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Postby Lucy Took » Sun May 04, 2014 12:29 am

As per Magus this is what's going on-

There is going to be a short plotline that the admin and mods are working out with player input that involves a magic button of doom that the dragons have that is supposed to do something to Equestria but it turns out that it simply changes things back in time so that DiE is now on an alternate universe. Ponies in the Dreamscape plot currently will remember the universe we're on now, all other characters will continue on as if nothing had happened to them and they were always in the new universe. It's all very timey whimey and will make sense what the master post is up.


We're having a retcon! And it's not just for the admin, if you have anything you want retconned with your characters just reply to this post.

Changes so far(As well as a few others not off the top of my head)-

Darkfang (and by extension the dragons) will actually have a motive!

Sky died before the war.

Because Sky died before the war Flame and River were married before the war as well. They have a daughter Dawn's age.

Steel and Scarlett are married.

Ex's old characters are all gone and replaced by his latest submissions.
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