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DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:09 pm
by MagusZeal
Master character list in Open Office spreadsheet format. Has all of the currently approved characters minus bio and personality data in an easy to use format, if it's not working send me or one of the admins a PM. NPC's both PC and mod will be added as time and sanity permit. List is maintained currently by me as an aid for myself, but others seem to find it useful.

So welcome to the new Approval thread the new format will be listing out three to four players per post and their current characters. Format explained below, also as this a redo of the cast list users who have not posted or been active on the fourm in some time will not be relisted here. Note though that the characters are still approved and considered active in some way if there in the character list document above.

Player X / X (Currently used slots / total slots)
Character details from submission thread hidden behind spoiler tag

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:18 pm
by MagusZeal
Korkoa 3/3 (10/13 short story winner)
    Flame Mane
    Race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Gryphon, Baby Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo): Unicorn.
    Name: Flame Mane.
    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male.
    Appearance: My avatar's a good representation of him.
    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Peacekeepers.
    Personality: Fun loving, very loyal to his friends.
    Special Talent (If pony): Ability to magically create and control the elements of plasma and fire.
    Bio: Flame Mane grew up in Manehattan, where he was originally a firefighter, due to his unique talents. He signed up for the Peacekeepers the moment the announcement was made, and is eager to help protect Equestria.

    Race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Gryphon, Baby Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo): Gryphon.
    Name: Razorclaw. (Griffonic: Gladiungue)
    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male.
    Appearance: Golden feathers, black talons, green eyes.
    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Dragons.
    Personality: Col and cruel, although enjoys a joke at others expense.
    Special Talent (If pony): None.
    Bio: Razorclaw grew up without a family, bouncing around from Gryphon settlement to settlement, just trying to scrape by and survive. When the dragons began to resurface, he jumped at the chance to get in on the ground level with them, and possibly advance his own interests.

    Iron Mare
    Race: Unicorn
    Name: Iron Mare
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Appearance:She's slightly smaller than your average mare, her purple body is slimmer then normal as well. Her bright red mane is extremely bouncy and poofy, as in her tail. She has large green eyes and a wide smile. She also wears thick metal bracelets around each of her four hooves. Her cutie mark is a square piece of sheet metal
    Faction: Neutral.
    Personality: Iron loves a good laugh, and is often seen trying to get one out of others too. She enjoys being around ponies, and makes friends easilly, however she can be very detached and emotionless if she wants to be.
    Special Talent (If pony): Iron has the ability to manipulate and control metal objects.
    Bio: Iron is from Manehattan, where she lived with her parents and her brother, Flame Mane. When rumors of dragons and war began circulating, their parents decided to abandon Equestria and find a safe haven outside the country. When Flame spoke out against the plan, the rest of the family, including Iron, decided to leave him behind. Now, 2 years later, she's returned to Equestria, to scout the land and see how the war is going.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:20 pm
by MagusZeal
einsUNDcolt 4/5 (12/13 side story winner)
    Tack F. Calm
    Race: Earth Pony

    Name: Tack F. Calm

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A dirt brown earth pony with red hair. His cutie mark is an open scroll, a white quill lays in front of it. The word "Honor" written at the top of the parchment.

    Faction: Peacekeepers

    Personality: A good pony who likes to help but is cautious around those who he doesn't know. His service has made him not care much for others. He will still help them, but he no longer cares about their personal troubles.

    Special Talent: His talent is writing. If he wasn't in the military he'd be a writer or a reporter. Tack still keeps a journal, but he doesn't write much in it. He keeps the details to a minimum because he can't bring himself to write about such horrors as the ones he finds on the battlefield.

    Bio: Tack tries to do good, but war isn't the place for such a pony. Tack still joined because he felt it was the right thing. The stallion has served in the Equestrian Military for many years. He fought hard and followed orders and eventually found himself as a Staff Sergent. When he found out he would be leading a squad, he was nervious. His fears were soon dispelled as he found out he had a nack for leading ponies. Despite the fact that Tack tries to do the right thing, he has made a few decisions that had gotten his squad mates killed. It soon led him to question his ability to lead. On a mission three ponies lost their lives, Tack still blames himself for their deaths. It was then he requested a demotion that would take him out of the leadership role. Tack was asked if he would accept a promotion out of the field, but he declined saying that he is needed in the field not behind a desk.
    Tack hates war and what it does to ponies. It had cost him his sleep and a part of his sanity. He still tries to do the right, but he has became a bit callous. Tack use to feel remorse when he killed, but now, it's almost second nature to him and he hates himself for it. He is looking forward to the end of his enlistment, where he can retire and try to rid himself of the horrors his service has brought to him.

    Blitz Bindestrich
    Race: Pegasus

    Name: Blitz Bindestrich

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Forest green coat, lightning yellow hair with the tips dyed ligtning blue blue. His cutie mark is a rifle with a lightning bolt replacing the barrel.

    Faction: Peacekeepers

    Personality: An agressive pegasus that shoots first and asks questions later. He prefers to act rather than sit around and plan. He hates inactivity and hates it more when bad guys get away.

    Special Talent: Blitz was a compition shooter before the war. He has several medals, trophies, and ribbions. All of them are third place and above. Blitz has never came in a lower place.

    Bio: Blitz Bindestrich was born outside of Equestria and is one of the few foreginers to serve as a Royal Guard for Celestia. He is known for his excellent marksponyship and his short temper. Everypony knows that Blitz is a good pony to share a drink with, but not to get drunk with.

    Pale Lavender
    Race: Unicorn
    Name: Pale Lavender
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Vivid yellow coat with a lavender mane and tail. Her eyes are a forest green.
    Cutie Mark: A smiling heart in front of small crescent moon.
    Special Talent: Magic Teacher.
    Faction: Equestria
    Personality: Before the war she acted much like Cherilee. After she was captured and sent to Darkhall, she hates every and all Alliance Members. She untrusts new ponies, but does not hate them.
    Bio: Before the DA attacked her home of Las Haygas, she was a Magical Studies teacher for young unicorns. For unknown reasons, the Draconic Alliance took an interest in Lavender and, along with others from the town, was abducted. She spent around a week in Darkhall, where she met Corporal Tack F. Calm. At first she was warry of the earth pony, but after he defended the unicorn and took her torture session, she started to have feelings for the soldier. She still was cautious around Tack, even as they made their escape. Those feelings started to grow while Tack was in the hospital. She repressed the memory of Las Haygas until Mustang Magus recounted it at Tack's request. Even though Tack doesn't hate Mustang, Lavender has a deep and residing hatred for Tack's friend. Though, what she found in Glitter Hoof has softened her disposition towards her love's friend.

    Cheval Anonyma
    Name: Cheval Anonyma
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: early 30's
    Appearance: a bigger than usual Unicorn who enjoys wearing a light blue and grey scarf. His body looks fairly toned, having spent two days a week working out at a fitness center before being evacuated from his home in Fillydelphia. Now his once well kept mane is dischevaled and hasn't been touched by a brush in ages.
    Coat Color: A soft white
    Mane Color: Mahogany
    Tail Color: Mahogany
    Eye Color: A hard green.
    Faction: Currently Unaligbed
    Cutie Mark: A rough cut and asymetrical prism refeacting light
    Special Talent: Glass and Gem Working
    Personality: Stubborn at times with a bit of a nasty streak. Most of the time though Cheval is calm and professional. Just try not to catch him after one of his many attempts to stop smoking.
    Bio: Grew up in Manehattan but his parents moved to Fillydelphia in Cheval's infancy. Fillydelphia is all he's ever known. He's delt with ponies from far away lands, some even as far as Saddle Arabia; but he's never really left Fillydelphia. And why would he? Cheval made a successful business selling everything from stained glass pictures to spyglasses to the odd telescopic sight for the wealthy sport shooter. Cheval was living a life of comfort, and even had a nice mare from Canterlot showing up on his doorstep once in a while.

    When news came that the Draconic Alliance was nearing Fillydelphia, Cheval sold all his glass and made a decision he wasn't sure was right; he left Fillydelphia, his home, and all he had worked for, and hightailed it out of there for Canterlot.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:22 pm
by MagusZeal
Oda 3/3 (12/13 Short Story winner)
    Spirit Wind
    Race: Alicorn
    Name: Spirit Wind
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is taller then most ponies and has little in the way of muscles. Her coat is a dark green with her long mane being a chestnut color. Her eyes are Ice blue and some freckles can be seen below them. There is a blue Bow tied to the end of her tail.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: Though she is nice enough when one gets to know her she comes off as strange and aloof at first. She is willing to fight if things turn south though Spirit would prefer not to if possible. Spirit at times can seem a little off not really understanding social norms. She likes to hide her true nature and disguise herself as a unicorn
    Special Talent: Her talent is focused around manipulating wind and mist. Spirit can generate powerful gusts of wind or walls of mist to confuse and lead her foes astray. She can with effort create illusions from the mist though they are not tangible. Using this illusion she likes to hide herself as a unicorn when in public to avoid unwanted attention. Due to her specialty being mostly defensive Sprits offensive capabilities are sub par though she can harm her enemies indirectly using debris or even other ponies with her wind. Although she is a Alicorn her powers are no where near as powerful as the princesses.
    Bio: Born to a earthpony father, and pegasus mother in Trottingham it was a great shock to both of them when Spirit was born a Alicorn. Growing up was awkward for her feeling like she just didn't fit in. She eventually tied a blue bow to her tail and set off into the world at a relativity young age and spent most of her time exploring the wilds using her abilities to help her get from place to place far faster then normal. When the peacekeeper and dragon conflict arose she didn't know which side to pick. She does not wish to see ponies harmed but dragons have every right to be in equestria in her eyes.

    Xiania the Fortuneteller
    Race: Zebra
    Name: Xiania the Fortuneteller
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Black and white stripes cover her body and make a tribal like pattern on her face. She keeps her mane well maintained and in the typical fashion of zebras. She has a few piercings and small baubles about her. She normally wears a grey robe with many pockets for her baubles. Her 'cutie mark' is several lines and arrows that form an eye.

    Faction Peacekeepers.

    Personality: Bizarrely cheerful is one of the the first things to come to mind when describing her. Never letting things drag her down she is eager to help those around her with their troubles. She can seem a little forward but she always has ponies best interests at heart. She has over her time in pony lands shaken off her kinds habit of rhyming but she has the habit of speaking in third person.

    Special Talent: She is a skilled alchemist able to craft many a concoction but her true skill lies in fortune telling. Though she is not always right she seems to know more about what's going on then she lets on. Using her cards and bones she can make many predictions but in truth it's up to the one who hears them to make them come to pass

    Bio: Xiania was raised in the zebra lands taught by the Grand matron of her tribe the arts of alchemy. She was eventually discovered to have the talent of foresight. While not particularly strong she learned to channel it through an old set of cards given to her by the matron. She set off to the land of ponies and dragons to help others with their own futures. She set up shop in Manehatten and for several years she lived in relative quiet, until the dragons returned. Consulting her cards she decided it was best to side herself with the peacekeepers they were against the rampaging dragons after all. She works as a freelancer for them and is willing to give free tellings and potions to any who call themselves a peacekeeper.

    Race : Zebra
    Name: Kaim

    Appearance: A young zebra mare just barely past the age of maturity. Her eyes are hazel with lighter edges. Her face is made of a large amount of black stripes making a seeming mask over her face. the rest of her body is made up of grey and white stripes with a straight black and white mane.

    Faction: Dragons

    Personality: Kaim like the rest of her family is known for their temper. She has a stubborn streak a mile wide if she wants to do something she will go through with it Luna help whoever tries to stop her. Although she has a soft spot for her remaining relative Hexil though she tries to hide it from outside view.

    Special Talent: Being behind you with a dagger to your back.

    Bio: Kaim is the latest in the long line of assassins; while she is eager to learn the craft she can be a little hasty trying to grasp its concepts. She hasn’t truly completed her training as of yet having not taken a life. Oftentimes she cuts through the lessons in stealth and subtlety go get to the more, “physical” parts
    She didn’t get to see her father that often but whenever he would return from a mission Kaim would demand all the details, though he would spare the gruesome parts. But she would eagerly listen to every bit she could while she sat on his lap. She at first didn’t understand when her grandfather came home instead of her father. It took a few days before she finally realized what had transpired. It took the devastating flood in her village to break her from her shock.

    Having been saved by the dragon of prophecy she decided to serve him as best she could and through the only means she knew how. She demanded that her grandfather teach her the ways of the assassin. So that she could become like her father, to follow in his hoofsteps and become what he couldn’t. Hexil was reluctant at first but at eventually relented and thus her training as an assassin has begun.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:23 pm
by MagusZeal
Knight Tyrfang 6/6 (6/13, 8/13, 12/13, 1/14 side story winner)

    Name: Tyrfang Peacemaker
    Race: Pegasi
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Rather average, his build's like that of any other guard that's been through training. However his face does have somewhat of a more childish look, making him look like he's very dumb in many situations.
    Body/Coat color: White
    Mane/Feathers color: Blue
    Tail/Talons color: Blue
    Eye: Blue
    Faction: Peacekeepers (Royal Guards, X-Colts)
    Cutie Mark: The backside of a poker hand, although it's possible to see on closer inspection that it's a full house as though the cards are translucent.
    Special Talent: Lie detecting
    Personality: Stubborn, headstrong, and passionate, Tyr's habit of jumping to conclusions and jumping into action before thinking too carefully has gotten him into a lot of trouble with everyone he's met. Although he's working on it, he still has a tendency to jump before he looks. Thankfully he has wings, and an incredible streak of luck so far. Despite all this though, he's incredibly loyal.
    Bio: Born and raised in Canterlot, Tyrfang's life has been a tumble. His mother, Autumn Festival, died in a cart accident when he was still in preschool, and his father, Sky Cutter, remarried shortly to a mare named Midnight Crow. Soon afterwards, they had a kid named Gnafryt, without giving him much of a last name. For the short time they were around, Tyrfang practically raised his younger step brother, giving him a last name as well due to the fact Crow and his father, were pretty crappy parents.

    Soon, his father snapped, and went on a killing spree. Tyrfang was luckily spared, but after the incident, he never seemed to grow both in mind and body. He felt very isolated and lonely as he attempted to follow in his father's footsteps.

    On his first day of being a guard, Tyrfang somehow became involved in a heist of one of the Elements after meeting his future girlfriend, Spirit Wind, and was eventually roped into the Freelancer group "X-Colts" after getting involved in blowing up a mansion full of mafioso, and killing many of them in a bout of rage. Eventually he got caught up in prancing around in Spirit's dreams and memories, and then returned to Canterlot after escorting the loved ones of those that were going to directly infiltrate the Draconic Alliance's main base, and rescue the war criminal Mustang Magus's daughter. Tyrfang also has a sore spot that Spirit and Mustang somehow had a child within the few days that he hadn't seen them.

    Back in Canterlot, Tyr's headstrongness really shined when he was told by Twilight Sparkle, head of the Peacekeepers, that Tyrfang had been on loan to the X-Colts. The pegasus immediately thought that meant he was fired from his job as a guard (which he did for less than a day, mind you), and abandoned everything behind him including Spirit, who he clearly understood had abandonment issues.

    Then he somehow got involved with a child named Bubbling Trot, and her adoptive father Real Deal, and then got caught up with the Fillydelphia Mafia and their crazy leader Martingale, and after sabotaging an alliance between them and the DA, he was welcomed with the other two as guest on one of the leader of the Alliance's ship. There he ran into Spirit, who somehow became brainwashed, and rescued her after knocking her out, and suddenly grew to full size. Then after more shenanigans, they were extracted and brought back to Canterlot.

    Back in Canterlot, Tyr was reunited with his younger step-brother, and then finally made his awkard relationship with Spirit official.

    Old Listing
    Race: Pegasus
    Name: Tyrfang
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Completely white, with blue eyes. Wearing the regular guard armor
    of Celestia's Court.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: He's a pony who seems very stoic, and the strong silent type,
    but he's very over eager, and hops on the chance to prove him self as a dutiful
    guard. He's also more talkative then the normal guard, so you could actually
    get a conversation out of him. He sometimes accidentally let's slip of the
    going about of officials.
    Special Talent (If pony): None, surprisingly.
    Bio: Tyrfang's been training all of his life to take a place as one of the awesome
    royal guards at the palace in Canterlot. And he's finally gotten the job. However,
    He's new to the job, so he isn't used to any of the ponies that pass by, stopping
    those that are allowed to pass, and allowing those to pass that are not allowed.
    Because of this, he get's a good scolding almost every night when the shift ends.
    So he's willing to do anything to prove himself as a worthy guard.

    Gnafrty / Prank
    Name: Gnafryt "Prank" Happiness
    Race: Earth Pony
    Age: 6.5
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Looks like any kid parading around with a large pair of saddlebags, and work goggles. His mane's cut clean, and his tail's been trimmed properly.
    Body/Coat color: Black
    Mane/Feathers color: White
    Tail/Talons color: White
    Eye: Red
    Faction (Factions found here): Unaffiliated, but leaning towards Peacekeepers
    Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): Jester's mask with a screwdriver and wrench crossed underneath
    Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Pranks, tricks, and Tinkering involving anything relating to the previous two things.
    Personality: Seeming to try and follow in his older brother's footsteps, Prank's stubborness also has gotten him in a lot of trouble. Prideful and even arrogant at times, Prank also tends to overestimate his own abillities, until he's knocked down a few pegs, where his confidence will be low while he nurses his ego. But at least he thinks a little before he acts, as well as being a pretty nice guy.
    Bio: Gnafryt's just unlucky. Born to a brainwashed dad, and a mom who literally hated him enough to want him dead, Prank was taken away to the middle of the Everfree forest, where his mother attempted to stab a needle in his eye. Fortunately for him, a lone wolf female came upon the situation, and tackled the mare, and with Prank's help, ripped the mom's throat out (Important note, it was Prank that did it, not the wolf. Crazy kid huh? It gets worse.)

    After taking the necklace that his mother had stolen from his step-brother and his father, Prank was then brought up in Everfree, learning to survive on his own as well as getting into MORE poor situations (Meeting a serial child murderer who taught him how to make grenades, being shooed away by a band of campers due to his blood red mane, and his mouth looking to be caked in blood, making his first friend in appleoosa then getting driven out by the townspeople for seeing him as disturbing.) Prank eventually became a crazy, bitter asshole who just tried to make a mess of things where he went. Apparantly that gave him the ability to break common sense sometimes too. Ran him up a small bounty for becoming a homeland terrorist.

    Eventually he ran into a group of Gryphons, and thinking that their plan was "Fun", joined up to help them steal a mirror of chaos (whatever that was). They failed miserably, mainly due to Prank sabotaging their plan, and then was thrown in jail. He went on the run after somehow escaping, and now was considered an asshole by both factions.

    Prank was eventually caught in Ponyville, after being ganged up on by what seemed like every citizen there. Thrown in jail, he was at possibility to be executed, until the princesses intervened and gave him a second chance when he showed a spark of remorse. He was soon leashed to a Balthier Breaker much to his displeasure, and soon became an asshole and a child with way too many emotional issues, although he started to mean well. Poor Breaker had become a babysitter for Dennis the Menance.

    Slowly and surely though, after being kicked to the curb and the leash being handed to the Commander of the Peacekeepers because he was that much of an annoying kid, Prank started to show signs of trying to act better. And after meeting many different ponies who were kind enough to him, he was eventually reformed, and came back as an upstanding kid with a weird obsession with apples, finally reuniting with his brother who he presumed dead.

    He started to make friends with some of the kids at the freelancer base XSGP, before they were suddenly attacked by his mother who seemed to have decided to come back as a talking Alpha Timberwolf that could throw knives during a camping trip in the middle of the Everfree Forest. Despite being children, they somehow kicked her butt.

    Old Listing
    Race: Earth Pony
    Name: Gnafryt (Nickname he goes by is Prank)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black with orange eyes. His cutie mark is a tattered Jester's cap. He
    loves wearing masks like the phantom of the Opera.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: Generally a mischief maker. He loves pulling pranks, and causing chaos
    among everything. That includes instigating fights, spreading false rumors, and putting
    chili peppers in a bowl of muffin mix. He travels alot, preying on anypony he passes.
    Special Talent: Can blend in with the surroundings, making him hard to see. However,
    If one tries to spot him, they usually can.
    Bio: Seperated by birth, Prank is a brother to Tyrfang. They don't know that though.
    His biggest goal, however, is to sneak into Celestia's palace, and pull the biggest prank of all.
    Break the statue of Discord, and free him. Unfortunately, he is stopped by Tyrfang again,
    and again, and again. He really hates him for that.

    Bubbling Trot NPC'd
    Race: Unicorn
    Name: Bubbling Trot (Nick-name, Bubbles)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance:Her mane is yellow, and quite bouncy, and poofy. The rest of her body is a light blue color, and she's got green eyes. She's got a cutie mark that's a bubbling cauldron, since she's pretty good at potion making, even though she just tends the potion shop her mother owns in Appleoosa.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: She's got a cheerful, bubbly personality, and likes to bring people up. It's hard to make her depressed.
    Special Talent: Alchemy, but mainly potion making.
    Bio: Bubble's is a clumsy pony that tends her mother's potion shop in Appleoosa, her mother is always to busy making potions, or gathering materials. She can do magic, only the basics. She has to do it word by word from a book to do anything else. Prank has a crush on her, though he doesn't know it, because of not even knowing the concept, and Bubbles likes Prank because he makes some cool stuff. She's around the same age as him too. In fact, she might even be the only one that can 'fix' Prank... Also, she has NO combat skills, at all. So she's kinda prone to kidnapping, though it's never happened yet.

    Smoking 'Smokin' Gun
    Race: Unicorn
    Name: Smoking "Smokin'" Gun
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Appearance: A normal looking caramel pony, with a brown mane, and a few streaks of grey. She has a cutie-mark that's a basic revolver, that's smoking. She also wears a worn cowboy hat, and wears a long ragged red scarf, and a pair of holsters that hold a pair of matching revolvers, with mahogany handles, and a rose engraved on both of them. Her scarf also doubles as a holder for her cigs.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: She likes partying, but outside of that, she's a straight shooter.
    Special Talent: A sharp eye, which allows her to notice tiny details quick, and aim even quicker.
    Bio: A detective, bounty hunter, and gun for hire, Smokey's got a reputation for always getting the crook, whether it'd be in crime solving, or shooting. Though, because of the business she works in, she pretends to be a Earth Pony (Accused of cheating by magic when it came to shooting contests), and a guy (No respect from colleagues, or bounty givers, and it's easier to get a job like that). Though, she may be a bit cold, and serious while working, she has a totally different personality when at a party, being quite the drinker, and the party animal. She's also bi, and a bit of a player, so she hits on anyone at the bar. ^_^; She talks rough, but that's only part of her disguise, and she has a much gentler voice. She uses her magic very rarely, but only to secretly light her cigs, or convince other more aware ponies that she is male.

