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Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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Xaidenshouni's Characters

Postby Lucy Took » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:15 am

Gentle Melody / DJ PhilleX-D

General Info:

Gentle Melody
DJ PhilleX-D
(For FAR later on) DJ Mello-D


Hooftastic Records, Vinyl Scratch's apprentice

DJ PhilleX-D

DJ PhilleX-D

Special Talent:
Music, and most all musical instruments as well as a talent for picking up new ones. She currently knows how to DJ (meaning she can mix and create electronic music), is a very talented singer, as well as plays the guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, violin, double bass, piano, cello, harp, viola, and her personal favorite the rims of filled water glasses with her hooves.

Melody: Gentle and shy, she really cares for other ponies (often doing anything asked of her without question to help another pony), and loves her music. But she always seems to be pushed around and used by other ponies taking advantage of her generosity... She's very timid however, and easily embarrassed and scared. She also has a deep down fear of the Paparazzi.

PhilleX-D: No regrets and no holds barred, PhilleX-D is Melody's altered personality that's the total life of the party!!! She can out awesome just about anypony and drops the bass every chance she gets. She's known to be very adventurous and exciting, which sometimes leads to trouble in which case Melody usually comes out once more.

See Signature, one song fits all for both personalities and she doesn't fight.

Connections to Others:
How Melody Views others:

Family: Mother and Father in Manehattan

Friends: Vinyl Scratch, Smokin' Gun, and Doctor Shard

Allies: Vinyl Scratch, Smokin' Gun, and Doctor Shard

Love interest: Smokin' Gun (she is unaware as of now)

Enemies: None

Potential Enemies: Tarnished Record of Hooftastic Records

Things only those ponies who know she IS PhilleX-D and are clever enough to figure it out:
Melody was under so much stress to save her record deal, and deliver what Hooftastic wanted she developed split personality syndrome, and created the personality everypony knows as PhilleX-D

On a side note: Anyone pony knows Melody is actually PhilleX-D;
-She is incredibly rich, being famous and all, and has houses in Manehattan(Parent's house), Canterlot (small apartment) and Clousdale (Essentially a small mansion) each complete with piles of instruments and personal equipment.
-She uses fake cutie marks and hair dye to hide her real identity when on stage (currently)
-She sometimes talks to herself as both herself and PhilleX-D

Update notes:
Initial post!!! I know it can be confusing between the personalities but green is Melody and red is Phille, blue applies more to both. But really default is Melody so if you're confused on what's what just look at Melody's info.
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