Twentysided's Characters

Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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Twentysided's Characters

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Twenty Sided

The Striped Swordspony

General Info

Name: Twenty Sided

Race: Earth pony Zebra Hybrid
Gender: Male

Affiliations: Peace Keepers

Description: Twenty's appearance resembles that of a typical earth pony, he is primarily grey, and a yellow tail, with a single grey streak that runs through the middle. However, two things stand out that make Twenty different than any pony he as seen. The first is that he lacks a mane. This is primarily due to the fact that Twenty believes his mane would get in the way, whenever he wore his champron. The second is the set of yellow zebra stripes that he inherited from his mother's side of the family. On his flank, Twenty bares a cutie mark in the shape of a twenty sided die, with a yellow kite shield framing it. Few actually see this mark, due to Twenty's habit of wearing a set of silver barding, (aside from sleeping of course), nearly all the time.

Cutiemark: A twenty sided die, bordered by a small shield

Personality: Twenty Sided is a stallion of few words, but he does take pride in his sense of honor. Due to an unfortunate circumstance with the Celestial Guards, he has cast aside the codes of honor and conduct that he had been taught in boot camp, and instead has set up his own. While some may questions his methods, few can doubt that if he is given a job, he will get it done.
Throughout his entire life, Twenty was raised to believe that there is at least an ounce of good in everyone and until he is proven otherwise, he will express a sense of trust to good majority of those he sees are deserving of it, despite the fact that he is rather trusting, Twenty is much more of a closed book than anything else. It is only those he sees as friends who truly know who he is and of his past.

Twenty's Theme | Twenty's Battle Theme

Connections to Others
Father: Second Chance (deceased) Mother: Zingadi (deceased)

Blaze, Bronze, Boreas, Lewis, Tyrfang, Xaiden, Zezoor,

the Peacekeepers

Neutral (mainly undecided feelings towards)

The Dragon Alliance

Potential Enemies
Those who would seek to hurt his friends

Strengths Spoiler:
Twenty Sided excels in the art of the sword. From a young age both his mother and father taught him the art of the sword, as well as survival techniques. While in particular, Twenty will more than likely use his father's Pata longsword, if no other option is available, he will use another sword if he has to, or if there are none, he will resort to using the various Zebrican strikes his mother taught him. While these are no where hear as strong as or reliable as his swordsmanship, they can still be rather effective in tight situations. One of the zebra ponies greatest strengths however is his determination. When Twenty puts his mind to something he will complete it, or die trying.

Weaknesses Spoiler:
Twenty Sided's greatest weakness is also one of his greatest strengths, his determination. Due to the fact that he will never give up, Twenty will, and has get into trouble with this leading to either more conflict than necessary. Physically however Twenty's kind of Achilles heel is his left hind leg. As a child in the Everfree forest he was stung by a Scorpio minor. While his mother and the ponies at the Ponyville hospital were able to save him. His leg never fully recovered.

Update Notes
Added Strengths and Weaknesses
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