    Izzat okay? XD

    Just some additions about the weapons, and battles:

    The revolvers are basically like Colt Paterson revolvers, and are alot more accurate than most of the other weapons. Adding that to Smokin's sharp eye, she's a really accurate shot. However, the reload time of these revolvers is extremely long, thanks to the fact you have to disassemble it. It'll take about 2 and a half minutes to reload one pistol, so 5 minutes for both. The moment she starts reloading, she can't really stop, or she might lose some parts of her revolver.

    Name: Khaem
    Race : Dragon
    Age : 24
    Gender : Female

    Appearance : A dragon on the slim and short side, Khaem wears a chainmail vest and chainmail coifs, then wears a stereotypical mage robe over that to both hide and muffle the sound of the lightish armor. She also wears a lab coat, with many surgical tools that she uses to dissect specimens and collect specimens, kept in various pockets sewn into the clothing. She carries a large backpack as well, that looks rather lumpy from the stuff she stores in there, ranging from the 'candies' that changes her magic alignment, along with other surgical tools she uses that don't pertain to dissection or collection, along with random medical supplies, snacks, and a really worn journal filled with unintelligible notes due to the terrible handwriting, and crappy diagrams. She also wears a pair of horn rimmed glasses, to help her bad eyesight.

    Body/Coat color: Grey Scales with an oily sheen, and her crests being ice white.
    Tail: Same as above
    Eye: Grey
    Faction : Draconic Alliance

    Special Talent : Adaptable Magic Element Alignment. By consuming 'candies' that she had developed in her studies, she can alter her internal magic's element based on which one she takes, changing her breath weapon and the effect of when she buffs herself. So far, she's only developed basic elemental candies, but is doing heavy research on more. Currently, she has only the most basic element of Fire, due to it being the common element dragons have, but is researching a method to transmute the essence extracted from dead dragons into some other element. The pills, although not the most difficult thing in the world to create, can only be made on Necerion's research ship due to the access of equipment to create said capsules, as well as the fact it requires dead dragon bodies to make more. Khaem is also researching a method to extract magic from ponies, but has made no progress as she has not been on the field enough times to gather enough data to progress this.

    The pills range how quickly Khaem's ability gets swapped. A capsule with an element, like fire, that Dragons are more easily aligned to, are more easily processed by her body, and can take anywhere between a minute to 5 minutes to take into effect. However, anything outside of that can make the time of activation go from 10 minutes to an hour. The effects of the pills usually last a few hours, before they wear off, and she returns back to her normal, neutral self.

    Personality: Khaem is a strange dragon who seems to become extraordinarily energetic and talkative among those she knows well, and work with, and becoming a very quiet, reserved, and cold among strangers or adversaries, even putting on her hood to hide her face. Also, her devotion to her research can make her seem a little touched in the head, getting excited at dead bodies, and having no qualms in taking down an adversary or innocent bystander purely so she could further her studies and research. However, Khaem is really childish at times too, pretending to be some sort of magician or mage when by herself and bored, swinging around the extendable pointer she keeps in her backpack.

    Bio: A rather strange dragon, Khaem as she grew up never really could figure out what her magic was. While most dragons could tell and use the magic inside them, Khaem could not. Rather than training to become a warrior like most other dragons, she decided to research to figure out why she seemed to not have magic. The more she experimented, and researched, she found that she did have magic, but it didn't have an actual form where she could use it.

    So Khaem, being part of Necerion’s brood, hopes to figure out why her magic seems to be so different, along with how she’d be able to take advantage of it, and how she could assist the dragons with her research. Becoming a big researcher and expert in dragon magic, dragon biology, and having a minor expertise in medicine, Khaem eventually comes to the breakthrough of a magic pill, with the assistance of the elder Necerion and his lessons, that allows her to change her magic to fire magic temporarily, and is currently researching if she could branch out with more elements.

    Grace Prism Retired
    Grace Prism:
    Race: Crystal Pegasus
    Age: 8
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Slim, but not skinny body type thanks to dancing and combat dancing training, but no heavy build up of muscle. Wings large for a filly her age, which allows her more mobillity and more grace in dancing. She wears a side ponytail tied up with a sky blue bow, hanging on the left side of her head.
    Body/Coat color: Pearlescent, Crystaline (it's a Crystal Pony. :P) Cream.
    Mane color: Coppery
    Tail color: Coppery
    Eye: Amber
    Faction: Neutral/Crystal Empirelite
    Cutie Mark: crossed ribbon sticks with each ribbon twirling around each individual stick.
    Special Talent: Dancing/Martial Arts
    Personality: Cheerful, outgoing, and somewhat loud. Somewhat overbearing and forceful from her strong willfulness, along with being really expressive and almost overly dramatic at times. Very protective of those she cares deeply about, like family.
    Bio: Despite being the youngest of the two in age (by about ten sconds), Grace can easily be assumed to be the older of the pair, with how protective and how much she cares about Rhythm. Plus with the way she drags him around, However her feelings about her little sibling is very conflicted, for various reasons. She'd never admit it, but she feels jealous of all the attention Rhythm gets from everypony they meet, along with their collective parent's adoration, since his Special Talent was a lot more 'special' than hers, seeing as how he's a prodigy while Rhythm just does her's as a hobby because she's good at it, along with the fact that Rhythm is disabled as well. Grace also feels a tinge of guilt, seeing as she feels very responsible for Rhythm's disabillity. However despite that fact that Grace feels these things towards Rhythm, she loves her twin deeply and would do anything to protect him from harm and danger, due to the fact she almost felt it was her duty, along with how much Rhythm returned the sibling affection. It was what caused her to take up Martial Arts (which weren’t too much of a stretch from dancing).

    Grace’s tastes differ greatly from Rhythm’s. The look the two of them have was adamantly decided by Grace (with no protest from Rhythm, since he didn’t mind.) She also likes more upbeat and high energy music, and is a huge fan of DJ-PON3, and the recent upcoming stars DJ-PhilleXD. She was heartbroken when Tarnished Recordings collapsed, but quickly recovered when finding DJ-MellowD.

    Rhythm Prism Retired
    Rhythm Prism:
    Race: Crystal Unicorn
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Similar to Grace's, but more lithe due to less activity and more practice in music than anything. He also wears a ponytail tied with a bow, that hangs on the right side.
    Body/Coat color: Same as Grace
    Mane color:Same as Grace
    Tail color:Same as Grace
    Eye:Same as Grace
    Faction:Same as Grace
    Cutie Mark: Quarter Note Rest
    Special Talent: Playing Music
    Personality: Quiet, Reserved, and painfully Timid. A very sweet-hearted, and understanding boy, despite his difficult to read, very non-expressive face.
    Bio: Early on when still a foal, Rhythm had gotten a bad fever after playing in the rain because of his twin sister’s insistence. He ended up recovering, but not without losing his hearing ability. Because Rhythm had become deaf early on, he only knew three words, ‘Mama’, ‘Papa’, and his sister’s name, ‘Grace’. He rarely spoke them, and when he did, it was almost inaudible to anyone who wasn’t keeping their ears open for them.
    However, despite being deaf, Rhythm could still ‘hear’ somehow. Not actual sounds, but he heard phantom sounds in their place, almost like music was playing in his head. But it still didn’t help Rhythm communicate with ponies that well, and all he could do was understand their intentions behind the words and their feelings rather than the content, which he relied on Grace’s overexpresiveness to deduce that.
    This also didn’t affect Rhythm’s talent either. Rhythm was basically able to play any instrument, whether it’d be harmonica, banjo, tuba, or even DJ mixer, Rhythm had the ability to play like a master, beautifully and with lots of emotion. He could even sing really well, but only by vocalizing. If the little colt wasn’t so painfully timid, he probably could have become a big celebrity performing live pieces and other music.
    However despite being able to play everything so masterfully, the unicorn still practiced. He invested a lot of time into three of his preferred instruments, a trumpet from when he was little, a violin after he got his cutie mark, and a keyboard he had gotten recently(since a piano was way too heavy to carry). The amount of practice allowed Rhythm to take his abilities further, so that he could play all three at once using magic, as well as he was able to invoke so much emotion in his music, he could actually affect another pony’s mood very strongly based on what he played. He hasn’t gotten there with the keyboard yet, but playing the trumpet alone really raised the spirits of the ponies around him greatly, while the violin brought it down greatly. When played together though, he had more of a range of what he could convey, but generally the music felt both energizing and enervating at the same time. An odd but pleasant feeling.
    Rhythm greatly loves Grace with all his heart, and wholeheartedly trusts and understands his sister completely. Almost to the point he’s like an obedient puppy, following her around and listening to everything she says. It’s why he wears the ponytail, despite the fact he’d prefer to wear something like a bowtie or something less girly. But he didn’t mind, because it was his sister’s request.

    Rhythm’s tastes don’t match up with Grace’s tastes in music, in the fact he prefers more classical music then the more modern electronic. Big fan of Octavia after hearing a recording of her performing a cello solo, and hopes to maybe be able to play a string duet with her sometime in the future… if he could get over his timidness.

    Rhythm carries his preferred instrument in a pouch that hangs around his neck. He can shrink the instruments and make them grow (but it takes him several minutes to do so, since he's so young) for when he wants to play. He also keeps anything he needs to maintain the instruments in the cases as well, so they're shrunk down along with the instrument.

    Rhythm's spell set includes:
    Basic Levitation and Manipulation (Limit, anything around his weight and a little heavier. Nothing outrageous.)
    Basic Light Spell (Horn Glows.)
    Gradual Shrinking and Un-shrinking Spell.
    Sound Amplification
    Sound Creation

    Rage Mage Mode: Magical Flash Bang

    Rhythm's magic gets amped, and he inadvertanty ends up casting the Light Spell, the Sound Creation Spell, and the Sound Amplificaton Spell inadvertantly. Effects can be very bad. The blindness only lasts for a minute or so, but the ringing deafness can last anywhere between five minutes to an hour with how loud it can become. The effect range is about ten feet in all directions, but it can be heard for about one or two city blocks away.

    Emotional Triggers: Terror, Desperation, Anger, Frustration.

    Collective Bio: The twins are the kids of Crystal Empire Ambassadors, Shard Prism, and Facet Prism, who helped to run the Crystal Empire while Cadence is in Equestria taking care of her kid, Dawn, with Shining Armor. Thanks to how their parents bounced back and forth so much, the two never were really able to stay somewhere solid for school or make friends. The Prisms are distant relatives of the Apples due to a marriage in the family, so now they're inlaws.

    Fantasia Doo
    Name: Fantasia Doo
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: A pretty young mare, she wears her mane in a long french braid, and wears a headband to keep her bangs out of her eyes, and a satchel that holds a few enchanted items. Her tail is left simply straight however.
    Body/Coat color: Silvery-white
    Mane/Feather colors: Auburn
    Eye: Green
    Faction: Peacekeepers, specifically EMPs.
    Cutie Mark: an Oak wand, laying on a leather-bound book
    Special Talent: Enchanting, Disenchanting, and Animating

    Personality: Playful and flirty, Fantasia will flirt with anyone willing (and tease the unwilling), regardless of relationship status. However, she's kind, and honest enough to escape the wrath of some of the more... vengeful partners. Fantasia however cares a lot of those important to her, including family, comrades, subordinates, and children. She also takes rather good care of the things she animates, despite the fact they aren't really alive.

    Bio: Growing up in the Doo family, Fantasia is the fourth youngest of her sisters, which include Astrix, Bonita, Candy, Daring, Georgia, Handy, and Izzy. Her most well known sister is the famous Daring Doo, author and adventurer extraordinaire, and the two are probably the closest out of the nine. She's also cousins with a certain Ditzy 'Derpy' Doo, who's currently a Captain in the Peacekeepers.

    Fantasia realized her talent at a very early age, holding tea-parties with dolls that walked on their own without direct physical, or magical manipulation, and with teapots and cups that 'poured' themselves. She developed these skills the older she became, and soon became a very prodigious enchanter, capable of creating magical items, weapons, and tools of various potency, along with disenchanting and creation of golems and other such things. Her abillities landed her a job as a university professor at a younger than average age, where she taught some archaeology and magic as well. She continued to keep in contact with Daring during this time, helping her adventuring by giving her information and certain artifacts, as well as evaluating objects she brought in, before they got submitted to a museum.

    Fantasia joined the Peacekeepers after learning that her older sister was stuck outside of Equestria, in her own battle against rogue Draconic Alliance agents, hoping to gain an advantage in the war by collecting Magical artifacts, and weaponizing them. Because of this, Daring had no chance to come back home, and Fantasia wanted to help bring Daring home in anyway possible. Her participation was brief however, as her abillities were quickly recognized, and she was then drafted into the EMP, which was very...eventful. She dated another EMP for a while, named Balthier Breaker, and eventually found herself stationed at the 'secret' freelancer school, that housed both the Avengers and the X-Colts. She works there as an official EMP representative, a mentor to an up and coming EMP, along with acting as a substitute teacher if any of the other teachers are out.

    Some notable items that she has created include Celestia's Shard, a prism that can be used as a physical weapon, using light as a source, Mr. Brushy, a brush that automatically brush's one's mane (Although, not that gently), and styles it as well, and her personal Breaker Bopper, a small pegasus doll that's purpose is to harass it's namesake with any means necessary, if found anywhere within close vicinity.

    Humble Trot
    Name: Humble Trot (Born: Silver Lining)
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 42
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Rather normal looking, Humble looks pretty well for her age, maybe a few years younger. Dressing modestly, and usually the only thing she'd wear would be a shopkeeper's apron, but she carries herself like a noblewoman. Just like her daughter, her hair's also a little poofy as well, but she ties it back in a bun, which keeps it under control well.
    Body/Coat color: light grey
    Mane/Feather colors: straw yellow
    Eye: Green
    Faction: Peacekeepers
    Cutie Mark: A spool of silver string
    Special Talent: Persuasion and Speech

    Personality: A kind, motherly mare, Humble is a gentle and simple pony with a complicated past, though she tends to like teasing those she cares about a little bit. In a complicated situation, she'd prefer to use cunning and her abilities to address it, but if push comes to shove, she wouldn't hesitate to use force.

    Bio: Silver Lining grew up on the streets as a homeless orphan in Fillydelphia, with no memory of why she was in that situation beforehand. She survived, barely, by scavenging for scraps of food from garbage cans, and begged if needed, along with resorting to stealing from food vendors if she got desperate.

    On the day her Cutiemark appeared, young Silver was starving, and too weak to steal or scavenge. Out of desperation, the little filly went straight into a store, and pleaded and tried to persuade the shop owner (who, by the way, was notoriously selfish) to give her something to eat, and a place to stay for the night. Much to her surprise, he obliged willingly, and Humble realized her talent.

    From there on, Silver began to use her ability to help her get out of poverty, along with aiding others as well. Eventually she began to gain sentiment from all of the vagrants of the city, and she ended up forming the Fillydelphia Mafia, whose motto was "Get what you can, with both parties smiling." It was an underground criminal organization, who many of the populous actually benefited from. Silver was happy, becoming noblewoman thanks to this, an eventually married a stallion on impulse, and had a little girl.

    However, one day, everything changed when one day, she heard that their organization was being investigated by a straight shooting detective, famously known through Fillydelphia for cracking cold cases. Unbeknownst to Silver, who was trying to figure out a way to get this pony in their good books, her husband went ahead, and called a hit on him and his family. Upon hearing this, the mare went personally to try and stop it, but was too late as she arrived to the burning building, where she found a child staring dumbfounded and horrified at the scene. From the information gathered, Silver recognized the child as the daughter of the detective and his wife.

    She left Fillydelphia promptly, where she changed her name to Humble Origins, wandered the countryside, before finding herself in the town of Stonehoof. Humble opened up a shop there, and learned how to maintain a good honest business, most of her wares made by herself. There, she met a kind young stallion by the name of Steady Trot, and the two married and had a boy named Noble Trot, and later a little girl named Bubbling Trot. Noble eventually got his cutie mark at school during art class, and Bubbles got hers really early, when Humble found the little infant preferred to play with the 'Fresh Ingredients' the store sold, rather than the doll that she had painstakingly made for her.

    Noble and Steady Trot joined the Peacekeepers when the war started, while Humble stayed at home and taught herself Potion making, so she could teach Bubbles when she grew older. Although far from becoming a master, she learned enough to teach Bubbles later.

    Humble had to evacuate, with her daughter, when Stonehoof was attacked. Hearing her husband and son had been killed, she decided to move to somewhere more remote and less likely targeted, and traveled to the frontier town of Appleoosa, where she set up shop, and did her best to raise her daughter from there. She made friends with the rest of the townsfolk, and the rest is history.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:23 pm
by MagusZeal
Mrmegamax95 4/2
    Zezoor Stargazer
    Race: Unicorn-Zebra hybrid
    Name: Zezoor Stargazer
    Appearance: Light-blue coat with darker blue stripes. His mane is a seafoam green and in zebra style, as is his tail. His cutie mark is a pair of juggling hooves. They are juggling a book, a smile, and a potion.
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: Empathic and naive
    Special talent: Entertainment and healing.
    Bio: Sired by a unicorn stallion with a zebra mare, his father died before he was born. Zezoor instead lived with his mother in a village on the border of the Everfree Forest. In his town, travelers of all races came through for trade and to settle. All that is, except for ponies. All Zezoor knows about Equestria is in a few books that his father left to him, which he has studied fanatically. He got his cutie mark when he entertained a few invading mercenaries enough that they agreed to leave his village alone. He never saw another pony, until one day a mare named Trixie rolled into town and performed feats of magic that he had never before seen. After the show, she told him that there was an entire nation on the other side of the Everfree Forest filled with others like him. So, he left for this mysterious land to see its wonders. His goal is to find the one named, "Twilight Sparkle" as her name is on the inside cover of his book on basic magic. Along with the usual zebra and unicorn abilities, he can use something called The Voice. Working much like a vocal stare, it is limited in effectiveness by size and willpower of the target. Thus, anything up to manticore size is easily cowed by it, but a full grown dragon will be almost unaffected. Zezoor has only basic magic abilities, but he makes up for this with inventiveness and potion-brewing skills.

    Race: Dragon
    Name: Mace
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Blue scales with orange spikes. Red eyes. Still a baby, but he's about as tall as Spike from his first greed-spurt.
    Faction: Starts out as Dragons but becomes a Peacekeeper
    Bio: Mace was taught to hate ponies just like every other dragon. They stole the dragon race's ancestral home, after all! However, he never could bring himself to hate others. Instead, he just wants to leave the dismal Dragon's Keep and see the world. If only he could find a good reason...

    Race: Earth Pony
    Name: Detective Noir
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A sort of soot gray color with a blonde mane and tail that are almost white. He is notable for wearing a holster farther back than most other ponies wear them. Inside is a very nice looking .45 caliber revolver. His cutie mark is a brain in a Sherlock Holmes Hat with a magnifying glass.
    Faction: Neutral, but may become Peacekeepers.
    Personality: Gruff and very fiftiesh, he also has a sense of honor which prevents him from doing anything that violates it. This includes attacking criminals without evidence, however, his logic abilities mean that he can often collect said evidence in seconds. He is never fully at 100 percent, and Celestia help his enemies if he ever was.
    Special Talent: Collecting information and solving crimes.
    Bio: Born on a parallel Earth where Equestria was another country, Noir is a second generation American whose parents were Earth-ponies from Europe that escaped the ravages of WWI. He quickly proved his brilliance in the field of justice due to his intelligence from an early age, by solving a string of petty thefts in his neighborhood. When he was 19 WWII broke out and 24 when America entered, causing him to enlist. However, battle saddles were in short supply and he had to make do with a human-designed rifle. At this point, he learned just how dextrous his tail was and quickly became a skilled marksman. His impeccable solving abilities were recognized by the brass and he became an OSS agent, finding and stopping big Nazi plans. More recently, he has been using his abilities against Communists in the Cold War. He was transported to DIA by a mad Russian unicorn who wanted to bring "the revolution" to parallel worlds. While being transported, he destroyed the portal, meaning he's stuck here until he can find a way back.

    Silver Wing / Captain Phoenix
    Race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Gryphon, Baby Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo, Alicorn): Gryphon
    Name: Silver Wing/Captain Phoenix
    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male
    Appearance: As Silver Wing, he is a lanky and awkward teenager who wears a cloak along with a whistle (for "calling Captain Phoenix") and a backpack. He has green eyes and is far less powerful than Captain Phoenix, though still capable of using fire to a degree. Captain Phoenix is a muscular, gryphon with wings made of pure fire. Along with this, the cloak that Silver Wing wears becomes an orange, form-fitting suit with a phoenix head on his chest. The whistle becomes a mighty horn (which allows him to strike fear into his enemies and rouse his allies) and the backpack becomes a utility belt with healing potions and whatever else he feels that he needs for a mission.
    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Dragons
    Personality: Silver Wing is very reserved around most others. However, near specific beings that he likes he can be very enthusiastic and talks a mile-a-minute. He also has a tendency to fly instead of walk so that he can be at eye level with adults. When he is his alter-ego, Captain Phoenix, he acts like a cardboard cut-out superhero. Constantly referring to his own name with emphasis, insisting on "witty" dialogue with the "bad-guys" and generally acting "heroic". Silver Wing has a very childish sense of right-and-wrong, thus he never kills as Captain Phoenix, only knocking out his opponents, and thinks of Peackeepers as "the bad guys" while the Draconic Alliance are "the good guys". He also never harms civilians, unless he is confused or told that they are not by his superiors. While he thinks of himself as a "dashing hero" most that meet him find Captain Phoenix to be corny, annoying and also clumsy at times.
    Bio: Originally, Silver Wing was an average gryphon cub with loving parents and plenty of friends. One day, however, his parents were killed by what he only described as "a big scary monster from the woods". After that, he was placed in an orphanage where he was constantly bullied by the older cubs and punished for everything by the uncaring guardians. Due to this, he withdrew from the real world by reading tons of comic-books and playing with action-figures. Some of his favorites included "The Spectacular Spider-Pony", "The Bulk" and most especially, "Captain Equestria". Silver Wing then began to dream of being a superhero himself, so that he could stop "all of the bullies in the world".
    When the gryphons made their alliance with the dragons, his orphanage was selected for "special testing" to make better soldiers. It was believed that children would take better to the experiments than fully-grown gryphons, they were wrong. Instead, almost all of the children were killed or deformed until it was Silver Wing's turn. By this time, he was a teenager going through puberty. He was infused by a massive machine with raw fire-magic, however something went wrong. The machine exploded, killing all in the lab, except for Silver Wing. He was totally fine, un-burned, un-scarred, even a little bit more energetic than usual. Later analyzation revealed that the infusion had worked, at the cost of all of the equipment, researchers, and data.
    He then set up a secret identity and became a strategic asset to the Draconic Alliance. Many tough jobs are placed on him, so he recieved training in multiple forms of combat as well as tutoring in tactics. Now, he seeks to "defend the Alliance" and to become a true hero by finding an arch-nemesis. His alter ego is a scout noted for his fast flying abilities and quick wits.
    His powers allow him to control, absorb, and be healed by fire. As well as this, his wings become giant burning... They're on fire. And they burn hot enough to melt metal, so Captain Phoenix often uses them to get rid of arrows and swords that are swung at him, as well as rain fire-balls upon his enemies. He also becomes more powerful the more flame that he absorbs, ie faster, stronger, more agile, and with more acute senses along with stronger attacks. He produces fire of his own, but doesn't get much more powerful than he already is without more flame. However, when Captain Phoenix is knocked out, or just falls asleep, he becomes Silver Wing again losing his powers, except for little burps of flame and some absorption.

