often unreadable though many swear they can see something troubling in his green eyes while the nicks, chips, and grooves along his horn show a general disdain for his heritage unbecoming of a unicorn. Yet to those who've seen combat, or have a gift for the martial arts immediatly notice the stallion's movements betray him as a pony of some skill in hoof to hoof combat.

Cutiemark: Black angular star a top another obscured angular gray star (See Avatar).

Special Talent: Void Magic, lesser extent magic. (Magic/Combat/Void)

Personality: Often quiet Mustang will none the less speak his mind freely if he feels it nessecary, or he's already set his mind to a task. While his face is often a mask many feel uncomfortable around him as he seems to be watching everywhere and every pony.

Character's Theme | Character's Battle Theme
Mustang Magus Timeline
This timeline covers the major events of Mustang Magus' life.

-15 SR Mustang's parents marry (Earth Pony mother (39), unicorn father (54))

-12 SR Mustang born in Glitterhoof

-9 SR Tack's father dies, Tack & Mustang become friends.

-5 SR Tack and Mustang gain CM's during a bad idea in Everfree Forest.

-1 SR Mustang's mother dies. (53)

0 SR Mustang leaves Glitterhoof.

0.5 SR Tack's mother dies of black lung, pair meets at funeral.

1 SR Tack receives Mustang's last letter. Mustang (13) marries Angelblade (20) with the pair leaving on honeymoon.

1.1 SR Tack leaves Glitterhoof.

1.3 Mustang and Angelblade move to Mare Haven.

1.11 Mustang and Angel have their only child a filly.

2.6 SR Draconic Alliance begins it's assualt on Equestria. The opening salvo destroys the town of Mare Haven with no survivors. Unknown to anyone there are two Mustang and his filly. Forced to work for the DA or his daughter dies. Angelblade (22) falls in battle to DA forces protecting the populace.

2.9 SR Mustang takes Tack as a prisoner during a battle, shortly afterward wipes his memories.

3 SR DiE starts

Connections to Others
This is purely how Mustang Magus views others and might not match with another character's views.

Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Running cafe in Glitterhoof), Wife: Angelblade (Deceased), Daughter: Silvershine (Captured by the Alliance)

Love Interest: None

Friends: Tack F. Calm, Binder, Vial Froth, Gear

Potential Friends: Spirit Wind

Allies: Crushing Stampede, Certain Members of the Alliance.

Enemies: The Draconic Alliance, Peacekeepers, and anypony between him and Silvershine.

Potential Enemies: Himself

Achievements Unlocked
Icebreaker - No ones sure how you did it, but you got Spirit Wind to open up to you!
Bloody Smooth Talker - You've killed hundreds of ponies as a member of the Alliance! Who know you'd be able to get the secretive Spirit Wind to open up to you?
Talks to Self - Yep you lost it and started talking to yourself, worse you got an answer, but really what does it all mean?
Mindbuck - You've done it, you've laid bare the grand secret of Spirit Wind... happy now bad flank?

Plot development

Update Notes
Version 1 - Initial Post
    Created Empty Template
    Added Special Talent to Template
    Added Achievements list to Template
    Removed Dingos

Version 2 - Update - 3/24/12
    Added Plot development List to Template
    Added Mind restoration to Plot Developments
    Added Talks to Self to Achievements list

Version 2.1 - Update - 3/31/12
    Timeline template added
    Mindbuck added to Achievements list
    Added Specialty talent 'code'
    Added Age to details.
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