Name says it all, sides characters grow nice to detail that somewhere.
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Postby Lucy Took » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:05 am

If your character is a team captain/elder with a brood could you please put what the members are NPC or PC here please? Or if you're even just part of a team and know what the other members are you can post the list as well



Flame (PC, Kor)
Razor (PC, Kor)
Archer (PC, Lucy Took)

If you want to go into more detail and have others post as well feel free to start your own thread in the NPC form (Eg. If Capt wants to he can post a Mako thread with info about the Diamond Dogs, ship makeup, and other players can post what their character does.)
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Re: Teams/Broods/Crews/Ect

Postby captain_borgue » Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:06 am

Special Equestrian Asset Ponies / SEAPony Team Alpha

Iron Sides (Cap) - Lt. Commander in the PK Navy, commanding officer of SEAPony Team Alpha. Specializes in defensive tactics- this also gives him insight into countering defenses.

Force Lancer (NPC) - Unicorn counter-ops specialist. Lancer's magic draws in energy from around him and launches a spike of purified magical force, capable of penetrating any material that is not enchanted, though ineffective against dragon scales. Lancer is a member of the Aura family, one of the most prominent unicorn lineages in Equestria.

Shadow Cleave (NPC) - Pegasus specializing in subterfuge and covert eliminations. Twin brother of Brilliant Bolt.

Brilliant Bolt (NPC) - Pegasus specializing in distraction and diversions. Twin brother of Shadow Cleave.

Earth Shaker (NPC) - Earth Pony heavy weapons and close combat expert. One of the only survivors of Appleloosa.

Rip Tide (NPC) - Unicorn mare intel and saboteur. Rip Tide's magic can alter the physical state of water, allowing her to turn water to ice or steam at will, which enables her to wreak absolute havoc on supply lines, machinery, and vehicles.

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Re: Teams/Broods/Crews/Ect

Postby captain_borgue » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:01 am

MMS Black Mako Crew Roster

Steel Stride - Earth Pony-Ship's captain. Steel oversees all ship functions, and has the final word on all ship operations.
Pick - Diamond Dog- Pack Leader of the Diamond Dogs, command authority. Pick commands all the Diamond Dogs on staff, and delegates orders from Dr. Heart or Steel to the rest of the Pack.
Honeydew - Diamond Dog- security, maintenance.
Mallet - Diamond Dog- Hammer's twin, security, maintenance.
Hammer - Diamond Dog- Mallet's twin, security, maintenance. The Diamond Dogs primary purpose on the ship is maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and manual labor. The Dogs' articulated paws, great strength, and heightened senses of hearing and smell make them excellent mechanics and custodians. Their limited eyesight and general dislike of being on 'the surface', in this case the main deck, makes them avoid topdeck work as much as possible.
Pooflina - Dragon, ship's nurse. Pooflina is one of two dragons aboard, and has shown an aptitude for nursing and medical assisting.
Mace - Dragon, ship's scribe, pharmacist, and Steel's assistant. Steel considers Mace to be a protege, and has instructed him in nearly all ship operations. His small, tidy handwriting, eagerness to work, and desire to learn makes him a common sight anywhere on the ship. Though he does not have formal clearance or a skeleton key, Mace generally has unfettered access to any part of the ship.
Scarlet Glory - Pegasus- Second in Command, security chief. Scarlet delegates shifts, work orders, and repair schedules, as well as safety inspections and non-medical requisitions. Whenever anything is needed on the ship outside the hospital, Scarlet is the pony to see about it. Scarlet is also an excellent speed flyer, and often serves as a scout.
Dr. Honey Heart - Chief Medical Officer, override command authority. Dr. Heart has full command of all aspects of the hospital, and override authority of any other ship functions outside flight and payroll.
Spear Sprint - Navigation, flight planning. Spear is the ship's mapmaker, flight planner, and pilot- though she and Steel take turns manning the flight controls.
Firesong - Flight specialist, deck ops supervisor. Firesong serves to channel air currents into or around the sails, giving the entire ship increased speed, maneuverability, and fuel economy. As her position entails the most time on deck and requires her to have unfettered access to all the ship's sails, ailerons, and rudders, Steel has given Firesong supervisory authority over the topdeck. In effect, she can tell anypony to get out of her way, and they have to listen.

Currently only Steel, Dr. Heart, and Pick hold skeleton keys which unlock all areas of the ship. Dr. Heart has medical override command on all aspects of ship's functions. All crew members can be called upon to assist in any ship functions by Steel, Scarlet, and Dr. Heart. Crew members are responsible for their own meals. The Red Hoof Society has contractual ownership over hospital functions. Steel has final say on all other ship business unless a medical condition would affect cognitive function as determined by Dr. Heart.

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