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Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:26 pm
by MagusZeal
MagusZeal 3/4 (10/12, 5/13 short story winner)
    Mustang Magus
    Race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Gryphon, Baby Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo, Alicorn): Unicorn

    Name: Mustang Magus

    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male

    Appearance: Wearing a dark red long coat covering his forelegs, chest and flanks this brilliant red stallion cuts a strange figure. Beneath the long coat hide the many battle scars that criss cross the stallions body while his silver and lavender tinged mane and tail tend to draw in the eyes. Considered handome by most this pony of average stature's face is often unreadable though many swear they can see something troubling in his green eyes while the nicks, chips, and grooves along his horn show a general disdain for his heritage unbecoming of a unicorn. Yet to those who've seen combat, or have a gift for the martial arts immediatly notice the stallion's movements betray him as a pony of some skill in hoof to hoof combat.

    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Dragons

    Personality: Often quiet Mustang will none the less speak his mind freely if he feels it nessecary, or he's already set his mind to a task. While his face is often a mask many feel uncomfortable around him as he seems to be watching everywhere and every pony.

    Special Talent (If pony): Void Magic (See avatar for Cutie Mark).

    Bio: [Behold my words, my words are amazing!]

    Mustang Magus firsts memories are of pain, blood and battle a few days outside Appleoosa. Awakening from fatigue or exhaustion the stallion found himself in the remenants of a Peacekeeper patrol decimated to the last pony and the knowledge it was his doing. Yet with that thought came another, "Who am I?"

    Badly injured he forced himself up only to collapse again from the numerous cuts, hoof shapped bruises and the unicorn inflicted puncture in his flank. For the moment the fear of not knowing who he was vanished as the severity of his injuries came to the fore. Surveying the carnage again for supplies and anything of use the stallion spoted a familiar red long coat fluttering from an apple tree like some sort of flag, while beneath it a small burned out fire wafted smoke skyward. Near the fire sat a small book and what looked like the Peacekeepers packs.

    Forcing himself to stand, he limped his way to the fires remenants to nuzzle through the packs finding a few bandages and other medical supplies along with the patrols observations for the past few days. With a thought he sends the bandages and medical supplies into motion while going over the patrols observations only to stop a short while later as he realizes he's using magic to manipulate a dozen items at once.

    All at once the items drop to the ground as he starts panicing. Caught between terror of not knowing what's wrong and the realization that the only things he's forgot are his past, and identity along with some knowledge of his talent. Breathing quickly his eyes again scan the battlefield only to stop on the book again.

    Taking a long hard look at it he notices the dark cover looks like it's seen better days and the fact that nearly half the pages appear to have been ripped from the spine. A glance at the fire shows only ashen, but no remeants of any sticks or logs. Dread prods him to nose the book open. Staring down at the words written on the open page he can only ponder why the writting is so familiar till it hits him, it's his own.

    "First calm down, and stop panicing like some silly filly, there isn't time and the patrol should be there soon. Your name is Mustang Magus, your a unicorn (though I'm sure you've realized that by now). Your specialty is releated to magic itself, specificly void.

    As we don't have much time this needs to be short, easier to burn afterward to. Your memory of the past, your name, where you come from is all gone. The reason doesn't matter anymore, but you need to trust your instincts and youself to know what to do.

    Now finish bandaging yourself, and get ready to move. You need to reach Manehatten immediatly.

    Mustang Magus

    Balthier Breaker
    Race (Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Gryphon, Baby Dragon, Zebra, Buffalo, Alicorn): Unicorn

    Name: Balthier Breaker

    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male

    Age: 30

    Appearance: A stallion of average size with a golden coat beneath, Breaker is rarely seen not wearing his white Peacekeeper officers uniform or silvered barding though the he often neglects to wear a helmet saying it obscures his emerald green eyes. As a member of the Peacekeepers the stallion keeps his lavender mane and tail in a close cropped style.

    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Peacekeepers, previously First Lieutenant and second in command of the 3rd Apple Company of Ponyville, than of the X-Colts, and now a member of the Avengers.

    Personality: When dealing with superiors or military matters Breaker remains formal and aloof. Outside of the military the unicorn tends to refer to himself as the leading stallion and often makes light of the situations he finds himself in.

    Cutie Mark: An azure shield broken into five pieces sits atop a red streaking comet.

    Special Talent (If pony): Magic/Ability(Counter magic)/Magic, Skilled in magic Balthier Breaker's specialty is his ability to counter the magic of others.

    Bio: Never one to turn away from the suffering of others Balthier Breaker had a reputation for standing up for those who couldn't. Yet, like many colts Breaker was obsessed with learning what his special talent as he grew up in Manehattan. Unlike many though he was one of the first in his classes to determine his when he canceled out the magic of one of the bullies torment the other fillies and colts. From that day on Breaker took to actively defending the weak even as he struggled to make sense of his specialty.

    Yet a purpose soon presented itself when Breaker came upon a shakedown in the back alleys of Manehattan. Fending off the would be muggers Breaker soon found himself being granted the bounty on both Mafia members heads. With little hesitation, Balthier Breaker sold what he owned and took to wandering Equestria for the next three years as a bounty hunter. Making something of a name for himself the stallion was content with his life till he found himself on the frontier, in a small town called Hoofstone some six months ago.

    One of the three original sites of an attack by the invading Alliance it was the only one to see any survivors as Breaker and a dark blue alicorn provided the panicked populace with the time they needed to retreat. Though by the end of it Breaker was badly injured and if not for the aid of the alicorn with no name he'd have never escaped. Weeks later Breaker awoke in the hospital of Canterlot as more news came in of frontier towns going dark while only a few survivors returned from each all speaking of the Draconic Alliance. Once discharged Breaker made his way to the newly opened offices of the Peacekeepers and joined up.

    Since than Breaker's skill and talents brought him to the attention of the Field Marshal. For the last five months Breaker and nineteen other ponies have been receiving special training. What that training is none of the members will say, though their visible silvered barding makes them stand out within the Peacekeepers ranks. Since the recent attack on Canterlot vaults the teams members have seen rapid deployment to some of the major company's within the Peacekeepers.

    Name: Angelblade
    Race: Pegasus
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Normally possessing the lithe build of a dancer the mare looks emancipated after months of recovery from her near fatal injuries in Mare Haven. The midnight blue mare's now short cropped mane does little to hide the look of loss that has replaced the smile that once graced her lips. Refusing to trim her longer then average tail the mare has taken to decorating it with ribbons as her mane once was.
    Body/Coat color: Midnight Blue
    Mane/Feathers color: Black w/ brown stripes
    Tail/Talons color: Black w/ brown stripes
    Eye: Violet
    Faction: Equestria
    Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): Sword pointing up with wings sprouting from the cross guard
    Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Skyward Sword fighting style
    Personality: Often cheerful and upbeat with those she cares for, Angel's mood has soured noticeably since the attack that nearly killed her. Dour in her outlook the mare still tries to see the silver lining in what happens around her, just don't mention the Alliance or dragons around her.

    Bio: Born to an old family with deep roots within the Royal Guard Angel found her talent at an early age. Excited at first with its discovery her interest in it slowly withered as the peaceful state of most of Equestria meant there was little need for her skills. Ultimately she broke with family tradition choosing to side step the guard and instead went to Manehattan doing odd jobs or teaching others sword fighting.

    It was there she met her future husband Mustang Magus through a mutual friend. In the crimson stallion she found somepony equally conflicted about their talent, something she'd never run across before, though he was still looking for a way he could help rather then destroy. Quickly they grew closer as the stallion's research drew to an end he didn't like, before finally they were wed. With his research at an end Mustang quit his job, as the pair moved to the frontier hoping to put their skills to use as their first child was born.

    For a time their future looked bright, but everything changed when the Draconic Alliance attacked. Swift and brutal the attackers seemed to know who they and what they were after. While her husband helped at the front, Angel stayed near the rear directing those she could to what she thought was safety while slaying any Alliance member that tried to halt them until the dragon grabbed her young daughter. Though she fought the to the best of her abilities the wicked beast used her child as a shield before managing to disarm her. With a cackle the dragon had her run through with her own blade nearly killing her. Blacking out from pain and blood loss she would wake up months later in an Manehattan hospital her memory missing vast sections of her life. It wasn't until the Peacekeepers found her that some of those holes were filled in, though she remembers nothing of the fight and even less of her husband.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:08 pm
by MagusZeal
Captain_Borgue 5/6 (8/12, 3/13, 7/13, 12/13 short story winner)
    Steel Stride
    Race: Earth Pony

    Name: Steel Stride

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Steel Stride has a gunmetal grey coat with pale blue speckles covering his haunches. His left rear leg is covered in heavy scarring, which is covered in discolored white fur. He also has a prominent scar down his chest. He stands about fourteen hooves high at the shoulder, and is fairly well muscled, though not exceptionally so. His eyes are a piercing, steely blue, and his mane is a bluish grey color, reminiscent of newly forged metal. Unlike many ponies, he wears horseshoes on all four hooves, which are plated in chrome to prevent corrosion- and as a bonus, give him a distinctive sounding stride and a brilliant metal gleam. These shoes serve as corrective devices, similar to pony orthotics. Steel's cutie mark is a pair of crossed wrenches, with an inverted horseshoe above them, similar to a Jolly Roger.

    Faction: Neutral, leaning towards Peacekeepers

    Personality: Steel Stride has always had a problem with authority, and prefers to follow his own honor code to having edicts issued from on high by who he sees as useless bureaucrats and nosy busybodies. The fact that he has more than once been stabled for smuggling has, not surprisingly, reinforced this attitude.

    Steel Sride sees his smuggling as fulfilling a demand by his consumers, and not as violating laws. The resurgence of dragons has dramatically increased the need for his services, as the official distribution channels of the Equestrian royalty are hesitant to travel through outlying territories. This leaves the populations of frontier towns, such as Appleloosa, in dire need of supply, and Steel Stride is happy to provide it. For a price, of course.

    Since he does not take sides, Steel Stride is more than happy to funnel supplies to anypony willing to pay. He is not entirely disloyal to the crown, however, as he does not sell information to the Dragons or their allies, and his network of contacts, rogues, and vagabonds are an effective spy network for the royals.

    Special Talent: Steel Stride's special talent is, in his own words, "diplomacy". In reality, it is more akin to piracy- he knows how to get just about anything to just about anypony, despite being unable to sneak around and unwilling to use force. He has a talent for picking up subtleties in conversation- minor details that other ponies might overlook- and these seeming trivialities he can use to his advantage later.

    Bio: Steel Stride grew up in the town of Altainta, on the eastern frontier of Equestria. Steel Stride was always something of a troublemaker as a colt, which caused his parents a lot of grief. He gained his cutie mark right around the same time he was stabled for the first time- though it wouldn't be the last. Over the next few years, Steel Stride was stabled four more times, until in desperation, his parents left Altainta in order to escape from the stigma their son had caused. Steel decided to leave town too, but rather than head into more civilized parts, he headed out to Appleloosa.

    Unfortunately, his train was targeted by buffalo as it approached Appleloosa, and the locomotive was derailed by their assault. Several ponies, including Steel, were seriously injured. The powered locomotive lines were severely damaged, forcing the railroad to use horse-drawn cars, running along antiquated rails. Steel's left rear leg was shattered from the hip down, and required an operation to repair. The doctors installed metal rods for new bone growth to anchor to, and gave him corrective horseshoes to compensate for his slightly shortened leg. The medical bills of his surgery, orthotics, and physical therapy were immense- but Steel Stride had a knack for certain unsavory business dealings, which the isolated and besieged town of Appleloosa was in dire need of.

    Two years after the accident, Steel Stride had not only paid off all his medical bills, but carved a niche for himself in the legal purgatory of Appleloosa. He frequently travels to other cities in Equestria, as he takes a personal interest in ensuring that his dealing operate smoothly.

    Valence Bond
    Race: Unicorn

    Name: Valence Bond

    Gender: female

    Appearance: Valence has a white coat, with just a slight hint of blue that effectively makes the white seem to gleam. Her eyes are a deep royal purple, though she needs glasses to see clearly (and in her line of work, seeing clearly is absolutely mandatory).

    Faction: Peacekeepers

    Personality: Valence is, for lack of a better term, eccentric. she is definitely intelligent, but she doesn't really understand how to interact with other ponies- not that it stops her from trying. She likes other ponies, but she just doesn't really get how to talk to them.

    Special Talent: Valence is an extremely gifted chemist, and her magic is particularly useful in this regard. Specifically, she can magically alter the number of electrons of an object, provided the object isn't (A) a radioactive isotope or noble gas; and (B) Isn't alive, since living things are constantly changing chemically in very small ways. In effect, she can only affect the valence electrons of naturally-occurring elements, which can readily react, are not subject to radioactive decay, or currently in the process of chemically changing. Further, her magic can only affect fairly small samples (usually around half a kilogram or so- less so for heavier elements, more so for lighter ones). This magical ability serves to give her the capability of creating a wide variety of compounds and useful materials by forcing materials to chemically bond without the need for complex processes and highly specialized equipment, though only in small amounts- and the more drastic the alteration, the more time it takes and the more physically exhausting the process is.

    Bio: Valence has always been a highly curious pony, and from the time she was a foal, she has tried to understand how things work. Mechanical things, however, tend to irreparably break when she gets her hooves on them, and social graces have always seemed insurmountably complicated to her. However, in science, she found something she could take apart AND put back together, and she dove wholeheartedly into the study of chemistry and biology. One fateful day, her class was dissecting frogs, and Valence found that she lacked the heart to go through with it, even though the frogs were already dead. Biology, she determined, was something she could not continue studying, as the implications of making a mistake were more than she felt she could live with. chemistry became her passion- but, as usual, her tendency to accidentally break things led, more than once, to her accidentally destroying some pricey piece of equipment. Her parents tried their best to be supportive, but it's difficult when your daughter ruins a twenty-thousand-bit mass spectrometer. Devastated, Valence decided to just study textbooks, and leave the experimentation to others- but it seemed unfair that she needed big, expensive machines, beakers, burners, and lots of other things just to rearrange electrons.

    As she was levitating a glass of water to have a drink, the reflection of a light bulb shone through the glass. Valence marveled that water could extinguish flames, but its components were highly flammable- and if she could just run a current through it, the water would be flammable (and oddly, once ignited, would revert to water vapor). She was so busy pondering how to change the chemical bond between the hydrogen and oxygen in the water, that her magic- unbeknownst to her- did just that, causing the glass to pop in a bluish flash... and her cutie mark to appear. It was an atomic nucleus, with eight tiny electrons orbiting it- an Oxygen atom.

    Iron Sides
    Race: Pegasus

    Name: Iron Sides

    Gender: male

    Appearance: Iron's coat is a light slate grey, smooth in tone, with no other colors splotched in or discolored patches. His mane is a deep, dark blue, and his eyes are a steely grey, with a piercing gaze that gives the impression he can see through anypony's pretenses. He is seldom seen outside of his Royal Guard armor, which he keeps pristine, perfectly polished, with not a single dent or a hair out of place.

    Faction: Peacekeepers

    Personality: Iron Sides is a consummate professional, completely unflappable even amidst total chaos, and unwavering in his convictions... unlike his rogueish younger brother, Steel Stride. Iron's military career has been exceptional in spite of his family, as he has worked hard to distance himself from his brother and demonstrate that he can be a paragon of virtue and loyalty. He was initially enlisted in the Equestrian Guard, which served as the military police for the Royal Guard Corps, under (then) Commander Ardent Glory. when hostilites with the Alliance began, Iron Sides immediately enlisted, only to have Commander Glory refuse to accept his resignation. Instead, Glory transferred him, preserving his rank, into the fledgling Peacekeeper Navy, which Glory had been given command over as Rear Admiral. Iron Sides initially refused to maintain his rank, insisting he earn it- and for his efforts in a defensive action at the Longwall Coal Fields, he was promoted from ensign to sub-lieutenant. A month later, he was promoted again for the evacuation of Donkirk, which despite persistent Alliance raids, managed to completely empty the citizenry and even salvaged some of the dry dock equipment. His latest promotion came on the heels of an Alliance assault on Canterlot, as he and a small group of other officers managed to evacuate two wings of the castle that had been devastated by explosives.

    Iron Sides' special talent is defensive tactics- he has a keen eye for defensible positions, tactical retreats, resisting sieges, and strengthening existing defensive positions. Though as a colt, this talent mostly made it nearly impossible to beat him in games of capture the flag, as an adult, his special talent has proven instrumental in the evacuations of Donkirk and Sorraiasov, the continued resistance of Taishu to Alliance raids, and more than once he has actively saved the life of a high ranking officer in the Peacekeepers hierarchy. Despite the dangerous nature of his assignments, Iron Sides has suffered no injuries in the field, a record he is very proud of. His Cutie Mark reflects this talent, as it is a badge emblazoned with the Scales of Justice.

    Bio: Iron Sides is the oldest of two boys, and not long after his brother's birth, their mother passed away due to a lingering heart condition. Their father worked several odd jobs to try and keep the family going, but it meant he was never home- so Iron had to grow up fast. He tried to be a good role model for his little brother, Steel Stride, but the resentment at their father for never being home, and the grief from the loss of their mother, had made Steel a bit of a wild colt, and Iron simply didn't know how to handle it. Eventually, Steel left the family to pursue a lucrative, if unsavory, career- Iron, for his part, was still set on being an ideal role model, if not for his brother's benefit, than at least to undo the damage to the family name.

    Mauti Damu
    Name: Mauti Damu
    Race: Zebra
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Mauti has a very lithe, streamlined physique for a zebra, giving her an exotic and eye-catching aesthetic beauty. Her striping, like most of her kin, has roughly the same proportion of black to white, and run mostly vertically across her body, except for her muzzle, which has a pair of horizontal stripes below her eyes and another single horizontal stripe above them, making her eyes stand out considerably. Unlike most zebras, her eyes are a deep, almost blood red, a less than subtle suggestion as to the nature of her Zebrican magic. In essence, Mauti is absolutely gorgeous for an equine, though her eyes are unsettling- and that adds to the air of exotic beauty around her.
    Body/Coat color: Black with white stripes. Or, if you prefer, white with black stripes.
    Mane color: Her mane is similarly colored, though she prefers to keep it down, so that it frames her face. It is kept fairly short, too, just enough to run along her jawline in a sleek A-frame cut.
    Tail color: Her tail is also black with white stripes (or white with black stripes), and she uses traditional Zebrican tailrings to keep it managed and under control.
    Eye: Blood red
    Faction: Officially, she is an agent of the Draconic Alliance- though she sees herself as having no allies besides herself.
    Cutie Mark: This
    Special Talent (If pony or zebra): Mauti is a blood mage- a rare variety of magic that is seen, even among the zebra, as being taboo and seldom spoken of, let alone practiced. Mauti's specialty is the use of blood to form edged weapons, projectiles, snares, and garrottes. The more connected she is to the bleeder, the more refined her control is- making the most effective blood for her to use to craft her armaments as her own.
    Personality: Mauti is a fanatic- relentless, remorseless, and completely given over to her cause. No concept of self preservation, nor familial ties, nor friendships hinder her course of action, and once committed to an effort, Mauti will see it through or die in the attempt. This insatiable drive, more than anything else, is what makes her dangerous and garnered her reputation, as unlike every other form of life, she feels no instinct to defend herself, only the thrill of the hunt and the exquisite satisfaction of taking the blood of another and making it her own.
    Bio: Mauti was born Nyota Mito to a tribe of Zebras living in the rolling prairies near what would eventually become the Longwall Coal Fields. Her childhood was mostly uneventful, though at an early age she accidentally discovered a talent for blood magic- something not seen in her tribe in generations. several tribal elders wanted to banish her for this reason, but the Chief felt that banishment would only guarantee she would become consumed with revenge, hone her magic to a nightmarish efficiency, and return to slay those that had betrayed her. To that end, the Chief encouraged her to explore her abilities, but under the proviso that she was absolutelynever to use her magic on another zebra, or the penalty would be death. Nyota obeyed, and her life was content, even if it was not always easy.

    When ponykind came exploring what, to them, was a wild frontier, Nyota as curious- and as a mare approaching adulthood, she found these strange creatures- so alike and yet different from Zebras- intriguing. While other zebras kept their distance, Nyota enjoyed spending time with the ponies, learning of their stories and rituals, and learning of the world away from her home. Unfortunately, tales and songs were not all the ponies brought with them- a terrible plague, which caused its victims to bleed unstoppably, had come to her homeland with the ponies. Her people had no resistance to the plague, and their rituals and superstitions did little to quell it. The Chief himself succumbed, and upon his death, the survivng elders blamed Nyota, saying it was her foul magic that had brought the disease to them. Nyota herself had caught the plague, but her magic prevented her from bleeding out as she could magically directed her own blood back into her veins. This enabled her to live long enough to develop antibodies- but mentally, she believed the elders were correct. And, when she discovered later that it was the ponies who had brought the illness, she became enraged, both at them and herself. They had brought it, but it was her efforts to understand and get along with them that had brought death to her people. She changed her name then, to Mauti Damu - Bleeding Death. When the Dragons came, Mauti willingly offered her services- but only in that their cause mirrored her own. She sees the Alliance as a necessary evil- though once she has purified her homeland so that zebras may return, her role in the Alliance will end, and anything that tries to take her home again will have a fearsome foe to contend with.

    Archimedes, or 'Arc'
    Name: Archimedes, or 'Arc'

    Race: Griffon

    Age: 31

    Gender: female

    Appearance: Arc looks like she belongs underneath an airship or locomotive- she always wears a thick leather Smithy Apron, with bandoliers of tiny precision tools and a satchel full of sockets, bits, drivers, and the like. She wears aviation goggles almost constantly, though she designed flip-down jeweler's loupe lenses to act as magnifying lenses, giving her a range from 2X all the way up to 27X.

