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Character limit

Postby Korkoa » Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:42 pm

The purpose of this topic is to explain the character limit Dragons in Equestria has, and deal with related issues.


Currently, the limit on characters is 2 per player(except einsUNDcolt he gets more). Now, some of you sharp-eyes RPers may have noticed that some players have more than 2. The reason for this is that when this RP was first created, the character limit was 4. That quickly became a problem, and so the number was dropped. However, instead of having those players chose which characters to keep and which to kill, they were essentially grandfathered into the new rule, allowing them to keep their characters.


Now, some of you may be upset that certain players have more character than you're allowed, but rest assured it doesn't have to stay that way. Events such as short story contests will be run outside of the RP, the prize for which is an extra character slot. Now, don't worry if someone with 4 characters wins that, they don't automatically get to make a 5th. Their character slot number is technically still at 2, so they have to even that out with their current characters before getting new ones. This means they would have to win 3 contests before getting to make a new character.

Besides winning new character slots, there is no other way to get a new character if your current slots are filled, other than killing or retiring a character. Retiring a character means they may be used as an NPC, but their involvement in the RP is severely diminished, and they cannot be used all the time.


Okay this is gonna be the hardest one to understand. Because of the fact Admins are controlling both major canon characters from the show, and some lesser ones we end up with a larger roster to work with. This though only really applies to the Equestria side, on the Draconic Alliance side new individuals will need to be created and 'manned', for lack of a better term. These individuals will be listed as Admin Toons, as they're not our actual characters, but are needed for the RP to function. Because of their nature though each Admin will end up with a side roster of these individuals. So please do not hate, we have to put handle a lot of stuff on the back end to make this RP function and not let it descend into DBZ/Gurren Lagann levels of absurdity.

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Re: Character limit

Postby MagusZeal » Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:20 am


The mechanics of retiring a character are being modified to better allow people to work themselves out of either holes they've written themselves into or other plot issues they've created. So at this time retiring a character will still open the slot up and the character will be given to the Mod/Admin team to use as they see fit. The larger difference is later on if the player has an open slot they can take the character back and continue using them from that point on.

To note a retired character you will need to post in the Approval thread that you are retiring the character either by themselves or with a new submission.

All other mechanics for character slots and characters remain unchanged at this time.

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