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Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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Aipom93's Characters

Postby Lucy Took » Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:07 am

Wattson Lewis, the Human Pegasus

General Info

Name: Wattson Lewis
Nickname: Lewis

Race: Pegasus
Gender: Male

Affiliations: Peacekeeper (freelancer), Private First Class

Lewis was a Corporal from the human world where there is an on going war between the Peace Bulls and the Beligerwitch. Some people in his universe call it The Great Nerf War. Lewis in this universe is a royal purple with dark brown eyes. He has a pair of glasses and wears a fedora at all times. The fedora is a two way radio that he keeps in contact with the human world. The fedora is a navy blue with a metal button that has a castle on the right side of the fedora. His mane and his tail are a dark brown. He wears guard body armor that is black with a blue outline. He has a steampunk prosthetic arm that is located on his left arm which goes up a little past where the kneecap was. His primary weapons are a pistol and a shot gun, though he has neither in this universe.

Cutiemark: The cutie mark is an Atari game controller

This is what he looks like (except the Arm, still need to fix that)

Lewis is a very light hearted person. He always seems to have a good time, and can always find something to make a joke about. Although, when he needs to get serious, it's like that person is completely gone. His constant smile turns into a stern neutral look. He doesn't crack any jokes and only follows orders. Whenever he see's someone sad or depressed he will always try to cheer them up. Which can include singing songs from the human world. He always comes to the aid of his friends, no matter the cost to himself. He is very polite to random people he doesn't know and really friendly towards his friends. He has abandonment issues, though he can deal with death extremely well.

Lewis' Theme Song= N/A | Character's Battle Theme = N/A

Connections to Others
This is purely how Lewis views others and might not match with another character's views.

Bros for life: Xaiden (Lewis and Xaiden are from the same universe and are both in the Peace Bulls.)
Love Interest: Spirit
Friends: Tyrfang, Xaiden, Twentysided, Blaze, Spirit, Zezoor, Boreas, Breaker, Prank, General Payne Jr.
Allies: Tyrfang, Xaiden, Twentysided, Blaze, Spirit, Zezoor, Boreas, Breaker, Prank, General Payne Jr., General Payne Sr.
Enemies: N/A
Potential Enemies: N/A

Not Common Knowledge
-Though Lewis does not care if people know, only people he has told know he's a Human.
-Lewis used to be controlled and ruled by his parents, he left home to join the war and to get away from his parents.

Update Notes
Absolutely Nothing!
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