    Body/Coat color: Arc has a gradient tone to her body feathering, white from the wingtips all the way to slate gray at her body, with beige spotting on the undersides. The slate grey feathering deepens to a black fur that covers her hindquarters, with more beige spotting on her back paws that she jokingly refers to as her "oops spots".

    Mane/Feathers color: Her face is covered with pinkish-purple feathers with white tips to them, like a magenta or fuschia. There are dark circles where her goggles sit too, and Arc got a lot of grief for them as a kid.

    Tail/Talons color: Her tail feathers are solid black, with a blue sheen to them.

    Eye color: Bright, pale green, which her fuschia feathers really bring out.

    Faction: Arc doesn't consider herself involved in the war, though she has a deep-seated resentment for the Alliance.

    Personality: Arc Actuator looks like a girly girl when she isn't working- she is bright and chipper most of the time, and she loves going to bookstores and toy stores. She loves jewelry and shiny things, though she only ever window shops and refuses to buy any.
    But on the clock, Arc is about as dedicated and precise an engineer as anypony has ever seen. She has spent the last ten years working on the rail lines as a locomotive specialist, as despite being a griffon, she is not overly fond of flight, as it is too easy to lose small implements or sockets when flying. Arc is very meticulous about her equipment and her workshop, which despite the nature of the work, is spotlessly clean. Arc wears bright colors whenever she is working, as spotting leaks or oil drippings are much easier on bright and colorful clothes, and less so on dark feathers and fur.

    Bio: Arc Actuator was born into the Woden Clan, a clan of coastal fishers and hunters. Most of the Clan kept their distance from other Griffon clans, preferring the freedom of the sea to the rigors and errata of hierarchies and social structures. Among her Clan, adulthood rites consisted of venturing out into the world, away from contact with any griffon, and returning after a year with a new skill to present to the Clan. When her time came, Arc traveled south along the coastlines into a pony village, and in exchange for helping them fish more efficiently, the ponies showed her some of the equipment they used to haul, preserve, and transport their catch. Arc fell in love immediately with the trains, and saved up some money to earn herself a ticket to Manehattan.

    She spent six years working as a mechanic, learning as she went. She hadn't intended to stay that long, but she was absolutely in love with machines. A chance encounter with a pony with a prosthetic further piqued her interest, as the idea of mechanical components that mimic life were fascinating. By the time she returned home, most of her Clan hardly remembered her- they had assumed she had died when she never returned, and the social structure of the Clan had adjusted to account for it. With no real 'home' anymore, Arc set her sights back in the pony world.

    She owns a machine shop in Manehattan, a few blocks form the dockyards, where she works on everything from airships to locomotives, dinghies to shipping containers. Arc also does some mobile work, flying herself to sites where the equipment she is repairing cannot be moved. All the while, in the backroom of her shop, she has been trying to devise a system of camshaft driven prosthetics, using belts and tensioners to drive symmetrical movement between each limb. Currently the chassis has four 'legs', each on two joints, and Arc has been trying to devise a pulley configuration that will allow them to bend when extra force or weight is applied.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:43 pm
by MagusZeal
DistractedPony 4/2
    Blaze Quick
    Race: Pegasus
    Name: Blaze Quick
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Bluish grey in colour, this is off set by his fiery orange mane. Blaze's body would be described as athletic, and maybe a little too thin. His cutie mark is a burning horseshoe.

    Faction: Neutral (though if it really came down to it he'd side with the peacekeepers)

    Personality: Brash and very swift on his hoofs (mentally and physically), Quick is fast to both get into and out of trouble. He'd prefer to talk his way out of a fight, or think his way out, but when he has to, he can hold his own. He tends to appear confident, even if sometimes its just an act.

    Special Talent (If pony): Fast and clever, Blaze Quick is a natural born rogue. He also has a hidden talent related to his agility, though he is yet to discover it.


    Occasionally nicknamed Tinderbox by the vagrants he often times deals with*, Blaze Quick fell through the cracks of society, leaving who his parents are lost even to him. Growing up on the streets, Blaze soon learnt that he couldn't get by on meagre foraging and soon turned to theft. And soon after that, he discovered only the quick could survive. Fortunately for him, there was none quicker than he.

    Perhaps surprisingly, Quick isn't a strong flier having injured his right wing when he was a little colt. The injury leaving a scar down his wing, visible whenever he opens it. Capable of flying only for short durations, he prefers to use his air movements as parts of agile acrobatics and deft movements that make him near impossible to catch.

    Despite his greed and attempts to get rich quick, Blaze has often used most of his quick earnings to feed other forgotten foals and fillies he's stumbled across. Even on occasion forgoing food himself. Though he wouldn't admit it, he could never turn a blind eye on the suffering of another.

    In counter to his brash and energetic demeanour is a unicorn filly named Hope. Claiming they are siblings, they've spent most of their childhood joined at the hip. Calm and empathetic, she proved a natural counter to his personality.

    She is also the source for his recently increased risky attempts at cashing in big, as she has fallen sick with a mysterious disease. Everypony Blaze has paid to cure her has failed, and growing lost as to what to do, he has turned to rumour. Having heard of a super expensive 'cure all', he is endeavouring to find more bits than he has every seen in his life to pay for it. Even as his actions are beginning to draw attention from those who keep the peace.

    * for his unique ability to draw a hoof across a course surface fast enough to create sparks

    Kre the twice cursed
    Race: Gryphon

    Name: Kre the Twice Cursed

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Feathers astray, her down is highly unkept, her fur badly matted and her whole body gaunt. Her right claw is replaced with a metal prosthetic, and scars riddle her body. Thanks to her metal claw, when she walks there is a steady clanking click. She usually has a bottle strapped to her right foreleg.

    Faction: Dragons (but see bio)

    Personality: Usually intoxicated, Kre has a almost whimsical nature, even if her humour is often dark. Slow to get offended, she never the less responds to most insults with either prickly comments or sweet remarks. She seems to have a decide lack of fear of practically anything, even if she really should.

    Special Talent: Out drinking creatures many times her size.

    Bio: Working as a scout and head hunter for the Draconic Alliance, Kre has proven herself remarkable competent at tracking and capturing prey. Despite this, many who know her swear her days are numbered, for she seems to hold no regard for the proper order of things and is barely achieving enough for her superiors to ignore her errant ways.

    Observers can only conclude that Kre is either oblivious to the danger, unconcerned or naive. She herself seems to hold no loyalties to anyone, something, perhaps foolishly, she does not hide. It's only a matter of time till she incurs the wrath of a dragon and pays the price.

    But Kre harbours a dark power inside. With a frightening relentlessness, she seems to kept going even after receiving what should be crippling attacks. Even when hit by a powerful attack that leaves a deep wound, she seems to laugh it off and keep going. The wounds and injuries do seem to heal, but not completely, leaving her with a body that is slowly falling apart. This is why she has a replacement metal claw, she lost her real one in a fight.

    To those who see her fight, she would almost seem immortal, despite the piling wounds growing on her body. But appearances are deceiving, as the source of this resilance is an insidious parasite inside her, feeding off her life essence. Slowly killing her, the parasite keeps her body functioning using her soul to fuel her toughness.

    Every injury adds to her debt, and fails to heal properly. Even minor scraps brings her closer to death as her spirit wilts. Kre knows she likely won't last the year, either from the parasite killing her or the injuries adding up. She finds small relief via drink, as the intoxication dulls the feel of the parasite and the draining of her life. For this reason she struggles to care about anything but drinking, and lives moment to moment, heading for what can only be disaster.

    Spear Sprint
    Race: Pegasus

    Name: Spear Sprint

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: A pegasus mare, her coat is a white with a faint blue tinge. Her mane is a light pink coloured and is wild and long. Her hooves are immaculately done, and she has blue eyes. She is lithe and stunningly good looking.

    She also tends to wear armour. With long ornately inlaid plates that hang down in rows. She also wears metal leg guards. Her armour is more heavy set than the standard guards and peacekeeper's fare. She also wears a very well crafted helmet, that has a long spear lance on it, in the place of a unicorns horn. With a pattern of leaves across the helmet edges it's some armour's masterpiece.

    Her cutie mark is a sideways pointing spear with a wave front of air parted by the spear tip.

    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Neutral

    Personality: Ditzy and exuberant. She's quick to come to conclusions, even when she really hasn't considered them much. She tends to be quick to act and slow to admit mistakes. She can be highly bubbly but full of herself. She struggles to relate to others.

    Special Talent (If pony): Charging headlong into things. Both figretively and literally.

    Bio: Born to a rich family, Spear has always found life out on the road more interesting. She has seen most of Equestria in her travels, but she has made very few friends. Despite her stunning looks and athletic abilities, her personality tends to annoy and grate on others and she often finds herself excluded or shunned.

    A strong fighter, if not very tactical, her skills brought her to the attention of Boss Don. For the first time, she found ponies that seemed to appreciate her, so she joined the 'family'. Already rich from her families fortunes, she never let this fact out. Never in it for the money, she barely paid attention to the large sums she was getting for her work. Her motivation was acceptance.

    Having recently lost a battle to a zebra (Zezoor), she was shocked when the hybrid seemed to show affection. With the mafia defeated and her life upside down once more, she is left wondering who the zebra was and if she can find someplace to accept her again.

    Though not very agile, Spear Sprint is incredibly fast in a straight line, even when wearing heavy armour. She moves so fast that a shock-wave forms along her spear lance, causing a loud and powerful wave after she passes. For this reason, she tends to wear ear plugs when fighting or expecting trouble.

    Race : Zebra
    Name: Hexil
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: An elder zerba, Hexil's silvery and black mane is discoloured with white. The hairs on his chin are also white contrasting with the black around his face. He walks with a hobble, and wears an eye patch across his left eye. The odd scar mars his body, but mostly he has the look of an old and weary zebra.

    Faction: Dragons

    Personality: Hexil has a temper that he has learned to control. He keeps a tight reign on his emotions in most situations, and calmly considers things while pushing his feelings aside. The one exception to this is his granddaughter, Kaim. Hexil cares deeply for her and where she is concerned, he has trouble separating his emotions from his actions.

    Special Talent: Being in your base killing your dudes.

    Bio: Hexil comes from a long line of assassins, with a great deal of tradition behind them. Hexil was alive during the horrible succession wars that plagued the zebra lands a great many years ago. His mother worked in secrecy to fell the key members of her lord's enemies. Hexil was apprenticed to her and learned the trade from her teachings.

    After he himself had a successful career, Hexil reached an older age as he taught his son to be his replacement. But us Hexil does, his son suffered from being a hot head, something Hexil desperately tried to teach his son to control. His son learned his trade well, but never mastered his emotions. It was on Hexil's final mission before he retired, that his son responded to the taunts of a target and revealed himself. It had been a trap and the son was felled in a hail of arrows.

    Hexil had barely escaped himself, losing his left eye in the process, but to him the real loss was his son. He could only blame himself for not being a better mentor.

    In recent years, when the great disasters struck the zebra lands, Hexil's home town come under flood. So sudden and without warning had it been, that it seemed certain they would all perish in the waters. Hexil often has nightmares of that day when he stood atop his house, clinging his granddaughter tightly, trying to calm her as the flood waters rose to lap at their hooves. Their deaths certain.

    It had been then that the dragon of prophecy had appeared and had rescued the zebra's trapped above the water. As Hexil griped his granddaughter tightly he had thought that they'd been lost. The sudden appearance of the dragon had filled him with a great relief. He could not bare the thought of seeing her die after seeing his son die. The dragon had not only saved them, but made sure they had the provisions to survive and rebuild. So impressed with the dragon of legend was Hexil, he pledged to serve this dragon till his death.

    As his granddaughter grew up, Hexil did his best to provide for her and keep her safe as he worked for his new dragon lord. To his horror though, she deiced to follow in the family traditions and become an assassin too. He sought to dissuade her, but she was not an easy zebra to sway. Realising she would follow this path with or without his help, he resumed the mantle of Assassin Mentor, determined to give her the skills to survive. He made a promised to her father that this time, he will not fail to teach his apprentice what they must know to survive.

    Skills and such:

    Hexil is not a combat character. In fact, in a fair fight against a no name guard, Hexil would be defeated quickly and easily. Where Hexil is dangerous is against the unguarded. He is a master of stealth and infiltration, and uses indirect methods to achieve his aims. He uses a variety of tricks, skills and magical potions to allow him to achieve what many would consider impossible. He is an alchemist, but he is specialized in the brew of alteration potions.

    Often he is sent into towns before an attack, and on the eve of conflict he engineers the deaths of those in command, sowing chaos and moral issues upon the pony defenders.

    Further, Hexil has much hidden upon his body, in case of emergancy. There are wires sutible for lock-picking amongst the hairs of his mane, a small does of potion hidden in a fake tooth in his mouth, and an assassin's needle hidden inside his eye patch. Not to mention many other things hidden carefully about his body. Hexil is never without some tool.

    Hexil takes no delight in the killing of others, and sees it only as a task that must be done, no matter how unsavory. He does not question the workings on why or who must die, he just accepts it is required for the greater good.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:43 pm
by MagusZeal
    Wattson Lewis
    Race: Pegasus
    Name: Cpl. Wattson Lewis
    Gender: Male
    Appearance:Look at signature
    Faction: Neutral/Peacekeepers
    Personality: Serious when needs to be but can joke around and have fun. He is also very loyal to those he trusts, which can be hard to acquire.

    Special Talent: Can effectively use firearms and the like. Knows little to nothing of hand to....hoof(?) combat. HE earned his cutie mark when he discovered that he was great at coding video games. Although he can code on pretty much anything as long as it's using C#, C++ and (grrrrrr) Java/Javascript.

    Bio: Cpl. Lewis is a part of the rebellion group called the Peace Bull in the human world. While engaged in a battle with the extremist group Beligerwitch, the commanding officer of the fifth platoon (Peace Bull) Cpt. Sullivan Edgar was about to be shot by an experimental gun made by the Beligerwitch. With quick thinking Cpl. Lewis jumped in the way of the shot and fell unconscious. After waking up he found himself in the land of Equestria, not knowing what had happened and why he was suddenly a pegasus.

    S: 5
    P: 2
    E: 7
    C: 9
    I: 6
    A: 10
    L: 4

    Race: Baby Dragon
    Name: Insidia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Onyx Black scales with a Dark Tan underbelly. She also has Dark Tan horns (like Skyrim horns but not as long) along with the spikes down her back.

    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral): Peacekeepers……..XD JK Dragons

    Personality: She is how I like to say, delightfully evil. She is very good at planning and very cunning. She knows how to sweet talk people, but because of the evil aura around her (personality, not actual magic) people rarely trust her. She can plan for contingencies by kidnapping and setting up traps. She will also try to stay out of sight and will only allow people to speak directly to her if she deems them worthy enough.
    She can’t fight, so she has two Zebra bodyguards/henchmen that listen to what she says. They only speak if directed to or if it is an emergency. They will only listen to Insidia or officers that are a higher rank than her.
    If Insidia is in a situation where she has been discovered, her plan has gone awry and her guards/henchmen are unable to help she will try to sweet talk her way out of that situation. If that doesn’t work, then she will try to use the single smoke bomb that she was given. It is a single use and she only has one, so if she’s captured before she can acquire another from her higher-ups than she has no way to escape.
    Special Talent (If pony): N/A

    Bio: When Insidia was born, she was given up by her parents to go into training for the war. Unlike other dragons, she had a knack for being very cunning and intelligent. Though she was smart, she could not fight for her life. So, she was appointed as a tactician while she was in school. Soon she came accustom to this set up, but she still liked to be on the battlefield during war exercises, she felt that being in the battlefield allowed for more learning and a better way to command troops. Eventually when she graduated from the school she was appointed her own squadron. Eventually she was promoted; when she was promoted the war had been going on for a while. When the promotion happened she was requested to take two Zebras and do assignments from the DA. These assignments could help decide who won, whether it would be taking control over some land or teaming up with some troops to take down an opposing squadron. She is delivered her next missions threw the message system, similar to how the Peacekeepers use the dragons fire.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:44 pm
by MagusZeal
Xaidenshouni 3/2
    Xaiden “Clockwork” Shouni

    Xaiden "Clockwork" Shouni


    He is a dark burnt orange covered unicorn that has a short yet curly dirty blonde mane on-top of his head. Finally his cutie mark is a pair of bronze goggles and a a few clockwork gears. As well he wears his goggles atop his head wherever he goes, unless they are on his face! His magic appears a lighter orange compared to his body color.

    Peacekeepers / Neutral

    Xaiden usually carries an aura of mystery around him in terms of rumors and reputation, particularly in his past. However once you interact with him he is anything but that, Xaiden reads like an open book and is quick to trust as well as do favors for (especially if they involve fixing / making things).

    Special Talent:
    Xaiden has quite a knack for mechanics and mechanical things, although more specifically "Steampunk" Technology. He loves tinkering with bronze, brass, cogs, and steam. More specifically he created many things like Steampunk mechanical suits and weaponry. As a pony he uses his magic to tackle just about any mechanical problem he's come across, but still dreams of bringing Steampunk tech in Equestira.

    Much like Clp. Lewis, Xaiden was apart of the Peace Bull rebellion group as a pony. Xaiden was present on the mission where Clp. Lewis went down against the Beligerwitch. Xaiden, being a good fried to Lewis removed him quickly from the battlefield and sought medical attention for him. However after the Peace Bull's physicians were unable to help the injured Clp. due to the prototype ammunition used on him, Xaiden knew the only hope was to try his new Steam-Tech invention, one that would (with some luck) reverse the effects of the bullet and allow the Clp. to get the care he needed. However, when Lewis was loaded into the machine and the power switch was flipped, there was a terrible flash and then Xaiden woke up in Equestria as a unicorn.

    Gentle Melody
    Gentle Melody / DJ FilleX-D
    Melody is a light green pony with a dark blue mane. Her cutie mark is of a
    Treble cleft and Bass cleft twined together and surrounded by what appears to be ripples as if it was on a lake. She also always wears the pair of goggles Vinyl Scratch gave her around her neck, hanging. (See Avatar) However, when she's on stage she dyes a dark red streak into her hair, as well as putting on a fake Cutie Mark sticker that is a large lineup of amplifiers and bases with a similar ripple pattern on the bottom. (See Twitter account or link below)
    DJ Phille-XD

    Melody is a true definition of a shy pony, she will stay to the side in big parties, preferring to chat with close friends then be out dancing or socializing with the general masses. As well she has a reputation among her friends as doing anything anypony asks, no matter what it does to inconvenience her.

    However on stage it is the complete opposite, she loves engaging the crowd and getting everypony pumped up at her concerts and appearances. She truly does appear to have fun with it although it is completely out of her element. She longs to DJ like she wants to and how Vinyl Scratch taught her but the record label won't endorse her unless she carries herself like that on stage, so she is forced to for her music.
    Special Talent (If pony):
    DJ'ing electronic music, mostly techno with some dubstep but far more techno
    Melody grew up in Manehattan with her adopted parents and sister Breeze Melody, her childhood was very normal until one day at a music recital of hers she met Vinyl Scratch. Melody had heard her music before and had fallen in love, so when they met afterwords Melody actually fainted with excitement and shock. Vinyl had heard something in her music that interested her and told her that Melody could learn the ways of base from her. Melody then learned to change her music into electronic music and Vinyl got her a record deal.

    Melody was soon doing concerts with incredible music, however the crowd wasn't getting into the music. The record label then gave Melody an ultimatum, liven up on stage or loose the deal. Because Vinyl got her the record deal Melody felt far too attached to it and did as they asked... She essentially created an alter ego for herself "DJ FilleX-D" where she was into the music and got with the crowd on stage, saving her record deal. However she decided she didn't want to be associated with that pony that was not herself, so she keeps her real name a secret even though she is quite famous by now. She doesn't want the fame, she just wants to play her music, even though she doesn't care for the record company and them forcing her to change.

    Princess Mi’Brille Aurore / Dawn
    Princess Mi' Brille Aurore
    Or just Dawn for short





    Coat color:
    White like her Dad

    Mane Color
    Purpleish Pink with Cream Streaks from her Mom

    Tail color:
    Same as Mane

    Eye Color:
    Crystal Ice Blue


    Cutie Mark:
    None yet

    Special Talent:
    Not certain yet, although she does show an inclination towards magic. As of now she has little to no control over it (she can't even levitate something without completely the opposite or unrelated happening) and has caused many a 'Magical Mishap' because of it.

    Dawn can be described as a dreamer and an adventurer. She loves it when her Mother reads her stories like Daring Doo before she goes to bed, and often dresses up (in a curtain and a newspaper pirate hat with a wooden sword) in search of imaginary adventure. However, Dawn is at heart a bit of a scardey pony and is frightened by most things. This remains a secret from everypony accept perhaps her parents as she does her best to act brave and strong in the face of what little 'danger' imaginary or otherwise she comes across. While she struggles through her bravery issues, she also has a sizable chip on her shoulder. Sometimes she resents being treated like a delicate flower all the time (although she doesn't mind being pampered and girly every now and then) and as such she tries to go out and 'prove herself' to everypony which can get her into trouble. Finally, she has a major embarrassment problem with her magic when it goes awry but is quick to take credit when it happens to go right on that one in a million occasion.

    Dawn is the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining armor. Her name equates to "Sparkling Dawn" in reference to her aunt, Twilight Sparkle, who saved the couples' wedding in Canterlot. As such they saw fit to name their young filly to the compliment to Twilight, Dawn. She lives in Canterlot with her parents and for the most part hasn't left her house much accept for occasions to go visit the castle and her Aunt Tia or Woona or her idol Aunt Twiley (although in some part for her control over magic) who she always begs to read her a story whenever she sees her. She's gotten into a few misadventures around the castle such as sneaking out at night or other 'expeditions' as she calls them, which usually end up in a magical mishap but she continues to keep exploring to prove that she's a brave pony. Her favorite things are when Aunt Twily or her parents read her bedtime stories, her expeditions, and her Daring Doo plushie.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:44 pm
by MagusZeal
ToonNinja 3/4 (Short story winner 1/13, 9/13)
    Race: Gryphon
    Name: Boreas
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: An older, rather grizzled gryphon, his brown fur showing silvery in some areas, and his feathers now wholly white, save for red markings around his eyes. His right eye was lost in a fight long ago, and is now covered with an eyepatch.
    Faction: Neutral. Boreas holds no love for the princesses or the dragons, and has dealt with unpleasantness from all races, his own included.
    Personality: Bitter, prideful, and stubborn to a fault. Deems most foalks as fools, himself included ("I just have more experience in foolishness"), but unfailingly loyal to anypony he deems worthy.
    Bio: Boreas started out as many gryphons do: a brash, adventurous glory-seeker looking for a fight. Over many years of travel, Boreas was treated to many a battle, winning many and losing few. His last few losses, however, were excessively brutal and in rapid succession, the last one costing him an eye. Nursing his wounded pride (and eye socket), the old gryphon attempted to leave his adventures behind him and settle down, but only spent the down time stewing in his own loneliness and bitterness. With war on the horizon and all new youths planning to throw themselves away, Boreas found himself called back to the wide world, and the reluctant adventurer began again, although his goals are something even he's not wholly sure of.

    Real Deal / Fence
    Race: Unicorn

    Name: Real Deal (alias "Fence")

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tan coat, scraggly black mane, green eyes. Rather gaunt for a pony. Wears a trench coat, fedora, and shades when actively in the "Fence" persona. His cutie mark is a metal briefcase.

    Faction : Neutral

    Personality: Fence is a rather shifty character. Acts generally laid-back and casual, with a hint of cockiness. A coward, but willing to strike a deal as an alternative to running away. And while he is a criminal, Deal holds himself to certain standards as a "businesstallion," and refuses to get children involved in his deals. His neutrality is a part of the business conduct, refusing to prefer one side over the other (for the most part. He's still an Equestrian). Also, mild cider dependence.

    Special Talent: Real Deal manages to "find" things through "friends of his" rather easily. If something is needed, and the Royal Guard doesn't need to know about it (or the Royal Guard DOES need to know about it), Deal is your go-to stallion. He maintains a wide enough network to collect just as much information as he does goods, keeping a hoof on the pulse of the underground.

    His magic is mostly use to determine certain qualities of objects. Be it antiques, bootlegged salt, or bits, he can determine if the materials in question are authentic, among other "consumer-concerning qualities."

    Bio: A street urchin from the gutters of Manehattan, Real Deal left his orphanage at a young age for undisclosed reasons. He fell in with assorted gangs, never staying for long but always remaining on good terms. Deal eventually took up work in a small antique shop in Manehattan, running his "operations" in a nearby bar. "Fence," as he's known to those in the underworld, has kept his business from being shut down by the Royal Guard if only because he can provide much-needed information for more difficult cases.

    Captain Keelhaul
    Name: Captain Keelhaul
    Race: Pegasus
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Broader fellow, sky blue coat, a long, dark blue mane, yellow eyes. Wears a heavy black coat and black pirate hat (a la Blackbeard). His cutie mark is a pair of crossed cutlasses.
    Faction Peacekeepers. Claims to be the head of "Their Majesties' Royal Privateer Fleet," although neither princess seems to acknowledge the existence of such an organization.
    Personality: Keelhaul, or "Cap'n," or "Cap," is best described as a pony of extremes. Extremely boisterous, extremely oblivious, extremely friendly to allies, and extremely dangerous to enemies, intentionally or not. Very frequently in a state of inebriation.
    Special Talent: Keelhaul has exceptional skill in the "three S's:" "shooting, stabbing, and sailing," although he's never been formally trained in any of the three. Also expresses exceptional capability upon reaching a certain "drunkeness threshold," with the results being something of a mixed bag. Holds the dubious honor of being one of only four ponies to successfully burn down a building made of clouds.
    Bio: The way the Captain tells it, you would believe he was born, raised, even conceived on an airship, commandeered his first vessel before he was seven years of age, and earned his cutie mark after finding the lost treasure of Blackmane the Pirate. None of this has ever been backed by any sort of evidence, and is generally written off as the ravings of a drunkard. Any concrete background is surprisingly elusive, save for an extensive criminal record and a total of 3,000 bits owed in tabs across the bars of Equestria.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:44 pm
by MagusZeal
Twentysided 5/5 (9/12, 11/12, 12/13 short story winner)
    Twenty Sided
    Race: Earth Pony, Zebra hybrid
    Name: Twenty Sided
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Twenty's appearance resembles that of a typical earth pony, he is primarily grey, and a yellow tail, with a single grey streak that runs through the middle. However, two things stand out that make Twenty different than any pony he as seen. The first is that he lacks a mane. This is primarily due to the fact that Twenty believes his mane would get in the way, whenever he wore his champron. The second is the set of yellow zebra stripes that he inherited from his mother's side of the family. On his flank, Twenty bares a cutie mark in the shape of a twenty sided die, with a yellow kite shield framing it. Few actually see this mark, due to Twenty's habit of wearing a set of silver barding, (aside from sleeping of course), nearly all the time.

    Faction: Neutral

    Personality: Twenty Sided is a stallion of few words, but he does take pride in his sense of honor. Due to an unfortunate circumstance with the Celestial Guards, he has cast aside the codes of honor and conduct that he had been taught in boot camp, and instead has set up his own. While some may questions his methods, few can doubt that if he is given a job, he will get it done.
    Throughout his entire life, Twenty was raised to believe that there is at least an ounce of good in everypony and until he is proven otherwise, he will express a sense of trust to good majority of those he sees are deserving of it, despite the fact that he is rather trusting, Twenty is much more of a closed book than anything else. It is only those he sees as friends who truly know who he is and of his past.

    Special Talent: What makes Twenty special is his determination, as well as his innate ability to spot ways of slightly alter his chances in situations, While more often than not, this talent is used to help him try and turn the tides in the heat of battle, Twenty has honed this ability to be able to at times detect lies in conversations.

    Bio: As a colt Twenty Sided grew up in a small cottage just outside of Ponyville. To him, the small village seemed more like a small prison of boredom. He would yearn to hear stories from his mother, stories of her adventures in her homeland, as well as the tales of great heroes vanquishing terrible monsters. After awhile even these stories began to bore him. To rectify his boredom, the colt decided to make his own adventures. At first his adventures appeared to be more like mere foal play, but they soon his adventures became more dangerous. On more than one occasion the colt had wandered off into the Everfree Forest seeking new challenges, only to return, with his parents flanking him, after they had hunted him down in the forest. As Twenty Sided matured, the risks he took only increased. If not for a few loyal friends he had made in his youth keeping an eye on the grey earth pony, he could have easily lost his life to his recklessness. As an adult, Twenty could not take being confined in the small town any longer. To escape this, he decided to join Celestia's guards. It was during bootcamp, that most of Twenty's recklessness was beat out of him by the drill ponies. Due to his natural strength and agility he gained from his lineage, Twenty passed through bootcamp with flying colors. Despite this, he was denied entry into the Celestial Guards. While he was told that it was because of his needless risk taking. Twenty knew in his heart it was because he was half Zebra. In a fit of rage, Twenty cast aside all the codes of conduct that he had learned in boot camp and decided to set up his own. With the help of a blacksmith in Canterlot, Twenty Sided created his own set of barding, as well as a sword custom made to synch onto his right hoof. Gathering a set of saddle bags with what he deemed as necessary provisions, as well as his armor and blade, and a small journal to catalog his journeys, Twenty Sided left his past life behind him and went into the Hoofterlands, and took up being a pony for hire.

    Doctor Gem Shard
    Race: Unicorn

    Name: Doctor Gem Shard (or Doc Shard for short)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Gem’s coat is light auburn, while his mane and tail are a pure white. He is about the average height of a typical pony, but he is much thinner that most (to some it may even appear unhealthy). His cutie mark is that of a crystal with an aura of magic around it.

    Faction: Neutral

    Personality: Doctor Gem Shard, is never not thinking of some way to improve upon an enchantment, or brooding on one of his many theories. Due to this, Doctor Shard tends to focus so much on whatever it is he is thinking about that he forgets the rest of the world. However on a rare occasion, when he isn’t thinking of bettering the science of magic, and instead conversing with other ponies, Doctor Gem Shard is very chatty, to the point that some wonder if in fact he needs to breath. Not only this, but Gem Shard, when he is not focusing on something, his mind tends to wander randomly, which appears often when talking to others.

    Special Talent (If pony): Enchanting, but he also uses various forms of alchemy to improve his enchantments. While he is not well versed in most magic, after years of study and experimentation, Gem Shard was able to complete a spell that allows him to capture a syphon off and store a small portion of other spells and magical auras.

    Bio: Throughout his entire life, Doctor Gem Shard has been interested in magic. To be specific, he has been interested in the make up of magic, and why some unicorns are able to use spells, that others are not, as well as the adding of magic toward various basic objects, primarily gems.
    From his research, Gem Shard has set up a system that he believes shows the general relationship between different forms of magic, and their properties, such as spells that compliment each other, and spells that are polar opposites. Through his research, Gem Shard also believes that he has found a better way to store magic and enchant items such as gems. Despite having what he believes is conclusive proof that his theories are correct, Doctor Shard has been laughed out of many Equestrian Universities.
    Doctor Shard’s main goal in life is to enhance the current enchantments that are used throughout Equestria, as well as one day capture and archive each and every magic type within Equestria, and ultimately, prove the unicorns that laughed at him wrong.

    Crossfire / Pressure Build
    Race: Earth Pony

    Name: Crossfire (Real Name: Pressure Build)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Crossfire is a normal looking stallion, despite the fact that like many in his profession, he has a multitude of scars that line body. The most prominent of them would have to be a large diagonal gash that crosses down his face. Like his name, Crossfire has changes his mane and tail, as well as his coat color to better fit the environment of his current mission, but when he is not off tracking down a target, his normal mane and tail color is a dark grey while his coat is olive drab

    Faction: Currently employed by the DA

    Personality: Crossfire is calm, calculating, and has a heart of ice. He does not care who he is hired to kill or maim, as long as he gets the money up front, he will make sure not to miss his target, unless of course he changes his mind about the price.

    Special Talent: Crossfire’s special talent is his deadly precision with rifles, however because he primarily uses either a custom made steam powered musket, as well as a great efficiency with his family’s musket

    Bio: Crossfire is the son of two Earth pony, his mother was from a family of farmers, while his father focused his work on inventing, and improving the efficiency of various vehicles. Together, the three lived in the Hoofterlands, starting their own farm in the wilderness. It was here that he learned how to shoot a musket, and soon his daily chore became keeping verminous creatures away from the farm, and their livestock.

    Over the years the stallions ability with the gun grew, soon judging distance and the effects of wind became second nature to the earth pony. His engineering father, made it his goal to improve the various farming devices, and to the colts delight, he would allow his son to help in the workshop. It is hear Crossfire learned many of his skills in building and customizing devices. With the customized vehicles working the farm at a much higher efficiency, the family soon gain the attention of various ponies, specifically the mafia. After seeing the efficiency of the machines, the mafia wanted to improve upon, not any of their vehicles, but their weapons.

    Reluctantly Crossfire’s father began working on an improved musket, for the sake of his family. The gun he create was powered by and enchanted pressure chamber which provided both water and heat to create the steam which fired the rounds, after given 30 minutes to reach full charge, the gun was able to shoot twice the maximum range of a normal musket, and still retain decent accuracy. However after seeing an issue with the time it took to charge, the mafia were displeased with the initial results and threatened to destroy the farm, if Crossfire’s father didn’t improve the invention.

    After failing to improve the design, and with the deadly growing ever closer, Crossfire took the issue into his own hooves and took the musket for himself and getting rid of the ‘vermin’ that threatened his family. The next morning the colt with his expertise was able to kill some, and ultimately scared off the mafia members with the invention and deadly precision, earning him a crosshair cutie mark. However both his father and mother were not pleased and could not face their son who could kill a pony so easily and without regret. Disowning their son, they sent him away, however in the middle of the night, he returned and stole the steam musket, as well as his families musket, before leaving his family altogether.

    Since then he has made a living using his marksmanship ability by becoming either a mercenary or hunting down bounties, but never bringing them in alive. As the years progressed, the pony became obsessed with gaining more and more money, until he reached the point where he didn't care who hired him, as the dragons rose, he was contacted by a DA recruiter, the DA had heard rumors of a pony that could kill with a gun that could outrange all other guns. They promised to pay Crossfire handsomely for each confirmed Peacekeeper kill, and double if he brought in VIP Peacekeepers alive for interrogation.

    Stampeding Tide
    Name: Stampeding Tide
    Race (Race's found here): Buffalo
    Age (Age's for most races here, and dragons here): 40
    Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male
    Appearance (Image or description goes here for general description):
    Body/Coat color: Brown
    Mane/Feathers color:
    Tail/Talons color: Bleached White
    Eye: Blue
    Faction (Factions found here): Dragon Alliance (Cause dem braggarts actually pay d’er tab)
    Cutie Mark (What's it look like?): none
    Special Talent (If pony or zebra): none
    Personality: On a good day, Tide has a cheerful disposition, and for the members of his crew, is easy to approach, talk to, even sharing a fresh mug of grog. However such as his namesake, Tide’s attitude can change like that of the oceans tides. Changing to one of great rage and fury, daring those brave enough to approach him. These moods, luckily rare, tend to be rather destructive but short lived.

    In general Tide’s has no real views on race, allowing any to be apart of his crew as long as they pull their fair share around his ship. He does not need to know one’s history beforehand, deserters, widow, or widower, to him none of these matter. As he believes that everyone should get a clean slate on his ship.

    Bio: Before the war, Stampeding Tide was apart of the tribe of buffalo, the Blacken Hooves, this tribe lived by the nations coast, close to the growing Equestian city, Baltimare. Slipping away from his tribe, the buffalo would visit the barges and watch in awe at the various ships that would dock, or had just departed. A few ponies noticed the ever growing visits from the buffalo, seeing his fascination for the sea, these dockhands gladly began to teach. It was here that Tide learned the art of sailing, and his love for the art only grew with each passing day. Soon the buffalo’s love for the sea compelled him to start construction of a ship all his own and set out to see what wonders awaited him beyond the horizon. Gathering his friends and those who shared his dream, Stampeding set to work in a nearby cove. As the months passed, and the seasons changed, once again his tribe had to move in their yearly stampeding route. This time however, they were a few members short, as from the coast, buffalo, and ponies alike, working in unison, cast off the lines of their ship, the sails filling with new the morning breeze as the clipper, Horizon’s Edge slip out the nearby cove, Tide at its helm, his heart a flutter with anticipation at what there was to discover.
    Years passed as Stampeding grew in age and experience as he saw the world. Nations he would have never even begun to believe unless he had actually seen them. Species he wouldn’t have even dreamed off. However the buffalo’s heart yearned to return to the tribe he had left behind. Coming back to Baltimare, the buffalo and his crew had a reunion that he would did not anticipate. The once small city had boomed into an industrial metropolis, even encompassing the grounds that had once been his tribes. Outraged at this new revelation. Stampeding changed his ways. Changing his ships name to the, Dragon’s Rage Tide made it his own personal mission to cause panic on the high seas, attacking any form of Equestian ship he could, raiding its cargo for his own. Unfortunately the march of progress out paced Stampeding as cargo ships were converted to that of airships. Enraged that he couldn’t follow, Stampeding set off once again into the sea, but for the most part, he found himself at the bottom of a mug.
    Soon word came to his ears of an Alliance brewing in the Western end of Equestria, headed by dragons. They were looking for captains to command ships in their fleet. Grinning from ear to ear, Stampeding changed course back to Equestria, to find if these rumors were in fact true. Maybe this could be a way for him to get back his people’s land and get a nice amount of pay for his work.
    Now at the helm of an airship of his own, and a crew ready and awaiting his orders, Stampeding Tide set off from the docks of Dragon’s Keep, his eyes focused on Peacekeeper territory, his goal set in his mind, to get back what was his, and to take what was theirs.

    Glinting Blow
    Name: Glinting Blow (Glint for short)
    Race: Earth Pony (Crystal pony)
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Image
    Body/Coat color: White
    Mane/Feathers color: Lilac with Pink highlights
    Tail/Talons color: Lilac with a single strip of pink
    Eye: orange
    Faction: Peacekeepers
    Cutie Mark: A hammer
    Special Talent: Demolition
    Personality: If asked how one would describe Glint in a few words,
    those who know her would say, loud, bubbly, loyal, and dedicated to her work...a little too dedicated.
    and most importantly destructive. Ever smiling, Glint is more than happy to bring the hammer down on anything or anyone that gets in her way, or simply deserves it. Glint's past is however not one that she likes to ever bring up, Simply saying that, "The past is in the past, why think about that when we can think about the future?"
    Bio: Born during the reign of the last crystal queen, Glinting Blow, grew up with her family in the Crystal Empire. Though they weren't the richest, and certainly not the most well off, they were happy. Unfortunately, this happiness was not meant to last after the fall of the Crystal Queen, and the rise of King Sombra and the darkness that followed shortly after. As the dark king's hooves tightened around the populace, curfews set in, ponies disappearing, Glint's family, along with others tried to stand up against Sombra, public denouncing his name. Calling for justice and the return of the Crystal Heart. The king's response was quick and harsh. Sending his own forces to rounding up the rioters and their families, Glint included, the ponies were sent to the Crystal Mines. It was here that Glint spent nearly a decade of her life. As the weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, Glinting Blow, did her best to keep hers and those around her hopes up. It was at this time she began to smile, despite all that was going on. When the guards weren't looking, the mare would invent games and songs to make others laugh. To her the smile, the small spark of possible happiness was enough to bury the pain she was enduring deep within her. Since then she has grinned, either trying to keep hope alive around her, or simply because deep down she is afraid of what might happen if she stop. During her time in the mines.

    The day the princesses arrived, that was the day she finally had a real reason to smile. As the Sisters took to the castle to face the dark king, Glint saw her chance for freedom. Grabbing the hammer she had used for years to break the crystals Sombra had desired, she attacked the nearest guard, smashing his helmet, the sentry crumpled. For what seemed like hours, silence filled the mine, before the cries for freedom filled the tunnels as ponies around Glint took up arms bearing down on their captures. As the revolt began in full swing a wave of magic signalling Sombra's defeat enveloped the mine. Sealing away all of the Crystal Empire and all still inside.

    1,000 years later, after the return of the Crystal Heart, and the rise of the Dragon Alliance, Glinting Blow, has made it her mission to spread hope to the hopeless. To do this, she felt the best possible way was to join the Equestrian forces of the Peacekeepers. Armed with the skills of Hammer and Happiness she developed and focused while in the mines. Glint has set out to make sure no pony has to go through the pain she felt ever again.

Re: DiE Cast list (Approved characters)

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:45 pm
by MagusZeal
Morning_Glory 3/3
    Scarlet Glory
    Race: Pegasus

    Name: Scarlet Glory

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Scarlet Glory is a female pegasus of medium stature, with a cream colored coat and wings and deep green eyes. Her main falls about her shoulders in waves of burgundy, accented with a flash of fiery red. She wears no extraneous coverings, as they may become tangled in a scuffle, should one arise. Her flank bears a golden laurels cutie mark, pertaining to her previous history in the service of Equestria's military and Luna's royal guard.

    Faction: Neutral

    Personality: Scarlet has a polite disposition that peaks at being kind, but usually borders on the aloof side. Her kindness and formality keeps others at a wing's length, as she is not one to trust easily, and is quick to side with the “just”. Good and evil are relative to her, and she is more likely to side with those to whom equality is due.

    Special Talent: Tactical strategy. Scarlet is a clever tactician, and earned her cutie mark in military academy when she realized she had a knack for creating strategic opportunities against bullies at her school.

    Bio: Scarlet Glory was born into a military family. Her father was among Princess Celestia's elite guards, and her mother, one of the Princess's ladies in waiting. As a young filly, Scarlet wanted for nothing, and idolized her father's work in the military. Her determination to follow in her father's footsteps became blatantly apparent when her parents gave her the choice of what school she would attend. Given the choice between Miss Cherry Souffle's Etiquette School for Fillies and Canterlot Military Academy, Scarlet jumped at the chance to attend the same school her father had attended as a colt.

    Scarlet adored her classes at the military academy, and studied diligently, earning top marks in almost all of her classes. This, and the fact that she was one of the very few fillies at the academy made many of the colts resentful of her, and they teased her incessantly about being a bookworm, about her small stature, and about her lack of physical prowess. Determined to beat the bullies at their own game, Scarlet took to late night private lessons with the school's hoof to hoof combat teacher. The hard work paid off, but not enough to hold her own in an all out brawl.

    One day, when she found herself once again cornered by the school bullies, she decided that if she couldn't fight her way out of them, she would outsmart them. As the larger colts advanced, determined to hogtie her and hang her upside down from the flagpole again, Scarlet noticed a small advantage in the form of the very rope they'd brought for her. She quickly darted forward and grabbed it, dashing under the much bigger colts, between their legs and flying straight up, entangling their legs and wings and dangling them from a tree. It was then that her golden laurel cutie mark appeared.

    As expected, she graduated at the top of her class and immediately enlisted with the Equestrian army, hoping to join her father on the front lines, but found herself saddled with a different and much more disappointing duty; being Princess Luna's personal bodyguard, a task Scarlet begrudgingly accepted. Working alongside the princess offered Scarlet an insight that she never had before, and it was one that would change the way she thought forever. During a royal discussion about the movements of the troops against the dragons, she overheard some of the Generals talking about withdrawing protection from some of the frontier towns in order to condense protection around Canterlot. The thought of the people in the frontier towns who had suffered enough as it was being left to the mercy of the dragons and whatever other elements that could attack them drove her to speak out fervently against it, stating that the lives of their people was what the army was supposed to protect.

    The ruckus she caused was such an embarassment to the Generals in front of Celestia and Luna, that they immediately pulled Scarlet from service and sent her out into Equestria as a “scout”, a position that was actually more of an exile from Canterlot that left her wandering from place to place. And this is where our story finds her.

    Dr. Honey Heart
    Race: Earth Pony

    Name: Dr. Honey Heart

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Honey is a medium statured female earth pony with a pale teal coat. Her hind quarters are speckled with a deep purple that matches her mane's main color. Her mane has a streak of deep teal through it, the same color as her eyes. Her cutie mark is a pink heart with a bright white lifeline through it. She wears a pair of oval shaped black rimmed glasses.

    Faction: Neutral

    Personality: Honey is a very kind-hearted pony with a sunny disposition. She is always seeing the best in each situation, and is kind to anyone, no matter their race. She is friendly and gentle, with a great bedside manner that endears her to patients and families alike.

    Special Talent: Medical expertise. Honey studied long and hard and found her special talent for medical care. Patients in her care have been proven to recover from their injuries and illnesses quicker due to faster diagnosis.

    Bio: Honey Heart was born in Ponyville, the older of a pair of twin fillies. While her sister, Wild Heart, grew up doing as she pleased, with no repercussions, Honey spent her time immersed in her studies. Both of her parents were working class ponies, with little education, but they knew Honey had potential and nurtured her with private schooling, the best books they could afford, and tutors when she asked for them.

    It was in private school in Canterlot where she realized her love of medical study, which she learned while volunteering at a local hospital reading to sick fillies and colts in the intensive care wing. She knew then and there that her path was to become a doctor, and it was then that her cutie mark appeared. She grew into an intelligent and hard working pony, and was able to receive a scholarship to medical school in Fillydelphia. There she studied medicine deeply, and both folk and pharmaceutical remedies.

    After her graduation, Honey moved back to Ponyville to take care of the town she'd been raised in, and to spend time with the ponies she loved.

    Name: Hemlock
    Race: Zebra
    Age: Mid twenties, but doesn't really talk about her age.
    Gender: Female, but likes to play androgynous for stage performances
    Appearance: Image
    Body/Coat color: Black with hot pink stripes
    Mane color: Hot pink with lime green streaks
    Tail color: Hot pink with lime green streaks
    Eye: Green
    Faction: Neutral
    Cutie Mark:Image
    Special Talent: Enciting emotion with musical notes and catchy lyrics
    Personality: Confident often to the point of arrogance, and proud. Hemlock is rather eccentric, and shows it in the way she dresses. She is generous to ponies she likes, but is often aloof, trying to keep her stage appearance at all times.
    Bio: Hemlock came out of a mostly normal zebra family that had moved to Equestria in search of a better life. Her father worked hard to support the family, while her mother stayed at home with the foals. Hemlock was the middle child, and found herself often over looked in the shuffle, and didn't find herself particularly fond of it. So when she was old enough to leave, she set out to find her fortune.

    Little did she know that searching for her fortune was going to be such an ordeal. She joined a punk rock band, but they only played little venues, and with not enough money coming in to support herself, Hemlock looked for another way to take care of it. Which is where the gambling came into the picture. She would spend her off nights gambling in underground fighting dens, illegal in Equestria. She barely covered her payoffs and often found herself in worse debt than when she had started. Eventually, this all caught up to her in the form of mafia loan sharks who cornered her one evening as her fighter took a deciding blow. Unable to cover the payoff, she was in deep trouble.

    Overhearing the scuffle, a certain Steel Stride came to her rescue, and paid off the loan sharks. On one condition. She would have to make payments to him once she really got her start. He gave her a hint that her band members weren't really worth the trouble and that she should strike out as a solo artist, advice she took to heart. She struck out on her own and became a sensational hit. Her quirky combination of eccentricity and punk rock left audiences awestruck and chanting for more. She had found her calling, and still performs concerts today, even in the midst of war, in order to boost morale for the Equestrian ponies.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:45 pm
by MagusZeal
Nightshade 1/2
    Race unicorn
    Gender (Male or Female, obviously):female
    Appearance: Electric blue coat blood red mane cutie mark is the death gate with the words
    l'obscurité est la magie de la vie above it in gold
    Faction (Peacekeepers, Dragons, neutral):neutral
    Personality: headstrong and a fighter in every sense of the word she has a slightly dark personalitly.
    Special Talent (If pony): she specializes in shadow magic soul magic
    Bio: Nightshade had 2 brothers and a sister but they all died before they could walk or fly, thus making her an only child. At the age of three she showed great talent in magic and her parents were all to happy to send their strange daughter away. She is a cousin to Tack Calm and they dont get along very well. Two years after Nightshade was sent away her parents were killed in a fire. The causes were unknown but secretly everyone blamed Nightshade because of her extreme hate of her slightly abusive parents

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:45 pm
by MagusZeal
Lucy_Took 4/4 (Porting Bios from old site, 4/13 short story winner.)
    Fire Song
    Race: Pegasus
    Name: Fire Song
    Gender : Female
    Age: 20

    Faction : Peacekeepers
    Personality: She has a quick temper but is just as quick to forgive, hence the "Fire" part of her name. She loves to laugh and has the tenancy to spread herself out too thin with activities around town.
    Special Talent: Wind. Be it channeling it in song or helping out with the weather, wind is her strength.
    Bio: Born to upper/middle class parents, Song kept herself busy with school and growing her talent in classical singing. She moved out to make her on path in life a few years ago and has since been working with producing wind for windmills in Ponyville, practicing her singing and helping with town projects in her spare time. Her greatest desire is to sing at court in Canterlot, but that was put on hold after hearing about the war and signing up to help with the making of peace.

    Onyx - NPC
    Name: Onyx
    Race: Diamond Dog
    Age : Pup
    Gender Male
    Appearance Very small, looks more like a normal puppy than a diamond dog at this stage.
    Body/Coat color: Black
    Eye: Deep brown
    Faction: Neutral
    Personality: Bubbly,curious and generally just a bundle of adorable. Also is easily distracted, especially by shiny stuff.
    Bio: Left on the side of a road, recently weaned. No one knows where he came from before Miss Val met him. He doesn't remember, and really doesn't care.

    River Underhill - NPC
    Name: River Underhill
    Race : Unicorn.
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long straight shaggily cut mane and tail, body with hair the same color as her mane around her hooves. Very short, her twisted horn only comes up to the chin of a normal sized pony, her head to their neck. Her face is also different, it's slightly blocker than other ponies, almost like a filled out Arabian head.
    Faction: Works as a civilian for the Peacekeepers
    Body/Coat color:, Light Seagreen
    Mane/Tail color: Red/brown
    Eye: Green
    Cutie Mark: A frying pan the a slice of bacon in it.
    Special Talent: Cooking
    Personality: River is bubbly,ditzy and loves her comforts, but can go without them if need be, and can go deep if required, even if she'll avoid it if at all possible. She hates seeing other ponies sad and will go to great lengths to comfort them. Also is sometimes unaware of the fact that she's so short and wonders what idiot pony made the counters in the kitchen so tall.
    Bio: River is the daughter of a leader of a small clan of ponies that lives near Trottingham. She lived in the hills there happily for her early life between honing her cooking skills and playing in the rivers,hills and meadows right outside of the Everfree forest. When she heard of the growing threat from the dragons attacking small towns, she wanted to do what she could to help them from advancing to a place where they could destroy the home that she loved. She had no fighting skills and didn't desire to hurt anypony so she went to Canterlot to see about joining the Red Hoof, but was sidetracked by the prospect of being a cook for a mess hall for some project that Miss Rarity said might help end the war faster.

    Specialist Archer Trueshot
    Name: Specialist Archer Trueshot
    Race: Earth pony with a zebra ancestor
    Age: Mid Twenties
    Gender: Mare
    Appearance: Average height, very muscular, has a longer tail bone and muscle that she has shaved down to the underfur
    Body/Coat color: Blood Red with slightly darker stripes that are only noticeable up close
    Mane/Feathers color: Gold with silver highlights
    Tail/Talons color: Blood Red
    Eye: Golden
    Faction: Peace Keepers
    Cutie Mark: Three gold and silver arrows crossed
    Special Talent : Sharpshooting, the bow her weapon of choice.
    Personality: Focused and disciplined on staying in top fighting condition at all times, very competitive, not "girly" at all. Can come off as a little stiff at times. Has a vulnerable side that she tries her best to hide.
    Bio: Raised by her father after loosing her mother at birth, Archer has never known anything but the military life, first living with her father, a member of the guard who feed her with stories of bravery and adventure prompting her to start training for the guard. She joined Luna's guard as soon as she was old enough and then gained permission to join the peacekeepers once the war broke out.

    Coma Ataxia
    Name: Coma Ataxia
    Race: Bat Pony
    Age: Mid to late twenties
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Normal looking bat pony with a shortish,shaggy mane
    Body/Coat color: Purple
    Mane/Feathers color: Black
    Tail/Talons color: Black
    Eye: Gold
    Faction: Peacekeepers for now
    Cutie Mark: A brush paining a comet as the base, a long comet tail wraps around his back leg with sparks flying off it

    Special Talent: Painting/Attention to detail

    Personality: Quiet and reserved for the most part, but is passionate about a small number of things that will pull him out of his shell- Painting, The importance of having a safe Equestria, and his special somepony. He is brave, but he never uses bravado, he'd rather just quietly do what needs done no matter the risk so he can get home to a peaceful world or die trying.

    Bio: Coma was raised by his mother after his father died in the services of one of the Princesses during an assassination before he was born. Though he lacked a father he found other male influences in his childhood in Canterlot and had a fairly normal childhood.

    His early adulthood was fairly normal as well, he became an apprentice painter in Canterlot soon as soon as he was out of foal school, enjoyed his work, found a special sompony in an aspiring film director. Life was going great for him, he was about to graduate to being a journeyman painter with his own shop, he had plans to marry Lens once his shop was set up and have an adventurous life of traveling with Lens for her to film and for him to make artworks of distant lands.

    His plans of safety in his adventures were dashed when he got a letter from the royal guard soon after rumors of unrest with the dragons started. The letter asked if he'd be willing to enter a training program for intelligence gatherers due to his father's military involvement and the rarity of bat ponies. It went on saying that they needed ponies that were willing to take risks and go unnoticed under cover of darkness and be able to pick up on important information. It was a long week of thinking, but he finally wrote back saying that he would join the program, feeling that he should do his part to keep his home safe and hoping that it was all a precaution and the threat of dragons was a false one. With that in mind he gave up the bid for the storefront and told Lens the wedding was postponed.

    His hopes were dashed when war became a real thing. He made his way through the training programs and managed to fly unnoticed in dragon camps and pick up scraps of plans valuable to strategists in Canterlot,taking each mission at a time, waiting for the war to end.

    Name: Renew
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Average size, has a unicorn body shape, but Fluttershy style eyes. Her hair is wavy, but she normally keeps it pulled up into a bun that normally will start out neat and proper, but will be messy by the end of the day.
    Body/Coat color: Gray
    Mane/Feathers color: A cool green
    Tail/Talons color: Cool green
    Eye: Purple
    Faction: EMP
    Cutie Mark: A heart stitched together

    Special Talent: Moving cells from one part of the body to another, used almost exclusively in healing. This is applied in areas such as skin grafts that are done by moving a selection of cells that aren't needed immediately from one part of the body to cover a wound, this heals far faster than traditionally done grafts. This same principle is also applied to any tissue in the body for healing internal injuries, however brain tissue is an exception to this.

    Personality: At her work, Renew is calm and collected. She cares for her patients and will be compassionate towards them, but she doesn't let any negative emotions enter the situation. Outside of patient's sight she often times will release the stress accumulated from day to day, her preferred method being writing in a diary while being emotional over a bowl of ice cream.

    Bio: Renew was born in Marehaven to a father that was a doctor and a mother that was a nurse. She had what seemed to be the perfect foalhood, her sister and her were both immersed in science at a young age and were fast tracked to medical school, Renew waiting a year to go so she could be lab partners with her sister.

    She discovered her core talent during her first dissection in college, she was reading the book regarding the anatomy of the frog while her sister started the cuts when she heard a member of the team next to her yelp, the scalpel of one of the ponies had slipped and he was already bleeding. Before she could even process what had happened she'd enveloped the wound and fused the skin together, stopping the bleeding and giving her her cutiemark.

    Once she graduated from medical school she made her way to a hospital in Canterlot where she worked either with another surgeon to reduce risks from major surgeries or by herself in the burn ward. While the work was emotionally draining, she was happy with her life in the big city. She didn't take much advantage of the social opportunities of the city, but the libraries she spent much of her free time, reading books of math and science, perfecting her medical methods and boiling them down to mathematical equations that she engrained into many of her spells to speed up the tissue grafting process.

    Once the war struck Renew signed up for the Red Hoof, seeing that her skills would be better put to use with healing wounds, something she didn't see a lot of in the Canterlot hospital, but she knew would come with a war. She wasn't there long before she was set to teaching other unicorns, something that proved to be difficult to teach since many of them didn't have the capacity to learn the spells that had math attached to it.

    Her ability to integrate magic, mathematics, and medicine brought her to the attention to the newly formed Elite Magical Ponies, and soon after joining the Red Hoof she found herself being transferred to being an EMP herself. She was now faced with less patient care, and more with vast amounts of studying, both of the other EMP's magic and in simplifying her own spells so that the other ponies could use them in a practical way. While she has yet to manage to simplify mending internal organs and large amounts of skin, and mending without scaring, she has managed to have a formula with a spell attached to it that is able to be learned by a unicorn with an advanced knowledge of magic even if they don't have an advanced knowledge of biology that can be used to close a wound and reduce bleeding and risk of infection.

    Aside from the study and teaching that takes up most of her time, Renew tries to do what she can to assist after battles as a doctor. She avoids being the one in charge of triage, but she is often the receiving end of the practice, treating the ponies in the worst shape that are still savable, sometimes being the only hope for a soldier with internal bleeding.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:45 pm
by MagusZeal
ExTecha 5/5 [5/14, 9/14 winner]
    Neon Wave - Retired Deceased
    Name: Neon Wave
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Mane and Tail: Black with neon blue streaks. Constantly flows as if flowing through water.
    Coat: Black
    Eye: Orange and Yellow; see above.
    Faction: E.M.P
    Cutie Mark:
    Special Talent: Water Bending
    Personality: Always coming across as Caring and nice to most people. Only the Pincesses, Twilight Sparkle, his mother, The E.M.P Unicorns, and his daughter Fairy Light, know that while he is not devoid of emotion, he doesn’t feel as strongly as other ponies. His blank emotions are shown on the battlefield. However he understands the need to keep up appearances, and however much he thinks he has few feelings… he deeply cares about every pony.
    Family: Fairy Light (Daughter)

    Bio: The beginnings of Neon are veiled in mystery. He was found less than a year old in the Everfree Forest when some young Fillies braved into the forest on a dare. Although scared, the fillies couldn’t let the baby colt stay there to die so they quickly rushed him to the ponies of Ponyville. Grown ponies couldn’t survive in Everfree Forest, so how did a baby colt manage to do it? Who did he belong to? And why were his horn and the streaks of his main constantly glowing blue… and moving like it was constantly running through water? Regardless of these strange facts, the ponies of Ponyville took the baby colt to canterlot to see if they could find suitable parents.
    After searching for suitable parents they baby was finally taken in by one of Princess Celestia’s Royal Guard, Crescent Shield and his mare, Cherry Blossom. Both of these ponies were gifted unicorns and very kind. They raised Neon like he was their own. As time went on and Neon grew older his mother and father began to notice his lack of empathy. While they knew he was a kind and loving colt, as curious as any other. It was hard for them to physically notice it; he rarely ever showed his emotions. Perhaps whatever happened in Everfree forest affected the colt as a baby… nevertheless the parents loved him all the same and he loved them. One very early morning, Neon was helping his mother tend the garden when his mother caught her first glimpse of his unique talent. As she trimmed her favorite cherry blossom tree, she noticed all of the morning dew slowly seeping off of the tree. Instead of falling to the ground it slowly made its way over to Neon. Within a few minutes Neon had a ring of water circling around him. She was astonished while Neon seemed uncaring about this event, as if he’d done it before. Cherry Blossom and Crescent Shield made haste in getting the colt an entrance examination for Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Celestia herself found time to preside over the examination. It was after all the child of one of her royal guards and her school. After examining the young colt’s affinity for water he was allowed entrance to the school. Seeing his parents so proud caused him to truly smile for the first time.

    He spent the rest of his childhood learning to control his unique power as well as the basic spells that other unicorns could learn. When he was eleven years old his father became deathly ill. There was nothing the doctors, or Neon could do to save him. Following his death, Neon had locked himself away in his room in Canterlot, why had his father died now when Neon should have died as a baby in Everfree forest. Feeling the need to carry on in his father’s place he eagerly attempted to join the royal guard. However, Princess Celestia knew his talents were better suited elsewhere and assigned him to the Knights of Luna. Throughout the years he finished mastering the ability to bend water to his will, learning to master the different forms of water, and even compressing large amounts of water into smaller shapes. He quickly climbed through the ranks of the Knights of Luna. He was well liked by his men and the people of canterlot. Often described as generous and kind, always performing tricks with water for children in canterlot. His mother was so proud of him.

    After the return of Princess Luna, Neon was honored in the royal court as an honorable stallion of Luna and for remaining loyal to the Knights in her absence despite all the malicious stories and the princess’ time spent as Nightmare Moon. Shortly after the ceremony Neon requested a leave of absence. Neon had to know what happened to him in Everfree forest. He wanted to truly smile for his people and live up to being a Stallion of the people. Neon made his way back to his only known place of origin... the Everfree Forest. Once inside Neon, wasn’t heard from in weeks. Fearing the loss of one of their favorite commanding officers, the Knights of Luna organized a small search party along the border of the forest. Just as they were about to enter the forest, Neon emerged from Everfree forest… with a small filly. When asked about his time in the forest he remained silent, and when asked about the baby filly he simply smiled and replied “My daughter”.

    He was later summoned by Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. When asked for the reasons behind his action he answered in truth and Celestia simply replied “Being a stallion of the ponies isn’t about your feelings towards the ponies, it’s about your actions for the ponies. Regardless of what you think you feel, you care more about other ponies than you do yourself.” Neon, shortly thereafter returned to his post as a Knight of Luna. In the following years, his daughter, Fairy light, was with him always, on and off duty. The pair was inseparable. To every other pony, Fairy Light seemed extremely odd, her face seemed somewhat blank most of the time and she rarely said anything. Neon simply explains this as shyness but, only known to him and the princesses, Fairy light and Neon are exactly alike in personality, and both found in Everfree forest. While Fairy light is not his biological daughter, Neon loves her more than any other pony, and it’s easy to see. She brings his emotions to light.

    For the first time, he was content with life for the first time… until war broke out. The DA had awoken and disturbed his happiness and the happiness of the all the ponies he cared for. Knowing that as a Knight of Luna he would not be deployed to the front lines to defend other ponies, he requested a transfer to the newly formed peacekeepers. Princess Luna had expected this from Neon Wave and had already contacted Twilight Sparkle. Neon was placed under Twilight’s tutelage, and became one of twenty unicorns in a secretive unit, the E.M.P. Unlike the other E.M.P. squadmates, he doesn't spew flames that turns into a scroll, he coughs up an unusual amount of water that then forms into the scroll. He now maintains his status as a defender of whatever unit he is assigned to, only using his offensive abilities when completely necessary. He has left the ranks of enlisted behind and now serves as a Second Lieutenant. While on the front lines, his daughter is kept safe in Canterlot. When not actively deployed he spends much of his time trying to socialize with the ponies of Canterlot and keep their spirits up, and raising his only daughter. If anything should happen to her… he doesn’t want to know what monster that would stir in him.

    Miasmic Fear/Haze - Nuked from existence (Retcon)

    Card Sharp - Retired
    Name: Card Sharp

    Race: Earth Pony

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male


    He keeps fairly well dressed for a pony never staying in one place. With brown sleeves belted to all of his legs to the top of the hoof, a brown cloak hangs over his back, belted to his midsection. Perhaps his most notable piece of attire is his shortened top hat, adorned with feathers located on the rear left side of the hat with cogs stuck to the hat directly in front of the feathers. The Ace of Hooves and the Jack of Mares playing cards adorn the right side of his hat. Both of his ears are pierced 3 times along the edge. He nearly always appears to be calm and collected.

    Coat color: Often the drifter, his white coat is often dirtied to a dull grey.
    Mane and Tail: Dark Blue, often mistaken as black. His main is kept fairly short by most standards, while long enough in the front to often fall in front of his face, the back is kept tied into a thin strand (rat tail).
    Eye: Dark Blue

    Faction: Neutral

    Cutie Mark: 3 pony playing cards with a magnifying glass in the middle

    Special Talent: Powerful insight, and the ability to perceive the minutest detail.

    Personality: Calm and collected, however when actually faced with a challenge he becomes manic and excitable. His lust for mental challenges is insatiable and in his own opinion, unrivaled. He loves gambling in his spare time as it is a great way to make money, but more importantly it lets him hone his investigative techniques and insight. He has a penchant for card games in particular because they involve reading and understanding the other players with only the smallest details available.

    Bio: The card family is notorious for its favored saloons and casino’s throughout the lowlier areas of Equestria and even some respected areas such as Appleoosa and Las Pegasus. Sharp is one of four card children. His parents always considered the four kids a blessing, one for each suite of playing card. His father, Full House, is an Earth Pony stallion who claims to have never lost a card game and is one of the wealthiest card sharks around. However his mother, Scarlet Roulette, is a very kind Pegasus mare who is known to be exceptionally beautiful with a scarlet mane and a favored showmare at the Card Casino in Las Pegasus. Now, Sharp has one older brother, one older sister, and one little brother. As a child Sharp was incredibly quiet, unlike his siblings. While his parents worried about this, they were assured it was nothing to worry about. He was often picked on at school for being small for his age; he never seemed to care though. He only ever seemed to be mediocre in his studies. As a card, his father taught him and his siblings the tricks of the trade when they came of age. During these lessons his father noticed that Sharp seemed increasingly more aware than normal. He could guess what his son was doing but couldn’t be sure, so when Sharp was only five years old he did what any reasonable father would do… he pitted his two oldest sons against each other in a game of cards.

    Sharp’s older brother, Stacked Deck, is three years older than Sharp and is a stallion that never goes into any situation without believing that the odds are in his favor. So knowing that he was older, and has more experience, Stacked Deck knew that he had the upper hand. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well for Stacked Deck. The game seemed to drag on, while Stacked Deck thought the game was a stalemate, Sharp’s father, Full House, noticed that his eldest son was about to lose. Not wanting his eldest son to be put in an uncomfortable situation of losing to his little brother, he ended the game. Full House later confronted Sharp, after talking about the game with the colt; he confirmed his suspicions about Sharp’s analytical talents for reading his opponents and his natural insight to his situations. From then on, he began to give Sharp private lessons on games of chance as well as purchasing many books for many subjects of investigation, pony logic, and even psychology. His father was trying to help his son find his place in life.

    Sharp grew and honed his analytical talents and natural insight in the Las Pegasus casino throughout his years as a filly through observing the games in the casino and the research in his books. Sharp’s older brother began to notice the affection his little brother was getting from their father and his jealousy began to mount, which was only increased when Sharp acquired his cutie mark at the age of six while he still did not have one at the age of nine. During Stacked Deck’s tenth birthday, he couldn’t understand what made Sharp so special and he challenged his brother to a game of poker, claiming that he wanted to finish the game that their father stopped when they were kids. Full House was furious that his son was acting like a child on his first day of adulthood. He let the two play each other in order to teach his eldest son a lesson. It was a hard lesson for Stacked Deck. Sharp easily won the card game and left his older brother sitting at the card table alone. Within the week, Stacked Deck had left Las Pegasus. As the next oldest colt in the family, Sharp was set up to take over his father’s business. His father instructed him in the many skills he would need to take over the business, from finances to fashion to even the shadier sides of the business.

    Throughout the years the siblings started going their own ways. He was now sixteen and he had changed a lot since his youth thanks to his father. His analytical and investigative techniques were unmatched. He had even gotten over his youthful reclusive self. He became extremely popular among the people in town. Sharp’s sister, Sweet Spot, had grown into a beautiful pegasus mare like her mother and was an extremely successful seductress and con artist for the Las Pegasus based Mafia. His little brother, Lucky Seven, disagreed with his families morals and went on to join the royal guard in Canterlot. Sharp even kept tabs on his older brother, Stacked Deck, through contacts he had made. Stacked Deck had become a successful bounty hunter in the Midwest, hunting dangerous creatures and wanted gryphons, buffalo, etc. Everything had turned out fairly well for the family.

    Then when Sharp turned seventeen the war broke out, now as unusual as war was to Sharp and his family they all attempted to press on as normal. However, life wasn’t that easy. A few days after the war began, Sharp’s father, disappeared without a single clue as to where he went. Believing that his father wouldn’t just leave, he attempted to use every resource and authority he could to find his father. But with the events in the recent days, no one was willing to help him. His faith in others crushed by the lack of help or even interest from his fellow ponies, Sharp decided he would find his father himself. He would not let the man who taught him everything and the only person who understood him remain lost. He decided to leave everything he had behind. Leaving the casino to is mother, he ventured out into the world himself to look for any sort of clue.

    Now six months later, still no clue. The past six months, Sharp has established a reputation as a private investigator for anyone who will hire, providing the pay is right, and as a notorious gambler. He has worked for both sides of the war, having no love for the ponies who decided to let his father stay lost, and having no clues or evidence to suggest that the Dragon Alliance are behind his father’s disappearance. He has been hired many times by bounty hunters to help track down targets, for a share of the reward of course.

    Sharp still uses old contacts to keep tabs on his family. His sister is still doing well within the Las Pegasus branch mafia. His mother’s age has begun to wear down on her however. His little brother fights on the front lines of the war, and his older brother is still a successful bounty hunter. During the six months of traveling with merchants, drifters, or even ponies who have had homes lost during the war, Sharp has picked up many useful skills. His goal still remains the same, to track down his missing father. But six months without a single clue is starting to wear him down. If whoever took his father is so smart not to leave any clue or trace of evidence… then they certainly know that Sharp is looking for them.

    Silver Aegis - Nuked from existence (Retcon)

    Aether Incision - Nuked from existence (Retcon)
    Ghost Fox
    Name: Ghost Fox
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Body/Coat color: Dark Blue
    Mane/Feathers color: White with blue undertones
    Tail/Talons color: White with blue undertones
    Eye: Gold
    Faction: Neutral
    Cutie Mark: A white fox mask, surrounded by blue Flame
    Special Talent: Thief Magic (Phasing & Illusions)

    Personality: Not one to get hung up on rules or authority, Ghost often finds himself at odds with both sides of the war... and that's just how he likes it. Ghost believes himself to be the highest caliber and class of thief, only targeting object of immense value to somepony or other. Ghost is a pony's pony, he loves to flirt with the mares and associate with the other outlaws of society.

    Bio: Ghost Fox lives for the next score, challenge, and paycheck. Born with the name Fool's Gold, Ghosts parents were honest hard working merchants in Manehattan. Yet for all their hard work, the Gold family weren't very successful and had to take loans from the mafia in order to provide for themselves as well as their only colt. Unfortunately after years of debt when Ghost was only six years old, the mafia had come to collect what was owed. Needless to say, the Gold's couldn't pay. What followed was the unfortunate and gruesome murder of his parents while Ghost was pinned down with his horn under the hoof, made to watch. As the stallions finished the bloody work on the eldest Gold's they all soon began to surround the young colt. Ghost wasn't ready to die, and out of fear, he pulled himself from underneath the stallion holding him down, but not without his horn fracturing under the stallions weight. With tears in his eyes and anger in his heart, Ghost ran off into the streets of Manehattan.

    As the years went by, Ghost scrounged from one city to another. often finding himself in in the prison's of equestria for doing what he had to and stealing what he had to to survive. Due to the injury to his horn, the colt found himself without magical talent and unable to do even the easiest of magical tricks. Eventually the colt found himself in Las Pegasus at the age of nine, with only the skin on his bones and even then he was close to starvation. In a lastditch effort, the colt attempted to grab the wallet of an older stallion of wealthy looks. Yet as the colt made a grab for the wallet, the stallion effortlessly took him down. Interestingly enough the stallion didn't turn him in. Instead the stallion took interest in the boy and took him back to his large home. After feeding him and having his valet clean the boy up, the stallion questioned the colt on his origins. Maybe it was the kindness the stallion had shown or the fact that no one had ever given him a second glance, but Ghost felt like he could trust this old stallion.

    After explaining the tragedy that his life had become, the stallion explained that he too lived a life of poverty as a child. Over the years, the stallion trained himself to be one of the greatest master thieves in Equestria, and having ammassed a fortune to retire on and taken the name of Black Fox, was looking for an heir to his craft. Speechless, the colt could barely believe his luck. Could he finally turn his life around? The answer was yes. With years of rigourous training, the colt became a stallion with the physical prowess of a master thief, but the hardest part was yet to come. Black Fox knew the boy could be greater and always pushed him as hard as possible. Even though his horn had been broken, Black Fox spent years developing the boy's magical skills which slowl grew over time with practice. As it turns out, he had a knack for illusions and even more impressive was the unique ability to phase through walls. Though the latter was far more taxing on the stallion's body.

    Finally at the age of 18... he had learned all he could, and having done so, Black Fox officially adopted the young stallion, naming him Ghost Fox, and announced him as his heir. Together, the pair lived lavish lives who publicly posed as successful bussinessmen and contributed to their community. Yet unknown to the public, the pair effortlessly robbed the most valuable objects they could track down, selling some to the highest bidder and keeping the rest. Feeling that Ghost could finally fend for himself, Black Fox left Las Pegasus to explore the world. Leaving his estate and valet to the young stallion. Since then Ghost continues to maintain his public appearance and still maintain his underworld life as the Ghost. Even with the start of the war, Ghost never discriminates between clients, whether they be pony, dragon, zebra, etc. Yet as the war goes on, Ghost yearns for tougher and tougher challenges.

    Name: Grimhollow
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Body/Coat color: Dark Grey
    Mane/Feathers color: Black
    Tail/Talons color: Black
    Eye: Iced Blue
    Faction: Neutral
    Cutie Mark: Pentagram
    Special Talent: Magical Energy Drain & Magical Knowledge Drain (Contact Required, Magical Energy Drain Causes Addiction)
    Personality: Obsessed with all things Arcane, Grim is typically kind, quiet and respectful. She is often depressing and dreary however, believing that she is a horrible pony and that everything comes with a price. Inquisitive by nature and patient within reasonable limits, Grim spends her spare time practicing all forms of magic, mulling over texts, and collecting rare magical artifacts. However, when the addiction sets in, Grim becomes agitated and irritable, her patience quickly diminishes and she can become quite violent.

    Bio: Grim comes from a family of researchers As her life went on, Grim never lost her fascination with the arcane, the filly quickly blossomed into a prized student of the Ponyville school system. When she came of age, Grim set off into the world to conduct her own studies. In the course of her studies, she met up with Gem Shard, now PhD. As it turned out, Gem had developed a technique that siphoned the magical energies of one item and transfer it to another object. Grim's curiosity was peaked, a technique like this could bring great strides in her studies if she could modify and manipulate the spell. As she continued her trek across the country, Grim slowly began her experiments, at first, Grim learned to siphon the magical energy from the smallest of critters, the magical energy felt euphoric, and as grim moved on to larger creatures and even ponies... she became addicted to the Magical Energy of others. If she didn't siphon off enough Magical Energy at regular intervals... she would begin to suffer side effects, such as glowing eyes, and withdrawals which would make grim edgy, violent, and in need of more.

    When the war started, Grim was back in Ponyville to check on her parents. Instead she was met by one Twilight Sparkle and her guard, it seemed Grim's talents in the field of magic hadn't gone unnoticed. Grim had agreed to a selective training from the field Marshal in return for access to Canterlot Castles magical tomes. A request that was met with a smile and a hoofshake. For the first two months, Grim felt inadequate compared to the other trainees. They all had unique abilities she didn't possess, even if her base magics were stronger. In her frustration, Grim took solace in the old musty tomes, learning anything and everything she could. One night as she flipped through the pages of an untitled work, she came across a passage referencing forbidden magics, magics that provided the opportunity to learn any and everything. As the months went on, Grim escelated to the head of the class, suddenly being able to produce similar spells of the other EMP trainees, though not as potent as theirs. Unbeknownst to the others, with a touch, Grim could reach into their minds and copy the research or backgrounds of any spells or magics known by that individual within seconds, anything they knew about the spell, she would know. However this didn't give her immediate access, she still had to spend hours upon hours to generate a base version of the spell and it would take even longer to gain mastery over the spell. Still, with perseverance... Grim began to excel. Unfortunately, EMP status would not be hers.

    When the final month of training approached, Grim hadn't shown up for training for at least a week. Out of concern, one of the other trainees, a stallion named Pathway, went looking for the Mare. He searched the dorms and the castle grounds, but no luck. Eventually the stallion made his way to the castle library in the dead of the night. Books littered the tables as the moon shined through the stainless glass windows. At the back of the library, Path eventually found Grim, curled up in a corner, shivering. As he approached her, he noticed the normal blue glow in her eyes was gone and she looked practically starved. "How long had she been holed up in here?" thought Pathway. Unbeknownst to the stallion, Grim had been practicing her magics when she realized she needed more Magical energy to continue... but the critters of the castles gardens would no longer go near her and the EMP trainees and the Field Marshal would certainly know if she took energy from them. Grim knew that if she didn't get her hunger under control someone would get hurt. So she reclused herself in the back of the library, hoping no one would look for her until she could learn to manage her need. Unfortunately Pathway did find her, and as he approached her, she seemed completely oblivious to his presence. In her withdrawals and depression, she had become oblivious to her surroundings and had even forgot to eat. Pathway gently nudged the mare, a nudge that caused Grim to snap back to reality. Overtaken with addiction, grim lunged at the pony, catching him off guard as she tackled him to the ground, bringing her hooves down on his neck. With her hooves on the stallions neck and the stallion gasping for air, the mare only felt exasperated as his magical energy flowed into her being. After temporarily draining the stallion, Grim snapped back into reality just in time to remove her hooves from his airway. Grim stood over the stallion as he lay unconscious on the floor. Although he was still breathing, Grim was mortified at what she had done, what she had become.

    So without a word of explanation, Grimhollow left EMP training and has since retreated to the Everfree to protect others from herself and her addiction. No one is quite sure where she lives in the Everfree except perhaps Zeccora. The two maintain a good friendship despite Grims depressing mood. Zeccora has even been helping Grim deal with her needs through alternative sources such as artifacts. Still, Grim refuses to rejoin society, believing herself to be a danger to others, who needs to be ostracized and shunned to protect others from herself. Instead, she has taken to living off the land of the Everfree. For the past 6 months, she has lived in near solitude with nothing but her precious magic, that is both her gift and her curse, to keep her occupied. Grim is perfectly happy to leave the world alone as long as it left her alone in the process.

    Wild Mark
    Name: Wild Mark/Unknown
    Race: Pegasus
    Age: 9
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Having neared maturity, Wild has become quite lithe and spry. Still, rigorous exercise and physical tests have made her muscles hard as stone. Wild keeps her hair pulled back in braids with feathers and beads tied in, with the exception of her mother's braid, which she has tied into her hair and hangs long along the side of her face. Wild keeps an assortment of tools and ingredients in a satchel tightly fitted against her side. Dressing as weather permits, Wild is rather fond of her slightly muddled brown coat and her assortment of belts that she keeps her weapons and foraging tools in. Wild always carries her father's book, which has it's own pouch fitted to one of her legs as well as her sword, dagger, and bow and arrow.
    Body/Coat color: Grey
    Mane/Feathers color: White
    Tail/Talons color: White
    Eye: Purple
    Faction: Equestria
    Cutie Mark: Rifle adorned with fangs and feathers
    Special Talent: Hunting/Marksmanship
    Personality: Wild Mark is often kind, always going out of her way to help others. Having lost her parents and her sister, Wild understands the cruelties of the world and it's monsters. Thus she has made it her mission to help those in need and hunt the predators who would prey on her kind. Wild herself is quite patient, researching her hunts and picking precise methods when time permits. When a challenge proves particularly difficult and a direct confrontation arises, Wild let's her unnamed alter ego assume control. Her alter ego is often rash and takes little serious. She love the thrill of a fight, feeling like it's her purpose in life, like she was born to fight.

    Bio: Wild Mark grew up in the frontier town of Hoofstone with her parents, Arid Fringe (Father) and Graceful Whisper (Mother), and and her elder unicorn sister, Pin Point. Her father was a forager and hunter by trade while Whisper was a retired Royal Guard and instructor. When Whisper left the guard, she left her brother, Arcane Wright, behind in Canterlot to fill in her position while she became a mother of two and followed and protected her husband on his many dangerous hunts.

    Years passed and the two sisters soon blossomed. Once they reached a reasonable age, they were allowed training and participation in the family exploits. The desert of the Hoofterlands and the Everfree were practically second homes for her family. While she exceeded in her lessons in both combat and the hunt, and while her sister was a far superior shot (not mention aided by magic), Wild's wings gave her a far superior agility. The only thing that made Wild happier than her lessons and burying her nose in the notes her father kept on different plants and predators, and when Uncle Wright came to visit for leave. Her uncle always took the time to bring her something knew, monster books or trap manuals. Whatever he could whisk away from the Canterlot library for a while. Life was perfect.

    When the attacks on Marehaven, Las Haygas, and Hoofstone came, no one was ready for it. The swarms of dragons covered the sky above Hoofstone, and before long fire rained from the sky. Wild and her sister watched as their parents ran out to help defend the townsfolk. Everything went from bad to worse, the fillies watched their mother get swooped up and dropped onto the flagpole in the center of town and she held her father's book tight in tears as he was ripped asunder trying to get to his wife. Soon the fires were spread to all the homes and the dragons were searching door to door. Soon enough a dragon burst through the door of the families of the small townhouse of the family, finding the two girls hiding in the closet, Wild crying quivering as her older sister standing over her. Pin did her best to shield them but the dragon quickly broke through, snatching Pin away from her cowering sister. Wild looked on as the dragon held Pin up by her mane. What could she do? She wasn't strong enough for this... she needed help.

    As if answering her prayers, a voice echoed through her head, saying that sisters always help sisters. The voice soon took control of Wild's body with a grin and a bounce in it's step. Moving quick than Wild ever could and striking decisive blows on the Dragon's anatomy that wild herself had memorized from her father's book. Yet as the new personality assaulted the dragon's with a childish glee, the fiery building began to crumble. Having been let go of in the heat of battle, Pin caught her breath only to notice the main beam of the house giving out. In a mad dash, Pin rushed to her younger sister. The beam crasher to the floor, catching the dragon on the head, but Pin managed to push wild out of the way and through the alley side window, only to have the main beam fall on her own back, crushing her on the floor. Wild and her new protector could only watch as the building crumbled down on top of her sister, the filly's screams echoing from within. The dragon's quickly fled the smoldering ruins of what was once Hoofstone behind, leaving Wild all alone with nothing but corpses, ash, and her new sister to keep her company.

    For four days, Wild gathered up as many body's as she could, even going so far as to bury them all by the flagpole. She made sure to hold on to her mother's braid and her father's book of plants an monsters. For 3 days she didn't dug holes, didn't eat, didn't sleep, and didn't drink. She promised herself she'd live up to her family's name. Be the hunter she was born to be. As the fourth day came around, her body ached and starved, her vision blurred and she could barely move. As her body collapsed on the town's barren floor, she could hear rustling behind her and as her vision faded, she could see an outline of a pony-esque creature running towards her and the words "SOMEPONY'S STILL ALIVE!"

    Days later, Wild awoke in a Canterlot hospital bed with her Uncle Wright crying over her bedside. It seems Arcane Wright led the scouting team to Hoofstone to check on his loved ones, yet after seeing Wild unconscious before the graves of his sister, niece, brother-in-law, and at least fifteen other townsfolk, he broke down in tears and had been crying off and on at Wild's bedside. After debriefing the Royal Guard, Wild and her uncle made an oath to look out for one another and never stop hunting those that would hunt their kind. Since then Wild has become a hunter in her own right. Nearing adulthood, she has trained and studied rigorously with her uncle throughout the year. She often traverses the Everfree and other predatory hunting grounds alone while Arcane occupies himself with his EMP duties. She has come to think of her split personality as a boon since it far exceeds her combative capabilities and has since begun to think of it like a sister. Still nothing could fill the void of her family. She carries her father's semi-charred hoofwritten book everywhere she goes, even adding more pages when the situation arises.

    Name: Bombshell
    Race: Crystal Earth Pony
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Bombshell's crystal white skin has suffered from heavy burns, leaving patches and stripes of her body as off-color burn marks, the most noticeable of which is the burn ranging from the right side of her face down her right front. More often than not, a large brown leather trenchcoat rides along her back, her legs never in the actual sleeves (causing them to hang back in the wind or just hang at the sides) Aside from her custom made gauntlets, small leather straps are wrapped around each leg. Her blonde mane is often tied back and hanging to the right, covered only by her brown commander's bus cap.

    Body/Coat color: Crystal White (Burn spots and stripes are a mix of off white/burnt flesh colored)
    Mane/Feathers color: Blonde
    Tail/Talons color: Blonde
    Eye: Brown
    Faction: Equestrian
    Cutie Mark: A pisspot with a burning fuse inside of a gear
    Special Talent: Munitions Design and Close Quarters Brawling
    Personality: Bombshell is a fairly likeable personality. Always optimistic and the joker. Still, Bombshell knows that not every situation calls for humor. When it comes to protecting her troops, friends, and family Bombshell's personality can become cold towards those that would do them harm. Bombshell becomes a quiet isolationist when left to her own devices in a lab, often too focused to pay attention to anyone or anything else. In the warzone or just the occasional brawl she's been known to indulge in, her excitement shows.

    Bio: Bombshell's story follows just like her little sister's (Glinting Blow). As children, Bombshell would always tease and pick on her little sister, not unlike any other pair of siblings. Her favorite thing to do was wrestle, a contest Glint has still yet to trump her in. As the two grew older, Bombshell took interest in anything of mechanical origin, taking apart toys, clocks, or anything with gears or similar mechanisms. She would disassemble them and try to mix and match.

    When Sombra took power, Bombshell stood by her family. And when the family was rounded up, Bombshell wrung the neck of the soldier that layed hoof on her little sister. For the violent outburst, Bombshell was separated from her family and sent to work in a connected mine to work double shifts in solitude. Her only moments with her sister and the other workers was during the very few hours she got to sleep and eat, even fewer considering she often spent that time helping her sister spread good stories and lifting spirits. After a year, the teen turned mare hit a pocket of a hard mineral that burst outward in a small fiery burst. While uninjured, this mineral proved to be a problem in times to come... it was like mining on a minefield. Time and time again, Bombshell hit pockets like these causing small burns and injuries... still, she was forced to work without leniency, much to her family's concern. After a while though, she came to recognize the mineral and began to avoid it though. Before long, however, the mineral pockets seemed to be all that was left... to get to the other crystals, she would have to mine through the minerals.

    Before that time came however, the unnatural silence filled the adjacent mineshaft, a sound that she hadn't heard since her time in the mine. Before long she could hear the roars filling the other caverns and could only guess what was going on. Still, she had to deal with her own guards. Soon the four guards rushed in to keep her from joining her family and the other workers. She wouldn't be able to take them all on. In a last ditch-effort, Bombshell struck at one of the large explosive deposits sparking an explosive reaction in the cavern sending her and the guards flying from the cavern. Her crystal skin ablaze, and rolling in the dirt in agony, she blacked out

    When she awoke, she was shocked to discover that time had left her and her family behind. Still, she knew others would threaten her family and set off into this new world with her younger sister to make a difference. Since then she has made a difference in the war against the alliance. Elevating through the ranks, she established the Experimental Engineer Corps. They would be the first ones to test out the experimental designs in the field. Having developed the mineral that had made her years in the caverns into one of the foundations of Equestrian munitions and explosives, Bombshell created a few personal devices for herself. Mainly her gauntlets that when enough force is applied (through a punch) for instance, a group of shells would burst out towards the victim. Still as she elevated through the ranks, she kept tabs on her sister, her home, and her family. Vowing that she would never be powerless like she once had been.

    Elegant Shard
    Name: Elegant Shard
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (As a Colt) (Adult)

    Body/Coat color: White (More often seen in other colors due to his Glamor spell)
    Mane/Feathers color: Purple, cascading down to red (More often seen in other colors due to his Glamor spell)
    Tail/Talons color: Purple, cascading down to red (More often seen in other colors due to his Glamor spell)
    Eye: Purple (More often seen in other colors due to his Glamor spell)
    Faction: E.M.P.
    Cutie Mark:
    Special Talent: Glass Manipulation Magic

    Personality: Kind and caring, Elegant always puts others first. Even in a fight, Elegant will always choose the nonlethal path until he is no longer given a choice. Elegant is a caregiver and believes even the DA deserves a chance. Still while this often puts him at odds with his twin sister, Nightingale, he still holds firm to his beliefs. Elegant has always brought joy and beuty to others through his modeling, singing, and dancing career. When not tending to his E.M.P. duties, he is often seen tending to the sick and injured with Fluttershy and Rarity, improving morale with Pinkie Pie, performing with Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, or embracing his modeling career with Photo Finish. Though he can hold his own with the best of the E.M.P's, he prefers to take the war off the mind's of his fellow ponies... even if only for a little while.

    Bio: Fashion Model, Musician, Caregiver, and Caregiver. All word used to describe Elegant Shard.

    Since his colthood, Elegant has always been the sentimentally beautiful soul. Born into a lower class life in Canterlot, as one-half of a pair of twins, Elegant was no doubt the sweetest of the pair. While his twin sister toiled over her studies, Elegant surrounded himself with admirers. Making objects of beauty such as glass flowers and sculptures for all of the other colts and fillies. Elegant was always the first colt to be asked to any school dance or outing, yet he always refused, saying that he would prefer to dance with them all rather than cause fighting amongst them. His fascination with beautiful things only grew with time, and although it marked him as different than other colt's his age, he set out to embrace it.

    While Nightingale was sent to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, Elegant underwent training of his own. For year's Elegant pursued all facets of beautiful expression. His mother promised him that even though his sister had received the honor of being a student in Celestia's school, he too was gifted; and so she followed every possible avenue to get him the best instructors. Dance, Fashion Design, Elocution, Crafts, Music, and Acrobatics. While his sister was blessed with the finest in Magic; he was blessed in the finest in Beauty and Art.

    After year's of lessons, Elegant, who was nearly an adult, was finally ready. News of Photo Finish hosting a talent show in a few weeks in search of new "Magics," had Elegant all aflutter as he set to work immediately. His mother and father had worked themselves to the bone to see their son get the education he wanted while Nightingale was away, so he would call on their help once more to make them proud. For day's, Elegant labored to find all the materials necessary for his act and then weeks more to make sure everything was perfect. He composed a song for his father and mother to play for his act, then set about making his outfit, the materials of which he had spent all of his earnings from chores done over the years to purchase. He danced for weeks and practiced his magical routine. Finally he was ready.

    Sitting through the previous acts was the hardest thing that Elegant has ever had to do, even to this day. The pressure he felt was enormous. All of the other acts were so great and all of the contestants were older and more experienced. The crowd seemed to entail nearly everyone in Canterlot. Yet as his legs trembled, two hooves pressed lightly against his shoulders, the hooves of his parents. His parents were proud of him whether he won or not, and that meant more to him than anything else in the world; and so his act finally came.

    When the curtains opened, the crowd looked on as the colt, stood before them with no fashion garb on whatsoever. While they looked on bewildered, Elegant's father took his place in front of the Piano and began to play. As the piano rang out over the crowd, they looked on and marveled as vines of glass curled up the stage towards the colt. When Elegant's mother took her place on the synthesizer, the glass vines had begun to crawl up Elegant's legs; and as his father began to sing, he became encased in an orb of glass. With his father's first line of "Please don't go," The orb erupted into the shape of a large flower and standing in the center of the beautiful creation stood Elegant, wrapped in a beautiful floral outfit made of fine purple and pink silk, adorned with smaller glass flowers. Glass vines stretched up his sleeves towards his neck, then jutting out to create a beautiful collar of glass, twisted into beautiful floral decorations. His Mane was pulled back into a ponytail with his bangs still hanging neatly in front of his face. As he stepped off of the flower, it shifted into a beautiful mare made of glass, appropriate to his size. Taking it in close, the colt and the glass Mare began to dance to the music down the runway. The dance comprised of elements coming from both ballet and waltz. He was a vision of beauty and grace to all onlookers, the crowd staring in awe. As the colt and glass mare reached the end of the runway, more glass flowed from behind the stage and began to make stairs over the crowd. Soon, the pair were dancing high above the crowd, and as the two reached the top of the stairs that Elegant had created, the song ended with the glass mare appearing to melt, leaving Elegant to close his eyes, smile, and hope for the best. Immediate applause shocked the colt, as the glass stairs shifted and carried him back to the stage below. Photo Finish took the stage without hesitation, shouting out to all of Canterlot that Elegant Shard, had "The Magics."

    For years to come, Elegant became a celebrity amongst the people. Traveling the world with Photo Finish, performing with great musicians such as Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, and doing everything he could to bring beauty to the world. When the first DA attack on Equestria came, Elegant joined the red hoof to help other ponies. Before long, he had begun to host benefit gala's for the red hoof and other organizations like it. Soon, Nightingale approached him with a rather unusual offer. A chance to undergo training with her to be part of a special unit of ponies who were gifted in magic. At first Elegant refused, stating that she was the magical talent in the family and that he was too focused on taking the average pony's mind away from the war by continuing to bring beautiful things to ponykind rather than more destruction. His sister then raised a good argument that he displayed as much control with his own magic as she did with hers; and that in doing this, he would be able to protect more ponies this way. After thinking on it, Elegant agreed and underwent E.M.P. training.

    Since his initiation into the E.M.P. unit, Elegant has continued to devote himself to ponykind as well as the creation of beautiful art and objects. Equestria is too beautiful a place for violence and destruction, and Elegant just wants to see the beauty of it blossom.

    Name: Nightingale
    Race: Unicorn
    Age: Thirty-One
    Gender: Female
    Coat: White
    Mane/Tail: Black with Teal ends, occasionally streaks of shadow will wisp off
    Eyes: Teal
    Faction: E.M.P
    Cutie Mark: A teal star, now being devoured by shadow
    Talent: Shadow manipulation and shadow summoning from the shadow nether

    Personality: Cold, judgmental, and inquisitive. Nightingale has suffered in the shadow nether and it changed her. While once understanding and even willing to show mercy on the DA, this has changed and she has become cold and callous. She bears righteous hatred against the alliance and blames them for her imprisonment in the nether and for the shadow's curse. At times she can be heard talking to herself and since her awakening from the coma has even been rumored to speak to the shadows themselves.

    Bio: Twin sister of elegant shard and once a prodigy of magic. As a child she looked after her weak and often bullied brother, at least until she was accepted into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorn's. After years of toiling through tomes, schoolbooks, and anything else she could find. She was proud to be one of the first students to offer the extremely talented Twilight Sparkle into the school, especially after hearing about her hatching of the dragon's egg. Other than that though, the two didn't communicate much as they had their own studies to attend to.

    Years later, Nightingale became one of the first of the candidates selected for E.M.P. training, however, she argued that her twin should be allowed the same opportunity since he posessed his own knack for magic tat only she understood at the time, and the fact that he was a far greater force of charisma should the need ever arise. And so it was the two became part of Field Commander Twilight's elite unit of magical ponies. Elegant went off to continue his self-imposed duties and continue performing, meanwhile Nightingale remained with Commander Wither in Canterlot. Nightingale spent most of her time overseeing the castles library and helping Commander Wither with his work.

    As the Gala dawned on Canterlot, Commander Wither's research on empires long passed bore fruit. Through ancient tomes and his own necromancy, Wither had come to discover an item of strategic importance, The Collar the Nether. Years ago, a small empire used the power of the shadow nether to rule their dominion. Overnight the empire vanished, devoured by the nether itself, or so the legends went. The Collar of the Nether was rumored to be handed down through the empires royalty, but disappeared with the empire itself. Wither discovered this was not the case, and in fact had found the location. Unfortunately it lay deep underground and the only entrance was a series of caverns deep in alliance territory. If the alliance should discover the collar, it could give them secrets to an empire of powers untold. And so Wither sent Nightingale off with a small contingency of three in civilian garb to retrieve it.

    After a month and a half of grueling travel, the group finally arrived at the entrance to the cavernous system. After a few more days travel underground, the quartet came into a large cavernous opening. The cave gave way to a large elegant hall, pillars stood from the marble floor to the ceiling, some lay broken over or cracked. Torn portraits of ponies in ancient royal garb lined the walls along with stained glass windows, most of which were broken as the cave forced itself in. At the end of the hall, a large marble statue of a pony reaching for something. A brilliant silver collar lined the statues neck, untouched by moss or growth and obviously a different color. Before the group could proceed towards the statue however, the sound of flesh ripping and the spray of blood from behind caused Nightingale turn to see two large black dragons standing over the corpses of her contingent, the throats ripped from claws and bleeding all over the floor.

    Although a magical powerhouse in her own right, Nightingale was no match for both dragons at the same time in such confined spaces and eventually fell on the floor with her body mangled. The dragon's mocked and laughed at her as she crawled over to the statue, pulling herself along the floor in a sliding motion. One of the dragon's pulled the collar from the statue and dangled it above her head, taunting her and taking amusement in her pain. In an act of arrogance or naiveté, he latched the collar around Nightingales neck, mocking her and saying that if she wanted the item so bad, she would die with it. As the collar clasped around her neck, the connecting device disappeared and the collar constricted around her neck. Suddenly the only thing she could see was darkness and the only sounds she could hear were the dangling of chains, the flutter of feathers, and a beautiful voice filling the darkness, cooing to her.

    Months later, her brother led a task force int the caverns in search of her. Upon entering the cavern, they found the bodies of the deceased as well as Nightingale, laying against the statue still breathing and comatose. Alongside her stood two immobile black dragons. Upon closer inspections, their eyes were filled with an inky black substance that dripped down their faces and had made puddles along the floor. Elegant retrieved his sister and returned her to Ponyville where Renew and several of the best medical examiners could do nothing to wake her and were left confused as her wounds had closed up and bore no signs of scarring. The collar itself had attached itself to her skin and could not be removed safely.

    And so for months, Nightingale lay in bed, blissfully unaware to the onlookers. Often she would toss and turn in bed as if experiencing a nightmare, but it would subside with time. And so it was, until just recently that she awoke to the world once more, it's blinding light dazzled her and it's sounds like peaceful melodies to her ears. However, she had not awoken unscathed, it seemed that during her escape from the nether, she carried part of the nether back with her. Her cutie mark now lay under a new design of twisting shadow, devouring the teal star.

    After collecting herself, she was reunited with her brother. However, the reunion was cut short by an emergency call to the Hoofterlands by Fantasia Doo. Even after being warned about the dangers of setting out so soon after awakening from her coma, she set out with Elegant to the Hoofterlands only to find her magic had seemingly abandoned her. Still, through serious strain and mental anguish, she managed to keep up with her brother. Arriving too little to late, the duo arrived only to find the corpses of an adult dragon and her fellow E.M.P. Neon Wave. Rage filled her heart and even as the adult dragon gasped for air, a voice within her pushed her to action and new found power. Her eyes filled with an inky black smoke and the dragon wailed as his stomach erupted out in a storm of ravens, their forms circling the beast as shadow drifted off of their feathers. Soon they descended upon the dragon and began to pick the scale flesh from it's bones. Nightingale looked on as the dragon gasped it's very last breath and the birds picked away at it's corpse.

    Nightingale has yet to share about her trip into the nether, about the the years that passed inside the nether while only months passed outside, or even about her mysterious benefactor that travels with her at all times. Commander Wither has taken responsibility for her, feeling poorly about causing her current condition, and has ordered that any concerns be brought to him first. And so Nightingale remains an E.M.P., cold and unmerciful to dragonkind, taking a much more active role in their extermination since the events of the Hoofterlands train. After recent months, Nightingale has been bestowed the title of "The Shadow's Cursed" by the troops and even in some Alliance circles.

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by MagusZeal
Zweihander 2/2
    Name: Mikael "Zweihander" Tercel
    Name: Mikael "Zweihander" Tercel
    Race : Gryphon
    Age : 27
    Gender : Male
    Appearance :


    A well-built, yet stocky griffon. With a messy crest of feathers and light bags under his eyes, he always portrays a "tired" persona out to most beings. However, he always takes great care to clean and maintain his coat. However, a very notable feature is his large, mottled scar located on his throat.

    Body/Coat color: Light brown, almost tan
    Feathers color: Dark brown
    Talons color: Yellow
    Eye: Emerald, Hazel, or Dark Green (alternates)
    Faction (Factions found here):
    Personality: Always one with a bad joke or cheesy pun in the quiet times between contracts, Mikael Tercel is a "friend to all" sort of griffon. However, when drunk or after a fight, he is often much more sombre than usual. He also gets tired very easily while flying, though this is due to his smaller wings.


    This brown-feathered warrior is a member of the relatively small Halden Clan, a griffon tribe that originates in a fairly large forest known as the "Haldenwald". This great taiga forest is relatively wild territory, with a large amount of iron deposits beneath the ground. With such bountiful natural resources, it was only fitting griffons would find their way here, and eventually adapt to their home. Halden griffons are characterized by a shorter, stockier build and amaller wings, befitting of their chosen trades of lumber and mining. Mikael was born in the Haldenwald to these peculiar tradesgriffons, and learned at a young age how to hack and chop with both arms to bring a tree down, or mine a tunnel. When he later fought in a small skirmish with a neighbouring clan, he discovered that his ingrained skill of hacking and chopping proved quite beneficial with large swords.

    Taking up the cultural weapon of the Halden, the mighty "Zweihander" (Two-handed), he also took the name of his chosen weapon as a moniker of sorts. At the age of 16, he set out to the wide world to find his fortune as a mercenary in the troubled lands of the griffons. However, when the war of the Dragon Alliance brought the griffons into the Elder's fold, Mikael decided that these dragons did not have the best interests of the griffons in mind. A pariah now amongst his own people, he retired from mercenary life and lied low, waiting for a chance to dethrone the dragons from Griffon land.

    Johan Schütze
    Name: Johan Schütze
    Race: Griffon
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: The most notable thing about Johan’s appearance is his “unique” exterior. His chest, and spine are encased in metal armour, with his face covered by a leather breathing mask (although he will generally cover this with a helmet). Both of his wings, his hindlegs, and his left arm are missing, replaced by prosthetics. His body, where it shows, is thin (almost gaunt), with ribs showing under the skin. His voice, muffled by his mask, is charismatic but cold.
    Coat color: Light Gray
    Feathers color: Dark Gray
    Talons color: Yellow
    Eye: Although generally not visible, they are a brilliant emerald.
    Faction: Dragon Alliance
    Personality: Calculating and suave, Johan was a social butterfly before the airship accident that took his arm and wings. Prideful yet resourceful, his personality has insured his climb in the Dragon Alliance navy in quick time.
    Bio: Born in the backwater Halden Clan, Johan was crippled from his very birth; he came out of his mother missing both of his legs. Luckily, his place of birth is what allowed him to survive. While in other, larger clans a crippled cub would be slain or left to die from exposure, the Halden treated every birth as an equal. Given a primitive pair of cold-resistant prosthetics, Johan grew up relatively normal, if a bit more introverted than his peers.

    Eventually reaching young adulthood, Johan studied the sciences of artillery use and gunsmithing, drafting several unique designs of cannon and pistol during his private studies. After several failures, he came up with his signature weapon; the “Blutgreif” musket. A tribarreled creation, it used several mechanisms to allow a user three shots in relatively quick succession before a full reload. Meant as a more “primitive” and therefore cheaper alternative to the already existing revolver technology, he kept his designs hidden and secret… until the war began.

    Johan was 29 when he was shipped off to Equestria, a captain of a ground-support airship, the “Natter-Traum”, or “Serpent’s Dream” in his native Halden dialect. With a good eye for arcs and cannon, he was efficient in his use of artillery on ground emplacements, paving the way for soldiers of the Dragon Alliance to take positions. However, on a routine patrol, he was ambushed by an Equestrian zeppelin. Un-optimized for air combat, the Serpent’s Dream fell to the ground quickly, its hull splintering like matchsticks. Johan, unable to escape due to an (un)lucky ballista shot that pinned him to the deck, fell with his ship.

    After several months, Johan awoke in a Dragon Alliance laboratory. As a result of the crash, both his right arm and wings required amputation, and his lungs were damaged by the inhaled dust and splinters of the crash. The scientists and cotors, moving quickly, installed an experimental magical device to Johan. Consisting of a magically-infused filter and several breathing tubes, the device was an attempt on making a “fool-proof” gas mask. While a success, it required in-field testing… which Johan proved to be the perfect subject for. Johan would never be able to breathe normal air again, for fear of ruining his now-fragile lungs. Protecting the tubes with a leather mask, Johan awoke seeing the world through tinted protective lenses and the tight confines of leather on his face.

    After another month of rehabilitation with his new arm, Johan went out in the world once more to serve the Dragon Alliance as best he could: with large guns. Reassigned from the Navy to the Army, he became the commanding officer of an artillery detachment. With a dozen guns under his command, the Captain was ready to wreak havoc on the Equestrians that stole his one, free form of movement.

    His sky.

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by MagusZeal
Two Bits 1/2
    Name: Nightflight

    Race: Pegasus

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Wiry, lean, and nimble; just a little below average height. Very physically fit, though ranking more in the the "speed, agility, and endurance" side than "sheer force of strength". Her mane is cut short, with a choppy forelock and a general appearance of tousled shorn edges. The tail follows in the same suit, though remains at full length. In addition to a simple dagger sheathed and bound to her left forehoof, Nightflight also has carefully rigged an array of smaller, more subtle blades underneath some of her wing feathers, for use either in a surprise wing-thrash slashing attack, or to be detached as throwing knifes or backup weapons.

    Body/Coat color: Charcoal gray

    Mane/Feathers color: Mane is pitch black; wing feathers are the same gray as her coat, but dusted with vaguely darker coloration along the outer primaries and feather tips.

    Tail/Talons color: Black

    Eye: Goldish-brown

    Faction: Bounty Hunter

    Cutie Mark: a black silhouette of an outstretched wing, surrounded with three small white stars

    Special Talent: Nighttime/darkness flying and navigation

    Personality: Nightflight is--perhaps not surprisingly--a night owl. She feels her best when the stars show themselves in the sky, when all other ponies have fallen asleep and the world is peaceful and cloaked in shadow and silver moonlight. Of course, all her nighttime escapades do leave her rather tired during the day, and while she can stay awake enough to function at her job she becomes somewhat slow, dull, and indisposed to chatter, tending to spend most of her free daytime reading or eating. Other ponies will find it far easier to befriend her after the sun goes down, when her personality livens and she becomes more amicable and responsive--or even a bit of a dry smart aleck, when she's feeling bold or riled up enough. Although Nightflight can be sociable and enjoy friendly and rambunctious company to a point, too much noise or interaction can still overwhelm the quiet pony, and what she truly values is those cathartic nights spent alone, testing her limits or even just admiring a moonlit landscape from the freedom of the skies. In this vein, one of her eventual goals for after the end of the war (perhaps the only clearly defined one right now, to be honest) is to someday make a cross-country flight across Equestria, beyond the Badlands and to the northern tundra, and then back again--all by the gentle light of Princess Luna's moon and stars.

    Regardless of not officially being part of the military or any other organized order, Nightflight still makes a point of keeping up a fitness regime out of necessity for both her day job and her less confrontational nocturnal ventures (plus, she's come to take a fair bit of pride in her lean and healthy physique, and is not about to let it collect idle bulk anytime soon!) That said, to the surprise of some starting to know her, she DOES also enjoy her fair share of reading when circumstance allows (primarily fantasies or comedic novels, with some literary masterworks sprinkled in), browsing comics, and even a little bit of tabletop dice-rolling, and while far from being a master of any she can certainly surprise ponies sometimes with the gleeful, geeky-grinning references and explanations she spouts out from time to time.

    Bio: Nightflight was but a wee little schoolfilly the weekend she, her parents, and a couple of other pegasi with their foals went group camping in the mountains near her birthtown, Las Pegasus. Nightie was a reclusive little filly, preferring to entertain herself rather than spend much time mingling with other ponies--but she was rather adventurous, and on their second night at the campsite the two other foals did manage to talk her into sneaking away for an unsupervised exploration of the mountains while their parents slept. After some minutes it became apparent the other foals were approaching their adventurous thresholds, as they stuck mainly to the ground and the lower branches of what trees were around--Nightflight, however, continued to venture boldly higher and higher, right up near the top of the tree line. She had barely spent two minutes looking out over the mountains from a treetop before a strong gust suddenly blew in, lifted her up, and tossed her wildly back at the trees, much to the horror of the other foals watching.

    Frightened, Nightie acted on first impulse, unfurled her wings and shifted her weight to veer aside, barely avoiding a collision with a tree trunk. And the next. And the one after that. All other thought was driven from her mind as the filly focused only on what was immediately in front of her, twisting, swerving, and looping past all night-shadowed obstacles and danger with a dexterity and instinct usually heard of only in practiced mares and stallions. Even after she was able to slow her momentum and come to a shaken landing safe on the ground, Nightflight stood frozen for a few moments, head swimming with the roaring thrill and rush of racing and navigating almost blind through an unknown environment, alone in the cold shadows of night with the wind's chill surging through her feathers and coat. Far from being terrified by the experience, Nightie found that she had LOVED it. Somehow, the uncertainty and adrenaline of what had just happened struck a chord in the young filly, igniting a craving for thrill and excitement that she had never known she possessed. In that moment she was finally brought back down to earth by a silvery glow building at her flank, and she turned her head to find her cutie mark materializing in what remained of its fading light.

    Even after she grew enough to move out on her own and get a temp job helping supervise Las Pegasus' cloud surfing attraction, she would spend her nights heading out of town to find newer, riskier environments and places to race through in the moonlight, over time honing her courage and reflexes enough to begin considering making a living off of it somehow. She never did think of how to make it happen, though her nighttime talents made her a valuable contributor to the occasional nocturnal search and rescue down below the clouds. Once news of the revived Dragon War reached her ears, however, Nightflight realized she was not content to merely stay at home and twiddle her hooves hoping other ponies would make things better. Even if she didn't quite feel fit to officially join the army, she felt she could at least start by helping to keep things a little safer on the home front. So it was that after setting aside a number of months teaching herself how to deftly handle small blades and some limited unarmed hoof-to-hoof combat, Nightflight set out to make a name for herself as a bounty hunter, tracking down and subduing wanted criminals or other creatures with warrants through nonlethal means if possible, but with more force when necessary.

    (Nightflight's start in the RP will be after several months of tracking down outlaws, and my intent is for her to eventually work her way up to joining the Freelancers division of the Peacekeepers.)

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by MagusZeal
White Mocha 1/2
Name: Longshot
Race: Unicorn
Age: Early- to mid-thirties (He doesn't know for sure)
Gender: Male
Apperance: Link to pic, beacuse I can't seem to get the pic seperate. Tall and lank in reinforced black barding with a symbol of Luna's eyes in a circle of stars on it's chest. His eyes show the mental scars that his body fails to bare.
Coat: Blue
Mane/Tail: Dark blue
Eyes: Amber
Faction: Currently unaffiliated
Cutie Mark: A bullet having just ricocheted, giving off a spray of sparks.
Talent: (Believes:) Skill with firearms (Truth:) Drives people to action. When indecisive, he makes the matter clear and simple. When depressed, he pulls them out of it. When feeling helpless, he gives them the means to act. He doesn't pass judgement on what they do, so long as they do something. This can lead to things both good and ill.

Personality: Longshot wad a deeply principled stallion who's been broken. He still wants to cling to his ideals but no longer believes himself worthy of them. He has an analytical mind and he can put this to good use, but he's torn up emotionally and his buttons are easily pushed. He is relentless once he's taken up a cause, however; once he's determined what should be done he will take whatever course of action is most likely to succeed, however slim the odds.
Bio: Longshot was born to another Equestria that had already been torn apart by war (namely Fallout: Equestria) to a family of mercenaries called the Night Watch, who swore to "Keep watch in Equestria's darkest night, until the return of the Light." He and his childhood friends grew up getting unparalleled combat training for the era, along with a moral code unheard of at the time. They believed they would be the ones to change the world. It was a dream that died when the Watchers were betrayed and all but wiped out. Longshot has since spent a decade in the wastes, mostly on his own, trying to do what he could. He had many small successes, and some prolific failures. Most notably; he was involved in the refounding of Ponyville, but was also there when it fell to a massive raider attack, turning it into a raider stronghold.

He's heard of a magic mirror that might be found in the catacombs underneath the unbelievably dangerous city of Canterlot and seeks escape from the hell of the wastes, and from the reminders of his failures.

To the mods:
The mirror I mention at the end is Starswirl's, as seen in the comics, not the movies. I expect Lingshot's first RP would start with him exiting an identical mirror and setting out to explore the alternate world he escaped to. Also, shouldn't I be listing the equipnent I'd like Longshot to come over with and the spells he knows somewhere in here?